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Buster Olney, ESPN, on Bobby Valentine's last days with the Red Sox

Oct 3, 2012|

Buster Olney, ESPN MLB analyst, joins Mut and Lou to share his thoughts on Bobby Valentine's eventful last days, where the Red Sox should go from this point forward, and if Farrell, Duquette, or Francona could be the next Red Sox manager.

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It was nice price good. When I got -- Texas studies that he's signing. -- -- -- That's the voice of current. Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine he won 62 tonight much less meaning the game 162. A year ago it's not live united 37 WEEI joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE. With speeds up to ten times faster than three G-8 AT&T rethink possible. While strolling of ESPN -- buster at the bit about a month or so since we've gotten into any sort of Bobby. Conversation with you because they're just playing out the string but as speculation builds that. Tomorrow or Friday is Bobby's last day. Curious to be hearing the same things in the Red Sox will be if they do get rid of bodies that seems to be the case it'll happen pretty quickly here after the end of the regular season. I think so because they wanna they want to move on it and then made reference to that. You know recently and talked about one of the process to go. Quickly and as Sunnis Dade fire Bobby didn't -- and formally reach out of the blue jays and find out if John Farrell isn't that going to be somewhere that there will be able to attain or the blue -- you're gonna reject. -- there at the request to speak with him and then they can move on that -- -- You understand why after what they went through last year why they're not gonna want this to drag out and they gonna wanna move ahead with plans and get their coaching staff and in everything in place. Bill that it is not only Bobbie it's all the people around them that is that gonna have to make decisions on as well. -- bust buster I think -- embolden our ethics can be good manager but do you think he's the right fit -- -- the clean slate and everybody out of here. Well I think he'd be on the staff but I don't know. I mean let's face it -- if you are in their situation you're gonna want the perfect fit. You know you're gonna win the knowledge that someone about -- they're going to be a lot of questions. And this simple fact is that -- has diminished in Major League level and that's probably going to be at. It is something that's gonna work against him in this search I think John -- has the huge advantage. Forward all the reason and sure you guys have talked about it is they know him. The players Nolan and I mean one thing it's become pretty clear and -- precision. That you know whoever the next manager -- I mean he's gonna be so welcomed -- open arms with open arms by the players. That you know it'll be a real positive step going forward and if it's John -- especially. Because he's been known quantity of these guys and I think that. You know probably as a reason I wonder if you know the blue jays -- and say well. But he would -- offers for there I think -- that should step up and and may make sure that it happened because this really important choice. How -- given what's gone into the lasted fifteen months. Bustle of people speculated with Bobby in New York in this final series when it's all over -- and here's some stories and some of his is -- boys out New York but. I'm wondering how many those stories are already written that it just waiting for -- -- -- and maybe even yourself some stories -- -- But the be off the record or not that once the season's over it's narratives. I'm sure they're gonna become and it's interesting to hear me you know we've talked about this before that. I'd never seen a situation where there's so much known about another team's clubhouse in the article about that was around the White Sox last week. Those players were asking -- questions about it they were telling me stories. You know I was around the Orioles those guys are telling me stories the Yankees players yesterday. We're telling me stories I think there's going to be more stuff. Coming out and it's we saw yesterday and Bobby press conference that he's not gonna hold back in the -- he took it. What was perceived to be you know a shot at the medical staff say you know in reference to -- to rural area. Now in eighty in the -- -- -- -- -- questions only please himself plausible and ability. But. Either their eyebrows raise the -- than he talked about. Well I don't think that was laid the obviously. Little jab at the media because the way perceive the whole thing in Oakland. You have been written about in the media he's not. These kids eat -- -- Bobby and and whatever this comes down. He's that they no doubt about it because. He's got to want it known. How how and why he thinks this thing is gone wrong. And the one thing I haven't seen from him -- him I mean I had made in references to him saying that. You know he feels like he -- you know he's done a terrible job. Because they haven't won games but I haven't seen specifically mentioned. Where he thinks he didn't go right in -- thinks he's been such a disconnect with the players and back. Then the New York Times story yesterday which said that he. You know disagree with the perception that the players alike and that if he feels like the players do like him. Let's go right back to Ferrell for 12 because the last week it's could come picked up buster that there is a an issue there and populist and Ferrell disconnect. If John Farrell told the blue jays I'm not gonna re sign a contract extension I wanna be somewhere else. Would they really hold the Red Sox beat to the fire and try to get something knowing that Ferrell. Is on a one year deal and might not wanna be there long term. The key guys in the poll they get called beast -- who run the blue case. You know last year the Ferrell did read that thing was down -- -- it was basically the five yard line. -- if you remember the blue -- had that policy where they wouldn't prevent there employees from going elsewhere that that that's the belief of Alex and copilot to general manager. But then called -- and stepped in and said no we're not gonna do that anymore because he didn't like the perception that the blue jays were sort of serving as a form team to the other clubs. And so he stopped that from happening. Now. There's no question that in a girl Friday