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Wes Welker, Patriots WR, on who Brady directed "F-U" at

Oct 2, 2012|

Wes Welker tells Mut and Merloni who Tom Brady directed his "F-U" comment at and also discusses his playing time.

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I'm not sure if you're aware of this but the whole world was read your lips after you scored the touchdown it would seem that we think we know -- to set -- display and we. Or are you directing this -- was at the bills the fans. Oh. Although I'd rather not say. But hey it wasn't afraid is that it wasn't. It wasn't the refs or anything like that they would just say it was emotional you know if if I was. I was just -- yeah I just fired up. Patriots quarterback Tom Brady with Dennis and Callahan. Just yesterday and the guy I was on the bench right next to Brady during the now the gift the lip -- it's made its way around the world patriots wide receiver. Wes Welker Wes is joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE was speeds up to ten times faster than three GAT TNT. Rethink possible west is joining us about the Dick's Sporting Goods the national breast cancer foundation. All play a more about that -- get a -- here in just a couple of minutes. Aren't -- directive that out west Tom's not here he told us you can just let it be known who was he addressing those words to on the bench the other day. Or are you gonna get you right there. -- Yeah. -- directors towards towards me and beyond a little -- You know we're giving -- time by his knee was down and out we didn't know used on on the bench over there to better. Did it -- about him and -- America on the field because he was down and so I that we talked about how. You know I think McConnell led a moment where you know we're just trying to you know. John back or something like that. -- -- he comes off field value comes off the field you guys are busting his balls about not kitten and so what we call was not him yelling at buffalo that was single packet. You and -- for busted him up a little bit. -- such as you know all American sport then there each other part time and everything like move. And it is it is pretty funny. That they caught that that moment. -- -- -- the Cam Newton on next thing you know -- evil style Tom Brady don't normally see that out of him -- -- that. That's far easier Tom Brady's done any guys who -- it through one of the game's big game for everybody but I'm sure it doesn't surprise -- at this point seen him at react like that. Yeah I mean is emotional guy and a great player and the -- -- saying out there and and you know he's he's. It did a lot of great things and even had a rushing touchdown which. -- I'm still I'm still not that there on that it meant you looked out of their. But a breakdown yesterday's conversation but people call the SEC. You get Wes Welker involved and its offense he puts up 52 points. That if a good after the game not to address your situation playing time with this team. Yeah I know it did community if you could go out there and play well and and you can get things and and you know and -- ultimately. So that's that's that's going to be back to him and you know look we're going to came in and and and there's some good things out there before. You talked just couple weeks ago and your knowledge that you know after week to may be -- the week of practice leading up to that game. You may be recognized that you might not be as much a part of the offense that's changed your last couple weeks you feel like the injuries on this team west of have put you back in a spot you're used to on this offense is one of the focal points. Yeah I -- united I'm sure it's multiple -- saying. You know yeah I mean -- -- -- another -- out step by Upton and make plays and make sure that. No we're cheaper and keep everything moving in an amicable split mr. Kristol in the game and and in our structure and try to do my job then and a little local search for a world. You know there was a point in -- game this past Sunday were a lot patriots -- set density will what is going on you know Wes Welker doesn't fumble -- doesn't fumble. Is -- he's missing a couple of field goals what was it like in the locker would have done. Yeah I think we all this deadly -- to each other and then you know there are places that we get a coupon fight them and keep on playing independently each other note that. Were caught them make some plays and you know that's absolutely you know and have done that we want suddenly even at the -- the second half and and you know we knew it just kind of north it's at what point you know you utilities that no one in three. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- No luckily we're able they've come up in the second half and they'll put the capital or that we go week to play in. And you know or counselors. Part of that second half was -- Tom -- back in the shotgun and getting Yule ball early and series we were in studio yesterday Gillette which were brown he called you the drive starter. He said that when the patriots go to you early and drive his opinion is that you always seem to make positive things happen in the offense can revolve around that. Do you take pride in that west being a guy that can spark a drive by making a catch -- play early in the possession. Luke you know nor do I do. You know I I borrowed -- -- and drives and -- You know is that -- really kick in then and everything like that then. And you know you want to try and in the except that first play withdraw troops to kind -- thing going and and reaching that do a lot better going to -- church first there. And you know I understand that you know what I thought they're -- and try to make up slate attracted it's going to discarded them. And -- make a play and loyal to play a digital won't let it fuel them and ultimately scored it that's electrical president. What some wondered if you seen this pitcher Brandon Lloyd and a touchdown catch all of the unit right now where. He makes an amazing catches leap in year looks like he's just smiling at the camera mean literally he looks like he's posing for a photo of CNET pitching yet. I bit and it is pretty straight from Serbia. Opinion on our. And our facility here tomorrow so -- major associate there as well let. Yeah because it always always smiling no advocate I mean to a slow all of them. And that's been brought your dog that he can smile and