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Like the leaves falling, David Ortiz bitching about his contract has become an annual tradition

Oct 2, 2012|

We focus in on David Ortiz's interview with WEEI.com's Rob Bradford, in which he continues to express his frustration with the club for not being signed long term. We discuss his quotes, and the premise... whether or not Ortiz will in fact be back with the Sox next season.

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Regular ritual here you can almost kind of predict it's gonna happen Michael my second about the leaves dropping in the fall or any of that other. About David Ortiz. I mean you could almost predict. That. It's this time of the year he's going to come out and he's gonna start. Playing his game of attempting. To present some type of leveraged our shores there. You know what I used to agree or disagree that. It was one of these annual things. Got apple connecting to go after apple picking what's more than Daniel is by Daniel does it in the middle of the season when -- -- now he does it. Now he's kind of like. Sports Illustrated and the outlook now it's who once a week. David Ortiz has something to say and before it never it never bothered me before I like it was part of the package -- David Ortiz. He's an emotional guy. You'll come out every now and then they'll say something and that's fine you'll move on it won't be a big deal but now this is a mission to campaign for him as this political season. -- -- I'm David Ortiz and I endorse this message I mean it's. He should be. In that rotation along with Elizabeth Warren and and Scott Brown. Is on eight campaign. To get himself a counter. Richard Lugar that's all of the -- -- going to have to integrate north is going to be there David went debate would manage he says this offseason. Will not be like last off season. You're you're right but I don't let the good thing for you right. Much -- he's now. Any leverage that's actually Bradford document to get to hear some of Robin -- of the tape going and we'll talk with rob the next hour. A the question was posted David Ortiz do you think you will be better shot at getting 82 year deal heading into this offseason. Then at this time last offseason. It met with another inquiry. I'm gonna ask you a question he said what do you think. All things considered the Red Sox new financial flexibility and increased need for middle of the you're -- And another productive. Season albeit for three and a half months due to an Achilles tendon injury the answer was. If I did it's going to be to help fight cancer it's on me and it's and yet didn't give me and a -- -- -- you go to. Okay. Okay okay. Why do -- T okay. So hold on Roy -- hotels -- -- brought I don't know probably believes that or just want her to continue. -- it yet -- The guys asking you questions you got him an answer now he's saying oh. Which -- -- was in no right because. Of a couple of one he's missed it's not a game. You look at his -- three look at how many games the Red Sox have lost. They have financial flexibility but we don't know how they wanna use it. -- and five where we presume that they wanna use it on any legitimate middle of the -- maybe they don't. Maybe this is that the Britain for the bridge here is that the bad year so the only they've got a comment. The only thing he has different from a year ago. Is that if he goes out into a free agency for example the Red Sox -- offer my believe twelve and -- thirteen million dollars they have to offer this year it's lets them. The what you're dealing with before. So. They -- for him he can pass. He passes on that -- goes elsewhere. Then league team -- him does not have to give up -- first round draft pick for the Red Sox they the Red Sox end up getting sand witch project but that's provided by the so that's the only. Advantage that I see him but you're absolutely correct Michael if you look at the actual org charts here. He's 37. You hurt himself this year hurt himself in a collision and the bass -- hitting it hit my pitch with a broken -- okay. It was a situation. Where he was rounding the bases on a home run trot not -- Ron Gonzales a home run. He's circling the bases and ouch the Achilles. Strain. They thought it was going to be up for two or three days if you 23242729. You -- of it might a brand torturing days. It was virtually the rest of the year he came back for one day. How -- birds and couldn't play again. At age 37. That's a risk. I'm sorry that is if you're the team you're looking at that's not having said that well but. Let me let me just -- this through and -- -- give back to -- -- Throw this into the mix. There if David Ortiz. If he's saying the same things. -- the same scenario that you just outlined he's 37 and he got hurt rounding the bases he missed a great deal of time still one of the 23 home runs well was a legitimate power threat all star on and on. If he's saying those same things in the Red Sox are one game out of the playoffs. Or their playoff team. I think maybe does have some leverage. Because they're