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Curt Schilling: Both sides knew this was coming, almost from day one

Oct 4, 2012|

We talk to Curt Schilling, who was ahead of the curve when it came to the debacle that was Bobby V as Red Sox Manager. We also have Curt confirm that he may indeed have to sell the fabled bloody sock and possibly World Series rings due to his financial issues regarding the closing of 38 Studios.

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Source where -- it's hard for me I work with them last year. I know him a little bit way I was around him but he also a game wants. But like Bobby -- -- I thought that the managers that manage the met that I was not a big joke was now going to be a different manager I don't think there's anything different at all. And I don't think that that is is going to be conducive to doing well I think it there's a lot of things I think that are happening. From not just perspective when you talk to these guys and the pocket of some of these guys. I don't think it is going well and I think it's going bad quicker than I expected to. 1 of the lines that just jumps out of that I don't think this is going well that's from -- and -- program back on March. 27 fast forward to today. October 4 Bobby Valentine fired. As the manager of the Boston Red Sox Curt Schilling joins us live in the AT&T hotline right now. At that time obviously you -- talk to a lot of guys as the season went on. Based on your role here with ESPN I'm sure -- talk to a lot more guys. How many more stories did you get and did it get progressively worse. Well I think it's like any any time you you see something be calm public IP if you have. Well look on her -- understand it spits -- some multiple more going on you don't know about. And I think the OO OK. You're still right up front and there is nothing in this accused me or not. Happy that they like old news or at the -- recorded earned a purple and white when that happened the people don't wish this on anybody. But let you know this was something I think it's some people knowing some people -- -- -- coming from the -- started. And and you know pretty clear they did not credential -- played terrible horrible people because he's managed certainly -- -- -- spot. They were they were bad people. I just think that what he added to the mixed picture was was hitting ninety tiger current unnecessary. NP. The than -- bird regard that are going to be here at work. You said -- in your clip from march -- that. He is the same guy who was a manager of the Mets and you weren't a fan of him and what what was it about them with the Mets. That they got your attention you're still playing in. -- you looked at. The root against them then and I wasn't apparent right. It would all like is the most important thing was once was where he was trying to be part of the story. And an entity in the I don't think you went over well new Yorker didn't get the ball well. And I would call like when you're talking to all that are almost always vote it was. It was trying to -- in order to understand how much more about the keyword then you work. And the cuts which they are committed to speak it is important something or art history. An anti -- you can in Britain situations cynical about. It's a different dynamic that's the -- it's all about they're prepared almost every other -- because it's been nine months of every single day. And the air action is is buried bamboo like -- together all of block. It would be Trout we put together a lot console they're not being. You water or you generally put that they fit people don't know what sort all of your flaws and all your pluses and minuses explodes. In the end and I can be a good thing for somebody who thought it was great for you know open goal failure -- were called out but it could be bad for others. I heard from so many people before Bobby got the job that he's brilliant he's Smart what a great baseball man on and on. Exactly. That's what I wanted to out I was I thought I was gonna ask do that because. I don't know what needs are there. Tell you right now and I don't mean that senator eagle just like I don't critique and are -- all I believe that I can teach and work pitchers. In the and cute thing to the pitching that nobody else can I couldn't tell you the first thing about hitting them actually based on complete the first thing. About going first but third I know what -- that each market brilliant -- -- because. You know can we talk about double -- mr. Michael and I know one you know I was well I don't believe in any way -- -- -- that the manager of the big league team. But the quicker -- could -- and anything can do without getting in and get ago. What would not exist there now that's a bench -- -- job in the big league manager in baseball. -- advantage or 25 players here but the people wrong way you actually appalled and that you might acidic or -- bad guys -- spoiled rich awfully. You know suck it up the -- not want to go to work elect. You 125 players you have to put in the right mind -- a 180 consecutive day. It's an unbelievable hard but it could believe a big -- job is about managing people. I totally different -- and so what do you think the perfect role as for Bobby is it manager is it scout is it. Front are -- what you did yesterday nobody ever been to manage again because the comments that he made yesterday. In addition to being something I don't know what it called the mother