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WEEI.com's Rob Bradford: Will David Ortiz remain in Boston next season?

Oct 2, 2012|

We talk to the guy who got the scoop from David Ortiz himself, WEEI.com's Rob Bradford and ask him if there's any chance the Sox re-sign Ortiz to a multiple year deal, and whether or not Bobby Valentine gets to keep his job.

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-- -- -- Let -- do. What do you think. If I did it's going to be if I answer he gives it all mean it's has yet -- give me give me and it's the government. Okay. Okay -- Do we TOK. Rob Bradford WEEI dot com some good stuff -- David Ortiz as Ortiz does is annual. Or it's now known as a bi annual bullied at Torrey multi year contract and rob joins us live -- believes in New York or New York. At least still in New York -- hanging around. You race. Guys like the that we and other. Well I -- -- I was gonna ask you that that he. Did did you feel like you had to answer yes but what's your real answer having. I don't know I actually -- I actually do agree with that -- -- I'd point that out stories that. I think -- they -- a little bit different if you wanted to -- one thing that is different to the fact that it and imposed around anymore and it. Middle your back as one of the hardest things -- -- in baseball and I think despite -- I think that he pretty. -- if you think he has leverage -- coming off an injury. Injury the team has ninety plus losses. He's 37 years old what whoa where's that. That the market for DH is it has not been great the last few years where is leveraged. -- -- -- We are not -- -- a couple of a couple of years now on terms of who rebel leverage because the eight market obviously up -- -- the other one. But I'll come back -- it is that middle quarterback there's this many artists again and they are right now. At what the Red Sox need we have. Provided that. He hasn't provided it for nine games. Right well but in terms of everything you go to back the year that you think there are you recover from the Achilles injury which everyone believes that a case. Why does everybody believe it's the case she's 37 years old. Well because -- really -- short actuary charts show you look at -- at I can't tell you. I hit a -- exactly Ebert. OK so why do you of that then route I don't understand and why. You give this guy -- multi year contract if that's the case if you can clearly get away with giving him a one year deal in -- you do here with him. I'm not say OK so they offer that tender. Go to twelve half billion dollars right right so that's no Marxist you're not you're retreat -- -- like or you can make or fourteen. So so I'm all I'm saying is if they come to them and they say that you know are. Look at it two years go out now what would a piece. And then 411 million dollar year what I'm saying it's it's not a bad move the lock up a guy who I think is going to be okay. And I'd also produced when he's been out there. Then that's worth it I know you're saying in terms -- -- But hold on hold -- run but why do -- if you do you have the fear based on again on history of players at that age. That he's 37. He's got an Achilles problem we thought he was gonna be gone for two -- three days. He misses the whole second half of the season this entry was in July 16 to try to come back for one day and couldn't do it. Why do that two years at 22. When you're better off given -- twelve -- now. If there's another team out there the you can pinpoint. And the one thing that's changed is the other team doesn't have to give up yup first round draft at its sandwich pick if I'm correct your -- from wrong. It's this provided by the way so there's no molested you have to give up but they're not. But is there another team better to give up first round pick that was a sandwich -- right. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The -- they're giving the -- disappears. OK so if it so -- and is there another team the U bullied. Would give him a two year deal at 22 million dollars. Yet that didn't act like well I mean that's where it has become doubt it what did they laughed and they're going to be another he. And all I'm saying is that I believe apart despite the injury. Because of the value of the opposition because. For those three -- continue to show that you. They'll edit it or not provide something to eat out a lot of people in baseball and provide. There there probably is a better likelihood of another it's gonna come and offer not a huge deal but I fully agree with you. This is all contingent on the threat from Iran the leak in the other he. Because it's the same thing last year that there isn't it a bit of the assistant counsel given one year deal for twelve. What -- -- the sense you get the sense that this guy is prepared to walk or. Is he just trying to. Corner of the Red Sox and to get him giving him a deal because ultimately. He wants to be in Boston and nowhere else. No I think it a couple of years ago that might have been if I think it. If they have the right site Kaman said Ayers a one year deal and that you were talking about the team is gonna operate import -- to deal. Around whatever elevenths well. A year if that incompetent. And it it's not a horrific play the play articulate what -- it. But I agree middle a couple of years ago I was totally on board they keep the rest are so all the leverage here because if Turkey doesn't want to go anywhere but. I think that he still focused on getting this multi year deal and getting -- value of it. That he thought it would take. I know what he wants he has outlined that pretty clearly to you not just in this story but several times throughout the season what are the Red Sox want. Yeah it does David want them back let's -- -- get them at a discount nine million dollars they want him back or are you get the sense that they are ready to move on. Not to be -- one back one