good team they're good team and in the standing in town is little different I think they're standing. Has dropped not not just the standings. Where they've gotten. ID plus losses but the way people view the Red Sox sent out your I think. It's been a slow death for the Red Sox. They started dying in July. It's official this week finally. You get to say OK they're dead were down with them and we move but I artist he and I have already you had so much time to make up your mind you the Red Sox and you've had so much make up your mind about. You feel about the Red Sox and what this season means an. How disappointed you are in you. You may not be emotionally attached. Did David Ortiz coming back here anymore they have already resigned. Yourself -- think OK it's going to be a totally different team in 2013. And I'm OK see I think that's an interesting one and we get to the phone calls and we'll do that a little bit to be Egyptian sea of people react. Because this is a unique. He was the face of the franchise for quite a few of these years here. He was the greatest clutch hitter I've seen at a Red Sox uniform. Talk about it all walk offs constantly concentrate only being so mean right exactly. He's been a great ambassador in the city you can get all of the accolades you. So. He gets. It and we have trouble in the media I think. Critiquing criticized. Because of all of those things I think he gets the benefit of the doubt even though he doesn't believe that he doesn't think that he thinks people have been very critical. I disagree I think media have gone out of their way -- -- May include you not necessarily be as critical as we would be with somebody else who had the same situation. David Ortiz gain something here which Iraq. It might change. People may be looking at it differently now. Than they have in the past -- really not up. He made up some goodwill here quite a bit of it but he might not have that I'm dying. Yeah well that Asia and the pat about it when I wanted to say you can't accurate. Cigarette this time last year this time last year I believe it was. Or maybe it was November somewhere somewhere around the fall he gave an interview with ESPN. And they asked would you play for the Yankees game. That you don't consider an organization like that you know they do the right thing are not. To scare tactic to scare tactic and because this time last year we thought it was just a fluke most of us that -- speak for us. I thought it was a -- seven and 20 September. This is still a good teams got a good core they'll bounce back they should be a playoff team in 2012. In -- David Ortiz is threatening to go to the Yankees that's not a good thing. When he David Ortiz here. Imagine they threaten to go to the Yankees I'll be threatening go anywhere else I'll be a free agent I'll take my services elsewhere -- -- -- -- in the -- -- -- say he's the holding cleaning it's already started right. Last year there was no house cleaning. Josh Beckett came back here. Started the season with the team and they buckled and John Lackey was back in aging give them all all the usual suspects were back. Including David Ortiz now we party scene. -- authorities seem a bit of -- -- -- Josh Beckett out of town and Adrian Gonzales and Carl Crawford so. With another guy. He's doing the same thing -- now by basically saying they offer me that when Europe detergent this time it will be different of the threat is out what was what was -- different he won't take it. That's well that's reasons and you know that's what he's throwing up and call it is similar to the heads up all of your blood product that -- -- -- I can only look at this one war. It's David Ortiz. Is something. That goes with. The stature of David Ortiz and what he's meant to this organization. But if you're looking at this team and you're looking a dismal it is right by the way if you one more person. On the radio or in -- Say that this team very easily could be in the mixed with 85 or 86 wins next year NB a playoff team. You're not making it to the playoffs at 8586 wins look at the play wildcard teams of 9293. Went to. Saying -- you know was the same thing last year. Amid the systems in place after the Red Sox got to have a games -- Red Sox were last year 98 stopped stopped -- 86 that he doesn't apply to all out it's probably if you're in a down year maybe 88. But you probably you have to plan on ninety if you wanna have a chance that it. And people keep saying eighties when 86 the replica of the field and no they're not their on the outside looking in can't be 86 US to improve this team by some one lost wins. Between our next year that's awful law but getting back to the David Ortiz thing to me that only logical thing for the Red Sox to do. Is to offer him that one year deal. It's substantial dollars which would either be the twelve and now for thirteen that they have to. Give him war. If you feel that he's a big part of this organization has been for a long time and you wanna give money extra little on the way out. You mop it up and given what he got last year fourteen million