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Is this the Bobby Valentine 'elimination party'?

Oct 3, 2012|

We spoke with Bobby Valentine, then we spoke to you... what was your take on Bobby's possible final interview with the Big Show, does he deserve to be back, and WILL HE be back? We discuss it.

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Since I asked that question two or three weeks ago has anybody approached anybody and ownership management approached you about. Whether you're gonna come back next year. It is my due diligence cute but you know my -- -- -- -- result nag at UBU is good but has requested considered very. Pretty at -- happened. You know diameter -- it well. -- -- I have not heard anything -- out -- -- -- out there that what's out there that you know this is your last game with the Red Sox and whether. John Farrell or somebody else taking over but -- when when do you expect to hear from. Challenge parallel I thought he had a job. Big deal made of -- trade is that retain. Could be or or he might what are you might get replaced in Toronto might be your freeze. Oh OK I don't know if I got everything I read the paper just regular car. Let's get a foul calls -- get your reaction to Bobbie these final appearance for this season. Era to make -- 6177790858885. -- 50850. Make note. The on Friday we'll change up this phone number 27797937. To the phones we go here's a unique in kingdom hi Amy. I think -- I don't think we don't call very often lost. And can't have that couple of the comments about the Bobby V interview and then a question about the future for management for the red carpet and then compare. At first I thought -- me and I understand totally why do you think he's good entertainment and certainly he is. And he gets a lot of grist for the -- figures show but I will be very glad when he's no longer. The manager of the Red Sox I don't see how he could manage anywhere else from the -- can be given his. Poor communications were killed -- news. In the distance upon holding grudges against the media and others for comment made months ago. And because of his volatility in poor field management positions on some occasions including last evening. My question TU and I do think he knows by the wave and the way he said goodbye to you I think. Indicated that he was aware this was his last one on. As I said I think he'd he's known since that breakfast and suit and a Seattle we're going to. Yeah I'm not I would agree and my question is you know I know you probably are gonna have to deal with the Bobby he's a situation for the rest of the show but I'm wondering if it is that a mistake. To focus so much on John Farrell as the future managers direct talks on concerns that perhaps. We're trying to go home again we're trying to go back to what once quiet -- so many of the players who knew him and responded to him are no longer there are. And he would be very different capacity. -- he hasn't had a lot to work with but I don't know that he's done. As much with Toronto and perhaps they would have -- I'm wondering whether you think it would be better to go in and new future direction. I think it I think it's I think it's really a a a good question because. If you hear from Omar for scale this is a 4142. Year old veteran player who's talking about. Farrell's communication skills with young players or whatever that concerns me with young players down here. -- John Farrell from people that know him real well. And whose opinion I respect tell me. That he could work any aspect any facet of a baseball operation. He can be a front office guy he could be general managing convenience -- can be this good he knows everything. Question I have is. Is he strong enough to good down there. NBA great manager the fact that he can do everything makes him very versatile but can he be that guy he apparently fits. The criteria of what they're looking for I agree with you. I got some doubts. And I'm not sure that I'm necessarily going to give up a good prospect. For John -- You know I think if -- is your question Amy but I think it comes on this you're right they probably. It's open it up it's a national search show all comers that will will interview anybody young and old but. This is why acting John -- is the leading candidate here. Why Terry Francona is the leading candidate in Cleveland it's all about relationships it is and so. John Ferrell has a good relationship we've been Jerry can give comfort level. And he's the kind of guy he's exactly the kind of guy that think they like your guy had some type of evaluation ability. Has played and it has played in the big leagues and knows the market very well it is just of -- I've passed that big guy a guy who can do. A lot of things pretty well. So I think he's a good fit for the Red Sox. For an economy was an assistant to march of Cairo. Include when he was out of managing in Philadelphia. -- pyro and Scott Helio best friend the only Ian and Tito were very close at all. It all makes cents from me from any relationship -- 95 brown -- if -- The whole relationship thing so you know our feelings you don't want the job in Cleveland. You'll get. A good example is that he's he's the leading -- -- up and you're right familiarity. And the Red Sox look at him and he's somebody that they feel comfortable. With. Who can work with all facets of the organization. Because he knows what everybody does what everybody is obviously you're not you know bloody -- whatever. Can you with a 25 man roster can deal with the egos can he deal with the rebuilding you have to go through. With this organization can he go through next season where the fan base suddenly thinks the John Ferrell is gonna commit to be John Wayne. And