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Bobby Valentine calls out his coaching staff

Oct 4, 2012|

Mut and Merloni talk about Bobby Valentine's comments from the Big Show when he said that he feels like his coaches undermined him.

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A -- kind of see what's gonna come the next couple of hours if not day or so. Right out of the gate with Bobby Valentine of the big show yesterday try to joke with them about his bike accident you wanna -- part of that need okay Bobby knows it's going on. The last followed the boys bad mood that last night saw the tweet -- McPherson. Providence journal Bobby be brought the lineup card out -- never does dappled are somebody -- -- he doesn't but after the game last night TV anymore evidence. Emotional it's emotional. But almost colleague red -- Bobby Valentine. Take a look around Yankee Stadium with two outs there in the night in and staring at the field. Once that final out a fourteen to lost was there he knows we all know now to count down not if but when. Bobby Valentine no longer your -- He's a chance Tim Bogart in -- to bring it up he looks at -- valentines is now when you do. And good member of its Debian tobacco yellow. Or what I'm about to do -- go out there you go out there and do it now I think. And asking questions yesterday about you know they told you do you think you should be back you know I'm not sure what -- expect the answer to be. Com. Rodney pose the question a Bobby V what do you think you should be back who do you think you deserve to be back. Amazing got that point where these guys so broken there on radio he would say. No I don't think they should bring you back or no I don't think I can do this job or no it can't be successful next year. I would expect that out of him. I just think it's it's been silence. You know ever since again that -- -- it's up there in the West Coast trip -- but Tom Warner saying I don't wanna talk I don't wanna get into -- let me tell a great job and charities don't just bench Eric is that like I said before yesterday told the media. He's our managed to the end of the year when the season's over we'll evaluate it. That nobody wants to go there it's obvious. That John payment Austin yesterday breaks story. -- breaking news nobody had -- -- -- that Bobby Valentine will indeed be fired breaking news that the time it's not about if it's more ball went yeah does it happen this afternoon does that happen tomorrow in us exactly breaking news. Your group known after -- lot of people thought that since African Maggie for God's -- but the yeah but was adjusting yesterday actually hearing. -- admit that. On the big show you know when they start talking about is no talk about the loyalty you know the ownership have your back bobbled the players have -- back Bobby and it got -- What -- coaching staff that those guys have tobacco. Chief staff and the people around you had been loyalty during the course of the season. Now. -- Chris Bury it let's put it feel so do you feel that some of these guys on the staff -- undermined -- at times. Yes. Look it's a weird spot to be in there but you will love that. Which coach's body just what you want those coaches out and we didn't wanna get into it. Well love to hear letter Michael came for with yet which coach but -- you are they expected that answer in that spot. It was something that if you watch this team all year you knew there was some sort of relationship you you've talked about it for five months. I Monty talked about the issues in communication. With this staff just up the use of the word undermined agreeing with that that's a surprise me because undermined. It's like underhanded behind my back trying to do things to effect my job affect my team -- my reputation with the Boston Red Sox. When he agreed that undermine was the word. To me it took it to a different level than hate these guys don't get along. And that surprised me a little bit not a lot because that they showed a thousand shots -- Bobby Valentine on the bench and -- this year yet hidden camera number one shot or next to coach talk. You know coach communicating with a coach it didn't surprise me. I surprised me actually here scenery -- that's about it everybody knew was going on updating get along have. Ma Alex appear Odom just a recap on the year at the immediate firing of of Terry Francona they're going through. The timeline yet the timeline of of this season and involving Bobby Valentine you know maybe some of the mistakes of some things that get out -- publicly. And the want this house look at an economy was December 7 or use officially introduced December 1. Yet the winter meetings. You Bobby Valentine at the winter meetings -- and the media. And he tells a story about when he first started up as a manager and how Tom Landry walked in his office -- Kardashian OSHA and the com. Talks but -- a half two hours. Any city you know he then reached always left left left the the meetings is reached -- picked up the set looked over means that Bobby. The only bit of advice and gonna give you is make sure your coach's speak your language. That's -- message from Tom Landry Bobby went on that say and I think again everybody who just involved. Interviewed in that interview room meeting all of -- coaches. Understand at the staff has to be able to see your message in stereo. They have to be part of your baseball world. That's the problem. These