but the. Can't they do that innate feel like they can they do feel like they can make the playoffs. Victim fourteen million dollars a year. It's like their their right right next and I don't know what the Red Sox at least so. You'll be comfortable I don't I don't think it has anything to do with what -- it'll be controversial for them to say. We've got some building to do. And we're not quite there we're not there yet we're not ready to give back to the last night at just don't like we have the personality to back to the playoffs and they take that position. Then they'll let David Ortiz walked able to -- why why am 1249 dollars. For one year when you don't think going to be that good any. Because it's David Ortiz and you giving him that that. That little kick opinion the -- can guess I should say the mechanic that's what you giving the sport that the -- the way to game the truck in the way that they admitted that maybe they got for bargain for cup years is what you don't. You don't get two metres at 28 that's pretty much what he's looking for. Say they offered in two years last year and eighteen. That would not reporting was asking for -- a -- to four years and Oliver fire is a -- that's what he said. So they offered him two years at eight team because they did not value him. At 28 for -- But David I opted to go deal with the arbitration and then settle the arbitration they get fourteen. That was your want -- -- always right now. If David can get fourteen for one year year two for two years and -- would get 28 million dollars not bad. And retires -- but he wanna do that. He wants to restart the clock again this year so what's to say that he doesn't do this next year. In the year after that let's face. Nobody wants to walk away from the game. -- Look guys you like. You're winding up which you know both things. And the bottom line up we've when it on the -- is. They probably only have one life and you've got a goal and denied it's again it's. You know. What it might and what -- -- -- -- for a while I don't know forty. It's not gonna happen. You know what you -- -- plus. Forty. You know. You are very limited of the things that you want to. But the thing that you gonna get. I'm I'm not sure I get accused every year from David Ortiz. And I'm not sure I get -- much -- reality is has hit here for David Ortiz. Will be talked about. I said you know to which you're forty and usually you know 237. Neither could IQ what 28 -- and -- the numbers. You know what this century because you were 28 people what well you probably would have been out -- But people would look at say the -- give the long term contract and that's what David Ortiz. Was he underpaid. Proportions of his contract actually at one point he was the greatest bargain in baseball -- -- -- -- but part of -- and part of that's just fall. -- an international effort opportunity go to free agents but that's -- made over a hundred just under a 109 dollars. From the -- -- In his career that doesn't include an economy endorsement in order to undermine what is he looking. Look at Michael Crawford made his -- 142 in this country the right -- -- in and Gonzales Anglican once if he's got run Petra was not looking. -- timing is -- But David had an opportunity different position he had an opportunity to go to free agency you're different position get an opportunity to go to free agency. Now the only -- he could say with a Red Sox. -- take David Ortiz out of the lineup. Based on the production he gave you up until he got hurt on July 16. That's a lot out of why that's the one thing I would say that David Ortiz has going for but what's to say the David Ortiz. Is going to be able to play on certain 4446. Games which he played two years ago. Aren't -- to jump start I can be all be all wrong -- -- have been. Wrong a lot lately and as -- said before this industry hopeful and completely humbled and I am humbled -- are also well. Yesterday I was having a rough road Jay Cutler. Conversation with -- tip for gamblers out there I'm giving this one. Jets jets -- reminders. But you and I both were last night are going to take -- -- and -- I don't know. I it'll -- our -- -- -- last night please god just Iran. What are Italian -- you make of the Q Quincy Carter or flowers or worse record the garden last night. A DH and baseless Micah. Like a quarterback. Like your quarterback football. -- receiver good receiver. You know there. Divas. On her own pain. At all about him yourself please. You know I'm not bothered by that -- David Ortiz he's all those things. And I think that that -- raving of the spotlight. He's intoxicated with the spotlight that allows him. To be great in the situation everybody's counting on him -- -- of the attention. Oh that doesn't bother me. As much as something -- -- and David Ortiz and about. His team. Out right now. What bothers me -- nobody. Is playing like a diva right on the Red Sox if you have any kind of pride. He's going and they are you gonna Tripoli -- -- -- Atlanta last I was here like dealt a -- -- accurate amount now I have no idea why am I have no