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Greg Bedard: Patriots secondary keeps making mental mistakes

Oct 3, 2012|

Patriots beat reporter for the Boston Globe Greg Bedard joined D&C to discuss his grading of the Patriots after their come from behind second half win over the Bills and will Peyton Manning dissect their secondary. He touches on what the offensive line did not to receive a perfect grade in his report card, who deserves credit for making Mario Williams a non-factor in the game, and if he expects the Pats-Broncos game to be a high scoring affair. He also talks about if the problems with the Pats secondary is fixable, who has the advantage between Brady & Peyton, and how big a test Week 5 will be for the Patriots defense.

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-- 3-D NC midweek version. You're also if your call this introduction there was a guy in show business very famous guy in show business that when I introduced him get a number of names. Number of kind of you know titles but the least of which was the hardest working guy in showbiz James Brown is brown was hardest working guy in show business. Apply the James Brown tag. The Greg -- not right -- -- while James Brown from and -- felt today not an outrage from the godfather supplement him -- and other godfather of old James round hardest working -- showbiz Greg -- if you read his Wednesday callable impunity is indeed lips saying a second. The hardest working guy in show business. Bedard Boston will be right in the -- joints on the AT&T hotline good morning. You do a lot of work you break it down break down a number of telling us how you do is great you get that all twenty twos at that thing you can and anyone ever -- or are now online. Yeah well actually yeah I've gotten lucky. This year will -- -- just started this year me in the coach's film available on ninety every one dot com and we got lucky because it's not will be available till Wednesday which is too late for me. The past couple weeks if you play that for the 1 o'clock games at least. They've been -- started to make them available on Tuesday. So old -- that's been a real benefit of this team and not they've been. That the cardinal. So that Saddam. That's been very big to be able to you know we get a better look at what -- looking at down the field and also how the patriots are covering in the secondary. Just sort of curiosity Greg how long's it take you to put this on football pieced together for Wednesday morning. A -- Beat. Our yeah yeah it would seem so it would seem so headline -- is number one issue is the patriots secondary wanna get to that the second but it will say this economic teacher. You're pretty tough grader Tom Brady it's four and a half out of five stars -- I guess there might have been a flaw here or there. Other running backs get four out of five stars and the offensive line four out of five stars so you know -- we always focus on the negativity. What the offensive line do did not get a five out of five and what the the running backs not do babies like hall of fame voters know when nobody gets its corporate desk or what's the deal. Well and -- on and it was via -- it was Brady. -- a British fort -- happened to -- and a half points no big -- look you have get a fives. -- I gave the defense of line. Towards the end of last year gave them a lot of spots because you know they were just. They were they're lawless. Like I am talking no mistakes or maybe a woman Dayton. The offensive line they did a nice job that there were still you know issues I mean they gave up. There were nine runs of one yarder last. There -- usually usually not just the running back on the map. -- missed blocks I mean they they gave up -- sack Brady the -- I mean the pressures weren't too bad but. I mean still the united day in Donald Thomas keep up happens that two and a half -- You often knocked down almost. Knocked Brady out for the season when he doesn't need -- now. You know it was it was very very good I got older and Ballmer expressed the ball excellent. But it is it was a it wasn't perfect it was it was very good it was. I was gonna ask that why though. We never heard -- -- ended or the explanation of how and why did marry William disappear who made him disappear was it just ball mark. It wasn't just Ballmer it was you know the patriots did a good job of -- and credit Josh McDaniels of kind of mixing up the way they were doing things. With the and they would chip from a little bit there will be occasions where they -- bowl tight ends in. They were also doing. This kind of -- nifty little. Play action where. They would actually let Williams think that he was coming up. Re -- the field that all the Sidney had a pulling guard in usually somebody else come and slam marine base. It Mac how to cut down the broad brush up in and recovered the ball. Pretty quickly did not hold on the ball on. And down I thought