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Can it get any worse for Bobby Valentine?

Oct 3, 2012|

Meter goes around the world of sports discussing Bobby Valentine's post-game remarks to reporters and not knowing how many teams there are in the AL East. He also gets the guys reaction to Dustin Pedroia's comments about playing with a broken finger, how disappointing Dice K has been since he arrived, explains the confusing MLB playoff scenarios, and asks if Miguel Cabrera should play to lock up the Triple Crown.

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In -- like books obviously. It's like to say congratulations to the winning team. They go -- and deserve to win. That is only if re imagine what he said after last night yes congratulations. To the winning team that would -- or -- general post game that that was the general told him. Isn't selling was true which teams talk -- -- to winning yeah you wanna get your magic regret it. A team that's gonna -- in the eight team American League east and and you want those. For Bobby Valentine -- here -- this says Bobby Valentine on finishing last in the division and six seconds sound bite you heard earlier. Los that was the one where he says it was in the fuel sensors after it aired again you know sixties and statistics. That there's another ensemble it. It's. From six is that who try to beat Oregon. That is sarcasm just falling under -- -- to -- so by the should be 6 AM Italy at work suggest the ship contracted an actor. As for history European soccer that -- and relegated to a statement pocket next year to be relegated. And you don't sugar and Leo -- -- Boy it kicked a much worse you know whoever you John Ferrell. At a hospital you global announcements you do not have a tough act you know. When 75 an exterior in the running for men to the urgent holy cow. All right Red Sox lose the system broken record now -- -- -- lose 43 in the twelfth. Andrew Miller mr. nibble away just always against Francisco serve -- who had not had that baton a year and a half. -- walks the guy get a motel room. Too bad for. Adam Greenberg yes you can bet that they have to face the nation's National League knuckleball struck out three to -- -- faced the Red Sox pitcher. Even when -- walked. After having a vote to wanna. I missed for the two Jim -- at 32 pitch was you know pretty darn close and you know. It's yeah I was for a Mormon and over the later you know wishes. Definitely have put some -- player you know actually chase coming up like my chances -- just and give you know didn't give granderson any thing in you know. And it up -- -- and. Yeah how that worked out against Ibanez. Game winning single but I know wasn't exactly a ringing single to left field but he still got it done counts picked out sounds. Yes but this is the first player in yankees history. To hit a game tying home run of the night and -- get a walk off RBIs later in the same game. The the Iowa showed you looked at a yourself. Yes -- it did me meet -- pro sports bureau it's yes. All right Dustin Pedroia in the little snippy after the game. He was out there with a what -- broken and Mankins is there a law. Just -- off the result played a baseball game broken broken finger another finger was hurt to don't forget that those two to toured -- As part of the job you know anything these kind of bases to finish up our database or whatever but around. Maybe they know that I'm going to be out there and -- out there too if anything happens and you know it's a team. Good news like plan that's fun and she's had to compete to Lorena and Sarah for six months only tell you -- do it again so I want my one on. How soon do you do don't play more football my three year old. Was he thinking as Shaughnessy alluded to a shocking game veiled shot at to mobile era when -- and that. Other guy should be out there I think there were two methods -- -- -- -- a real shot at Jacobi also trying to reclaim these -- Madrid dirt dog everybody loves you routine and is being honest now. Playing baseball wise everybody Acton. Prove myself on hand grenade you know -- league baseball with a broken finger happens tape. Open up the tape and opened his door -- employ -- right Jon Lester -- five innings. He's all guts result got five innings back spasms. Now that could be a Daisuke -- tonight back spasms neck spasms. I get to a third sixth it's five runs. And that this game they're no longer on the hook problems hoops and all yes that second Tuesday amends. Your fired they say you're fired your -- -- -- out our back at a rental outlets kids your own ride to the air right youths. Yeah if -- asked. And that would be that it would be but it's -- I don't think they're gonna do quietly you know quietly Friday. Tyler -- -- -- -- nine notre -- to take them out of the games it's worked for years over after one and two -- it's all yet this. Hundred and -- million. Dollar mystic one million. -- to integrate the public this for visual. Because up to get get him he puts his hands and sure like that and rip the Jersey offered eyes gazed back and make -- walked up to the dugout. That bolster security is guide does not belong to somebody that would be -- -- this is sending out his big game means a lot to a lot -- lot of people. And the Orioles in the Orioles who -- one and six -- -- a 768. That's that low as I was those higher than. And I'm just look at his last few starts. Since the September loss to a 32 thirds. Lost to a one and third win. That the team. He has. -- and along. Five in the third he went against them last game laws. That lost thirteen three yeah from last. He went three innings nine hits. One walk. Is with this one point six war he could be -- said this before the worst that's the worst between American. They're setting up the world pitcher in the American League and I aren't that means everybody got a lot tutorials and only -- the other people