I don't. -- -- And to me that was Clay Buchholz is already checked he's already packed ready to go home and that's. Because that was embarrassed last that it really was and I wanna see what Jon Lester throws up it's like c'mon guys I know you've got. A Tripoli -- -- you're gonna struggle to score runs. Against the CC sabathia I get. But man. You've got to have a better showing than that. I mean she'll surprise thought there try to do so at least disrupt the -- I did give the fans back here in New England at least a little chuckle that may be. The Yankees left to play a one game playoff against Baltimore here so all right I'm Robert maybe right it's right down -- I couldn't get it I couldn't get over the clay buckles and -- -- -- kind of expect it. Because I'm not sure he's thinking logically he's probably out they're throwing meatballs figured I'm gonna stick it to Bobby V and I'll get a flight. Not realize you know he's the value he's the valuing. Here is position in the in the open market just I mean it's embarrassing. But the I have no idea what the clay buckles was as he's the one guy. Over the last two and a half months that you could look at and say there's the silverlight there's something we can look forward to next year and yet. -- through the tunnel when let's see which I'm not even competitive tonight's -- but getting back to Ortiz. What's the alternative here for David Ortiz. I can't leave if the Red Sox didn't offer him. A two year deal would you want it at about fourteen million a year last year sort totaled 28 million why they would do what I year old here. Wind coming out of perhaps the cities and our guys -- and the right and that Phillies could be a on going issue here for David Ortiz this wasn't collision. Wasn't broken -- simply -- this is a situation. That could be it could continue here for the rest of his career he's 37 years of so what's the alternative for. It's another team going to give him two years and fourteen million probably but does this bother you when he when he pops up like -- you know and are you annoyed by -- are you offended by unknown -- now -- so often. But you're doing it without -- -- it -- report because maybe the Red Sox are two. Think they are -- care -- which you gotta have some leverage our let's get to the phone calls and we'll -- you -- it's. Six -- -- -- 7790850. Paula core people. I thank you I think it differences and work is murky some leverage right now they're testing this 43 and 41. Right after we got them where they pick Carl Crawford and they'll recover back. -- get a better second half the here. And he got her there what happened in my -- -- -- got hurt and something else do you mean don't forget about the street. The trade -- everything. The -- didn't happen until they're meeting under 500. So I you can really -- a significant part in all of -- is that legal. Let's let's do that let's take your promise. They going into next season what's the say that -- gonna get close to order 62 games out of mid aged 37. You know what department sitting at the negotiating. Table on the other side you know I'm I'm telling him that I think he's up nick. Our guys who slowed down and not to reenter your burger I wouldn't do it. I mean look at the history of big guys their very few of them. That have faired well other than and the steroid era. Have faired well at 3738. Years old. That's what you are asking them to -- listen I I really believe he is somebody special. And he has been a big part of this organization. And -- given the kiss on the way out which would be a one year deal. That's significant dollars which would be like fourteen million bucks I don't pick you give them a multi year deal because the worst case scenario for the Red Sox is. As a terrific season next year. And decide about for a one year alleged here. I think I think no matter what he's coming out next year halfway through the year. If you signed to a one year -- is going to be complaining and get. While you're probably right up all your victory that area. Everybody was happy for a little bit and he wasn't invited by July 1 and none on and on that that's not accurate he was not happy he wanted to do you do leaves knotted -- -- the -- But it is pretty important it would probably gonna get a arbitration. On much sure about that I I think they -- they remember the way arbitration goes it -- goes would clobber goes of the player. Club was at twelve I think they were at sixteen so they settled in the in the in the middle to get the sixty. One -- about a one. I don't know but. The thing is he wanted to UD. And in essence if they get one year deal this year he pretty much gets what he asked for the beginning of last year. Less stress on the Red Sox and yet the Red Sox give him that money if they give -- one year and let's say 1213 fourteen million dollars for the one year. He doesn't want that. Well you know a multiyear deal. Various opinions on this we're talking about FaceBook dot com slash WEEI Greg says he's very tired of -- David Ortiz contract demands every -- He's getting paid very good money