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Joe Castiglione, Dave O'Brien and Jon Rish wrap up the 2012 Red Sox season

Oct 4, 2012|

Joe, Dave & Jon wrap up what was a very long season, at the end of game #162. They talk about what was in 2012 and what will be in 2013. Joe closes our broadcast with his yearly poem as well.

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So now the 2012 for the Red Sox has come to a close Joseph and Dave it's time to kind of let all of this sink in. We've had longer than usual -- let some of the sinking in yet when the season finally ends. It takes a minute or two or day or two or maybe even a weaker -- to kind of put it all in perspective. Well I think this would probably easier put in their respective bad because of the 93 losses and that's such a statement today. But what -- season ends is. Sort of shocking because you go from every day running back and forth and every every day is occupied and then all of a sudden it it stops. And it this season that. Was quite a bit different than any we've ever experience really at least he would go back to the early now. These you know I find this season much more. It easy to let go of the last year. His last September was. Was so egregious in a way I mean -- worth thirty games over 500 going into September. Many believe -- do the best team in baseball. An -- to collapse like that was such a shock to the system. That I'm still not over that this season is is been very different in many ways because the expectations were lessened because of what happened last year. You didn't feel like the Red Sox -- necessarily going to be division champion. Winding up with the city yankees are tonight. But that they still had a shot at one of the wild cards with the second wild card this year that this team should have with the talent on paper. Breaking spring training made a great run -- 11 of those wild cards I didn't expect anything less. So it's disturbing that what what unfolded unfolded in. You know they gonna start picking apart the bones here in the next several days as they should. But to me. It it's still much more difficult to explain what happened last September to a very very good team. As opposed to a team that I didn't think was quite in that league this year. We saw everything break right for the Orioles and then at the end for the Oakland days everything we broke wrong this year in. A lot of times it's faith in me there were obviously problems which have been well document we've gone over them and you'll. Be hearing in the reading more about those. If you haven't had enough already have for any dissect this but the -- now is to build it back up. When you look at where they work 2007 they would world championship 2000 and ate there one game away game seven of the American League Championship Series and -- the last. Game of the regular season 2008 the Red Sox are playing the Yankees Boston was going into the playoffs and the Yankees were staying home they missed the playoffs that year. They weren't losing team but they were not good enough into the post season -- 2009 Boston swept 20102011. And now 2012. Three consecutive years for the Red Sox out of the post season. New York finishes with 95 wins the Red Sox finish with 69. How big is the gap. Is it really that big is it 95 to 69 how far away are the Red Sox from truly being. -- division contenders. Well I mean this is on the scoreboard. Fourteen to two tells you exactly the difference between these two teams right now is the Red Sox are constituted. However I don't think will bear much resemblance to the team you see coming in here next April. You can just think around the diamond and middle Brooks will be back at third base you know Pedroia will be fully healthy at second base the -- will probably sign a first baseman. Ortiz will be back in that lineup I think -- David aside probably a two year deal Red Sox have to do with a look what they can improve the catching situation. But you gotta believe Ellsbury he's going to be. Capable of having a full healthy year and playing the way he did last season and not this season. The Red Sox are gonna have to make moves in left field and in right field but. You know the pitching is where it all comes back to remember this too. When we open up that series next April John Black he's going to be in that rotation however you feel about John Lackey. Red Sox are still on the hook for several more years a lot more money he's healthy he's going to be in their rotation and will probably pitch in this series. Next April against the Yankees. Red sex after blogs and sign another starter. Develop more arms really bolster their bullpen who's gonna close for the Red Sox next year do you have faith and Andrew Bailey can be that guy. -- Lester come back has said. We saw that Jon Lester of the last 45 years before this season Kenny get back and be there real number one and of course the overriding question in the next 2448 hours is who will be the manager. Of the Boston Red Sox because it is a highly unlikely it's going to be Bobby Valentine and a whole new coaching staff full command. So Red Sox again under goal a a change unlike. Any other recent world champion. And by recent 2007. As John says three consecutive. Trips out of the post season for the Red Sox is a stunning thing. And we have to get back the organization has to get back to being a contender again. And has the ability to keep going back to this Joba has the ability to do it much much much quicker than anybody else -- Well I certainly will be -- one of the most critical offseason rarely in recent Red Sox history. And it sets up a fascinating offseason a crucial offseason and offseason -- more questions and I think. Any young Red Sox fan can certainly remember and be the most critical and most closely watched offseason since. The 20032004. Offseason going from 03 into the 2004 year which obviously turned out meet the championship here. Well thank you guys it was a great pleasure working ability -- this year I appreciate everything. Thanks John -- back yet she did a wonderful job all season long in John Albert he's our executive producer back there it. And our studios is that kept us humming along all season long he's just fantastic -- thanks to Doug lane as well are on site producer. And to you mr. -- -- on again happy anniversary thirty years in the Booth. Thirty years of celebrating. Your great work at the microphone this year was great was the highlight of our season. For all of us in the Booth watching you're ceremonies on the field in the clubs celebrating. You're tremendous work so congratulations again always a pleasure. Thank you so much stable always a pleasure to work with you we've had a lot of fun that despite this some of the get tough losses this year have you -- -- to speak to the event that was truly. -- -- -- And -- so professional. And always at the ready year. Jana how many -- our executive producer who makes everything so smooth and built yet to tell you works for them as well as the lane and all our road. Engineers who work with a summit road especially here with frank correlate to Tito's been. Where this for more than thirty years longer than we've been around them -- of pro he really is these Wear it with a great. And one coaches to all of our affiliates along the line -- broadcast these final moments of the 2012 season. Thank you so very much. You're the best and you keep us on the year and you keep us. Broadcasting into the homes and cars and on the the beach blankets of so many Red Sox fans can't do without you and thank you so much. Yes indeed where are we close like we've done that or. As long we've been around a tradition started by -- good Brandon Red Sox hall of Famer Ken Coleman this fitting words from. Eight Bartlett Giamatti green field of the mine's. Which say it off the end of any season whether it's a victorious. Season or a season like this -- green fields of the mind. It breaks your heart it is designed to break your heart. The game begins in the spring when everything else begins again and it blossoms in the summer. Filling the afternoons and evenings and then as soon as the chill rains come it stops and leaves you to face the fall alone you count on it. Rely on it to buffer the passage of time. To keep the memory of sunshine and high skies alive. And just when the days are all twilight. When you need it most it stops. And summer is dawn. And so we have to 2012. Season. Our thanks to our great listeners of Red Sox Nation for being weapons. Thanks once again had a great offseason everybody and we'll talk to you in March.

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