save the troops and the team falters in their twelve games out by the all star break. Can he deal with what he gets back in the way of criticism let's go to war Ralph and Cranston Ralph. Vick according it just you know now now I'll look good morning to you glad you want to show -- about looting government radio weeks of it that these -- -- -- but -- guys look this guy took the job. But did not want to be it would all turned out details what. Nobody where it really all of that was being pressed to -- You know the -- players there are some people like looking also -- -- looked as bad. As sort of a job as it really was it was what are probably the where -- -- -- there. I also have to say that -- -- Even make any of the last. I -- trying old -- he's got anything. Maybe pick your servicer stopped. Triton nothing different they will do this from start to finish this guy was not so -- the world that the japs and you know. I tried to -- -- pat on the back to predict had a lot of players who spoil it but you know. I came to come on your show. Oh a long time highly rated show. Act like to me in -- -- that it sort professionals shall. Despite mixed it where you -- and so -- worst weeks you know there's racial wars. You know to think she should be fired right at that like out there actually should apply it last month but you know I I just hope that this organization realizes. -- -- in a baseball guy appears so what was that experience from the outside makes it possible corals. And maybe try to put this club back on the winning track because we don't have. Haven't 1966. -- right remember that if you have a lot of new guys come -- -- -- in the -- and should never. Petrocelli. The Andrew -- submit. Yes that's it that's it that's an excellent point that that's it that's 6016. At a very good second half of the season and yeah I mean the company -- right right but they finish ninth. It's so people look at this at all my god new manager comes in Dick Williams he kicks ass and suddenly he comes out with a statement will win more than we lose an acoustic want. To the unit to the World Series but that's great points 66 a lot to play with at the end of the season I'm not sure the -- -- by the way. A little. Omar Vizquel 45 QB -- six and you only forty product. So why guy so Omar comes out and he rips John Ferrero but that's a guy that as you know and I acted Lou knows and -- I asked -- about. He's not a guy. Who is one of those co owner guys to manages or whatever he's one of the good guys right for him to come out see something like that. About -- on the way that he interacts with younger players that was surprising. That would set up a little red line. Any Dallas it's information or something if you're gonna interview John Farrell you're bringing up anyway. Why do you think Omar the skills and with about the senior citizen to hold a dead and John are -- on -- throughout. To -- your helmet. Then let me ask you this week you're perceptive guy we've spent enough time with -- the course of the season. To know that you you what's -- I like PepsiCo are you happy if you've got to and I hear of the quote of the surroundings and people are -- it. And they're saying is gonna be a press conference either Thursday or Friday and I'm sure that it gets back to you it's -- your perceptive guy. What's your gut feeling -- what do you think's gonna happen. Whether it be -- now pretend this decision whether state whether they whether they decide I'm bringing you back you must have -- -- this. I really don't. Both -- but there's what you're looking for today you know people had to make decisions. Huh. God bless them they did not going to be an easy job. A better mood at the Helm and they they think they know what they have with me and they'll try to figure out is that the best they can do. Let's give way to. That if -- Nazi -- not going to be easy job for anyone right that's another giveaways right that's not -- don't know there's no question. But this a texture and 413. Good one. -- John Ferrell is hired there will be too much expected to quickly for from him. Fans will expect him to have a successful season his first year here. -- will be no mercy for him if an unknown person comes in the managed one who never had anything to do with the Red Sox organization or at least stop the lies in years. It'll be much longer greedy and cover for that management and right. Correct and strike. I like this text you were textures there's like that Bobby finally pointed out on loyal soldiers on his staff. Which you guys are still interviewing him right now and I think it is it is interesting that he pointed out because. We've been saying you know year. Beat writers have been standard all year national. Broadcasters commentators writers have been standard all year this is dysfunctional team does not necessarily. Players -- players -- players verses management. Sometimes it is coaches vs the manager. And I know buster Olney was and that very early this season and he was dismissed he talked about the toxic toxic environment. And that was part of what he was -- was referring to embody. Didn't really acknowledge fully until now right but this is what was discussed. In June. That you know there are some real issues there and the issues weren't all with the players they were somewhat the coach only bring good news didn't do was named the coaches. That he doesn't try -- try to get into the specifics in the obviously did not want to comment further but I thought it was you just don't hear guys say that. There was no -- Duty of loyalty from the coaches know. I sure can Framingham Hillary. I and I'm glad out -- so glad that I -- -- into rock. Compound a scenic route on noticed. After right he gets up