needed to do one thing he's not asked to play the field so therefore doesn't break down like others who play the field and hit. Does he produce absolutely but he needs to realize that he won't. Make the kind of money is making -- anywhere else. Jim says as QB Michael says. Besides Pedroia he's the only vet I keep on this team if anything as soon as he went down with his injury the team collapse would when our our previous caller said. Daniel agrees with the previous caller and Michael Daniels says are you crazies possibly our best offensive player. He's done more for the team than anyone else on and off the field and has been very loyal to the Sox -- I guess people are -- popular guy. We ball we we don't need to restate -- -- quiet so he could -- to any -- they look at a clutch player he's been everybody knows that. But -- so you have to ask yourself what are you paying for. That's a different argument altogether -- -- -- on and off the field at the great off the field you pay for your -- do you pay for past performance I think that's what people are asking for. That's they want wanna pay for part. World Series championship comes David Ortiz and he did it and thank you for the two championships and and thank you for being an -- guy I propping up the question I let me ask you this question. Do you think any team would allow me to have a championship before -- Thank you if you if he does not free agents. He wants two years and he wants it around the base salary he has right now which is fourteen million bucks is there a team in Major League Baseball to get two years and now but it but people -- say he's more important to Boston he asked anyone else is there right. So that they want a pampered but you're you're only paid. Based on what your value is -- the -- most you can't -- most but not not these are not the other is called to get. Was -- you want to argue -- got a. I do you want it and complain about it but he still got Jeter can't. There wasn't enough for him he did a similar thing to Ortiz not as as well but -- issues with the if you remember. Because they're looking at themselves and what they have meant to the organization. Asked him Red Sox right now can't do that. -- the last place team. We can't look at the past the past is there they got two championship trophies. That's passed that's got to think of the future here's what David Ortiz like. David Ortiz is saying to order fifteen embarked look at all the new stadium right now approximately gonna debate. Right. If you wanna be a good team. You'll need to take that money spend it wisely out -- to rebuild a new team and David Ortiz long term is not the answer. I know what he wants didn't get David Ortiz back it even. Get him back and not get what he wants. -- Ticket he can return to the Red Sox and not have a two year contract what is he going to -- if nobody gives a moment it's a regular is Rleal. Chris Ray Allen took less money. To go to Miami basically to stick it to these guys I think they struck. Does does David Ortiz and Ortiz probably things grounds crazy -- I'm -- -- my body on delivered. Earlier -- gonna -- That's -- I'm telling -- that it's it's like. Inevitable and fondness. It's easy to do well I'd love alignments. Well I'm asking. For why you revealed no. I was looking for two years and a serious -- you go -- mind. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That was that was the year that view movies we. -- -- to be talking about on the right now. The Red Sox should do is they should give David Ortiz exactly what he's worth in a market. So he's right. If there's a team up here that's what would give my two year deal a 28 million bucks. And a Red Sox wanted to gonna have to match that I just don't think that exist I must tell you Michael just looking at the AT&T text line. There -- a lot more people in support of of David Ortiz and I don't this what I don't. I understand. Are completely understand -- one of the most popular players. To play for the Red Sox in the last 25 years a guy who has been. An anchor in their lineup for two championship team. A guy who's got a great personality he's charitable. You have lots of you have lots of memories David Ortiz has provided a lot of good memory occasional vehicle. So they are they're looking at -- a player who still good. And they yes what they wanna pay. They put the memories let me ask you can't remember what she worth in the open market what do you think he's worked in the open market -- a lot -- what -- -- Half of what element don't know each -- we're already doing that he missed you but they're giving him a gift you missing the point. It in -- talk about these folks. Don't want to talk about the open market. Don't wanna talk compared Taylor that's how that they I know the marketplace why are -- that supporters -- -- don't want to go there haven't seen it. The patriots don't they understand. That it's all about value they have no heart. Yeah I forgot that and how I'll help out our what was work. -- -- trip mr. Clinton's lesson I agree with him that David Ortiz needs to be treated