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Thursday, October 4th Whiner Line

Oct 4, 2012|

Goodbye Bobby V!

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Views excuse views expressed and asked the white -- these aren't like ET TE Chris Cox. -- discretion advised. -- And now. Here. With a model year we'll be positive every day. You have people being negative and now Larry -- not walking through that door fans. -- -- the -- not walk through that door rather perished while -- and is expected to -- the -- -- one of the great old but WEEI. Whiner line as soon as they realize that those three guys and hundreds dead dog. The -- this -- will be for all us. Because these young guys that room -- their -- Which we have ninety million under the salary cap which would go by the world we can't. Analysts negativity that's in this town -- 97793530. And when you're right. Booted it around which is very broad and it's things makes the greatest greatest city in the world while the only thing that in turn this around as being upbeat like we are an outline or so you think that when -- come and play your -- whiner line that would not -- -- play. Burton on the scale attack. Cousy Russell was coupled with the young guys wanna get better watch them play the game at least in the state. And now if you think I'm supposed to negativity you're wrong you got the wrong guy leading this basketball team that WEEI. Whiner line just. Slugged me -- my idea of this question for you one of the sports question BR -- a sort of trying to may -- well because I'm geared up for big have to -- -- radio -- probably get this straight you skipped work yesterday skipped skipped work yesterday. So you can go and pick up at all yet. But at the airport by the way and the rumors that he was a French dog that's what I -- out -- activities it Shetland -- -- team unity and shelty Timothy -- Timothy and he came in at -- not from France from North Carolina. Yes so if you read the -- -- on the road twice -- out of such a formal name -- I like Timothy -- well -- do this is my last start was named Timmy and I saw the start on line I was looking at some web sites I saw this cute little -- eight weeks old and I. -- -- -- -- -- That's how I got to get this sort every one of your dog's name Timothy note out of it just last sentence George Foreman about to hit up ex wives. Negative attention. Absolutely if the strike is Michael I want to figure it out you've got a Jason wolf and you asked him do you say Jason. I need to skip work so that I got a bit of a dog that from -- he set -- twenty minutes. That's -- it is I don't know -- -- But I air show it -- eleven mr. wireline Internap. Is. It's are doing all I heard it that's right that's -- category has what does wolf thank you but other colleges can get mad dog he gave you the day at W. -- -- get -- there while I played CDW I live it's available on your iPhone or android Blackberry device brought to you by AT&T. AT&T -- LGE speeds up to -- ten times and can act and act faster than three aging AT&T rethink -- Him. -- yeah. I don't want to cool last night watch you know president the body double barrel. Are no I don't have a good thing. I get a kick page Carville I get a kick out of James Carville I really don't I know first of all it can't understand he's really difficult to understand. But he so emotional and what is your candidate is doing great he's you know a -- -- Democrat his wife as a Republican -- actually lived together which is hard to believe she's a staunch right where their kids look I can I. But it is emotional either way I also. Yeah flannel is Chris Matthews on I was Basra really got to the television. I I -- I was telling Obama what he needs to do this and it's still watch -- -- part of our -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- golf cart -- sports talk show you know one series that surprised when is it about -- for what it's like. Yes they -- yeah out of yes bad bad if you will not put your best -- -- get a little bit more significant. Not everybody can say they -- no not -- all our favor. But don't admit that. -- -- And -- -- Wilson of heart so you wanna tell him saving -- hardens the you would know their nominee -- speculating that the fame is so rock star that you want to know I was not it was either the Wilson sisters it's not just not your business in the video judges rain here. How the hell does -- do you mean. It nominee if video footage -- don't like and rush is still not in there you don't want because he's done his arms in Khartoum or para. Toy stores and he's he's popular he's the he has a deep and novelty -- -- rock and roll hall of fame perfect firm -- -- -- and his -- ended may be complete short people for us now how good it -- automatic. It is and how fat and Aaron. And losses now now lead singer of she's a bloated load your -- -- and I have a question then. I didn't I did not and how about. In fact I have sabathia -- and back in the aftermath -- the background. Have a bat. And we did it and he's you know from -- Altman it is tweeting. Where's that base I says -- -- don't not fall I always will be so I'll learn tea Michael in pain. It. All -- -- and we did you haven't called big candidate accurate. Actually that. It. I don't know argued -- I it was these morons that call it Ike could not laughing at the end of the week sick. It is right. And I don't know how we deal with the morning's -- -- are live on. 69 wins what was it predicting that he had 98 up here violence. -- I'll bet last Saturday -- -- -- good -- up all of river never call it no doubt it didn't come back. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Details still land mines now. Doesn't mean do and it doesn't mean do. Expect -- yeah yeah yeah. Yeah well we're trying to track ball. I need you should talk about wearing a rat hole I'm Cuban government -- -- legs and had big at all. -- are pretty -- for him his little more graphic. In the past that was out there to the Texans just said -- be immortal fame -- chemicals are you. Did anyone tell me what what -- kind of game that is now the baton and carry our Red Sox playoff game. -- everybody. Warren was they canceled so what's funny fourth of October but the NHL games will be on his soon. And I'll probably. Probability of a sudden oh my don't help our. And that can. It's finally get -- today is ride a bike. And that and I am wondering about. That that. Bobby -- act. -- That's a good one with all of the you know other it's actually gonna do more of these. Memories -- operations because they act as they thinking -- the got to give doctor Charles somethings do. So they'll have these nice do you think Bobby V is invited back for those nights in the future course -- -- Instruments -- you will be invited back you think I know it's been it's been fun to watch because there's so many great memories. And I think as soon as they can start winning a few games 2012. Will be I don't think I'll be viewed I think will Frito Cordero will be invited back before he -- that arrest shortly. -- little wraps and prejudicial or else. I did. My I could yeah. -- -- you back and I don't advocate -- file it away. Executive -- does the general well so optimistic. If you had the bulk of my god it went out of my head dead. Rock. Still -- -- I mean it's just that's been since 1965. It's hard to believe it was the last one -- down manager. Bowl season but the rest of -- wow I can't even. I can't say I thought you would have this I don't think there was one I -- it -- at least a year and a half as the royals manager short on -- that he is an enterprise. Cannot end terror. Lot of bad back on and I'm glad. And I'm glad -- -- it. Hey you know can be granted Bachmann. Didn't want more for a lot of crowd yet right now. Bobby you know and -- -- -- Gave me in my twenties and thought about being back so it's root root root for -- fox. When things don't -- and it's -- So that's why can't -- countries -- And that doesn't even count our game -- -- That was a little bit on the bush league side of things a little thank. Well my I would probably all time gone by because it won't be long before Dean Barkley is -- about. Well regarded how to -- narrowed the number again. And good downtime right now. -- -- you can't -- but I can't in Mexico Democrat Barack. It -- get pregnant and paid -- And the fact I don't. Let me brand and one of our Texas. Susan tree and was running down. Bob Levy mystery Jason -- by. Telling the stories you are and listen she is she is an intrepid reporter -- that's the definition of an intrepid reporter to go anywhere. To Bobbie it's still very obvious and it's just another front and stressing them out. -- Burton down there like. I need you. -- I don't know I Jack Edwards here you know aren't quite the colossal Red Sox -- Paying their bodies found time what this. I think on any celebrate -- Every year one year. Well and we call it Valentine's days. And if yes well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- investments agreements are characteristic of us live. Bobby all season -- he never looked the Jimmie -- and I wanna live and I should never now whenever you noticed that when he's looked straight ahead -- I don't know why didn't wanna get -- I don't know argued already probably want to control themselves don't know them hot start -- -- that he never looked -- have -- yeah. So by a bit about different. And I bet I'd gonna have -- -- -- the -- here and I don't have details as well. I -- on record deal. And that message. Two and a half million connection right as a guarantee that we are we thinks. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Could you could I ask them why. Can't hold. I know it's not a male architect -- really hasn't. This guy does something to bottom this kind of start to feel sorry for daddy he's he's different is no question about it but no he's not he really isn't. Probably -- 69 win. And some of the greatest interview funny yeah I ever ever. Yeah I'd rather have my -- and -- will never forget about it. He did give -- some -- and pop that's that there's. A good news is we have someplace now for years and nice and well. -- -- As apple wine and Iowa that. Give it up and World Cup. Who. Is. -- so -- Is so cool to look at that. And that's kind of saying thank you guys think it's too bad. It is but thanks again you'll think -- -- yeah whose -- -- Thank you just thank you for calling him our circle back commissioners on twice just a rabbit once was a secret call whether. And whispered rent and trust trust for a moment she says she's happy -- -- -- -- it's. A she tried to get through these people pumped it. Not far BP. -- the secure -- labs Britain calling the last two days controlling yourself I'll let you mind. At all. Scenes meetings. On. When -- That's what is just and through. You might -- Put him. Spill. Your team ball hard. -- -- moon nearly laugh and learn hallway. I. Thought that the. Oh boy. You and god did it hit. I've been updated. Hamlet in the I'm. What -- probably world. You're nasty -- just nasty. -- That was in the people who were close at an -- period a good news just McFarland got a host the Oscars. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Everything possible.

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