guys work part of his baseball world. They were him he would they weren't his voice they -- speaking in stereo. Gary tuck the minute about a ballot that was hard -- at the leaf and let him leave him Bogart. What -- be -- bench coach because you watch that next step to being manager big time now it's ignore this -- opportunity and here in the year I'd love to be decked out. They magnate is a great hitting coach -- by hitting coach the game. Any work with a lot of the team with the you know what they're good hitters here -- I don't want -- going we're either. The -- and speak his language they weren't on the same page. And and from the beginning there was friction. You know and I don't know where you stand on as far as coaches. With a stabbing themselves -- -- -- is stabbing Bobby in the back this you know what what is that you'll get that here after the break let's let's get in. To that because at the question is gonna become you know what does Bobby talking about and what do you blame for that as a Red Sox fan is someone who -- this team all year. What are you wanna put the blame mom for Bobby's -- yesterday about this coaching staff we'll get your phone calls and -- reaction we'll give your thoughts ninety seconds. This is one of the most gutless things I've ever seen anybody do it he's ruined the careers of some his coaches maybe all of them because. All of them were thrown under that blanket listen if -- manager and -- -- got a problem when your coach you sit down in the opposite you have an out in either the coach goes or you fix it. If you can't do that as a manager if you can't. Tell your coaching staff this is the line this is how we do things and this is what we do here if you can't get a quick -- What's -- what's the price of your integrity because he just called every. -- -- when the best coaches I replace for what they hitter but I he was a phenomenal Alex Ochoa is a phenomenally young coach every one of these guys. Is now going to carry this with of their disloyal they talk behind their managers back all the things you. Are you played with teammates who didn't like you play a team that you didn't get along with you never did this to your team in the median -- how bad they were ever idle idle. There's no I don't comprehend any of us. Shocking development issue. All have opinions have. Everybody got an opinion that as -- I know how you. I think Bobby -- is handled things here throughout the year Boston. Well I -- it's been a rough -- all the way around for everybody you know when you lose every game I'm number one I want want to lost a long time ago I thought I was prepared. You don't know until you live through it you don't need to go looking. Four. Do things will -- you there's nothing small there're there are so passionate and they care so much about their team to whatever crops up. Is important. Curt Schilling last night that was Terry Francona just earlier this morning. Responding to the Bobby V comments yesterday on the big show it's not -- ID 370 you know WE -- -- thing about. -- there to talk about the comments of Bobby be throwing these coaches under the buster. Nicholas Wright three Terry Francona interview now who held to an interview. That we wanna -- -- as a cabinet Gundy is that the ESPN anchor today and it was hammered Darnell I think it was Kevin again and eradicate host Bobby handled this and then he gets into the pressures of coaching and managing in Boston oppression of managing. In Philly I'm just Terry Francona -- yen. Talk about the pressures of dealing with Boston media -- the answer what's it like managing in Philly and Boston. A guy that just through your coaches guys that your holdovers. Guys that you'll win it for years in Boston. Coaches under the bus -- -- come out. -- asked him about that. You know Dave Mac and and you know temple guard you know Gary tuck. The did you ever see these guys doing that was her -- the cynical okay we go deals on now we got chills opinion we knew that was comment. He goes on now let's see what he's got to say that he backed him Bogut back up the back never even asked. Instead it's what's it like putting me in -- pressure Boston lights he's been asked that I don't take you to every single week it's enough of five odds. That situation known you -- more TV experience and -- view but a lot of cases you know to go over some of the questions at a time and can't someone maybe a panelist guests say. I'm uncomfortable going in that area now and not wanna answer it get Terry Francona he's just like they -- Tito but you got to do a job you're here. Somebody just called -- the coaches that you aren't your friends. I need your opinion on. I need to know of -- -- Garza got a steps I mean back. As you seem like that type of guy Francona is that like are you you real answers all -- because in about two weeks in managing just to give an answer realistic question. To say I was a perfect -- -- I want pitino's opinion on these coaches apparently. The -- knows very well except Bobby back and never got it would never rest instead it was what's it like coach and in Philly. What's it like managing in Boston under the bright lights on and that's been asked 78 times on baseball and nine sports note with with him. Because Kevin Gandhi in the showed react to what -- vitriol towards him -- terms of body saying undermine yesterday. Mean I told to I think means I think that means he was going to the players and maybe -- -- -- message