knew it was -- -- He basically jeopardized a -- every coach that coach and courier. Now you know it taught school is probably you don't stretching thought -- ever been -- or listen to talk -- architect about. Phenomenal -- our goal and -- -- I don't know kind of coaching is an amazing human being accurate quarterback coach I never -- -- -- -- like -- not the other. All week. In response to you what they'd like you know. They were not loyal not not about war. I don't understand you do that. Well I -- I tried to follow it up if your view -- asking them who they -- what they were what they were doing with a with a going to management or whatever and at that point. He stopped and I think he realized -- all I would a little too far with the. But that -- The portrait of the last night in and -- on the dotted and the just listening -- -- line was good as it was and one of the most gutless thing. But the problem -- True if you coaches are being this -- about open. And go on the on the first 32 that you find out because that's what you call the coach into the -- in -- and we have a problem. Here are believed to be true it's true the coach goes where you go to a happen. You can't continue to manage a bit cold -- about a popular prompt Iran to back are going to player you can do it. You can't can -- he would literally. Not a CC he didn't get he got into the -- he can't do -- coaching at. He got a manager if you look at managers and coaches. It turned out to -- or called uncle -- front. You know when I heard when I heard his answer yesterday and he said yeah but I signed off on those guys I got the feeling that. He was happy just to have the -- never thought he would get this opportunity again he gets a two year opportunity here. Big deal I'll -- the coaches that are already here it's too late I really can't go find my own guys and let's face it. Got a big game for ten years other than a ruckus that we didn't have even -- relationships with a lot of coaches. Tell me that the in the past and aren't a lot of weight because in the last ten years the coaches have become almost everything he was the manager. The coaches do all the work and not -- you do you work. You're job is honest to god -- job is to be -- to work. Friend parents -- -- exert whatever needs to be -- that we are dying after training staff are coaching staff you're jurors county general meant he. It's about energy up and managing now. I here's what's it here's what scares me right now because I think. That you are absolutely correct that the Red Sox organization screwed this one up they did not read it. The landscape well in the at the end of last season. They thought that Tito was letting the guys Albania a country club in the club -- in the -- in -- and and so they wanted to get what they've received. As mr. tough guy disciplinary. Didn't realize that he might have been at ten years ago wasn't now so you've got the same people. They obviously did not re search this thing out properly why should -- have any faith. There right now they're going to be able to go and find the right guy can't understand. The problem they have with a tip about you this is bad as last September was look at the roster they closed out with that was a much better Austin what proposal that would this year. Operating there. To meet some current one person and that's concerned and insuring ten. I think had no ability to see who need to keep this year I think it was a it was a it was put on him in a way that was insert them. A hundred Bobby and everybody is it. And another probably punchline and a lot of what went in the summer the one wanna -- -- secret warrants from businesses. -- surround yourself totally Smart people. Can you address here is where -- -- not -- he -- strengths are not. If you let them be good at what they do. They hired concerns and to run the based organization. And they didn't allow him to make what you want most crucial decisions of that -- And and I I think that is incredibly Smart guy I think he he is regarded as we get the job done but he if you don't let him do the job he kept him -- -- him for the job not getting dark. And -- how I want to get your take on a couple of people who we know. Will be a part of the 2013 Red Sox front office wise one of them is don't James says he's gonna have a more important role. And he's gonna report -- John Henry and the other one is Jason Varitek what do you think. Both of those guys are gonna bring to the Red Sox in 2013. -- the -- I don't know what got me for dolce and so what appeared ports Doug Henry at it is that does that mean that. It's hard to rebuild emperor by outside album signing a free agent does that mean the venturing into it -- something without dolce and approval to John Henry I don't know what -- -- And that and that those the -- he can't beat out here to -- to them because. It independent and have unfettered ability to seem to think you -- that -- why are what. Pitching issue -- does not allowed to beat the guy you want him to beat. And objective delegated each person's duties and responsibility and an exact and that's the battle that has protected and reliably -- -- -- that same goes for -- what what do you think you know Varitek much better than we do what you think his strength is and how do you think they'll use them. I think I think I think he's being put in place for it to become a Major League manager I think that they want to get. This that the best way one of the best ways