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Hear all of the greatest Bobby moments as he joined the Big Show in the first half of the season.

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How do I. Seeing him. I mean. But we're excited about doing this each and every Wednesday throughout the baseball season about it. I do wanna ask you this question you're gonna know weekly radio segment on the local ESPN's station in New York is Wheldon. I can't even imagine that we're doing our pregame of the pre teases me and you actually have three reporter's question about. Nothing like that I am yeah -- and have you ever had any players. Come to you and expressed concerns about the way. You're handling business in the clubhouse are handling business with a meeting. Are you serious. Yeah no. I just yards and enthusiastic president of the Pentagon has that the. A guy who's already had told June event in his last -- tightened up to the point -- you didn't feel comfortable going with them on Saturday wouldn't that be a little bit out of character for him to go out there. And play eighteen holes of recreation golf. Good bet it was a case they -- good that is. You know less than the best thing to do on that -- up. Last Wednesday you told us that if that was the case that he went out and played golf. I think it would not be a good thing yeah if you if you thought that playing golf current you being stripped Forestar adamantly -- -- being curing cancer that would be the best way -- an -- -- -- -- Hey Glenn he's sort of and in doing show on we've won some games in a row and guys are healthy and guys are doing well how how can get through this show. And your quote was I told them that arguing with the umpire trying to put the blame. On the umpire is not going to be acceptable. And you just talked about supporting your players is that what you're seeing is that the player. Are you paying attention and I am thinking I don't know I'm not politicize another -- what do you think you would say I mean here's a guy who's been around for a long time you know let's go to work split and tell me about -- circuit here Atlanta and I'm sure he would open them I'm wondering why do you think you guys would put that out on national TV. -- -- just -- like people think. You know you attack the guy who's there rather than put you who's on -- It's a done growing around. I'll last night sitting around them or their pitching him well and we want it around -- too much and it. Tiger watch him make that 30 didn't seem like he was pitching around him though he wasn't you know that and -- is pitching around her to strike trade on the middle. I understand posters you know I mean he's he's really hard working guy you know. They know who gives a darn what he says there you know why don't we hear. About -- -- it and how many of the players don't like him or does she knew. And who's upset with GM women's pitching moves. Absolutely. Ridiculous but I think it's good drama so let's keep the ball rolling. Hand me he'll get us there's more air time and that gets him where tweets that's probably yeah that's that's -- yeah. Okay. OK I mean.

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