differently. Then your common baseball play. There's no question -- historically what he's brought to the organization. I'm not so they're telling you to give David Ortiz what you would give somebody else named Jill Smith with the same credentials you don't do. David Ortiz is special here so you look at what the value was on the market. And then you give him an extra little gift on top of that which can't hide yourself up for two years when -- any -- -- cycle. Why would you do that and by the way again I repeat for all those people are taxpayers saying it's just -- David Ortiz in essence if they give them -- one year deal. And he's worth let's say eight million in the open market for one year and they give them a fourteen million dollar deal this year. In essence what we have not given him. 82 year deal which is what he was requesting at the beginning. Of the offseason last year you said I want a two year deal they would -- the two year deal and that has got a reply and what -- that. You're fired up about this you were talking up here about 1% norms of Worcester which are -- my take on what your what your nose at that here's my -- so I'll give you judges read one of them. Look at all the money they have to play with on the -- second year for all which meant to them. And these are text one right after and I hear people complaining all the time about the millionaires and billionaires you are brought up I may need. In his major over a hundred million dollars or that is made to order they are Democrats are the Red Sox almost under over -- hundred million dollars. He's made in his lifetime. I don't know what these taxpayers may right now. But they just wanna throw more money as -- as a as a portion was texting and isn't it more important. That the Red Sox build the next championship team got to give him yet it's not coming next year people. I'm lucky if they win seventy games. May end up with 69 wins this year to make it into the playoffs you need to win ninety to ninety flurry. It's got a -- and maybe 2014. Maybe maybe maybe fifteen maybe sixteen he's a part of it but isn't that part of it it's like here I hear people talking about. If Cliff Lee you owe him right now if you go -- closely from Philadelphia and Arafat was all the the prospect you just got from the Dodgers noted some of the press nothing I agree with 34 years they'll. I'm not a great year this year pitched a lot of innings over 221 plus innings not a great year and it didn't get a lot of run support but. Is he I think you wanna do no know 23 years from now know is Cliff -- part of the equation or is Della Rosa part of the equation for. Time replete. Tuchman David Ortiz department -- -- this different ideas Joseph -- a -- -- -- -- -- -- -- think gave it needs to be a little realistic about this because you know you want to. -- last year didn't fourteen million here. You know it's not aren't acting or didn't live up to or -- here Butler fourteen million dollars or not. So it is immaterial that indicate that it value it more now one year either nine million dollar grant. And the other thing to consider a threat Iraq is they have a really -- right here at the boot going to be around in the bag that -- proven. That he's not as effective as he does -- protection at all. Well I think that's a little -- well wanted to win and he proved that. What was -- two years ago when he didn't. You know 200 throughout the first. -- -- that was about protection. I think he was I think he was drug abuse and bad shape tonight I agree. I think he's worked much harder in the last couple years I actually stake if you look at a jail. That because he's been dealing with a one year contracts it is forced him in the off season to get it too much better shape and be far more productive. I think if you give him that security. Then what incentive is there for him to actually go up there and worked out hard in the offseason I think it's probably just the opposite. But there are averaging got to find today that most people. I'm just guessing based on the text -- here or way I think most people are gonna disagree with Treo maker. I think most people feel you got to take care of take care of the man and an -- -- Red Sox fan. What is it about isn't about giving him a gift on the way out -- -- hundred million dollars a year plus the truck. As a Red Sox fan do you wanna build the next championship team or is it about taking care of -- Ortiz and given them you know one want. I'm I'm I'm a little perplexed at this as telling Quincy again. Hey Fella -- On doing. They out. I really don't strips and got a -- to ice I get what they want it -- kind of like. -- bit -- social China Korea has sought to it will keep fighting and the default. But a lot. If you want to test the water let period -- -- A -- -- -- we should be like yeah. And what he wants to stick property yeah -- choked by. A -- -- actually in order to meet. It's as if they'd just talk body around like -- -- -- -- mistakes but you know. Well I don't think he's been one of those mistakes I really don't believe he's been one of