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Tuesday, October 2nd Whiner Line

Oct 2, 2012|

I kicked all the former Bruins asses!

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My view is excusing views expressed and expressed. My -- these aren't buying these teen TE Chris Cox didn't. At -- use discretion music box. -- And now I know you weren't your line. You always great to play -- coming out of the game for reasons -- how many kids -- ever made in his career and now on Sunday new humvee was signed. Are making comments about things. And a guy. We heard in the you know that's why is the way it is with the media -- and I'm going to economical things like that do to make -- look bad. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You're not supposed to do is because somebody tell you this blog that improvement of -- now -- -- know. Which is now. Dial 779353. I mean the guy's terrible anyway. -- bad that you would Ziegler in all right on this page you are there would. We used to do is go to hit. For cause that'd be pretty clear -- mean you see guys diving portable meaning in his -- -- do you guys know them -- your line. Everybody is terrible. Wherever they put -- that it's. Guy and he can go right out and I would put in place and now they are old car and we played -- home. We don't -- nobody to take care of that WEEI. There. There there he bad he's back -- with the -- -- do my except for I got screwed last night what happened. I don't mean that literally got to had dropped couple dives on the doubts -- My on the I was a little blue and Percival Percival who takes best review products now on the commute is only comment and -- -- -- he means ten dollar bills I mean I don't pretend I mean ten cents -- -- many people so much money. Is this is this is -- -- get a second mortgage or my post woodworking shed. National -- uninspired by AT&T WEEI live what's available -- under android and Blackberry device brought to -- -- AT&T AT&T forgy LTT with speeds up to approximate -- EPA's acting. Faster then three GAT and T rethink possible -- -- it still it. I knew exactly who. Went OK okay okay I just isn't my cup. The and -- I can think about. Pop catalog if you go and get our. And the Internet unit and and that block out blocked out by the platinum they have yet. Again and get. I don't talk about them. Anything. That I don't want to make it about debate about every. -- Could. And that. And -- pregnant. The president. And that. -- Yeah. And that studio. I -- There are over don't sound like rocket which should I act -- fresh. You go to Roger from -- everybody knows or Roger for review you know he's just all about what these guys that does he did everything to everybody everybody -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Hey Mike you have a big thank you could go to one of the -- kid. Bank cannot -- they've -- they are all trouble walking the red box you'll role model of. Especially the second inning last night -- it could hurt our -- route. What's his name -- play by play versions Elliott Josh generally yes -- play -- play every morning -- the worst one to me that the worst era assault that ridership persona and so muscle -- -- -- -- the most gross. Go Orioles official about that. That's about our black -- I didn't have they heard. And I heard Al battery life one bit like playing Atlanta. When Alabama because it went a combined three pathetic. Under the and don't quiet against the and they weren't complaining. When they hit a weak hitting a minor league catcher. Eleven had had only got to have a good game but because we don't you know one thing but you -- can tell you admit caught -- doing immediately and you know why. Because they have been boarded and I believe that you. And obviously checked him -- amnesty Baltimore's but it is the problem for that Baltimore has broad selection so please. No matter -- they put a lineup camp. Any of their earnings ten in their last Olympic can't -- any of these but the Orioles officials -- America that's my yard. And it. I. Well. And we -- do -- What I think. Other than a couple of battery -- Italy hold water Basil I woke me he went another quick. -- up. I don't -- after rhetoric they're -- when you get -- little -- Powell come on the Red -- can even win one of these. To force the Yankees into one game. You know Lester going -- lots and I can feel good about tonight for a change come. -- genius yours he. I'd say it academic and -- The and it acts before. -- now. And back and the way. And that apple maybe even ten. And one and what are -- You have a let down ten point one of these 410. Early notice they're doing right she's whispering sneaking that Colin can always. 