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Sox quit from top to bottom

Oct 4, 2012|

D&C open the show reacting to the Sox pitiful effort in their season finale and how much they enjoyed Dice K getting pummeled. They talk about just how bad this team was, why they were the biggest joke in baseball, and if fans will ever see a worse Sox team in their lifetime. The boys also chat about who had the best prediction for Dice K's line in his final start for the Sox, what type of records the Sox set for futility, and the disloyalty in the Sox coaching staff.

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You know it seems to me my friends. That two people. Know people. Really got their asses -- last night -- and thoroughly enjoyed watching the ball. There was one bully beat down there about fifteen million Americans slot and then that was my men Dice-K. My man Dice-K. Got humiliated. Through two and a third by the Yankees in new York and here is his career total. The greatest pitcher on -- Rated yet six -- the planet here is his sixth year total. Fifty wins for a 103. Million dollar. Yours. I liked the ERA in his final season with an 88 point 28228. Highest into administer. Some kind of record -- -- the record setter there's a lot of records should go over the records the record for futility. Mean I don't think kids these days you know 1012 year old Red Sox fans. We'll see it worse team note in their lifetimes. You know. It's been longer. This little longer stretch of time since we've seen in team is bad then since we've seen a wildcard. Triple Crown -- -- one Triple Crown was 45 years ago it was 47. Years ago that you -- -- team. This bad and it's such uniforms I don't think that team and a 190 middle. And you know what's even worse equipped. They quit they that they quit on themselves they went on their manager they quit on their fans they quit on their organization. Eight losses in a row to end the season and one win in their last thirteen and seven and what was at 22 or 742 and 22 cents a camera first and they finished twice six games. Out of first place the fourth worst team in all of Major League Baseball only three teams had a lower winning percentage. They -- -- from top to bottom and -- to let this inept manager. Men is the final month he said so what if we go seven point two so what this year as the worst last year. Here's what happened when they retain Bobby via the the oatmeal breakfast and Seattle -- that apparently were September. Under him than they did under Tito in under Francona and that I -- 93 losses which is just staggering. And they end up the biggest joke in baseball that's the deal you made when you said. Don't know we can't let the players win we can't -- the media when we have to let Bobby -- -- out the -- here if you replaced him a month ago. You wouldn't -- seven point two they quit on him now I realize that's disgrace in the players. Should be shame but that's reality when you're allowed Bob -- -- on. Just play out you made this do you use that we will be a joke will be laughing stock -- use and it. Dice-K to the mound last game. You say we don't care we don't care -- that will be views clowns we don't care will be -- critters. Again they should've -- little clown noses and big proposal feed that's how big a joke they were when they took the field with this bomb. And away. Improved. Trying to prove that it was the other small when you -- about that but sending this stumble bomb to the mound in the game that's. This is our guy this is that who we decided sort of like dispatching. Gonzales and -- away as well and didn't that also empower them it in yet another weird twist something that was very very positive and looked at with you know a claim from you know. Left -- right up and down north south all that. Sending those. Bombs and -- also that -- and Gonzales out to Los Angeles. Did that not in a perverse kind of way empower these guys to do it again I mean it was the front office will be right -- out of rob good but the that's why -- today. And Bobby said the worst September team history right which is true. It doesn't explain seven point two and I guess if you had Gonzales. Because that's the only -- mattered. Which you have Gonzales and David Ortiz would have been seven point 21 reversed what do you think -- went down with -- -- -- If they're real runs last night look at their numbers with and with -- -- is just created I mean he was. As the labels anyone they'd be in the playoffs without Longoria. What do you think the Yankees would be with Mario Rivera. The yet he yankees EU wasn't injuries yankees Kentucky -- everybody's out and -- and dried everybody's lost players cancer only we Ortiz if Ortiz watt. He wants out of -- in my 7373. And -- 174. But this or this week and thank Daisuke. We knew it was going to be stuck on godless and stuck on 