I think there's a chance to go back to that meeting in New York. That every -- total wondered how that got out I wouldn't be surprised if a coach on that staff. -- was airing that out to. People including Jeff passed -- Yahoo! groups for I think to get wind. Of that -- a lot of Red Sox accountable to it like messages that you know. We're supposed to stay in that clubhouse didn't stand a -- out because some of the coaches. I think that the players and some of the coaches that -- Bobby Valentine. Snicker about Bobby Valentine when he was in the room and that's sort I feel good about what undermining means. And it terms of who I blame. -- I hate to make a cop out this -- and everybody. I blame the coaches for having an opinion of Valentine before he took the job. I blame Valentine for doing eight crap -- job at communicating with those coaches. I blame Valentine for putting the coaches and spot for the price -- the big -- by the players what the hell just happened. Decision -- just made how do you answer foreclosures and coach like I don't know why he got one of the pictures up eight times and that put a man Andrew Miller. I played the front office for hiring in December 1. And then sort of suggesting. He hire certain guys. It was an awful situation any if you play just dump bodies in the coaches I think you're wrong I don't blame goes to enjoy buddy ball. Hear you say that it's a cop out there with the blame but it's not because it's the right answer. Is it you know does not too much -- black and white. Here. I don't agree -- show when he says you know it's gonna you know. For these guys gonna bury these coaches will come up there's no question about it. And is no question at him -- -- Beagle for manager's job Dave -- hitting coach Gary -- people opening coach. You know -- be the same page I don't want to think -- go behind my back that happened in Boston. They'll come up but I don't think it really affect their careers. Because. I'm not so sure the feeling of Bobby Valentine across baseball is one where if they did this two week Terry Francona you know they did this to Joseph Torre. -- Tony La Russa. You know you go behind stabbed somebody like that in the back as a coach that carries weight that cyclists and there. This guys respected you doing that I'm not so sure of Bobby V. Carries a kind of -- as a manager anymore. Given this year. -- here all the time that these these stories get across baseball. It's not just the players that are hill players that are rolling as a guarantee its other managers and other players to hear these stories on a torture that's the case. What you write and say both sides to blame because. Only only the coaches that he is talking about. You know only they know the answer whether they gave this guy a fair shot in Republican Amir and -- -- -- was I -- with this guy. You know ornamental what he did. I just didn't like analysis -- appear in and steal of the players maybe more formation in the need. Maybe swayed their opinions about their own manager only oil just some things only those guys -- get that question -- From my side of it. Yeah I know I've not Trimble. No I'm I had Dave Magnus -- coach -- three the very good relationship with him. Gary tuck the -- my experiences here when he was in New York. And guys that I respect the amount of respect they give him and you know the you know the guy you know I trust opinions of guys that I trust and I respect. So when I see those guys that would it tells me is why did they give a shot I like to think that they did on again only those guys can answer -- in time. Go to questions came up you know with Bobby what are we doing here why -- we doing this while we -- -- that any time how much did Bobby create. You know the lack of respect. Three respect is earned. It has to be earned. -- -- -- was it was these guys Bobby all everybody felt bad for me because for six months my coach and stabbed in the back. Always there. A month. Spring training April. By the end of may everybody -- you know what I am done right now is that he's not listened to me he's not using me as a coach. Everything every opinion I have he could care less about he's insecure he -- I want his job right now. All of it and it just led to that. I know those three guys and -- personally. And I like to think that that's probably more distaste and those guys to sit casino watched -- Bobby from anyone can give you chancellor -- with my players -- are to believe known most. Also -- they'll find hard to believe that as the year went on they were not a source of a lot of what got over there you're one of the things you talked about from the beginning. With Bobby Valentine as much as we rag on you for that Comcast a promo. What do think you talked about as a Valentine's gonna create stories that the players have to respond to and you nailed that. I have -- -- have been stories that have leaked out -- -- that's good for Bobby to talk about that's not good for front office thought well that's aren't bearish as the teen. As I look back on it now I look at the coaching staff. I look at the guys that here throughout the year outlook in the Cloris part of that -- got -- right to be -- that vacation comment what do pissed me off to. But we're those guys airing things out to the media and behind the scenes buster jokes about how these are pretty easy stories to get. Almost the coaching staff part of those stories was the coaching staff in some