4120 behind him at. Some points. -- strategic ideas notable. And Bobby V. Because that's -- you know it's better than that done you don't. Bobby V tomorrow afternoon to your starting I can't predict it will be his final ever really yet. Always he's done he'll make it -- make it a good when you you mark my will be fired Thursday new he'll make it the war. Not tired. At one of -- like -- and then. But -- I might have an impact -- Yeah. -- -- This ought to hugs there was -- language I don't many of our listeners are in the stuff that's probably -- here's a little bit off the chart while -- he -- to urinate on the Wall Street John. Which you can keep your own habits to yourself OK thank you. He loved to urinate yelling about that extra part this just isn't necessary it's -- that some people around just. -- This Dino last year and always look at John about don't know how does that golden showers and popcorn. And QBs and he said people who sort -- -- -- -- if you go they go out here is that they put on the plastic golden power plant that's different. And that's a different thing brought. This letter well it's not real modern -- that's like low rates potter -- notes that these give off the. Bobby Valentine would be hacked. And -- -- fired. From a and that's as the worst record -- Sixty fives. And that I was hired for all of my outlook told what did Bordick and he kept. Locked. And that message. So like is that I call from Chicago because Chicago resident -- -- that it has helped matters. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Should be allowed backpacks it that doesn't make aren't qualified. I don't know what. I don't think I mentioned there one time and show us. By the Houston he's not my business next to little food out here and what struck your problem. -- Police that the hectic but whether it. We know that. Of the good. Because I -- -- -- a -- That out that it appeared that it. About Brett. -- And -- It's. I predict. -- giving credit. -- of if Bobby turn them around him. Do you think the mere mention how well I thought yeah that's not a demeanor his dad and -- I yes. And hearing about now contact the iron in the FA. -- -- -- With a one got to a point that they Terkel. Is it our way. And that message to Florida. If you're cool let's realize Vegas is get a line right now. Which writer is most likely to come up with the Bobby -- story what he's finally fired a follow is. What the -- got too old school I am Boston nick of Fargo in New York -- They -- -- -- -- is now on the Twitter yeah but benefit that it concluded that it didn't interrupt at pocono we have. Generations -- chickens to sleep. Well. -- Clear -- Fred. -- -- gave -- -- cowboy stadium while it is obligated. You know how are you walk upon problem is being adopted and -- good about -- -- score. But away obnoxious now on these money vikings at halftime -- when they go to the Twitter and they they wanna bring in other athletes and what those guys are saying about the game who cares to be true princess as much. They put up. Over -- -- says it can't figure out how to get supplements and cost. -- They don't involve -- that -- but contract negotiation -- the candidates do yeah. Bottom of the -- that. And -- I'm homophobic. Expect they're all sleeping last night necessary -- That's better aren't they can't -- would be a good back. -- -- -- And he's gonna get a shot our hopes so he will get a shot good you know good quarterback between Cutler -- -- just the toast of the people's. Can't blame vulnerable. I'm -- tablet -- right now. Created this so that it almost contact lenses -- it was portable video gave -- much. Here Eric Cantor. -- met with the media today very disappear very just -- his entire team did you seek Cutler walk away from Mike Tyson yesterday yeah. I'm Mike -- whose -- your 670 SA big guy and any like electing the the end game plan what they would deal yet kept his composure right Miami's Colin JJ he's walking away your mind. Hey Jerry Jones appeared so I've been -- -- -- -- -- Jeff Tony Romo didn't. Really -- -- -- -- -- -- that the current Wendy's I have been here when it was -- old days who have been here when it was and so having said that what. I won't Mason Oreo. You know what reports you know what it is now is what again what what what -- -- PO I mention I like it that they don't that. I don't. I was totally arrogant. And -- -- dress. The -- today don't -- that maybe that's considered a. -- These global -- would probably never allowed all of that helped. Of their old guard combo. Or recover the ball well -- -- -- I don't spot. -- -- a couple of bars. At all about who had bought by. Horrible that her colonel mark and it would -- It -- Are we have bottomed out over the border regardless of the wall -- What suburb of talk straight and go to camp thought -- 00 -- offered to go through this. Are you the ball. Also talk about what happened. And what about hope -- -- are I played I applaud both bill and I'd have loved -- That's a great that you think you're talking for all who went on the lock out to continue on -- sincere cocky for him is no doubt about. And I've not been my goal I hit on how women. Got in. And. I've got enjoyed -- high powered by AT&T AT&T forgy LTE's. Top ten times faster than three GAT and T rethink possible.

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