on what you guys are EO this topic irk a lot of others need to date. I'm glad it's his last interview because he tries peanuts. It's never seems to be his -- -- the -- could -- a group PLC to. You know I mean I I'm I'm glad that that that BP you brought up coaches in. But I wish it just followed up with what what why we didn't think you know we. Are pretty -- recording. It -- somebody else corporate culture of possibly a minute that you want what they are you on a page or how they feel about what you aren't. -- -- -- That's why what wait a minute but that's why he doesn't believe they've been loyal to migrate would you. I think a lot of problem we've been rolling arise in that dugout all year long and I read it this is an off. The marriage rate and what it did that they are doing. To undercut that's what I'd -- -- Well that's why try to ask him whether they were actually going up to the general manager. Or to the ownership and and and squealing more or yours or even worse in order written another thing -- that could be happening. There's you have to get even get into details. There could be going to players. They're going to players and relaying information from. Supposed to be secret meetings were confidential meetings between the -- is in -- lots of things can happen I can see. How that can be a problem I mean just looking at successful organizations. You know coaches feel like. Vacant talk freely about strategy and talk freely about their players without. Somebody going back -- the players and say you know we said about you after practice yesterday. We said it you know you're not into it and and you are you are mailing it and since you signed a big contract you can understand. If a player if a player hears that information. From a high level meeting well that players are gonna -- and you know -- -- Is it. All sorts of scenarios that could happen when you don't trust the people to work. Listen I don't a lot of the falcon go toward -- Bobby V but I must tell you Rick this has been dysfunctional since day one. But really it really had not not -- now but but it was dysfunctional from day one because the general manager really didn't pan out. The final say -- it didn't have the finals this wasn't his manager and then on top of that sure players were holes. That when it leaked out that Bobby Valentine might get that it was nick of -- -- appease the Bobby Valentine may be guided them might be the next manager of the Red Sox. That that the front office people were telling. And it wasn't -- it was people -- presently there were telling players that that's not gonna happen when occupier Bobby -- and we're not hiring a Bobby V tight. So if you're doing that. To the guys that you're expecting loyalty to the new manager and then you're telling them don't believe the media to make in this wrap up and then suddenly the media's right. And suddenly. Bobby V is there. I it was just it was this auction off from day one and that and that -- and that's summit of Larry Lucchino it's on the head of John Henry and the ownership and the and the management. But it felt that it was Larry I have eight -- what period this is the guy what I heard it all and answer questions go to Ronald. A machine they -- pain in the -- does not chuck. Right now aren't I've already set I think what happened is not a lot I wouldn't be surprised it happens in baseball hat as a sports. Where not all of that sexy years necessarily guaranteed there are certain particulars in the in awarding. In a contract -- my theory it's a series now. That and that breakfast in Seattle they pretty much laid it out we want you to finish up the season. Wanna make a change because they got a debris Bogart and and then that that was gonna screw the whole thing up may be players suddenly like Bogle. And now they've got to make a change and put a new manager -- and you got players pissed off the Bogart like the job so let him finish out the season will guarantee your money for next year. You'll read a fine for next year Bobby at the end of the year was it. It will take here you'd you'd take care of us and will go our separate ways I still believe that's the case we may never know maybe we will be Bob we will. We'll talk about the so that they too I must tell you Bobby I was a little bit -- -- concern we didn't hear you went to 235 I thought a couple of those French horse got all the on the bike again today now. And at Sony did did you guys. -- even in the book he caught traffic and. You know in the it happened today in beautiful -- -- okay. On your -- that's buddy about the but I think that's it has like that zoos and really big news. You know considering a road -- the road every day this season and only have one accident they think that as phenomenal as. You know basically having interviews what we could you go. -- ultra judge contusion of the hazardous shortly guy's got a future comment on what -- What -- -- there. I he start the interview he doesn't really busting his ball why did and didn't show any and while you're trying to make a joke and the joke didn't go number joke about it. Don't on the -- does start to the New York on him. -- Are seeing similar jokes. I've -- your joke attempts. About or another attempt attempts well yeah -- an equal there was one. Then there was a give -- the laughter radio and that's when it. There was one during the radio Thon review headed home to Adrian Gonzales and said -- text anybody right now. You left. I saw you were giggling over the side you try not -- -- that let Gonzales know that you elaborately you're -- Well -- what caught the end of the fall of what was Gonzales has reaction yeah. -- the end of the -- to be twice. And I was trying to make a light moment that's