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Response and Reaction: Bobby Valentine FIRED as Red Sox manager

Oct 4, 2012|

We spend time with the listeners discussing the departure of Bobby V, and his mighty one year tenure as manager of the Boston Red Sox.

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-- -- remote yeah I was trying. When you think this is. I don't know how can be more challenging the -- I care debate shows you right back to the phone calls and thank you for staying on whole deal for a yeah. While you've been on for awhile we've had -- Curt Schilling and then course we got backed up a little bit tomorrow. Make sure you make note of the starting tomorrow you need to calls at a new phone number 6177797. 9377797. 937. And it's Eric 06 -- of -- to market today. You'd call us at the same phone -- Steve from Fall River just stick with the -- just six total number of body. Rarely -- -- fact. I tell you what. Will reserve that other number jumps -- -- you just -- -- westerly Rhode Island I chipped. These guys so the government. At the and happy is -- listen to this show but nobody is talking about my guy that guy that I think is the perfect manager for the red truck. Like night Jim Rice. -- -- the debate particularly managers I. -- it is gonna put up wind. It won't giants finished -- -- complaint -- The -- the players I believe they believe and they played four on second place the body running into law. You know he's he's a guy that from the Red Sox organization. Right he is that he is -- -- Red Sox -- I it must be cool to play and wait to. I don't know if he'd want the child. That. You. You know why he wouldn't he'd be a perfect manager. I don't think he's a verdict enthusiasm been he's if he's been in the game. As a commentator who. Does a couple shows every few weeks. He hasn't been around I don't know if you're you're asking for the same issue that you had with Bobby -- at least Bobby was a manager here before. The game is changed. Yeah you know right -- You know he was a he was hitting coach for awhile. And then that was under under Dan Duquette. And then he stopped doing it I don't know if he has any interest in getting back and into the game and if he if he does what it back into it to you won't be hitting co. -- -- -- -- one of my top ten candidates but that's why there's all -- New York State I don't. Don't know what they rice would do if somebody get out of line when the lights out again and a history somebody. I hassle that comment and a question. I think came out garage sales but it's like after the Red Sox made that deal the whole organizations about the rest of the year. And it's -- players quit the front office quit but here's the question. Well late September when you've got. The Yankees. You've got the Orioles she's got camp that they plan it -- they're all battling. And even last night game could have been picked the ball mark once and for Oakland. And the Red Sox. Brought to the mound every fourth -- day Aaron Cook and Daisuke in my. Well she gonna stroked him. Don't have anybody down in my Pacific have been up and -- a little extra. No venom knowledge -- a lot -- guys eventually fail at it -- milieu she always guys. -- what about the kids they got from the Dodgers. -- -- Well what Taylor -- -- not official yet so you can't -- -- was a candle to him he's not officially he will be part of the deal but it's not official. As I don't want him. While -- and I don't think he's quite Major League ready or not. Not that not development that's an old you're citing their pro Hubble. They don't have those guys when you look at these other organizations. They have found kids that they're bringing up that's what the rays to me. If it's a disgrace. That the organization down there -- what. Get puts them. I grow out of fuel -- -- although I think Michael has. At -- about. -- heard what you wanted out. Oh or go about a group. That. Overdrive. Our drew a lot of response that the death of right now and then. I think the -- you said the problem when you look at Tampa Bay in and show brought it up. And he's absolutely right they spent a few bucks an added a couple of tutors -- lineup Cody Ross. Why a couple of those guys. That team would be scary because of how big of develop pitchers Oakland's develop pitchers over the years it's -- seven on a good job of that. Now -- -- luster to me is still a great question mark. That long ago took three years ago. We're also here talking about to spend the money for CC sabathia. You might have been better left handed pitcher Jon -- of those arguments right. OPEC look at the last three years. I mean not close and some of the evidence that people were throwing out here about CC as. Can't last you know big fat -- he can't you can't duplicate Lester now this kid is -- strong look at is great stuff. But something has prevented John last year from being an -- he should make a mean look at this we all thought it was going to be Mecca. I've heard from a number of people you talk about CC. Being a -- got to protect you know ideas would be great athlete I've heard from a number of people you know who is. If CC sabathia were football players he'd be giving Vince Wilfork exactly great art not for that and it is a baseball player he Stacy. So yeah you look at him he's -- can't move but they're both extremely athletic. Go big ball and Michael big bone there's David Merritt Island hello Dave. You know we don't -- today. -- -- just -- violet purple any discussion about the ownership -- fact they'll be forever grateful for 2004. Having said that I. And seven about 2004 was the year all year as the commissioner said. An effect of 45 years I hated -- seen this year I've never not been able to watch them. Couldn't watch and this year and I think -- why. And I'd look at I think they sold out