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Bobby Valentine: My coaches have not been loyal to me and have undermined me all year

Oct 3, 2012|

In perhaps our final interview with Bobby Valentine as manager of the Boston Red Sox, Bobby drops a few bombshells on us, including his belief that members of his own coaching staff were undermining him during the season. Bobby sounded like a manager that knew he will probably not be back with the team.

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Okay. Okay. Me. When this whole Scott and I mean. And people. Does. -- -- on meet new home page. I bet you're the best show blood or blame Michael -- still up for our weekly get together with the skipper the Red -- Bobby Valentine is brought to you buy or -- insurance here you are. Home and this this here for new wing leaders in here for good and by Verizon bios a network ahead. I must tell you buy the I was a little bit concern we didn't hear you went to 235 -- -- a couple of those French -- got all the on the bike again today now. That Sony did did you guys. Knows even in the book -- get caught traffic. You know in. It happened today in beautiful Manhattan. Okay right on your fine that's a -- about the but I it's kind of like to play these guys. Zoos and really big news you know considering they wrote that the road every day this season and only have one accident they think that is anomalous. You know basically having interviews what we could you go. And British institution of the hazardous ordering guy's got a future comment on. It would you would you say is that their -- and employ about 45 minutes now. Ball -- and I'll just about I don't know I don't I don't believe that does that imply that killed. Our last night in that boy had an opportunity to take one and really. Kind of stick it to to the Yankees a couple of questions about it the opportunity to pinch hit it -- is you did not do with two men on. -- Well I really like who is that that -- and actually didn't you know in Canada. They're globe -- power pitcher out there and it's got it to -- guests on the bench who could have paid stick. I just curious two. You know taking shuttle of those days immunity that bats have been better and I could get a chance. Obviously when it didn't work out entities that we can pinch hit for him that maybe we wouldn't -- -- AT&T and it. -- reason I asked the question I am wondering because you're at the end of the season and a lot of times organizations. Wanna find out what they've got with some of these younger players it was an opportunity to find out what kid could do. In a clutch situation something on the line in the game and I thought maybe that might have had something to do that that's why I was asking the question. Well let them in your belly of the case -- and kept me grounded out dissect it would. So what would the organization that think oh we can't do it. Well obviously your view of the organization -- you're looking for him to come up the -- get that situation by. Right now -- got -- little love from the -- get a big hit it would have been a wonderful thing but they think at that time it is just. -- I had got pretty you know I didn't. You know what two out they just put that they Jose status. They -- anyway the way you swing the deadline to either right. It real hard to blow he had some really good swings and follow the -- -- swing of the -- much better I mean he's not. Not getting a lot of results but. He went about that are. Nobody the last -- master about the organization and they've told you about your future you said no he hadn't heard from them that conversation wasn't half so this due diligence. Since I asked that question two or three weeks ago has anybody approached anybody and ownership management approach you about. Whether you're gonna come back next year. It is my due diligence here but you know my -- -- the result -- -- years is good but has requested and they're very. -- -- -- You know no I haven't heard anything -- well. Win win. I have not heard anything -- out my -- out there that what's out there that you know this is your last game with the Red Sox and whether. John Farrell or somebody else taking over but -- -- when do you expect to hear from. Children parallel because I thought he had a job. Bagel -- of the trade is that a team. Could be or or he might want to he might get replaced in Toronto might be your freeze. Oh OK I don't know I I got everything I read the paper just regular car. -- -- I only that those who did the though is the only way to know is to read in the newspaper and I'd like to stay the dark. Don't ask us to get the better say it golf I -- if I don't then let me ask you this week is your perceptive guy we've spent enough time with you during the course of the season. To know that you -- what's -- I liked PepsiCo where you want me do you gotta like Europe of the surroundings and people -- writing it. And they are saying is going to be a press conference either Thursday or Friday and I'm sure that it gets back -- -- in -- what you're perceptive guy. What's your gut feeling Q what do you think's gonna happen here in the next couple days. What is going to be impressed accurate and it on whether they whether they whether they saw them bringing you back you must have a gut feeling on this. I really don't. Who opened Twitter what they're looking tour event -- -- people had to make decisions. And god bless them well that's it it's not going to be an easy job. The better mood at the Helm and play they picked they know what they have with me and they'll try to figure out if that's the best they can do. All right how difficult will it be if you come back looking at what you've looked at all -- To turn this team back into a contender. Royal loopy this Steve obviously there will be some the -- that it is to be some changes and whatever. You know that. Group is formulated -- We get to spring training you have an idea of held up there would be two. To put it out of -- -- trek but I don't Crennel think that the it's. Insurmountable when I don't think it's impossible I think. You know pay mobile I'm almost. Definite will Mildred is going to be back and and you know that that'll help he's taken a great batting practice he looks -- -- -- than. You know that that and that's a big dead end that we'll figure out. You know -- to do with the other guys that we had here included