all -- start that they would like moment then. Apparently -- and fortunately no real difference tangled up and throughout the -- every big audience. Failed miserably nor can -- tell you. And in all were male maybe I am. I man aria. A bench -- yes it is important Latin advent band was not on a couple observations. And then I got one question for you before I hang out the one -- I don't one who hired. I'm back at the beginning of the fusion anybody look at Kevin -- Bobby Valentine beyond and it. I really don't the way it went ballot and and interest only when I don't think anybody would wouldn't happen until anyway. And that he took a job. Probably not by now. Committee when the bank. It's been -- had been. -- no I mean. Hunter -- that's -- about this really mean anyway. A lot and I'll never tried it got a lot of alert at Hendrick now that -- all the -- Can not. Lucchino and the and and Ed Henry yeah. Yeah I got a little bit and -- and audio from the world. You know -- -- hire somebody to go out -- the general manager of a man picture. It got to -- and -- -- will want to do -- And compliment triggered gonna do that you're gonna -- get your credit. And then. Blamed somebody when you're already kind of but up within a -- but what are you got -- the best you gotta do -- to the way it worked a bit of history. You're -- it most in a -- -- -- right in most cases. You can't you cannot handcuff a guy but if it's -- dominatrix. You actually do. Can you know that your your attempt to come. Out and jury that. Aren't series really. Better on the market with a more for. Us the -- on the boob job for men and. Gotta be -- Hey -- we are all. The credit that -- that you -- -- a model guards were buried the story. The indirect direct hit it it was it was a tough job it's a tough job if you are coming in and somebody's telling you. The way it has to be done but it's not unprecedented and maybe the bigger problem -- is this how it goes with the Red Sox would agree. The last three or four Red Sox managers have been told. This is what we want to do when they've had to -- that vary -- degrees of success having Grady Little was Grady Little was told. This is what we need this is what we need to do week we're we're hiring players guy we need to take a very well lead into them. I'm dead been dead series. -- -- Grady Little. Terry Francona. Bobby Valentine and they were all told nobody was independent nobody can come and think this is how it's going to be done. Management leave me alone let me do my own thing for Bobby unfortunately. There was so much baggage. That was already on the table when he came in. He had some latitude but not nearly enough you'd have to change the the dynamics of the entire organization for to be fair port to be level field for. A manager to be be able to commandments. Are you in jobs did Dana missed judges right from the beginning I'm talking about from office on talking about the ship is I think they did Michael. I really believe they look at Terry Francona. And they felt that it became a country club atmosphere with a beer and chicken and the ownership. And Larry Lucchino get carried away with that that they really didn't read this thing properly. They didn't read that the pitching had been a big part of the problem and that the Francona thing was just kind of catching up to him because. Players that there was some frustration with players and players probably -- given him a little bit too much like -- so what do they want. They wanted a disciplinarian. But then once Bobby tried to do that -- a progression. When Bobby came in Ben's right. Most people said -- But remember after march and spring training. Got most of the calls and call up what Bobby's to -- movement around the drills from -- station the other not a players were rolling their eyes his coaching staff apparently were rolling their eyes. But the fans started talking like pop -- what happened. Once -- tried to exert some of their discipline the front office holding him back here and once they did that once they did that that was it. -- says that -- taxes in this. Is Bobby getting fired just because he's -- the media -- fire because he's -- -- -- -- 93 losses as the most likely that's what it is. It in the worst home record. Since the 1960. God I really want it's it's the performance and I did -- on the largest race here in -- You media and the fans. Won't care who the manager is as long as who ever it is. This is all your asses Bobby V never kiss anyone's -- more proud to me never played the media game. I'll miss I disagree with you a -- media woman some. He's been an adventure are for the meeting he's been -- -- that you know somebody else who comes in and doesn't actually. Saying the unpredictable like that becomes very predictable and goes along what that would put the -- guidelines. How much of the media is going to be -- but I disagree with that. I the media did you join a talked a lot of media members who actually enjoyed occasion avenue what he was gonna say next you're Stephen New Hampshire HD. -- -- -- -- They -- the quick observation you guys might wanna leave the comedy. Repeat shepherd. I peaceful. Well I can think of where I think -- said the other day. Is when -- -- what flash. But dale. Well I wasn't that wasn't company. No knowledge -- the mistake that. Hum. You know what simulate a woman called a little while back and you treated -- like a -- vitally. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well while I -- -- the celebrities and she brought a great job point. I think that the reason. But John Farrell makes so much sense and I've heard it before American to credit -- the -- is. You know this -- The way to technical bullet in the way it's been spent money. And I don't go out and get a brand new rotation. They're gonna have this -- their car back in particular -- collapses and not in the buckled in the old guys. And they gonna be count on them and those guys. Have had such a good relationship and such good results with John Farrell and I don't see how you can expect the -- to be competitive. If those guys don't come back and have big yet actually. But do they have a big year this year. They didn't do damage that your last year the year before seat held in my name's Dave let me ask you -- -- the -- -- what I'm Greta is gonna say -- Steve. Steve this is not an appropriations. This has been happening for poor at a grassroots grant had stock right you can't have. Five good pitchers you've got to have 108910. At a comedy Baltimore got ahead. I need to Baltimore hill got I have been seeing pictures don't target date to your innocent they haven't won a playoff game -- Joseph Sanders they prod him and look at the Baltimore Orioles and how -- -- -- try to pick I. Laughs it's all of you weren't at the Orioles and apply a Saudi oil supply out fifteen pitchers. Steve why -- can't I would I would agree with you if you're gonna go into next season. On the premise that. It was just it was great upside he's going to be fun and -- you know what he showed us the three months just have a a -- here he's going to be adorable. And healthy all year long and you know what. Stew brown showed a little bit maybe we can extend about a little bit more -- May be -- more start that if you go doing that mixing it always the other and John Lackey. Now we get your tummy tuck. If you only to next season doing that shame on them. Shame on -- you've got to add more to that pitching staff sorry. Got to add more to OK who's Smart. And Smart. And it looks to -- address those Andy and bill and business Smart which which what do you guys did better in the FE ET. -- your computer in the -- and -- if I'm gonna tell you on Spokane when I need some help here. With this one this -- -- I'm not sure what this means so and your band is gonna have to be tough to determine is -- -- the realists they -- for the simple -- them and made it easy for people okay. -- hope it will verbal. He says that Bobby says nothing oh yeah like your ass clown Francona. Nice. Out sequel yes. Farewell to Bobby you -- have no character understand your. Character got well and he's getting asked -- he knows -- I ask Monica and I love that although ass hat is particularly NASCAR lately. -- -- And -- it or ticket to excessive costs -- degree. India is much better using Google and keep it if you ask me which one is more likely to -- -- definition. Of the word. I would say in the future we who got late last week in which they've been. That's just that's just. -- my observation -- Here's David New Hampshire. Where we don't here's David David David what subsequently it's. You know I couldn't you didn't feel like -- John Kerry. -- bigotry in the Red Sox are down a -- Simply won't portrait which go on a program. We tied for a match cart championship. They watched it like -- a 18 game lead in August okay. Bobby Lee got rid of -- 250. Million dollar payroll. Right. He's not -- -- really I am like pulled us over you know it's it's not good. John you know John and his enemy John Henry is doing interviews for NASCAR he's doing interviews. Overseas in Liverpool you know this. He's not crashing anymore radio stations here and in in Boston when I get -- talking about. The actual team here. -- -- In -- lately you -- Domingo on Monday -- entertainment impresario. But somebody comes along and antibodies until analog stuff right now he's just you -- -- What what what are you -- know from Bob John -- other -- is because Bobby V coming back we're what are you really want to know from right now I want to find out what they're gonna do with -- team in the offseason not. Granted and I can tell me right now but he's brought a great point. You want to order fifty million bucks and I give you credit for being able to find -- to take off mistakes that you made on the other. You got rid of some -- So you really now have -- here with -- -- and you could see sensed that trade was made the team is a lot worse go to do. Now to make up for that you've got the money now. You solve the first problem you get you able to unload York crash on somebody else but and I almost funny. I spent what groceries you might have been better off fairness in a year -- not a great free agency says. In all fairness do you warn you want John Henry to those questions and if you look at. The other or I don't know what -- in -- and other organizations in this town that you respect. Would you ask Jeremy Jacobs what are you -- if they were actually play hockey would you say to Jeremy Jacobs. What are you gonna do how this -- going to be better. In 20122013. You where you really wouldn't want him answer those questions. What do you want quick answer those questions like any ancient -- -- -- of -- let me ask you. What do you make sure they're going to be looking -- or are -- but it -- was answering those what are -- couple of empty in most cases you don't want you said this before you don't necessarily want the owner. To be doing that Jerry Jones general -- public. Yeah I'd like another -- maybe you'll know the direction here and few weeks. Will will figure it out and and find out what how it'll work I quick break we get back to phone calls -- 617779. 0850 some fascinating stuff if you missed the Bobby -- it you know. And he says I think he's saying we're in we're number one or is it just me your number 1 on the morning says O'Donnell greens greens and the number -- --

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