to get somebody acclimated to completely different lifestyle energy input in the big league it's. It's -- -- talking to for. A guide me in the bill. Put more hours and I did at the ballpark. As a player and when you understand the energy is probably double -- hours. If you want to be a great marriage if you wanna do a great coach you have to be at the park at 10 o'clock 11 o'clock in the morning you -- tool -- -- o'clock in the morning. Because you're -- to understand that you helped prepare. Everything port 25 guys you're not getting ready for one -- and guards and not the prepared to do everything NT. The air for everybody not immediately and I think it was one of the ways that you I think. I think he obsolete out of the makeup to be a man directed that they probably want to give him the best possible chance to keep -- -- been -- -- -- And I think this -- the way to do that TTP bit you know you'll get a feel for what you can and can't do what he'd like seat -- light. And I think that's one good thing there's a manager can get back to -- up and -- good that it was too bad that you surround her political two step with built in the dot. Are you just gave a great description a few minutes ago of what the modern day manager in Major League Baseball is. Look at John -- right now he's a guy that everybody tells me could do virtually anything in any office or any Major League go organization. We know what he uses a pitching coach you know you worked with him directly. What can this guy now move over into the dugout a few feet and beat that guy as a manager. Oh no question of course did pretty well I don't know what you want to leaking pipe I don't know I mean. He's the guy can do it in Dublin based already given and I think one of the best in the game what you would deal. I think one of the real positives bring him in years -- it would immediately changed the perspective players' attitude of perspectives. Or two guys in the air and I think the veteran -- don't hope that's right -- -- -- Tibet thing. Our problem. You know he is the current demands respect demand that. Is that the sense that the intelligence is constructed and -- He understands history he understands wouldn't -- that any critic -- -- -- great community here and that doesn't mean he held to what you wanna hear or he's worried about history knows how to park whose players. What what are sectors that you should you used to be the pitching coach. I don't think -- I don't think -- interest at a bigger pitching coach based on the hours it's just laid out there. At the better pick being analyst -- I'd love I love working with -- I love talking about achieving you know my dream. Would be to be able to work for the organization and its spring training the work with these young kids. And that you don't that you worked through the trap and didn't connect on the upper Koppel in the last four fighters. I'm in looking at pitchers in the right. I think I know that but saying I'd leave that I'm -- -- pitching in Fargo pitching in understanding pitching bit but it's just. It's it's just been unbelievably. Strenuously hard job. And -- the page document or to work. I had struck out okay that's another pitching coach and did you could be a GM just for a second. Progress I know I'm innocent my you know -- -- never had a problem being GMT when I was a mural. Hope so a couple things if you have to you're starting to rebuild Red Sox lost 93 games and other Orioles lost 93 last year are not going to be in Wales tomorrow. At that the first give me back to things you would do off the top on the roster how would you what it is -- got a playoff contention. I think without instruction your I would go in the city at the end over the last week or two I was walking through I had the street made was to create its. Potential -- -- at every position. Everything and going through this trial looking at this team and I think the three places that I look at -- Wright say okay. We need these absolutely are -- out our first and shortstop a -- field. I'd bet I've been picking burial are considered it and there about it glaciers and and you know my my thought was. The interrogator that he would be at 240 yarder in the big league because. Departments around the guy -- offense it is defense in theory -- -- as -- so -- to be located at its fortieth at night. And and I'm not getting. Like the there have. Really squishy good feelings about the the feedback there I don't know what it has -- Lot guys I talked to that it typically don't creditors had told me that getting into it too -- -- -- is going to be an immense talent to eat sensibly. -- -- a 106 won't work. No doubt -- -- like -- a precedent that could have I think it is in the states in the American League. You've got to be able to be at 230 picture quality so internal -- LT as a player you need to at 230 to forty -- And hear people say that that's going to be something he can do not but he can't can I bought all -- -- -- A phenomenal kid. But again first at shortstop -- -- Most of the three because here here here what I -- ago do you. For the most part bought colts left her. Who brought Lackey and I would imagine that the world secured from the Dodgers. But that's your rotation. Jack -- wanna do some things W but you know what type. So many things have X. Bit then I would start would -- to -- clearly and apparently going to be broker and you're gonna have -- franchise player I think the herb page you've got to