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Athletes need to surround themselves with better people to avoid going broke

Oct 3, 2012|

D&C chat about the ESPN 30 for 30 documentary, “Broke,” which covered how numerous athletes lost their money. They touch on who had the saddest story of how they lost their money, which athlete had the best advice, what was the overall theme of the documentary, and what was the stupid investment idea athletes were approached with. They also talk about how it could have been better and question why ESPN chose the athletes they did to include in “Broke.”

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Six plus 777 -- 0852038885250. It -- to get back to your phone calls in just a second a fascinating idea jerk Taliban's idea. Yes I guess who was always one Indiana. Find it fascinating how these guys can go through that much money off and I always wonder how well I know. We all know on the make it -- at a club would you like to see like. I think -- under arise and whereas on walker you better example. I don't for a week yes to see in on how much tips to see how much he loses how -- you don't -- was what he spends it on the show. I think -- -- announces receipt Tug -- Awake now might have a rise in -- and you look -- 5000 those on the floor as OJ you know the pocket and is 7500 hanging out of their pocket. And you reaching your pocket you forget this 5000 in this pocket he forgot about it that's like me with a dollar -- my -- and -- -- this it was a fantastic show I I did have a problem with the format at one of them slowdown and kind of it was -- Weis is too much like us talking head after the other and it's like. Great show for ADD America what. If you can't I want him to focus on one final five minutes and just went from one boom boom boom -- in oral history and Bart Scott was the voice of reason by Scott who's very good very articulate and I don't think has long known as Martin says nice and calm him but if you wanna focus on one guy what did you do with your money right -- other than -- rise induces more on. Amendments some of these guys separately on secrecy pretty Smart -- -- seem like any blue laws money in the Andes would start explaining Tia and wine. And and that won't go to someone else. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Torture is your little -- to Reich you know and and and you because you -- a big guy. Pick up the check Applebee's for like twenty years you are or. Under residents and you know go to his eyes on -- forty people. And then go to strip joint and he wouldn't even everyone was on him every but he was stricken on him while Chris Collins in the -- it's. You know 5060000. Or shots at Sean Salisbury at the time I want us -- great question because it was a backup quarterback. But authorities -- actually says American Express one month it was a 102000. Dollars. I mean I -- Big drinker and an -- nuts but Sean Salisbury Biloxi should be that seem like rarefied air which one doesn't belong -- definite -- an air shall rise and this moron talk about blowing as money. He -- no hold club they can you even made my right hand man. Stand at the door look at them like you know -- just spent. I'm like no instrument to through greater -- you know I'll be laid out and and it knocked out. You know 101000 dollars -- floor. I got another 5000 -- pocket you might find another send 500 in the Kobe talk about the mortgage you to cook 101000 we've. Some nights fifteen. If you spend. So much money where -- have any money doing all season. There's been too much money tree and a one point time out was being way too much money. Do ten to 151000 a week clubbing club did you feel sorry for any of these guys. The closest second was -- the I was shocked but too many -- because it was the most compelling figure in the whole thing in August 1 of anybody -- the world sound florist so I was assumed. He was a really Smart guy he was a real Smart guy and it was -- innings one of these brain obviously didn't have the best tools. Which is the real Smart. Football player. And he was a mess he is a mess and it was like he's broke first law. And he got ripped off by his parents grandmothers fathers and they -- Cleveland Browns gave his father million dollars. Andy and Andy sounds like you're gonna -- in these happy. With that he went bankrupt now no -- Not trying to get money from -- mentally to believe they leave it alone when you go bankrupt back to rise and if you want to rush of forty and have a right hand man is a sign that -- that -- -- on the right hand man we spent. 151000. A week and a well you're -- right hand man -- Democrat Hillary weren't you arrived minutes into the show us and you. Reagan comics. That you know it's it's not like I know some guys were fleeced by you know. Agents and diving cutting black agents. And -- friends family I know that I feel bad that some of them you know that a friend or close or relatively close. Who says you -- a great idea -- analysts and and they that's too bad. When they get the power when combined five or six cars there in combined three of four house when their. Making it rain and strip clubs and bring in 4050 people up for -- now. That run on you brother run out of compel you write that point -- -- coast are without question looked the other Bart Scott came across as. The voice of reason this whole thing a very good in Russia who ends and although he has not. Gone bankrupt noise to 4740 million dollar deal once we're smog and lost all the money like Cliff Floyd. Yeah let's say you seem like a Smart guy why did you do that they just not dominant and they thought it was of all like turning got to tap and outcomes and turn off the -- -- -- again here comes do you think now that they will these leagues we'll show this one hour. An hour and a half. This document triggers a visit this don't have documentary to the rookies to shoulder either right just right before Herm Edwards gets there -- centers. Hurdles Wright -- was I thought that the arms grade that's -- that it should do and that's that he does you know it is not the best advice in the simplest advice he gives. With one heels of the one finger incident. One car one house is -- 101. Girl. If you. Took his advice your rookie here is dot tell gently gentle gender known -- -- took his advice do you think you'd get in trouble if you. It seemed like Max -- access. And if you just took. I would combine because I was advice please for a couple years the bank a year ago in adults sit down with their cousins friends and and talk about own notes schemes. And investments. Put in the bank. By one. One house this in the top one -- though that's one girl -- one's life and the rest of it in the bank you know I can assure the fact you're gonna have your fifty million dollar signing bonus when you're retired -- fifty million dollar signing bonus in the bank account for 45 of in the thank you -- -- in five at the Dubai gonna lose it. It's insured. About that in the middle of little Travis Henry. Really feel bad for him and nine kids with nine women and he's busted hard to -- and there was the somewhat comfortable with the twelve