Francona I think the way the ownership treated Francona was shameful. They owe him everything and try to the best manager they've ever had and the way they swung at him going out the door as socially respectable. Does she got a lot of starvation for the hundredth anniversary of their last -- you get the longest ovation. Yeah what -- deserve it and the guys should never be able by drink himself in Boston resident. Like it should be manager who want it deeply to wonder the guy even with a lot if you know before they won it. But -- -- look at it and I think the ownership the problem maybe it's time to -- the move on I don't think Henrik engaged therapy he cares anymore. -- Liverpool it's more about Liverpool and they suggest -- itself it's superstition or just the fans feeling that I mean I'm gonna ever 45 years. When they got a bad that LeBron James. That is just gross to me and accused of seventy expression I find it harder to root for Fenway sports group knowing they're sponsoring LeBron changed. I'm rarely are really think about it I didn't think about it and it is a I don't think about it. Here until September and it's never think about all the other -- that really and in a good season for the Red Sox. And last year on August 30 you've -- the season was damn good in our party to get about LeBron James August 30 last about Liverpool I want. I just didn't like it yeah I'd I didn't actually like the team that I I didn't think Gonzales is rose with the right guidance that's a lot of money and didn't have much passion. Mean what if you look. You're you're you're an island that one because every everybody thought that was agreed agreed to sell it to date are you going to call profit one there was a split. Are are you are you gonna go that that bold routes and they should bring back -- That little that not happen. It's not the way as an ally -- I'm not saying it's happening -- no July keeping it the way they think he knows what rights they -- it takes on a -- -- -- Got to listen I want Michael repeat does he know too much about them he wouldn't do it wouldn't come back that's the problem. Well I'm not saying it's gonna happen I don't think it's gonna happen but I is an art and around hundreds yeah I think it's. And it's really relevant and accurate -- -- you may see you may see Terry Francona. At Fenway Park next year. In a manager's capacity yeah but it probably will be you know -- Cleveland uniform or another uniform. -- I just say I think that any exit out that it is gonna do it cannot bring -- back via. You know what I want you'd have more available time for the rest they don't waste another minute another second second. -- -- -- I six point 777908. Have yet they want Tex lines lighting up with Jim Rice material optical all the -- 67779. 3535. The wonderland remains the same forever right. Any enemy yet -- -- and that's that was then and forever. -- whenever Jesus phone. If you were caught up to assume that when you mention. I read back to the phone calls here in the bank show at six point 777908. That the last day wouldn't phone number. I urged Jon Johnston -- to John. They bagel and all you guys agree. We're going on that you've complement each of I wanna give you the next manager of the Boston Red Sox. Drum roll please. Name is bad. All the contract is up in the Red Sox are looking. -- has lowered his contract up it is the last years on average only tell that generally positive that none of its ordinances alas you always end of the year. I don't think so. I heard at the beginning of this year yet this year that was it. That's where you guys haven't mentioned his name. Now elements in this game because he's not out that he was under contract is not under contract. I -- restart the contract extension charge on his life I believe he signed it last year incidents are blasters to yours will be definitely -- A sign an extension. But your idea of Joseph Maddon of the great -- yeah. It is and I think he's available. The other thing has. A year contract this year mentioned the issue this year started in February doing here at three year contract extension -- and writing up. I want to say is should hold an album let's let's make that clear as people we're gonna hear some of -- yeah but I really good player here something and then it did. Now for the next three days and -- people that I -- of an additional three year extension. I for thirteen. 2013. 20142050. I think what I heard that the beginning of the year when they -- -- during the year February hey here's what you have to do just. Stay tuned for the post season. Let me say this about -- he was that true -- -- is politics. But this guy he went out there and every time he went out there -- put on -- show. He wasn't true -- hiking them that I can't even think of another pitcher that would have put his career on them. You know in jeopardy. Would that you know bleeding from the the leg and everything. -- You don't think that was captured. Akron. Shot. I think everybody agrees when it comes to pitching even the people always politics and are just disgusted with -- was with what happened in the state of Rhode Island have to admit that. He was not believable and gutsy woman -- dual led the stuff. That's a separate issue here Steven. Well our idea was that the. All right all you. Awesome I -- begin actually giddy gardening torment again. Did Schilling yeah. I John Farrell Jon Carroll ceiling that there's always a big John Ferrell fan. I don't umpire fact that short ball he nodded. I got a good manager and I Danish team a couple of weeks ago. -- -- -- killing -- Always glad that the -- that he's coaching and a. How they do I threw a name Adam he's like get ice and why don't they make Jason Varitek manager. You know what it's not. -- it would it would definitely be unconventional Steve he has he's