protect player like the base. You know what all -- somebody else can actually accurate about that what you got to the point. Well wait because I can get a little bit and with Gary talked you'd just on the catcher getting a little bit better defensively. He got Jacoby and -- and then I I believe -- drops or those guys you I think you have to bring back -- again I think. You look at first they were up about when you look at the markets and end. That you got enormous amounts of money which can be a great thing or it can be done wrong in your -- you work this year and I don't wanna see them do I don't wanna see them. You know. Go out and and and pick up that contract -- for political spots you know maybe you go out. I don't believe they can contend next year I don't believe there's any shot they can contend that most people are just so incredibly well. Particular that you brought in regard to those who support the deadline they bring you 45 or six very good very legitimate so strong prospects. And you know you look at reports -- good I don't know. I did -- they can be better than a 69 -- team I don't think anybody -- have -- called what it's like I don't believe in my alive and argued that the last few days I think there's not an awful lot of respect here. In this market mainly because we perceived the Red Sox as being great because they have been over the last decade. And think the just with the name you're gonna be able to compete with the like of likes of the of the Orioles are better the Orioles in the in the chase and some of the other teams with senior. Emerged this season I I think it's all perception I think I think were under rating what they've done in Baltimore has some good young players and a team. While listen I think it's that. They're headed in a very good direction. I I eighty I I'm I'm happy that they it would pay particular out of their it to break out. The team that I'm looking at next year as being deathly afraid of it is out of Smart winner and I've had very you don't -- -- amp. That rotation and that all. You can't spend money to get some rats that can't -- around. Yup Bennett and that's going to be in the bank -- -- -- the people aren't an agreement -- They bring marquis got in their outlook on or in the line up. Pitching depth is absolutely terminal and you know the Yankees looked in the he's going to be yet they're gonna win ninety games next year. The matter who we're gonna do what do. -- it's it's different the opinion that should not the place was by 67 years ago where tree it would take -- while -- -- -- -- -- I've for a -- -- and I for a let you go -- I wanna ask you about this 'cause it's all over the immediate today and everybody obviously. Those of -- the financial issues with a 38 studios have whatever. And apparently had to list all your assets part of collateral for the Ian -- -- island but now the story out today. All over the country that out read the headline of the Washington Post I didn't go to the globe for this -- today ex Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling might have to sell bloody sock after video game company collapsed truth. -- I you know I can. I personally -- and -- -- our finances for the company. And and Michael Alpert and they're when property. Went bankrupt. I'm I'm obligated to try and make demand -- and unfortunately this is one of the by products about it disputes. It's you know I covered the -- states in an ominous situation now where. I've been working with the bank trying to find an amicable solution. You know it's still gonna -- being able today. You know them to me the most important part of which is the 400 families that were were most desperately affected by this that. I try to do everything I can do it at two majors right equipment. It earned it and are you at the point curtain where any thing that you got in baseball you would summing it would you sell World Series ring or. You know -- I don't I don't know I mean that's certainly a packets -- it by need to it -- they're -- it's something that we would explore absolutely I mean. Again I'm I have to buy until I heard that I have obligations than. I put my name to it that you're not a spiritual work would regard and so on trying to find ways to to -- -- to make the right. Sure this also closure collection of World War II memorabilia and stuff like that which would -- which is all on display at the the national network to a museum and course the sockets that in Cooperstown. I also saw that your house is up for sale and yet I understand that you when your failure gonna remain. In the town is that just big downsides. Again regardless. It's another it's and it's a tiny. And ironically it but then shot and I had been looking to downsize. For awhile and the realty market and so robot. That. It's so it's -- it's it's. That's as much about -- into anything we we are looking -- -- movement it would commit to -- The town I would have been people who need it around her novel people and so in the school district is it's an open -- -- -- coach -- -- being -- that I wanted to be involved in the and you know -- but that's that's more timing thing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now now Mel's I don't know I'll have taken. -- emotional problems aren't actually my Kurtz host Greg talk it is thanks for coming on here today after a list initiated a bigger Curt Schilling right here of the big shelf.

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