David. To figure out you know what else is needed. True. Bobby what do you what do you think. Has has gone well for you as a manager that you would have what have you done Obama we know about the losses in and. Zero not saying obviously brutalized domestic -- I'm not sick not jobs come and legitimately ask my question what what what you. What will you take away what do you like about the the job you were able to accomplish this -- mean it's not all bad and they had to be something they know. I don't know -- good job you know the job is. At the end of days director. You know the experience I really enjoyed experiencing. -- development of the players who weren't expected to be here you know and I looked at go around look at Syria echo and -- is and you know Gomez didn't salty and. You know Daniel. And you know Felix to broaden their morale is and Miller had. I mean these these -- these are guys to. People are looking at is you know they -- off the radar and I think they're kind of established himself with a little in the major leagues -- You know I was proud do you know. Be part of that watch what shall let develop them. -- -- play any other things that -- experience has brought to my life and you know I've learned. You know about a new culture a new city. You know. Hold the whole nine yards so. I I think that. You know I've done all those things well I think it protected my players is -- as much as anybody could have ever. Imagined anything. You know -- I did a really good job of making sure that. You know it is weirdest things got. You know there's the players were. Were OK Ian and be. You know and protected from trip medal that's a good thing. I asked this question earlier in the season which probably unfair to ask you this early in the season I thought he came up with any of the really good answer and that was how different. The game has become coming back to it now how different the inner workings are you talked about. Our communication you talked about saying one thing in the media and social media. And I thought it was right on the but I want to ask you but the inner workings. Of an organization today it seems to be liked the medical staff. Has far more say in what you can do putting together. A lineup do you find that to be a lot different that may be because of the money the players are making today that is a different approach. Who what players are available on a day to day basis for a manager. Lifted different different different different means we didn't you know that. That means you have to has. They have far more say but they have far -- and medical staff as far more saying. In players being available. Yeah. Yeah I guess. I mean. I think it's just an individual situation mental note that today's pace bowler. Or just. You know this year and in this group being. You know an awful awful lot of years you know way I heard about. You know guys who played when they shouldn't have -- he met here I mean anywhere in baseball. Or guys who move. Worked -- data lineup -- for no reason. You know I don't know that it's different it's what we've just. You know we've had so many injuries. That there's been such a focus. That part of the organization that. It it might almost be unfair because. Because they take it it'll never be compared. That in this season of injuries who could never be compared. Equally to another season it'll take a liver at the lakers against. Speaking of unfair we hear from listeners all the time callers techsters. Who say we have been unfair to you during our interviews. And we haven't given you a chance. What -- and it all series since I really wanted this is this your form mr. form you can say whatever you need to say you feel like. The treatment here and elsewhere has been unfair and hasn't prevented you from doing the job the way you wanted to. Well no penalties that are preventive visas from doing the -- I thought it was on there wouldn't. You know early in the season. Everyone knew it was again paid to do this show in the made a big thing that I was getting paid a division of that that play blatant. You know. Whatever you know communication have been dead because it wasn't true and -- opinion knew it was true or someone knows and -- But you know I I always still what's here and is there is being. And. Just you know. Honesty and I think he gets her oddest most exciting and I think that she had to do your job you know you're job is to to provoke. Respond to your job is to you know get people who were. Listening -- to stay listening and and to contribute to the conversation and I think you've got to. A good job Richard. If it is on you correct us and it's your job to do when we have the facts rock. We've never said. That you've got paid to do this job you. In the morning. That they mentioned that you get -- Why can't we can tell everybody what the relationship is this radio station broadcast the Red Sox games and part of the -- dealing with the Red Sox. On and having that contract is that the manager appears and certain members of the front office appeared during the during the course of the season but. I it's my understanding that that nobody slipped you -- a paycheck -- every week for. For coming and doing his job -- other quick out of the way. Exactly where -- sorted -- -- -- would never said that Bobby -- somebody else attic you can you can take it up with them but I don't think Michael -- have said. Okay. What is your -- and I'll tell you why I'm asking the question if you want me to you but I'll ask questions first what's your relationship we've been sharing -- -- -- city there have been a work in progress all year you know -- but I think Ben had a tough year. Dealing with the goal of this roster situation is there any general manager will ever have and I don't think he'll ever. Have to worry about going through all that again and I think there's been a daily. You know communication between us that. You know has this struggle with the situation and work through all the problems but I think it's been open a. The relationship that you'd want to see the any in any organization. I read a column that your relationship would venture to according to this columnist reminded him of Kevin Kennedy and Dan Duquette and believe me that's not a compliment the I guess that they had to go to therapy together they didn't get along well I mean you got it has -- -- and I never thought. Column which