dismissal were also did an excellent job against. -- Anderson but that. Probable before predictable just because you when he Huard patriots couldn't think that Mark Anderson was that he wasn't an every down player. In looking feature film what up person what player on the New England Patriots had a spectacular game. What individual. Ballmer now I mean he loose. He was without question just mean from down down I think the only. There was only one issue one running play late in the game when Mario Williams -- soldier and -- game Connolly. And Ballmer should. You know he's in all likelihood these will get his head in front of Mark Anderson it fielded view that then. Anderson I think tackle for one yard loss. That was about the only place you meet in the game and so that was out of the only thing I -- wrong with. Former play but I mean there were a lot of guys the defense of line while there wasn't a lot of spectacular. Play. It was extremely sound and they and they were they ran their gaps are doing all the great things it was a gates Africa. Patrick Graham and I've -- still -- with a lot -- those guys. Those guys continue to play at a high level if they have since the period since the end of last year the the defense alliances and to report. Hey do you. Obviously there are some issues in the secondary as you lead with. Today and made him to a lot of fives as we know recordings had his struggles we know -- had some some issues. Are they correct -- Greg did -- look like something to you. That in. 8910 weeks we'll be -- boy they fixed that or these guys just limited and will they be exploited this week against Peyton Manning. Well that's two different questions to answer. I do you think that the problems are collectible because the problems to be. It's a bit more physical there wasn't while this -- just getting beat this guy's not good enough to me it was more. -- were Mormon. Mistakes than anything else like not being in. Not reading knows the route properly not dropping in to Clark's own. You know it's -- that a little bit on the bubble screens that -- being deepened that trying not to give up big play them. The first touchdown the chancellor which -- did that was an extremely tough play -- was put that top spot. By it you know patriot almost say. Almost always say there on the side of caution we do not want to give a public place so. It if anything the step back is that -- step forward to step forward to MacKey Chandler chance on the it was played like that hey you know table on Wilson. They're dropping them as he covered the real along yardage situations where -- Bob Willis Wilson drops deep dynamo the field. You see -- -- -- mop in plain and media coverage and and two quarterbacks. Played -- which -- Wilson and Wilson. You know I think a lot of it has to do -- could be rookie. That in this kind of a new thing for the papers this coverage and I think he just had trouble. Sorting out figuring out where he wanted to be a mean there were two big plays that he gave up a Mac coverage where. If he was. To be a little bit more experience and schematic you make those plays and that it giving him -- and so I think that they are. Over the -- over the next twelve weeks I think they are collectible because that'll pick the physical incremental. In the -- to a very good job of correcting those states. As -- patent no. It can be corrected for this week I'm not so sure and I think that it's not just Peyton it's. The way to do their offense and with the weapons that they have where they'd like to test human middle of the field. I would say that this is an extremely tough test for the secondary will know. If they've been able to make the corrections this week because you know you can bet the Peyton and company -- gonna cut them where where where they've been week. It's the second highest over under on the board Greg I assume you like many people expect a lot of points to be scored on Sunday. I do I do I don't I I. Not -- about today also in the paper about the Broncos defense -- right everyone's talking about Peyton but the people on the back -- playoff game and even. After the start to the regular season game in Denver. -- the Broncos defense was shredded by the patriots last year I mean their secondary was terrible they couldn't get any pressure from Brady. You know watching on film you just watched the raiders team. They were very impressive but the raiders aren't any good. And don't reject a real need to deepen supporters just kept blitzing every down on the raiders couldn't do anything Kirk Palmer at the crap kicked out of them but if you watch the Houston Texans game. It looked like the -- Broncos and I I would say that the the patriot circle are especially now with their ability to run I'm not saying. And either accurate Foster and then -- by. There fusion is very -- if they can run the ball like that they're more like the Texans and the taxes ran up