of the things that you have to take away the city as you pointed out last year there was no contact before before. In the arbitration hearing schedule from the there are part that. Now an opera indignant but there are part. And the reason why they want him back is for the redesign it party sent it they know that they are all there in the Carolina. And if your -- in an artist can't be a pro Mike Napoli and been. Some the other played -- got to go back to a -- people already it's -- eight. Writing -- hardly an immediate position collateralized. By this that the guy who went up on the field and if he's healthy I understand the bigger pop that's injury. But if that's the case that it is something that not a lot of dark baseball. Hit his building and honesty and from his perspective here a year ago he came out said he wanted to two year deal. The Red Sox ended up going to -- were going to go to arbitration and then settled for figure in between fourteen million dollars. In essence can get another one year deal from the Red Sox I gotta believe they're gonna will be willing to give them. At least the twelve -- happened maybe they'll give the locus -- -- way out and given fourteen million. So in -- he gets what he wanted a year ago rob as he said he wanted two years and he wanted to end his career in a Red Sox uniform. He gets the ten years let's say 48 million and ends as the Red Sox player always doing is he's reset the calendar. He's gonna continue to do this every single year. Right like dictate -- another thing you mentioned in. I think it out be reality is mine Yates is that you can -- in the calendar -- -- -- -- -- the year contract. But when you get to 3942. -- realistically -- for. Mean we are debating it now at what will be thirty. But you get a college understands that the window -- To get this two year contract. Well I'd you know that there's ever experienced to get something more than this the one year deal it's going to be this. -- switched gears on you and ask you about Bobby Valentine and is there any chance I was asking -- this earlier is there any chance of Bobby Valentine return for 2013. It. -- And what. -- wonder they -- they make this decision today -- make it as soon as the cup final game is over they make it. They make it today or some reference nick of part of college column that bench -- was gonna address. The manager situation today at which I've found strange what do you think they'll get this thing wrapped up. Not a -- that there was Cherokee was basically. It was something where. That you're that you're going to be immediate because you the -- there and one half court only about apple about a lot of things. But he did say -- you wanna do that you're there Wednesday it -- -- that we do live announcement about them and but if I had jets. And you know I might be wrong with my attitude -- It's going to be something along the lines of this bill may -- late Thursday. You know maybe it'll leak in the Friday although -- -- in the playoff situation that you need a Major League people like that sort of -- so I have to get up obviously late Thursday. Right. There's no question John Farrell's got to be the number one guy on the list and let's face with what we here in the last few days on the Toronto. Omar Vizquel some of the things have been said. I'm holdouts may be they're not as crazy about John Ferrell up there in in Toronto remains to be seen. Can the Red Sox pounced on him right away orders to Rocco. Hold them up because they're in the division and try to extract as much as they possibly can for Boston knowing. Again they've got Boston and according because they really want -- Well good question I think what he runs it well but -- they're reluctant while the -- built to be. It's one for quite the first call will go to the -- -- And so. Then what happened there is you know -- -- like you said it all depends on. Will the blue jays you know where it all itself because that they do you hold up the arc Arkansas without the guys that we have to know. It is at that character reference yet today. They take two to launch last year now the difference this time around is that this relationship with Farrell and -- and copilot. It's. At the red -- might have some leverage here because. Possible I think -- are you out did become something beyond that -- -- -- our ultimate scale state is that. John Ferrell comedy back its public ticket to say that you want you foundation. Going to be in going to be next year we can't say that it looked at all the things happen -- that well but what we're corporate art perspective. -- and it -- and we know it. You know the likelihood it is not going to be -- it becomes back next year and -- -- -- -- -- not go beyond. So I figured that's worked its intra team that's where the door opened up a little bit but it is not that long drawn out process to get SAA -- it. We have to know because we get more on. Going to be interest they always good -- and Iraq enjoy the game tonight murdered I heard it's going to be good. It's fantastic -- I can't adopt the Detroit news. And I'll also be very recent personalized that I. Is he -- know why was he playing. If we will listen we all know he's gutsy we all know that you play hurt your plans. You know it it's a good question then the other completely. Safe but that I don't. I -- yesterday. You're taking the whole thing about how important games were very very serious note that the Orioles -- -- -- at the -- is perhaps he was going on there. So I know that that was the way I am. But I agree with the guy and I'd say shut it down this you know right. -- -- A lot of other guys have shut it down line on him he's got to be a fractured finger right now I dropped. In the political scenario if you're not I -- difference. They'll oh well big -- I'd I'd put. Thanks rob Bradford out in New York ready an --

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