highly regarded in the organization so if if you're asking me I think it'll happen I'll say no I instinctively guessing no but. Don't dismiss it don't dismiss. I would I would just don't dismiss Jason -- do you know why because it's too early in the process it sounds to me Steve that way. As being. An assistant to the to the GM whatever that official title is. It sounds to me like. He's going to be involved and the learning process of figuring out what. How a Major League team bronze goes he's got to feel this entire career. But now they got to put out of business that we can learn all aspects of the game it doesn't necessarily mean he's gonna end up as a front office guy he could very easily end up back in a field he's got no. What you're doing on the other side to be able to do your job of the feel especially in this day and age with the so much more involved. But what got me off that that he's going to be the manager. Is that apparently he's not going to be based here in Boston he wants to stay with -- scrambling. At home and I believe that's him in Atlanta now Michael's right. It's all subject changed to this process in three weeks from now they -- back the -- and stainless. What's the process we don't like anybody that we have interviewed you we would still really believe that you can do it in -- a couple of cases right now. A first time managers out there that it had. You know some some success. Which it -- that that may happen down the road I don't think it's gonna happen at the beginning in this process. -- named veteran cultural wallet I want Terry Francona like I think you re really really don't let him go -- it. You know he -- a lot retread that they tried the last time and they didn't pixel. All I would make check the minute did I make Gary got a picture and go. Which you don't Gary -- Has suddenly become this slight. God out there that the -- at a rural of catching on whatever. I don't think of catching coaches a bullpen coaches does anybody. The -- those are there any way that you. It was the second and there are certain things you're giving your top five. And let's face it maybe just maybe it's in insiders. Why we're even hearing actor so I keep hearing -- I'm gonna I'm gonna go on the premise that. The -- good at what he does to keep on your people say that on the again. Jason Varitek need any help from from any of anybody else I mean to hone his craft. And how much I feel really comfortable about Saltalamacchia I -- -- as a power bat that was on base percentage is not real good strikes out a lot. But as is up with some big home run he had to help win games and it's it's an awful lot this year. But still not convinced behind the plate that he manages a game while you know so. I would I would just I would expect that a little bit more if there where this girl. Who was able to transform anybody -- I can't change probably. I'm just just guessing he would probably managed to gain better. If he didn't have. The potential that he has hitter. It is like Varitek. Varitek probably could have been any better here only slightly better and am even more time -- are not saying Varitek put it would be Johnny Bench where even Carlton Fisk but. -- in a better hitter. But it didn't matter as much to him that was always last. The first thing on his agenda on a daily basis and we got a chance to see it up close and person. His work ethic and what he would do with that pitching staff that I saw many -- A pitcher would be given in giving an interview. On his off day. Varitek would come and interrupt the interview with him -- to work -- on our ESCO. We take charge in there and you have -- notebooks. Mean have any kind of information that was given to him from the the pitching coach -- wasn't just John -- means doing this when Joseph Kerrigan was pitching coach to. So I think. He had his his mentality wise I'm here for the pitcher. And have to think like a pitcher and if I if I hit that's fine that's a bonus. Or Saltalamacchia I don't think he has. That's not his mentality because that's not really a skill -- -- I mean if he works on the hitting even more could be a pretty decent hitting catcher. But it's hard to find a decent hitting catcher who also controls a game. -- quick break we're right back to the phone call so Bobby V officially let go today as manager of the Red Sox. -- back here to -- show will play a little bit more of the Bobby V stuff for you coming up in the top of the next hour. Bench Harrington -- Larry Lucchino speaking over at Fenway Park. In more tomorrow -- apparently but the -- -- and so will get some of this stuff. That they actually you're doing with some of the immediate people over there at at Fenway Park -- -- here. Some of that too -- and we have some good questions. Good question. To bear -- too -- they're still there. And that the questions as you're there need to make a moment with we will have questions here's rob rob in Boston I wrap. -- -- -- -- I don't know anything about. Red Sox talking about a pivotal event in New York for the -- I don't know what I thought about. I don't. In the year and you are typical and straight -- -- -- out there and end quote now you read it. -- that being dealt with overnight young imperial they're going to be pretty young. Jose Reyes at a lot of our appeal I don't know why would they go back and it -- direction of spending an awful lot of money. Australia Barrett hit some money -- a young kid like I gave it. Triggered -- -- I don't think that contract you are -- -- ten and then. Josh Johnson's again keep your -- Right and then let you do it that remark on trying to unload. Women do something like I like it didn't let Detroit and let it to look like we'll leave it -- Players picked up -- and. -- a -- I'm not sure about -- a -- you're right you can look at the -- sees -- not