and down against the Broncos. And eyed people things achieve the same winnable sides that the patriots ran up and down and also the Broncos doing the same thing patriots. Obviously -- we all saw and Peyton on that first quarter against Atlanta for the three picks three bad picks but other -- the other fifteen quarters have been very good what -- Well what do you think give us your assessment of Peyton Manning at the quarter pole. And and Payton against Brady -- against Belichick. Where does that stand now do you think either guy has an advantage. Well I think that patent. If he's better than -- Thought he would be at this point I do think you get better I. I I think he's very similar to you might be a little bit better than Peyton pre injury or -- when. He played here -- the colts. Towards the end of that season. I remember seeing at that time I thought that about it or some mall with Peyton. And you know the -- apartment probably on the wrong many end up having neck surgery. My I think that it what are gathers himself when he has time use. These still very good delivers boy delivers -- -- heavy ball -- receivers. But when. He just when you get pressure on him. We needed him moving around. In yet to throw off balance a little bit that's that's where you see the difference from the pre injury patent and now he really slaughters the ball. When he gets in that situation and as far as. Well chicken and -- vs Manning. You know it it's it's been weird -- -- cerebral and things like that -- but over time Belichick's been able to. You know somewhat. You know kind of fool him with some coverages in the storm a lot of bad picks government the last came up in appear in -- -- -- little bit desperate in nineteen. The patriot the colts were very good personnel wise. Myriad there were trying to come back against the deficit but. You know I think that if that I think the key for the patriots since. They have to be able to get pressure on Peyton Manning I mean if they don't they just let him sit back there. It's anybody's gonna find soft spots and there have been multiple ones in this in the secondary. It's going to be Peyton -- so they have to figure out a way. Manufacture pressure we've seen them start to do a few things like don't exchanges and things like that to try to do that they're gonna need to bring it up -- -- Did you say the same thing about the Denver defense need to put pressure on Brady. Yes yes and now communal. -- Elvis Dumervil left and was beat up last year he was completely ineffective in that playoff game -- Miller was also at the at a broken hand at that point. Those guys are helping now I'd -- -- this broncos' defense reminds me a lot bomb. A little bit of the bills that. You know they have two good and I mean these guys much better than Anderson Mario Williams on the the other thing is is that. The Broncos are also very soft in the middle -- their tackles. With I wanna going -- the year again is what the really short handed -- -- that I picked him there again for the patriots to run a lot. Inside like they -- against models that they -- if they choose to go that way. I was gonna ask you is there anything about the Denver defense would have Josh you know very very from what we saw last Sunday. Probably not a suppose -- Now now I think they're gonna run a lot of inside stuff that you saw. That was so effective against the bills and and I don't think that the Broncos Carolina put. Six defense of baton all the time I mean they're at their linebackers are. A little bit more athletic and sleeker so they can keep them on the fuel more. I think the other thing that. Jobs is definitely take advantage of -- The -- supporter of the great quarterback and Mike Adams the new safety. To me those two guys that have been not good so far this season and they absolutely got -- on. Two of those play action shop place that we've seen Lloyd in -- -- degree and hook up console for the season. If there's any week for the pitchers to hit one -- shop Lleyton. It's going to be this week I mean it's gonna be there what the economies that are now between brilliantly. We're talk when Greg Bedard from the Boston Globe looking at the national scene who's in more trouble -- the saints -- the jets. Tie goes to the runner -- When you outlaw I'd say I'd say that. -- David that the saints -- more trouble record got a quarterback. Still cool to look back and also bay AFC's. You know 97 and six point you can play out in the AFC I don't know does that in the NFC. Amen and -- -- cup division I mean I still think. I think this -- you're getting closer and I think the you know I I know I think it's been only one team has started on -- comment -- But. I think the saints team is close. Too -- to winning that first game and having get on a roll -- mean they almost went in Lambeau one night -- And that -- considering what the Packers. What Kamal what they're coming off of Seattle