6969. And nine B 3169. Amazed amazed that this season for credibility and Qatar called that would disloyal coaches or injuries -- You know bad. Read it from Bailey whatever -- You only get this low Cuba you only -- and and scenes Buffalo Bills last Sunday right you said it. They quit and do you need do you public evidence like proof of course not. Corner exit kind of vague thing you know it's a nebulous concept quitting. But when you have a team with this kind of talent and -- from opening game and these can expectations. And you come up a lot of time. 25 games below expectations. The only way that happens only when you go seven and 22 the only way you lose twelve out of thirteen. Is when you give up there's no other way you can do that it's baseball you know bad teams win. You know we have things happen OC Oakland Tennessee Baltimore with -- happened you know -- the of the best teams don't win a hundred the worst teams don't lose a hundred generally. The only way you lose 93 with this kind of payroll with this kind of team is giving up and -- cherry tent and Larry and Henry and to just pretend it's an off year. How do you not come out scream and -- -- which are to have my expert in his face and people around him yeah I did not say. This is disgusting a disgusting display how -- you not do that. He's chosen set instead to put it all on him and that's -- I guess that's the of the Smart thing to do fall under sorted through the general manager. But giving up can take -- number reforms as well beyond going seven and 21 since the first of September. How about giving us doesn't want to haven't wanted to also looks at some points to cut them slack yeah yeah yeah yeah pink cat. It takes a number of other forms isn't giving up not fighting your way back on to the mound pitcher Daisuke -- -- not fighting your way back into center field if you're Jacoby Ellsbury if you don't care enough I missed some guys heal quickly and other guys don't. But if you miss the better part of six and a half weeks with a -- your neck if you miss you know weeks with -- lat pull. It's six and a half weeks yes -- exit the -- brick and this slacker this quicker gets rewarded. With one more start Yankee Stadium and a right to ask that because he's well rested people say Bobby how you let this basic. Let him start hoping not to. And -- on the regular round. I didn't understand that you suggested a joy came up and as did others and patted him on the back. And reassured him it was OK and -- -- college for 2007 -- say here's a pop pocket watch and a golden parachute not get the hell out of here. The headline in the Boston Herald says sad night for Daisuke I don't think it's that all up it's hysterically funny it was a celebration. Of his hideous Dice-K airing here in Boston -- -- night. Tell us that it points -- take this guy was a slacker this guy was. Well absolutely overpaid and over rated he was Decatur secure its sad that they let him start -- that they kept them around. I mean if anyone in this organization at the top. Any pride had any balls that you wouldn't see Bobby or Daisuke. In uniform after Labor Day mean just said. I've seen enough for you get them and he was when he was he was the Red Sox Albert Haynesworth. The difference is Bill Belichick sent him home yeah eventually and these guys and our arguments that one should take the ball. Last you know why I'm not encouraged I mean and things could change -- encourage effort for next year the year after. They're still worried about how things look you know pop thinks yes this is gonna play you know what will he say well this guy say. Studies do the right thing and -- in this team from a new one insane. This news piece this pistons bumble and we give a hundred million dollars do it didn't have a pride to come back from a crick in his knack for six and a half weeks. That's the last four years is the worst pretenders. For I dug him yet after 2000 -- -- and put them good check out -- are you overall the roadside that it is the fourth worst ERA in team history. And and yet he's rewarded with a chance. In new York and one last chance and no we failed as -- on the we've -- it was surest thing you've ever seen -- -- yesterday and Vietnam and estimate for steal money but. I was gonna say to an -- methods are similar to what I got every five runs in six shoots over the -- You -- five runs and six hits and two and veterans through an alert to in particular. Unit everything on the nose yet. Well that's pretty impressed me thank you very much that's different but beautiful all the trend at dusk when I was at Baltimore listened to you activists say that pitcher last night. Or other economists say that Mitchell had Tillman -- -- and so commercial exhibition but right at. It's a good point I mean there was no I've never seen a shore thing baseball -- -- all off and among rookies. It's