those mistakes I think he's got a guy that has produced over the years unfortunately for him. -- time he's 37 years of age he broke down this year Zhu said he wasn't worth -- fourteen million 'cause he broke down this year. You know Major League Baseball they look at the actuary charts Anderson they're going. He's not going to be as good as he was last year the year before he's more susceptible to injury and what he's out injured he's out for long periods that. -- Stephen -- for -- state and Steve what's out. Thanks guys we need to look at this from a deer Turkey would not what he's done in the past now he's gonna be what we think we can be doing way to look at it from Powell. He'd -- -- the band respectable Margaret but in honesty in Turkey on my team I'll I would give the money. Because I think that that's what puts fans in the seats it that this whole app the Q and would you repeat out. I haven't -- that has been watching the Red Sox as one they'll have a guide I don't like gold and enjoyed watched. He'd argued that the Pedroia but I mean this is the guy we you know return to start -- trying to save some money but. Give the guy is what he wants let's put fans in the seats into your little -- street. -- you telling me you're telling me of the team -- next year and David Ortiz is on the team you're gonna go to the games. -- Wanna go politely if that's the case of all you care about is filling the seats it's not just Obama is honest appoint. It's not about building championship teams it's just about getting people in the -- why we need to spend it on a younger Josh Hamilton. I think you're assuming ready if if that's the case but the -- would be good with him on the team. You're you're thinking that. What is gave great point great point that was my next one and I'm glad you brought it up and -- -- -- -- A lot of folks see this in they're not convinced. That the Red Sox are. What you think they are during lunch place I know their last place they are not and Steve. That is. -- great call because I think he's got a lot of people on his side. He's not convinced that next year's going to be a 74 win season or 78 weeks the. Might -- might -- -- 82 -- season but -- you really believe. That in west they go and do what the Florida Marlins took a few years ago. And spend 200 million dollars and going out just loading it up with guys that can instantly have big years for you next year. And how much of a free -- exist in this offseason looking at the free agent list. Sustain it. And here's the other thing is not to Steve. Steve from -- who feels that way. We don't know how the Red Sox feel about the -- I have no idea do they wanna go young. They think they're just a couple players away. From being where the Yankees and Orioles and athletics are right now do you think there -- a couple of players away. I don't think there as far as ways you'd have part ways you do. Do you think it this is the name of the current total rebuild red are sick right now I know I think right now when when you look at injuries. I would say there and 82 win heat when team when health. They're not as good as the Orioles and not as good as the tigers. A judge of the tigers who have pre season and on and stick him with -- I think that. Watch out for the tiger as a World Series yes your World Series when I picked -- at the beginning of the year to win a roster yes -- But if you if you. What impact the race. I didn't -- -- the race breaker IRS either -- -- -- your leader Joseph Maddon how's he gonna feel about I had the -- in the playoffs are they weren't the 47 race. But they weren't the 75 for exhibit quick break it gets you an eviction. I think I know how to handle things here. And the much I wanna be hit them what does that -- the -- mean. So. We are. Multiple us the good situation that we can be so. And -- Portia wanna be we know you wanted to Pedro told us Pedro Martinez. Told us to run a few months ago he said. The worst thing he ever did and the reason that he ended up leaving Boston. Was that he let it known to the organization both publicly and privately. That he really wanted to remain with the Boston Red Sox and when he did that he -- valued. He basically took his value and diminished it out there in the in the eyes of the writes I just line up to. And if he's added if he was articulate a body broken down and he said he never. Ever should have done I didn't wanna (%expletive) off the fans I didn't wanna leave it open at a go to the Yankees or go somewhere else. But it -- you've got to do that you've got at least. Put some fear. In the in Red Sox that you went on maybe that's what would Jesus do I think he's don't have -- job I think he's got our foot in and one foot out. People and I don't think they buy which you know of people really like this guy should play well people like him I like MS -- like I don't before. I I I understand what he's I understand what he's doing. What he's trying to do what he's trying to get the Red Sox to do. Hand for some reason. It just doesn't tick me off them you know you you. Substitute David Ortiz and