that would have been a very impressive victory in the almost had it. Should rules would cut that ball on third down at the end game. I got to tell you what a great column Monday we talked about it a lot Greg the breaking down you know why the Ritz by the patriots running game was so successful I was shocked when you pointed out that. Two of the bill starting linebackers didn't see the field until the final minutes and they opened up in nickel or dime. Do you think. They're gonna pitchers are gonna see a lot of that is it the new way the game is played in the NFL. And if so or we gonna be looking at that -- on the patriots rushing the ball forty times. A lot this year. I think I think it's I think it's possible -- it -- -- maverick about anarchy in preview issue focused on the -- ambulance that the -- Is. A lot of teams are looking for like you know -- on wind factor the patronage drafting table on Wilson. And the reason is -- other teams also it is not unique to the patriots. You know you're looking for these almost see the line Brit -- Hybrid guy and you know the bill. Thought they had won in Bryant got in obviously that did not work as they played in next in the bargain. You know guys like bells and gronkowski -- teed off on these. On those guys. I do think that. The bet that the -- genius of the multiple tight end things and again not just the patriots do this I mean maybe you can go back to the the the -- with Marcus Pollard and doubt Clark music same type of system that they agree and -- gronkowski is obviously president Marcus Pollard but. In -- -- -- in -- corporate it when you can put cute tight end on the field. And you can you can run as easily as you can pass with those two guys that put you into real bind. It's like you know what -- do I mean really the guys who were on the rise on defense to combat that are these. Are these bigger. Safety there is if you're seeing a lot on the college level -- -- the rise and spread offense and maybe the defense has kept a little bit but. These -- the guys who you you can. Keep on the field against the run they're not -- -- killed in -- also have a chance to defending a guy like gronkowski. Or Hernandez -- linebackers. Don't so I think that's the count and that's why you see Belichick drafting guys it I like people I'm Wilson and me you know kind of pick your poison ivy it did it's always good showing every week the other defense plays the patriots too tight -- personnel and that's that's the name of the game. Greg I have to admit when I was watching the pats buffalo game you came to mind and I'm sitting there watching this on a set of Greg Bedard thought record he played it pretty well vs the ravens I can't imagine. What is going to say about the two interception game vs buffalo. How do you think people like. Well yeah actually the first interception and actually got beat on the -- The second in no I've heard from. Some people importers and global ball babble -- -- -- -- you made a nice -- he was in perfect. -- three position over the top player per week saw the ball reacted to it. It's exactly I brought up other -- that I thought -- played. Terrific I thought he was and he is part of the reason why. The Stevie Johnson. Did next to nothing in the game might -- deputies come -- way. Since last season I mean is he still prone to making mistakes. Yes. Do I think that the patriots need to think about. Maybe cutting some of this special teams snaps and we need every game you're talking about a guy who played every single defense severance and special teams that then I mean. You know -- is that east. That he's coming up with some errors at the end of the game I don't think it's that. Much of a stretch to say it now maybe they're asking too much money. It solid Darrell Revis is up their -- every special teams that Obama seem according to him. -- but most number one corners on the team. Don't play that that many special teams and you know I think that -- -- got a lot better and they need need need him to do that and what they also need is. Where the heck is brought I doubt I mean you know this is a guy that was basically first round pick. He injured his rookie year got a redshirt year got to come back 62 awesome athlete. -- some things in training camp and then all of a sudden he's in the witness protection program I don't. I don't know what the deal is this team needs the upside down -- -- be on the field can be effective to be the past secondary that they can be. Is Greg Bedard Boston Globe beat writer covering the New England Patriots you can follow on Twitter asked Greg a Bedard no punctuation in their at Greg a Bedard. On Twitter Greg thanks for the -- talk that explains a reference into the a weekend. -- -- a popular Greg McDermott doesn't cal alum AT&T hotline AT&T. -- LTE was speeds up to ten times after the three GAT and T briefing possible.

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