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Tom Curran, CSNNE, on the Patriots upcoming matchup against the Broncos

Oct 3, 2012|

Tom E. Curran, CSNNE, joins Mut an Lou to talk about the upcoming battle between the Patriots and the Broncos. The guys touch on the Brady-Manning matchup, Patriots injury updates, defensive concerns against Peyton's offense, and the Pats running game.

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-- -- -- Yeah. -- I think you hear entered into the game and that is this is not. Not Helio okay this is not even in football league you have to have this great great players are gonna have big games that's tomorrow so it's me. You know -- if we get outplayed. Unnecessarily do we get up and unnecessarily I think you you'll -- clearly have a great game I mean surely. I couldn't find it out both hands. You know we were. You know bridge where they can place but could be interesting to see progress and her parents arrives. But it doesn't get my needs are diamonds instead I tell you about these areas as a lot of the work that's voice -- -- hostilities Tony Curtis and join us on the ATP outlining AT&T forgy LTE. Was speeds up to ten times faster than three GT AT&T rethink possible and find it ironic maybe that. Are patriots insider yet we lead off of that clip of him talking fantasy football and that's more his species. On this show what he did bounce back Seacrest Sahara parents. Blew out my team -- back when the world big time you got back on track county -- We have deputy speaker spoke clearly -- -- to cut out of your head wrapped around your face like applies also receive government there's. I -- the U I cried a little bit and -- -- down changed my underpants but we bounced back here Wednesday it'll happen -- when -- put that game in the rearview look at the film. And a look ahead to next week. By the nightly and I think the next week they have battle it out because I'm locked in on what might he needs to do with that point we'll do scouting but. It's important to me go to it would really. It important game for all that crap -- also of that hole on the back in world -- and probably pretty -- wake up call them. -- not -- let's get the real football that is this got a big game going on here this weekend here in in due later in -- Nate Manny coming to town. We we had this discussion about the meeting burst his defense now saying. To me with this defense is right now I still think it's about Tom Brady excuse an office. Gimme a breakdown of the -- here on Sunday. Well I think it could has the potential would be. One of those games in which you're matching points throughout the game despite that both of these defense -- I think our. In the upper half of the NFL that's what being too aggressive -- -- -- sixteen it's not saying there. All of -- world apart but I think that they're good defense is to a degree and put both of them can be exploited by. The quarterback for either team I'm talking about in the Indianapolis like -- Denver they have brought Bill Belichick just told us. Basically the entire Indianapolis offense but Kendrick in the weeks principally last year is gone under 5% of the -- it is completely switched over. So we're looking at a situation where who fulfilled those spots they have been tenders but for the patriots to four game in the middle of the field. Ukraine has so cricket into Indianapolis all book. That's certainly what little other places that I will be looking at CIP. Bank account to expedite frankly. Okay how much that the person says don't care how much John Parker. Think things are right now after or next surgery and what we've seen it pushed -- fielding hitting harder than you know. A division -- called quarter. And that being said he still Peyton Manning and I'm curious Tom you know in terms of of what Belichick and Brady had to say they're always gonna say the right thing but. How close -- think key is to the guy he was saint 2010 the Indianapolis Colts are committing here he throws that pick late the James Sanders but boy. How much of the drop off in their mind medically from where he was then too -- is right now. -- -- -- American -- going into great evaluation Leary is static lies Bill Belichick you know that he has a weakness. And I think we saw that guys and everybody looked and saw that the patriots. From two who really from. 1998. When pile -- -- marks the first time retired the first it was -- that stadium term outlook for touched up. All the way till about 2006 the patriots set the Lucy Manning and everyone could throw bouquets to -- about a tremendous he was. But doing the patriots. Had in -- and then from 2006 on. Peyton Manning mature as a quarterback should get something they'll became more common patient. It became a better quarterback so. You know what they say he has the weakness in the guys had two careers and I think that he's. Incredibly formidable. Opponent to them even though it sent. -- writing now eludes the stiff when it came time to let the patriot. Dennis I'm sure Bill Belichick you have all the juicy details and some of the injured players like Mankins -- heard Aaron and his walking around the clubhouse again a locker room again. Lowe's low is the latest upsurge she gave everything right. Whoever thought we didn't actually get the injuries and appreciate it bill will be you know it's expound. Desperately -- but I think when you look at the move made yesterday to bring in Bobby Carpenter. Could hit the two things one could have to -- -- are having a little bit of a rehab adult self. Where could mean basically. The patriots are cognizant of the fact that we need to do a better job at the wind -- the level of coverage. -- like Bruce Willis is pretty excellent in the little political liability for Bobby Carpenter had to try to that -- the property of their. Dot our. You make a lot of playing this week okay see that the opposite -- not direct. Replacement. Insurance. Well but he thought well there are others who own ability to help -- the -- in. At the -- as we see right now whether or not he. Up practices all week. Tommy current Comcast sports and it's every single Wednesday at this time Lleyton and now are in late in the second half. Tape -- Wilson played a lot and it's kind of rotated in with Gregory's in there for a good amount of snaps Tom in your mind was that. Somebody being hurt in that back line or is this the patriots recognized -- up a ton of big plays. And they wanna give -- about Wilson an opportunity maybe an opportunity to play more as the season goes on. Definitely the latter I don't think it would hurt I think it was troubling. Slowness to react on the back into the defense and that's -- he's certainly could place but now the appeals to significantly in the other direction. He's late to arrive and the