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How do you stop Peyton on Sunday? Keep him off the field by running the ball and controlling the clock.

Oct 3, 2012|

We talk a little Patriots as the Broncos and their new head man Peyton Manning come to town this Sunday. How will a questionable Patriots pass defense slow down Manning? Let the offense control the clock and keep him OFF the field.

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We just to the New England that tailgate show for competition -- tomorrow night TV but. This game excites the element in this game -- -- -- -- -- -- I took the points in this project the point I took the points -- we do with -- -- -- -- of wins and losses come on that's the Sissy way of -- we throw some part except I don't know what the -- were so far I'm -- at this -- lead to lead to curb. Here not to -- here. We are doing better that you were reassured about what this is anyway right here I'm not a leader and this is just brutal -- you where Israel is mr. Obama give you thirty points on Friday it would have made a difference. Wow. Now. In my thought we were I'd go back with the jets again -- you can buy what you there quickly. And -- up and I got a fairly. Obviously. Pressure -- -- do you find it will remain don't know that our laws to apartment that's what not only for about a already. It were found are learned that there were some strange things last night and ink in the door quickly and we'll get -- Bobby if you get a lot of football is going to be. This is this is old school mrs. This is Tom Brady and Peyton Manning this is stuff that over the last decade we have. Salivating over you know -- because. Every time they meet. It's always the debate right the debate right it will it will go on for a dinner will be will be talking about it in twenty years we talking about -- certainly when they both are inducted into the -- saying that argument will continue. If you look at the numbers. It's 84. Before it's it's in favor of a Brady right now but I will give you this finalists of. Games against the New England Patriots that many news. He's won five of the last seven. Against the knowing that pitcher. And I think a lot of that has to do with early on. The patriots at a much better defense it was far more difficult for many to do it do what he needed to do. Over the last few years -- maybe it's -- not somebody that's all the lists are gonna happen because. They probably won't be on the same path but it I'd like to see them. Inducted into the hall of fame in the same weekend. It's the same weekend and in they probably would say and -- here Manning for and you would failure you want Manning had a class all to himself and -- -- have classed themselves but it would be appropriate to just Brady's well total -- -- -- -- -- -- play long -- there's a sense that it happened ago. Because Brady will probably play longer the McCain. But when I look at this game on on Sunday night. Again I look at the New England Patriots and certainly degraded stuff in the run. What's still worries me is the is the secondary they've come up with some Nixon -- -- I've discussed -- I think some of those picks are actually genuine picks others are because. So so quarterbacks have given them some some -- I don't think Peyton Manning. Is going to. Handout a lot of work yes that's what gets about a couple an Atlanta couple weekends ago. Are you gonna hand out an awful lot of them I don't think he's gonna make an awful lot of mistakes. And to meet this game might go down to who has the ball last I like the patriots 27 on an awful lot of points. Going up against that team and looking at the patriots secondary right now. Against an offense that can promise it's -- Decker it's got Tammy it's got to stoke. This is a pretty good off. Good offense get up there are strange teamed it can't you can't really bigger amount I think that's why. The line is so high and about the Broncos. Surprised by the law. At first there was but now you think about it mean how many how good is how good -- Denver I mean are they have. Our great team owner I don't think you can tell. What are the patriots right now I mean to patriots because they have Brady. Our team that I think -- before the season began I think you brought this up before the season began their playoff -- not serious playoff team our day. We're gonna find out if they as the weeks unfold. I look at Denver right now and if Peyton Manning stays healthy. I think there are -- -- well as. The line basically saying that the patriots are four points better. -- essentially four points better in the broncos' victory. At three for being right and then you just that you figured out from there are so. Playing at home four point better than the Broncos. Who. You would think have a pretty good home field advantage. And our our little less than that on the road I think the direction want to look at that. I put the patriots favor is the patriots right now or built to stop the wrong. And if McGahee. Can't establish the run and it becomes a little bit more difficult for Peyton Manning to run the play action -- -- -- of formally. And now he's done before if you look at Joseph Addai who was here in camp at the beginning of the year. Few years he was there was not a real effective runner for them. -- you Peyton Manning was still able to pull off because he's Peyton Manning and people -- respect. For what he can do so if you run the ball and 82 yards. In at least is forcing the defense to play for the rock music you'd think it's gonna come down to who has the ball last last use these teams. Has pretty equal. Is that your analysis that they're they're pretty much know I think the patriots are slightly better than they are by. I think they get burned by big place. -- to have second to have many times are a usual you saw the patriots secondary sold on -- so. Audience I'm not on the secondary but he's a shoulder to front seven. Are you convinced after four games. That this -- pretty damn good now defense or from TI yeah no I'm not I'm still not yet I'm not I'm not sold on the defense and -- -- top third of the league in affront I think I think the defense will. They will eventually become -- in defense this year. A top ten point top ten in yards I think you're gonna get there. Right now and they haven't shown me anything yet but as a -- backhand or is it because of the guys up front. And up mistakes on -- on all levels. Not I'm. Like I really likely see a Franco polish or does it. Well we're -- -- everybody everybody wants to anoint spikes right now as the next great linebacker in Italy in the US and he has some troubles when it comes to coverage gets full allotment on play action against Jimmy hill -- candidate -- And how do you -- worsening covers this week that was something that was the problem is when he was a repeat. So that's one thing Mayo. Was just one plate but he got burned Ghana played on side but he he overall he's been very. Is it easy he's a good attackers. Fantastic Packers great covered. Some -- some improvement to remain across the defense on the future of the pick on the secondary that's fine about it. I think the entire defense -- well there's always get better and it's only the fourth game of the season but I am seeing really encouraging signs up for -- maintenance is an immense. Through four games I think mail's been better than. The way you describe I think spikes has been tremendous against the run the runner but I agree with -- I I agree if you. I get a little bit concerned it looks like you're not gonna have high tower maybe Bobby Carpenter. Gets the denial of that spot but you gotta worry about. The linebackers in coverage is absolutely no question certainly was -- she got to worry about against the run I think they've been extremely. -- it can gaining that Ron. Who -- to the --

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