with. Oh -- Evander Holyfield of one -- more Holyfield and only probably declined to be interviewed. But the freedom house with two bowling alleys and as a manager Shelly Finkel says. Why he while it was 5252000. Square foot house is one we cut this half. The cut in half it's a massive manager. If you cut in half you have one bowl now instead of two and at what point do you say this isn't enough -- twelve car garage is not enough. We -- six is not a company twelfth which -- -- to bowling alleys no ideology -- it one. But but we just saw the -- like an auction of it refine any one by. Anyone -- seventy rooms right at 77. Or distort market if you pray that if you had Zuckerberg money which you have any interest -- Sony owns all alleys between 2000 once again they think it's ace ticket and you turn it on and the money is gonna flow for ever and it doesn't -- birdie costar who looked the worst of anybody talking about this was gonna set. This is a family member in the show at the table kitchen to it would bother you little house and the father. Fleeced of yeah. I wanted to get an agent present -- the money the football employees so we can all kind of coexist. But. My family they wanted to represent me they want attitude. To manage the money -- father. He didn't really have a job he would after the mills have closed. There wasn't a lot of opportunity. I knew with my side -- she's paying off as mortgages. And and pan off -- a house and cars and things of that nature. But Diaz I tend to find out little Blair that the the Cleveland Browns also. Cut a contract for my father who got a million dollars. Want more on on this shouldn't have gone shouldn't the guy who put this -- an ugly win. On the grounds that it is this true I want to -- his fall from Lima was in -- money. -- to raise his father was a culture and do whatever you know probably he signed power returning over to his father all right you know it follows that in a million here poppy always tries father and you know bad divorce these fat things like sweating. Look like Noriega and you could look like what's his face from his father earliest in Lubbock oh yeah yeah that's all under rise and that gets us into the realm of bad business ideas on the. Burned before. And you've got thirty Germantown and over again -- of frozen drink place. We can get just about right here on the more you drive times but prime location. Does do. -- -- -- Unlike the women have placed into. Such a more on the wire yeah like you said a field that some of these it's CC goes -- Whatever guys like shield from build the business Schilling is in this and talks about it. But. Russian -- -- money sound -- and release a less left that Lopez. Or how else to in the sense that on the show that they show host and an element of the ground burned. But it was two guys guys guys you felt kind of bad for guys. Who did. -- there were three interesting business propositions the lost everybody involved all their money the frozen drink thing which compared to the final two halves in quite a ST tell us let's listen to this and about the eight a. I got this one investment -- from this football player. And it was a for a tomato farm. So what why do we want a dozen tomatoes says Ed. Everywhere you go there or tomatoes there's tomatoes and everything this guy whose friends of a friend. Has designed a way to grow the biggest tomatoes in the world -- that tomatoes this big. We consulted -- everywhere that they are so big we're built us a lot more of -- company -- said there's tomatoes and ketchup and everyone -- catch up. Get. Yourself more about yourself you're tomatoes that there's a huge and do you really have to be -- -- yes that lesson of that are right those two are brilliant compared to discipline the -- lost their money in the says this is. It's came to you. And said -- meter shots I got an idea for -- let me run this by you and it sounded like this. Have one client who came to me and said that he was approached by a friend is zoom yeah eight and this is actually very humorous exits TV genius -- areas that flood often. Why don't you take something we can put the furniture and in this plastic blow it up. And if wolf what -- Your furniture would float down the river unharmed and you can pick it up somewhere down the road is what you would be protected but he was opposed to invest in the. -- way to what's the question is did he invest and it didn't -- -- -- -- isn't their limit that -- he he he really have to be. Advised not to do about to do that and human nature publisher moron like rise and mean don't know what it is it's the people you surround yourself the people try to present your best for your wing man up put your father or your father thought that one guy's father's rip them off and then they went to the divorce. Total cost of the divorces. And -- and Greg Norman blows everyone away and Jordan Jordan Jones out there but some of them -- not huge money but they get they lose a lot of money -- -- divorces. But but it is and you said it best liked the one. She is investment advisor financial advisor said -- you know put money in the bank or buying mutual trust not sick dogs -- wanna own clock great point and -- Go broke old go bankrupt these clubs they'll wanna -- sick to your right hand man and your entourage does don't look up to you and say. Hole which many mutual fund that's awesome and cool hole and and the -- now let's buy a club called liquid delta offers on stuff like that Tom. -- And and my favorite part though and -- these guys didn't know that. Tax came out of the check should I -- these Obama supporters mostly say we mean to take half my money the guy I don't remember was said to look. At the check in the look at for the rest of yet with the rest of it's only have my money government has a different. Follow a way when I go to get it back if it's it's gone and there and they don't pay their taxes elect the CX one of these guys said. His advisors said I'll take care of the IRS and 60000 dollars -- check. And he he wrote a check to his advisor you pay my taxes five years later than -- -- is long gone hasn't seen him. The IRS is -- the -- Because he knows whenever he says I pray that they said no you didn't know you didn't know his support and he's in trouble and that list at the end was -- and yes bombing with the -- they showed. On a graphic rolling graphic the the all the guys have gone back yet and it just goes forever. And on Dennis solar some weird names on them why some of you say it's it's a football player -- Salisbury he would make that much money. Other guys is -- -- like walk a hundred million. Diego is right -- a lot a year. Ago. -- will take a break Borger phone calls -- we get back the patriots dolphins VIPs sideline passes for Miami December 2 game suite accommodations in Condo not to. InterContinental Hotel. And out roundtrip airfare courtesy of American Airlines is at one ansari thirty. 100 dollars off the Jimmy Fund and -- the tiger's golf tournament will be back with your phone calls -- neutral sport slash Greg Bedard by the way joins us -- 805. -- will be right back.

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