ready to play that position I may be a marble out there on the field. I'm not sure this team is going to -- Type of offense that they've had in past years where you can put a guy. That lead at 106 total for this year so let's say you can get 175. Out of it's not good enough plus is a walk and so that's too bad because he can walk a little bit maybe try to justify it because he's got speed at the base paths. But like he's he's phenomenal and -- our feelings -- authority to put him in there. I don't I really don't I think you've got to get the point. Where he's radio don't years type of material that's 245 to fifty. Got to get to that point Michael. May -- if he had. The old lineup yet here with with many in Ortiz and outline that maybe you can get away with 22522. And say it Saltalamacchia. And if she. But it but it gave you get home for a -- get them out and he's my at a position that's typical of that to kill me if you -- from Saltalamacchia. Who's going to be here everyday catcher. Think of armor can mean not that I'm not sure Ken and he's got -- -- but -- no you brought the point earlier -- I can't argue it that's it. Where do you find a -- out there. They can manage a game calls good game. Good defense of catcher. And he's also going to give you some offense whether to pop or whether he's going to be a guy who's gonna -- for good average and good on base percentage and I would tell you. That there are very few of them exist don't do those are the ones that somebody takes as a high draft pick and it turned out to via a great place they just don't exist you really get. The guy who bats. 215 to twenty and manages a great game. We get just the opposite you get a hitter back there and offensive player really is assumed a designated hitter and you put the equipment on -- -- about the current. And catch it. But then how do you in you do that are really improving European if you don't imagine if he is a big part of the game right you'll meet somebody -- credit knows what -- -- clearly focused on getting better. And maybe that's part of -- that's why are. Part of that's why I never. -- value. Which Jason Varitek meant to this team. Behind a play that pitching staff and and the reason I can say that is up -- private conversations with pitchers who have gone out of their way. To say. You would not believe how good he was it calling game. How the -- kept those batters constantly off balance because he would change things up he remembered what they did last game in the game before the game before that. On a certain pitch at a certain time in a certain situation. I'm sorry they're missing that right now. And maybe that's part of the problem the western some of these other guys yet they don't have a guy like that is now from Everett. -- -- Well. It didn't bodily about a -- got to ask you this question. As I know Yuri. A big fan of all of the Bill Parcells proteges of them. How the the the family tree -- did you catch any of that Cleveland -- a football life story of the of the browns. -- the one that might embody this psychic had a lot to do a course -- -- now. Oh yes sir -- It's it's it's a it's a tribute to double check him like -- actually. I don't remember somebody who's going -- they don't usually don't even put into it. That's what you -- And so it -- -- My favorite part about it everybody ought to argue hey Al -- favorite part I don't know. You didn't see it but. It's one thing to say hey we knew we were building something here in Cleveland and it's a shame that we can get a chance to continue they moved to franchise to Baltimore that's fair. But -- take credit for Ozzie -- Draft day right words. Next year I think that is outrageous you know you -- wow and I love to manage -- of our. Is EYE. A witness was well. Yeah it W. Objected yeah. Apparently you don't believe that I thought you'd get a -- that is it your big fan of college or didn't wanna talk about it today. An example of the brutal war and how did we denied he was senate floor that Charlotte and don't put this thing is true -- like what went yeah Ali and now all the little. Don't -- -- type situation Bobby Valentine noted in the nutshell. Then went back to last year out. Choice but I did enjoy that and they don't litigating. Fairly simple -- look at the end of last year when mr. a lot of different political allotment tentatively. And I was good -- and that we political and a half years ago. Had no pitching all the sudden and it went into the content sources and that applies particularly to the. You come to a conclusion a lot better when you're talking football what -- what is -- point that that -- was great. I think just how well we told you about kind of he had. Hey Josh Beckett did -- I -- And let them a couple of years ago I didn't loan to help the team passed quickly and every time they got to the don't think I just don't. I gave -- real weak real the reason they won only 69 games this season. Was not because of Bobby Valentine now I'm not sure that Bobby I'm not sure that Bobby help the situation but you could put the best manager. In in that seat this year and they still would be a bit. Yeah -- -- highly recommend the latest I want the mania I had a -- you're regarded as a -- they wanted in the Toledo took a punch when it would have been. It has been -- I don't. I think down kind of didn't see it in -- -- we're back it'll happen. Gonna play out right now there's no question in my mind even Alitalia and. I'd go there -- you know -- -- your art now go back and look at any. If you got it on your DVR check out likely lose to a boy I tell you what Jabrel lot of guys -- I -- at all. -- 6777. I 0858. Out. More of some of the great moments was Bobby V this past season with Michael like coming up next and more of your phone calls.

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