angle backed group and the same thing with child so. Take chances with people will put into what happened there I wouldn't think that if cable will and it's more -- That necessarily means either -- Gregory is done or repeat it on Wilson and the answer I mean. And they get there who had a -- receiver in training camp. He's a lot of blocked -- And got embarrassed a touchdown last week -- -- long long jump but I know they're two different types of players one great a lot of rugby and one political football in college but I still think. We -- -- before. In the exit it's a great idea with those players who are making please the rookie sees it in the lineup. But it is still a special believe it if you keep on Wilson and they're making plays. Expectations should be managed I think Steve Gregory who has played them. -- agent helped me unreal because you watch practice I'm guessing there's something to Ras I Dowling is doing at practice this not getting among the field with what's. Give me your opinion on. What we don't get kind of practice that multiple watching training camp what. I think we could see it a hundred volatile patriots -- down. And get. A hundred different evaluation of this secondary players I personally think -- -- probably the best compromise. When it comes to. Whether it's standing up receivable line running with him being physical. And possibly make applicable law also elected. According to a longer in the workplace. I think the mark -- -- additional well I think sterling -- based upon last year is very aggressive player of course that the quality. An arrogant of the top two guys you know locally as well you blemishes I still think is that in the crew thought like selling. It looks to. It was a law. He's -- he's out. But he can't be oak island that it would like -- -- who -- completely he does. You can't feel like he's coal we burn coal on the planet sterling Moore so I think it's just a matter of Hawaiian is pretty long. If not I doubt it's not done anything to make a lot of really really good. Good technique could coverage and did not have a good training camp. Relative to where the other gasoline is still too long. -- fundamentally slow to change direction compared to. A guy like Aaron in a more hopeful they'll quote we're not. Would you take a brand emboldens training camp -- -- and is -- somebody on that scouting staff deserves the credit for again finding an undrafted running back and plug in a man who look like a guided. Can be a decent part of a patriots running game going forward. Principal -- and guys. Shoots trying to get them and -- -- Basically we're seeing it on acceleration after he caught the ball in little swings and things like that so. Like you ran hard and we went on to me. -- -- -- -- Probably at least. I'm not in -- or -- of them because accept it or seen. Old built very stoic built more -- -- -- Steven Ridley is pretty rock out. So those who thinks that out to me. When you look at that signing now. -- through this soap -- you go to specific courier they all go through it but they all do drug rather than it. There are a lot of color -- so it is that you would pick on -- after the perfect out there. But this is it was extra conduct in the SEC is peculiar. When it -- patriots. -- -- -- -- undrafted and you can look at the landscape regrettable that they well. They don't have. BenJarvus green -- And they do let's be real pleased seem to ring while atletico wrote that was -- got -- back and I think that -- -- -- only actually heard that he can he can establish a -- from opening -- look at it chipped it based on what is. Still on the BenJarvus green Ellis is here. Donna looks like bill talked a little bit about double gonna see tonight here in -- -- network Cleveland 95 of football life and it's. Is fast things you some of the guys that were involved and a team. He addressed ethic that do Alessio what are your commenting on us and it's a higher. By that you would do filibuster threat that is compliment to modest what are -- what are you cannot vote could possible special. We got a second special. They didn't get to it all but that that that time in 95 some of those coaches. If you stick at all about -- If he didn't give it a great deal. Great great detail on that date but he has spoken about virtually every single one of those guys on one -- turn another editor. We put people want some of the people involved tonight -- -- seats. Discovering. Personnel and coaching staff. The Cleveland Browns in 1995 that final season. But it's a -- treatment that you know vote in the air painting he's the consummate try to -- in this is going really could general managers. And PerkinElmer on the week. And -- data. Scott Pioli guy like Pat Hill who now coaches -- -- who. Oprah on James Sanders and broken records. There's so many guys who run those doubts. Kinda splintered off and that's maybe when you look back at history of professional football -- look at that -- on it. It's America's. At -- America's game by Michael McCain rich and because really -- football back alt -- modern football alt crop. The Bill Belichick was such a disciple all around. And then he was the final -- so that incarnation of the ground there and how that group of coaches really influenced. So much it's gone on it is not just spell check in with the angels. Cooling elsewhere I mean contrary to twelve degrees successful. The patriots model as influential many teams the crusty and it felt since 2001. That you know will at bill Belichick's influence. Really will probably carry it to about a week thirty. Or later I mean this is a swat type 1990 side nor 1990 even used to have to coordinator. -- serie. I'm just all part of forty year it went on a game it's every five years old this or have executable so it's pretty phenomenal. And this is really you know we're all terminated. Our conversations every Wednesday with Tommy Aaron brought to you by -- and Wes Welker haired doctor doctor Robert Leonard called 1800 get hair. That's 1800 get here. Tom appreciate the time is always money -- -- -- great song every week we'll talk next Wednesday and articulate your number of areas Tommy current joining us on the AT&T hotline -- not. Seen previously apple gave you an audio preview of a football like Cleveland 95 as part of what's on tap because. It looks unbelievable -- in terms of what that how went through and what. That coaching staff went on that have therefore is coming up. -- -- phone calls next the NBA released their policy for flopping penalties. We'll get that and a scary -- if -- an NHL fans exit yesterday that some players -- the case yet to be here in the absence of that put us in my friend made it sound. -- -- -- -- Can't do anything that I lost us. -- -- -- -- --

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