around the country tuning in this has pretty. Yes and the Red Sox send out this is this absolute. Like African -- in -- not a real a real and. All are oh so that. I just made a good point on the AT&T text on because we're all -- the positive side it is a lot of money this year. Save a lot of money this year the Ninety Nine restaurants. These kids it's a -- regrets I wish lists. -- Didn't happen much better off we went there 69 times those guys. Are just takes in 66. That is that is the and yes all right that is -- we do know. To hate the Braves and cardinals are playing one game playoff on Friday that we do know because the Dodgers lost last night to the giants of the Dodgers are limited in -- -- -- as he Punto. -- -- Yeah but they're gonna hit their stride in the playoffs I can no -- -- -- -- -- the -- so that the outrageous pushed able to yeah. That's not happening. We do know that the Orioles and yankees have their tribal play one game playoff on Thursday ball all right. -- with a better -- -- so did not conclude that -- and the Yankees have to lose tonight too which is go to and so here's -- you deal with you deal with the Orioles against the Rangers -- Are -- today writers or days or raise that rate range it pays loser host Orioles. The loser. You know Baltimore -- them. The bracket that. Baltimore hosts. Either in the -- is always loses today tomorrow. About would be on Friday October 5 front. Isn't. It or whether there in the runner up at their local. Economic either Texas stroke affordable if they do they do. Because they have to play the one game card game Friday right Friday as the one game while so this. Oh someone -- our public while I'm part of the tiebreaker game it's okay. Is tiebreaker game would be tomorrow right tragic tiebreaker would be -- yanks know intolerance to have a -- to travel exactly that's -- that's actually pretty wild if there if it's box one. And they had to play tomorrow. Settled the division rents the pride in -- -- -- playoff and then the playoffs -- after that that would be. For baseball lots of wild it's great it's exciting in the Red Sox like the you know. The poor kid view on the Pickens -- looking in the window please sir may I have just a little longer -- -- on the outside looking good. And they can't even spoil the party all right do you play Miguel Cabrera today. He has the 331 average is another stupid question with forty tour buddies plays he always place. I don't Jim -- woods you know of course mister grumpy. If Cabrera watched the point where it was gonna -- Jim. Rumors are -- or do. But I sure would be criticized no matter what it is so weird to bear to watch court George Bush will play. -- editor Cabrera what would you do. -- absolutely play. If you don't play new one that -- say but it. But yeah but yeah that out -- you gotta go anyway you know he's when I went Red Sox polar I would Dice-K your karma Miguel Cabrera right always plays. In -- he he's just. He expects to show up and be in line up and play I think he plays five innings to that Democrats truly do last night to what he did last and you had two hits and two RBIs. -- -- -- -- And it doesn't matter do you think judge Hamlin and hit two home runs. It doesn't flare for the dramatic. Crux ticket a -- don't share. -- -- Don't I -- sure he'd like try to hit another home run that to put that distance between you and make Josh it read it to us to lose a Triple Crown but. You know it's -- at what's one more game and well they did you get hurt but that. I -- got hurt today that it got hurt today they clinched so but that's irrelevant but you know the probably as you have two days off. After the season's over they have two days off and that's an eternity for baseball to have two days off and you know if if he's at tomorrow the next three days off of that that's too much too much -- yet. Did you do what the knot with his swing but I had just I would let him have three days off the plane tomorrow and amount I organize five now two at bats two or three Democrats five innings that's what he did today. He's played 160 already and one here -- games he lasers to his two cents. His first year first full season. This is amazing these guys. Overweight. -- alcohol alcohol problem. This is census for 2004 Florida 16158158157. 161615161. And 160. Now government and what happened that's electoral 1:50 PM and -- it's called games probably pulled a fast them but the music but every day guy who understands that. Responsibility show up you play you play an article. Was our -- you play. Every day also have the luxury nor what Hamilton did this it's a 330 game that's you know what he's sick to play anyway right -- anyway. Two days off. Is for this -- an attorney for Red Sox player. You know for Jacoby Ellsbury it's like. You know which you do have to play again right -- two off -- game that a couple off. -- the opposite may assume he's in the ages twelve to gloat because that was what three years ago we marked due. When he is government appropriates it was a -- drunken wife beater and by the way. Isn't his problem not exact same problem but. Talk which are champ and wants to stay away -- run month from him because of his issues. -- and issues -- -- them both on the urgent. -- told they all. And now it seems like. He's kind of a past player in the game he has an inning guy -- who. Does what again would -- please don't do shows up plays that I know he doesn't have a higher in the war. Or some people out there but is the MB pissed off course if we wouldn't -- Triple Crown dew and AMP courses. I'll get your phone calls Jerry's in Rhode Island -- in New Hampshire Paula as well I'll tell you right now the five star first class auction item to send to people to the up -- dolphins game in Miami December 2 is at 15100 dollars a -- increase that bid 6179311850. Your phone calls next.

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