lightning in the bottle and guys dig down deep and give you. Five or six innings we've seen guys -- before lunch with the bodies -- compatible -- or or just like old guys that. MC -- has -- come out and throw good game one in -- This is the surest thing this guy has no guts he has no heart he doesn't care. I mean he probably felt like it was a in the past pitching. -- get my flight Marty don't I don't like on TV Fiji wherever. People in Japan and go for a league that long vacation but not on the Red Sox this time on your own -- now expire. I was -- the guy last night in the bid on the right that in the right yeah talk about all the jobs have been created considerable jumps to -- and some of soups on the work -- through an interpreter. And driver. -- physical therapist I just a pilot shelf. I think the pilots to work -- it is an almighty. I don't know what could have been -- but that he was a first class you know one -- Japan or whatever but it. This is it all over although accurate all -- if he stared at the airport anyway where's my drive and -- -- if I'm gonna eat. You know what I don't feel bad for Baltimore run -- out there now about having access to him. They should have known what was going to happen and I mean just Daisuke didn't they witnessed this double bomb team that we cannot can't the last three games I don't know this week. Yet they should have they did now. They did know they knew that they had no chance they knew they played -- I think they witnessed this -- Yes they knew that it that this Red Sox team quit the news this -- team had no pride. I think everybody was surprised would account nineteen pitches that. Ninth inning and I know you say and he pitched yesterday he's he's a short man he's a lot man he's right he's a lefty. I don't care -- position player. Anybody from a guy Morton's in -- -- that a while ago he pitched for anybody writes -- of the whoever -- again and after Morton symptoms and after room and he just two innings so it was Dice-K just about right. And so so what's the difference. Daisuke throws 43 pitches -- in 42 am like and -- started not to. You wouldn't do you weren't getting any more than that that you and EX I mean I know I'm going overboard and O'Toole. Someone explain to me why they let him play yes but they gave in the bowl. I like your first take on this and that is this was videos messed this was feels call. It is and discouraging that nobody as the stones to stand up and and calls spectators here nobody. From the manager you know who who choked on his words after said the coaches undermined him. What coaches club you know the ones here -- the ones who quit -- mean once you wanted to fired. Pitching coaches that that guy in that oversaw hold over us at that catching -- on the -- who will be well. Probably well on the record or off he'll probably on burden themselves at some point I'll look forward to that. But it you can drop a bombshell like that Kenya violence sublime -- thought he was. Gonna deal affected try to follow up at Fenway Park and maybe even more and a weak moment when he was on with Michael -- perhaps that was the case -- missed opportunity but they did follow up at Fenway Park listen up not get into it just a feeling I had just some of those weren't on the same page all the time would you. Have fallen and if he Ramos and said the coaches. On undermine me would you -- it one more quick follow which -- coach. It's probably not constitute progress and -- yeah you follow up. -- -- said there was there are stunned the -- there is that there is that all our style of -- yes and it was great and given credit for an honest answer. I would have liked a consumable likes to Bogart Gary tuck Bob McClure ago McClure and maybe Dave -- and but also you leave it out so that we think it's four guys in the it was organized goes one. Edited more than four guys guests at 6177790850. Toll free number 8885250. It fit to write your phone calls in ninety seconds including Francis who was calling from Australia he's so upset about this. Chris Liwienski yum. He will join us in the 7 o'clock hours we'll talk about it a new film and yes out and head injuries in the growing problem of the National Football League trying to be aware of little button. All I know what else when we come back your pal woody Paige who's yes is that correct that you six. All right so -- -- go -- -- -- so. They would be paid from the Denver Post guess it would not the most prompt always turning call yeah felt little skin that would be later in the broadcast anyway sometime India in the 9 o'clock hour. But when we come back some amazing predictions from the picnic table in February about how these Red Sox in this 100 year anniversary by the way -- Fenway Park in case you've forgotten. Will do this year Wilson who came the closest.

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