she's in the blue jays organization or what happened this year. I think there's been happening is done that coaching staff with -- fact that there were there was -- more pitching depth added. Movies -- as we heard from Omar Vizquel this week some questions about what the coaching staff did or didn't do. So the whole question is going to be how much just Paul -- in value John Farrell and and how much is he going to be OK with the idea that. He's essentially in his own manager over to a division rival at a time that he's under contract. Decent total wild card in this and that's why I think -- going to be to -- but -- beaten at the power reduced in a poll make this not happen. You know I'd be surprised Terry Francona our interview for the Cleveland job he doesn't get that job and and quite frankly I mean if he doesn't get that job -- you look at what on the saint hosting get use them in Cleveland didn't use of on a side note to -- much competition is Jeff from Albert -- -- he wants to manage the Cleveland you. I would say there's a big kid that would -- not be the Internet. I revealed you know I have a -- added is a great guy and I I respect his opinion -- when I heard that. He basically feels like it that Perry's gonna go there. And I'm I'm kind of a weird spot on the academic colleague with Kerry at work within I really don't press them on this stuff. Because I I feel like he hit a bad position did he -- them reporter my guess is is that he's not gonna go there because it. They're going to be Indy series rebuilding issue effort right now with somebody. Spots open left in the rotation. They don't have that much payroll. I -- to going to be willing to -- it. This can't meet him because he's in a position where he can make. You know 34 million dollars here that's what they did and their managers. And then there's going to be better opportunities to pop up in the teacher to maybe next year with the angels that they decide that. It's -- fire Mike Scioscia. I'm midnight I even heard speculation that maybe Jim Leland. In a stalemate and it may not stay with the tigers even though they made the playoffs and -- would be great guys fighting there. There are a lot of other. Situations that would seem to be better than Cleveland for Terry on the horizon. You'll see. Alec personal relationships with some of these people played and as a factor in his decision. We're talking to buster only of ESPN I get obsessed with players in the Red Sox the players next year buster Justin Upton. Are there and Arizona is a guy I'd love to see Red Sox make a move for -- the. Well I actually wrote to tell about this yesterday and I have to talking with people including Kevin towers -- of the Diamondbacks I think Arizona. My guess is he's that they are going to you would be more likely to keep them because they know you're coming off a year in which he hit seventeen homers and. 75 RBIs and he's perceived value in the market went down in the gallery is about to go up. And they know that they are not in the debt. Yeah. Its packaged form a prospect they know that these trade value. Has gone down somewhat and they also know there's a chance that you know at a young age that he's gonna pop up and figured out become a monster player. And that kind of concerned that scares the might think a little bit in -- someone's willing to step up and up I think you beat the Red Sox. Or you the Rangers or somebody seemingly solid he's got up to this year which was a lot of it -- -- -- taking. Called strike and complaining when -- umpires about it. It might scare you away from. Being willing to give up in the top guys now I'm sure that. You know the first thing that the Diamondbacks. Would be looking -- would be shortstop that that their primary. Position of need right now. That's what their focus should be on -- in theory they might match up with a Red Sox because they do that subject to deposition but again and I. I just don't. -- That the Diamondbacks got to lower their asking price for up to now -- what's gonna step up and -- that during the subsidies and if you'll wind up and you know I didn't think Chris Young is going to be move one way or the other who's there -- other young after the they have. Boston the only team in the -- in the worst team in America it's gonna make the playoffs with the worst record is Detroit yet they're the only team that's sitting right now knowing that the gonna open up yet at home. Everybody else with better records to be flying across the country played one game play ends. As you can tell not a really big fan of this format that. Know it's interesting when we had to read the -- they are probably the Chris speier. Who's been bit silly for dusty -- their manager before this week. To add -- -- the best place would be and number three. You know we're going to be you know open up at home and I can't remember the exact numbers but I think 75% of the five game series don't even go to a fifteen. Would suggest that you know it's an advantage to have gained one to your home park rather than 3.5. And I think that's the way a lot of people -- remember this is just a one year deal. -- this is next year when made because they've got the ability to build in the schedule ahead of time which they didn't have that opportunity. To do this year. Next year than wanted to seat you're gonna open up at home. They'll be detained sitting at home waiting for the wild card game to be finished in the number three team. Will be retained its traveling -- -- I think it'll feel better next year but this year no question to jumble. Mean a lot of fun to see this thing wrap up model with the AL MVP but the regular season the playoffs will begin -- At the latest on Friday he is Basra only of ESP NE joins us every single Wednesday buster enjoy the beginning of the playoffs here this week it looked Puerto talking next week. There's definitely guys they -- me. Eighties the best buster only of ESP NE joints on the eighteenth the hotline or buster joins us. He's brought you by Toyota of Nashua come visit the all new Toyota natural megaplex. During their ongoing grand opening events -- whether fast becoming the number one Toyota dealer. In New England. Obligate to update your top the hour as baseball stuff breaks throughout the -- will keep you updated but. Makes it a little football next because we Peyton Manning -- Peyton Manning is back underway England. Thought about the Broncos quarterback next.

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