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Who deserves to be inducted in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame this year?

Oct 4, 2012|

D&C go through some of this year's nominees for induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and give their take on if they deserve the recognition. They also have Meter guess who some of the nominees are by playing their tunes as well as discuss how some bands with questionable talent are already in, and what's the worse song ever made.

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Welcome back Dennis and Callahan more evidence that time is flying by does that seem like a year since last week. Ran out the list. Of the inductees to the final nominees I should say for the current Sox manager for a jungle -- into a lot easier Odyssey is one out of that no NB induction of the rock and roll hall of -- it would get this program that they do this like wants them now they don't -- -- -- -- seems it has been an eight year Gerri it's well known months in America. -- I forget who we rumored dump on Lester and they all their all their fans are a year ago like them sit Darden and it's up and got in -- -- -- what do you think these people should be in or the first match. Don't. Randy Newman has been nominated he's been a long overlooked it says here despite what -- most critically acclaimed songwriters of the rock era. That's true beside the stuff he does that you know he does he writes on. Stuff on the -- -- one of those guys that Marvin -- season -- tell -- does that partnering. Yeah parroting whatever. Again we're storytelling. And Randy Newman that just made a song about. One of those guys on the television last night on T -- it was only in -- inch rule him at one of those guys they went to argue when there are those guys one of those old -- yet wrote a song it's a parody. Wasn't too you know. Supportive. They obviously. Yeah that one of them. They estimate about being nominated -- that I'm already bitter that I am not in tight net up so he should title -- his legend about. A local. Stewart got loose on him -- definitely used to have I left workers off the path. -- testers all and Donna Summer. Cherishes him what are they -- now -- know it's standard really. Disco fans have lobbied heavily for the inclusion of Donna Summer. And she yet died last may Elton John's on board -- campaign. Well that she has never been inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame is a total disgrace a specialist in the second rate talent -- have already been inducted that's. True there's some there are realists are outraged that that's the argument anyone can make in anyone he's ended with a you know on the front in. Or co accordion man who calls the one -- -- yeah -- he -- that he could make a claim because of some of the bums who were and then now the latest judged. He's gonna gonna -- Peter and -- -- -- I don't know what version of this. A lot lighter -- idea as did her adorable he purple I don't like disarmament he knows it but they also they posthumous factory work this year the founding member John lord died in July and then not be here and Deep -- not in not yet nuke -- no no this well if you ever get the list that they could then bring him in soon. You look at some of the bands that are in there and take out a quick Deep Purple Olympian Andrea them. -- -- Yeah she's finally for me choose you almost don't -- I don't think you I'm pretty sure my idea of better. But I think it is one of those. You did. And you don't if you don't know the word starts hitting the attacks -- Better off doing that though reductions in the -- Eighties -- let's go to the next one for a big group of people love this. Okay. I. Rush. A thank you very -- politically that's really regular corporate. -- what's that from almost -- For Cameron Peru. Progressive rock fans have long and I'll leave bumblebee absence of rush yes Emerson lake and plumber and other bands specialized and expanding the structures of the rocks on four in the seventies. Arian but not rush at this point and finally reader. But it was me and that. Rush Limbaugh -- but focus -- -- like I like that can't. -- -- debate nationally demand you Steve Milligan. Not wife pregnant and I didn't so I will tell you the single worst song -- no improvement from that and by the way SuSE studio. They'll call Wes -- just systems analysts say moments I have no problem naming the worst song government that's abracadabra blessed the worst. Midnight at the ways this is number three I think -- don't Donna Summers. Donna Summers and a public opinion Columbus on. That's always comical I don't include leg that's on one hit wonders now I don't collect we are now -- -- songs. Songs like that and -- of those I mean real songs that people -- wanted to be taken seriously like abracadabra the -- so that will literally. Give me a headache plant a little thing and have a headache. Ameen thank god was a large part of you master and abracadabra. Reach grabbed how to reach out pond choose even if it is he in the whole thing. I think he has most of the answers are -- pay attention on this one. -- This has deodorant no. Solid -- it undid a bush yeah. Pulpit with us this. Notice you're gonna like it -- it and. Given him a text like and -- that's what good vibes and text could nomination next five seconds next second the summit can identify -- that is on the eighteenth -- AT&T text -- fifty -- to be Dennis and Callahan teacher pupil and it just. By the way while you listen that's still that's not rock and -- that -- that loser that's Disco Donna Summer. The definition of rock and -- means different things to different people a lot of just like. But as broad as the classification maybe they all share the common love of music. So it's sort of the you know pop politics not the split rock general. Jesus' -- yeah all right we got a winner. Pick the phone number 617 their. James get a feature to that person -- giving -- -- the sense that it it's -- -- something like you know but that patience. More toughness obviously it's it's it blues Brandon. And Paul Butterfield. Do you look at the G. Wrong it's not this group was called the meters. Relay the metres ME TE RS ago. I've never -- mean I have never heard of them -- and -- they might be in the hall of an -- there was no these nominees final nominee help them get them. In the east in the meters you've never heard them -- or did you think they belong in the hall I don't know. Elective like maybe it is not so. Well so okay budget now now -- you'd like to hang on oxygen and another -- operate. Mean to you and others. -- -- -- -- -- That's great nominees for worst song mention of that. Love shack that is that is all yeah alma Gloria if you only go one man rich ones Humphrey and rock lobster. Yeah they have some real crap this macarena qualifiers and those who acknowledged finals that he is on the island chains. Yeah advances line dance now line -- Lyon France -- the robot though politics -- some bands have lots to access a lot of really bad -- Dexter to the AT&T -- like me who wants to know -- the name of the band that your. I've written a quick look at -- -- accepted the -- -- Clinton's third of the Venezuelan government moment drummer I think you'll emergencies -- well the drummer. While ignited -- -- and asked a all right quick timeout -- what 777 -- 08520388852. Fives theory -- your phone calls next Dennis Kelly.

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