columnist and so observe that this. I do understand that. Yeah everybody in port mixed feel like we pick on them all the time on the show but it was in the nick of Arnold column a month and a half ago got my attention as I never even. Thought to ask Bobby about his relationship with. With Ben and and has it been -- Has it been a functional a good working relationship. Ever -- never murder. Raised my voice to them. I don't know what Kevin and and whoever was good to bad. And yet gotten Kennedy Nixon talked to other after awhile. It was pretty bad at -- he's we have. And had -- You know any arguments and you know he's -- us and he's you know. Pointed to -- -- to me that did go along the way that they take the. -- he might disagree with then I respected his opinion hands. I don't know I don't. They pedal to help you judge these things saying they think it's. I think it's been very functional. The coaches do you feel because a lot of people talked about you not necessarily. Being able to hand pick the guys that you want to. At the beginning of the year do you feel that the coaching staff -- the people around you had the loyalty during the course of the season. Now. -- There. Are so do you feel that some of these guys on the staff of undermined -- at times yet. Why do you think that it is the case. Here. Do you think that it would have been a lot better situation for you that you had more say in the decision of those coaches look let's face it you're. If I had to say -- anybody interviewed him on. So if you had to say what it's like we're wrong. With the relationship with the coast. -- decision. How -- that and -- you know what Bobby that's got to be an. That's got to be a tough way to do business how to get business done. When when you feel like everybody around you is not on and it got out I'm not and everybody's against you but everybody's on the same page get business done and we're not. You weren't they had to had to work through it all you know you did to us it's just another thing that -- is part and parcel of the don't work through it. You know and then try to make it better that might just try to make no better take it off functional. When you say that no. Do you believe that there were coaches and your staff that might have been going -- I don't -- Good excited because they. It's -- -- enough and that's just looked like doing. I'm just wondered if when you say. Know that they were loyalty you were they actually tried to do harm to you does not seeing situations before I don't know I work coaches have got a front office people and you know brought up certain things that a manager was doing which obviously and a -- Again I it's just there's just a steel and had to work through it. So if you came back next year would you want different coaches. Com. I don't. -- out we have we have thoroughly enjoyed doing this every Wednesday with had our moments there's no question about it and that we do have the question of the week the fine don't want for the season. -- And her experiences about his runner from your home state again harper Mohegan sun's gonna with a picture of today's question for Bobby. Comes from -- kept them -- from Woodstock Connecticut about that. Ben wants to know coming off a season where Jacoby Ellsbury was talked about for the MVP award. Do you feel this has been a disappointing season for him if so what are some of the reasons. For the disappointment. Over. Yeah just the injury. You know obviously when you missed two months of the season there's no way of having the kind of numbers that. That he had last year which. You know led him to be an MVP candidate -- -- That night to keep an MVP. And so you know intimate viewing him. Don't have. Those. 300 at bats the big did you nutrients to get -- a group to get to have force report dazed and -- game winning home run and all those things. He -- kind of you know police police searches -- piece of fabulous baseball player he's a great great talent. Hand might take -- see if he's healthy next year which I totally expected to be. He'll he'll put up the numbers that. We'd love them to put up in Soviet in the running for an MVP yet. It one more thing you talked earlier about you had the players backe felt -- the players back during the course of the season. So they had your back did you get loyalty from the players this year. Know a lot of them have been. You know stressed. That it would have been -- challenge of you know kind of saying what they really believed rather than what was popular and it -- it secrets. You know credit to a lot of the guys who were out there yeah I think I picked needed. Whispered you know and again like I said. They would that there is going to be if you -- out there no matter what you do. And that's just the way the world the world this you know this pennant winning teams right now -- some guys. We're in the corners saying how much better things should have been. Luckily that. Well I have said many times in the show that one thing you art is predictable so I have no idea. How you respond to this but I am wondering is it in your makeup to. Fight for a job campaign for jobs sell yourself for this job or would you let things happen. As they will happen I mean in other -- you go to John Henry say look. Hi I'm your guy come under contract I should be here one more year here the reasons why is that in your make up to do something like that. Of course did you know that if that's what was needed but you know it's not like. You know I think everyone knows -- Who I am playing a dictator of the internal group knows who I am what I what I AM and we just have to figure out -- that is what they need. -- again Michael and I thank you you were here every Wednesday they were probably times we didn't want to do an awful lot of talking and things were not going well. I give you credit you were here every Wednesday and we really appreciate that like. Period it could like you and then make it -- Bigger and bigger egg and we looks like we look forward to talking to you again. I expect we can do that we can do what I got Robby thanks feeling it but by Bobby Valentine. Some interesting stuff right there -- got to take a break we'll open up the phone lines to get your reaction. Certainly. Doesn't feel like you got a lot of support from the coaches while. Quick break right to the phone calls.

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