Oct 2, 2012|

Let's see how the spin tries to clear this one up

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We all remember Tom Brady's verbal full club voted alcohol test surgery generally. It's. More fifteen game a lot of found. The blue dog and. And wage according to the patriots didn't have anything to do with alcohol and -- they actually issued a statement saying amen to stay hydrated drink a lot of water below it and drink responsibly. Variety. Well Brady -- and again underscoring his rushing touchdown on Sunday he was caught on camera apparently saying. You. -- you're directing this -- was at the bills the fans phone. All this. I'd rather not -- -- hours later Wes Welker tried to do his quarterback knows I think you've done director toward sort of community -- -- you know we're doing hard time that is when he was down and so I like we're talking -- But the patriots refuse to admit that he said those words -- -- in fact they issued a statement saying Brady would never say and you. When he actually said clothes and thank you mrs. or may be fun to. Throw pitches possibly -- -- dishes or maybe. Fondest. Wishes toward something like dad anything other than you.

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