and have another Red Sox player. And you might you might be offended by but he has got away about what you're number two would you forget that -- not -- us. -- whip him he's produced over the years he was producing this year. He comes out next week in another interview. And says we'll tell you -- -- give me a two year deal I'm gonna go the Yankee thing. Just go to the Yankees -- or somewhere else is anybody gonna really know even. -- -- because Gloucester -- Saudi go to yankees as a wanna go elsewhere he wants to go yet he also wants to be loved and he wants the security blanket. It's not that's not the best interest of the Boston Red Sox right now into rebuilding program does Howard West Springfield. Our. Guys that -- might call it. I got it it's a real mess but. This political. Call -- eat I believe the last caller said. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But if you -- me. I think I would shaken by the door key he -- skiing. He -- -- -- as we don't know what kind of manager we're gonna get. And it just sitting there with a call and call -- that he wanted to cheat and there. To be our manager. He couldn't walk over to local -- and disruptive force. What a World Series but I think everybody's is -- amnesty. But let me ask it is why would you let him go Howard when you can simply offering twelve and a half million bucks to come back. For one year why why would -- let him golf. I would let Google because it. Yeah 37 years old -- Pollutant we all know that compared serious issue he did have surgery. Oh. And we will. Same thing that happened last year that he used the term what she didn't fare okay we can only had the nucleus that was a problem. And that they do. They got rid of the manager. And the player here and there you you will garnered -- -- -- -- she acted fix. The problem that got -- medical staff that got rid of the trainer. It's hard to fix the problem and the problem is David Ortiz isn't gonna be there when when when that team finally show. I don't know what you say it about the past but David Ortiz is not a problem that he's the solution. He's not the problem and the question is how does it hurt. To bring him back for one year you're in essence for filling his wishes that he had in the offseason last year or play two more years here and then I wanna retire. Why would you do that especially when you look at your lineup right now and also the question we'll get into the next -- as Michael brought up a great point. How good is -- Goteborg where they got a bit. -- how how did you get better well we're going to tell me you -- that you picked the tigers to win it all before the season started and during the course of this season. You said that the Orioles. Are legitimate policies and threatening like -- they are. As a team that lost ninety plus games last year right so there's no way you look -- Orioles in the the year. When Carl Crawford incumbent that -- that ball you know look at their teams. Mean the makings. Of a playoff team in Baltimore nobody saw it correct yet that's where we are so why it's just go to Oakland to -- but why so why do you think it will take so long for the Boston Red Sox who. Who haven't had. Is that drought. The playoff drought that that Oakland and Baltimore specially Baltimore. -- when they haven't had those type of drought so why do you think takes a long for him to come back because it's that you've got to build right now. Pitching -- And I'm not sure you have the makings of that. I'm not sure that Andrew Bailey. Is that guy at the -- abort it is just another rotation no I don't but they have a lot of injuries to their rotation partner more than Boston that make them healthy. Make -- super healthy. Can't give them HGH -- it makes GA just -- electable in Baltimore has better if they cheat I don't like they're rolling up. Has better Major League ready talent right now -- Boston two years from now. Boston might mean in that same position that Baltimore was in at the start of the season. I'm not sure that the Red Sox are in the position if you look at that lineup right now. You trade a way to go and get these players. You gotta do my trade free agents say. You know free agency that you could trade and you might yet get another team was disappointed with a player was. Over -- -- player and Boston can take their money. Because they've got somebody to play it right you gotta give something up or you're gonna give those young prospect champ in a minor leaks. Right now to go and get Major League ready players to the government had done better got to take you've risen 69 wins what -- ninety to. Depends -- it is. I mean view from getting a great major leaguer in return to president I've I don't know homes in the U ask me when I make that trade. It depends on what I'm getting a return from getting an all star -- -- all star return short if it's. An older player who's who's past his prime now obvious that window I don't know what is quick break at the top of the -- we get right back -- won't cost you an eviction.

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