way. Affecting our perception of that that's why do have a little bit of sympathy for Valentine I don't play it. What's -- particular OK with the Kevin Youkilis situation. I've had a conversation with him he's well aware that his playing time is gonna be what it is moving forward. Next day Kevin Youkilis is like for stuff that decision about. Just the right outcome you know you don't go to the media so I had a conversation Kevin Youkilis. If you did not that's just flat out lying in the player comes back now we got a story. And Bob because back -- says blot -- the coaches talked to him now. You look back get -- if you look at -- Alec Campbell seem a bench coach you know. Is it right to have you the bench coach go talk to give -- -- playing time. Did bode action of their conversation. Has -- that second in media session go out and while he just threw me under -- -- publicly because I thought he we had. As he hasn't hasn't managers as a coaching staff I thought we had a conversation Kevin Youkilis. Maybe coach didn't give the order. I as manager told -- to help me out here -- be out of the norm for bench coach you talked to a player about practices it is as a side issue I think the manager should -- but I can't question everybody's style and I don't know maybe. Bobby knows the moral school maybe felt that that's something that's happened past and that's fine you know. That what I can go with this. Big -- to me care nothing else in our buddies with a syndicate in Montreal Q what do Boston. Here's -- first base coach. It's a good example of people felt that. May be -- Giles was Dan's guy. Any -- who sent messages up there about what's going on with the -- well but that was one of the theorize that outlets jealous of the first I was a clear government and and I feel awful saying April when it started off that's what a lot of people felt that. It may be thinking from the Specter deserved maybe they felt like honest I think he knows everything about baseball. In the any inhabit. The beginning -- was eyes -- about him were wonder what his position really was that this team would escape route never played right. But in time. OK maybe that's what's happened with Bobby at the beginning but in time with -- joust. I can send -- -- career is over while playing with the Red Sox in the last few years. He became very close friend of mine to me -- he became one of the most respected coaches I have ever come across in my entire playing career. And he did that the hard work and he did that through knowledge he was a psychologist he would talk Cuba we go through tough times would he sees you as a player. He gained that respect. I mean he went from maybe nothing to the utmost respect. In a matter of a short period of time because you saw the work ethic he was in the cage early with everybody more than Jim Rice hitting coach -- He went to -- he talked the pitchers are tucked catchers a base runners outfielders infielders hitters it up and down. Like I said I can't respect another coach Moore and I go back as -- way that hoping started it felt the very beginning. And it's such a difference -- -- I feel about this guy right now my life it as a coach. Bobby to me he didn't have that respect early may be from the players in that respect early from coaching staff. The respect is earned you can change opinions you can go and make good decisions -- stand by them and demand respect. And get everybody involved people pick up on that too hard work whatever might be decision making -- -- think that ever happened. As I say you know that you could say always me now put a bad situation. Everybody has an opportunity to change their situation. Everybody feel Felix getting respect as an opportunity to respect the hard work. I just don't think that ever happened. Whether it's -- not what Bobby Valentine said yesterday is going to be continuation of what Jim -- talked about -- -- on Tuesday. OK I might lose my job but on the blame some of the people on the way first it was the training staff the training -- becoming theme here. And yesterday it was the coaches I'm sure someone's going to be players sure at some point it's gonna be GM. That's nobody's gonna react year and you got a little bit of that yesterday. And I don't just blame Bob before I got up with some of the blame the coaching staff and -- got to go back. I who runs the Red Sox Larry Lucchino. Who jumped into this. Hiring process and added Valentine and wanted to go back to an end to wanna go gale swam according everything I've heard and didn't hire until December 1 and that whole thing. Boy -- it set things back -- go back during this this timeline and out spears put together at WE yeah I'd -- out of your baseball fan it's a must read. It's at one point November. At a one point October late October. And Phillies bench coach -- the candidate brought in for his first interview October 31. And -- can quote I hope it doesn't go to December talking about the managerial search will stay. It would all -- December 1. During this process so the process itself. Led to a lot of this and a lot of people -- to blame. And you guys are lined up to react band and Jonathan are all your phone call 6177790. Wait fifty told free it is 888. 5250850. Verizon cell -- pound WE yikes a free call. You can Texas City time on the eighteenth tee text line at 85850. Will get your phone calls coming up it's not in -- 937.

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