urged all of us. -- you've seen in the pre season Audi a four games under his belt here we see some amazing catches -- acrobatic catch is getting his feet down on the sidelines. What would you see from a -- Brandon Lloyd earlier on the year. Yes no he's he's he's been such great addition torque little. Not only play you know that should be apparently gave away competes and and does all those saying you -- just integrated this year -- And -- you know that the catches that he made. Then you know phenomenal. You know I would just like to have one of those catches. You still release will depart today. It's been pretty crazy that he does such a great job of that quick and baked play it's warm welcome -- a lot of lot of people out there would be a political play. What you you've made some of those -- we've seen -- make some of those that Brandon makes including that that's that back shoulder catch that the east thrown a branding quite a bit on the sidelines and that's him like a chemistry thing west and how how rare is that that after a pre season of four games -- a wide receiver and quarterback in your experience. You get that sort of chemistry now that the back shoulder sideline catch looks to be -- routine but something in the playbook for those two guys right now. Yeah well I mean at some movies work on -- -- I don't know what time so you know you'd -- you'd find somebody that. That just yet knows you know how the quarterback -- little flavor and Howard what they've done it and you know some people get it right away so people takes time and embryo or those guys who do is get you've got it right away and he is able that is. Understand that make it happen. You know you mr. before -- like Peyton Manning coming here not want to be one and three guys sit to a two they have a big win against open or he just looks like you Peyton Manning a volt. Is that some as a wide receiver -- you've played with Tom Brady for awhile when you sit on the silence and watching him you. To see a lot of the similar things take control the line of scrimmage just from got a big man. It's literally at the guy you know the -- Nichols called C does all this stuff from. Think it's just came right right play and -- slowly they're live all that shielded and -- something -- that. Don't be eased in such a great player that some very they have them and we're between Everett and schools in all the Sunday. You're joining us here today talks and book all the also talk about. What your part of here that's Dick's Sporting Goods teaming up in promoting. National Breast Cancer Awareness Month were people go to the Dick's website the by the pinky that you guys are gonna Wear. Odd during the game started them last night I guess the -- FaceBook page as well west so people can go they are getting ball with this thing. Yeah absolutely. They actually have let -- -- called in the strip in which looks very -- initiative that there that there during the to get people to support breast cancer awareness of the and they're donating. Or 2000 dollars to the national breast cancer foundation. And you know there are secret and also -- -- -- community who can actually buy. The complete and gloves and -- failed to everything else that six or Ringo Starr called him and you know it's great for them -- -- this initiative. And there really help this -- -- and also prevalent coronation. If you plan -- gonna Wear some of the pink gear against the Broncos on Sunday. I absolutely and -- likely to. Isn't all that stuff or. You can check it out -- -- FaceBook page download the endless ribbon app and also Dick's Sporting Goods dot com. The -- the pick your players be wearing in October the entire month long with the National Football League. He's Wes Welker joining us west's best luck against Denver will talk you down the road. All right thank you very much -- really appreciate that. -- -- Wes Welker joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE was speeds up to ten times faster than three G. It's AT&T rethink possible and -- beat. The injuries are part of what. I think has gotten west back involved the offense. You know there there is plenty of people wanna say you guys radiates. West was always apart -- jump the gun on Wes Welker and where it fits in the patriot offense. I don't know up until Jewish gentlemen got hurt -- Hernandez got hurt as a group. I'm not sure west would have been as involved he wants I think it's a good thing for the patriots by the way. I think he's the best receiver I think you should be involved in this offense we were shocked about what you saw in the first week plus this patriots season. And what he brings in terms of matching up of linebackers and cornerbacks and safeties one on one look. You saw one of the plays against the bills started driving the second out this past week you already gets that was Wilson. He just gets him in a one on one situation drives down the field eight yards turned left Wilson just can't. He's too quick and so west catch the ball on the sidelines scampered for four more yards all the sudden. It's a twelve are played -- on your way. I understand an -- is a young guy you make some plays and Hernandez is a versatile player. Just thinking got to feature what's that we saw buffalo but when you to be at their. Happily that Texas -- story and that's been in local media overreacted at this Wes Welker thing of people yes they sent off you guys are all wrong about west -- -- now he's involved. I don't get that because all you -- it was six years say he needs to get more involved. And you understand why -- and it was involved the -- he is getting involved as back to back 100 yard reception that put up 52 point to put up thirty against Baltimore. You could sit there and say yeah well people that was screaming from the play more aptly write. Were actually right. Another a lot of reverse a -- Brady mcdaniels and even Welker talk about -- the black and Brady said as with DNC last year we -- to three different guys really was crawled was. Welker and that was the offense. We need to be more -- -- spread this thing out DL with the other guy involved. I understand that but at the push Welker out sort of that main role. That part doesn't make sensible see what Josh does when these guys come back -- like settlement and Hernandez talking now like an important part of this team. We hope west is still a focal point when need to get him back. We'll talk to Matt Chatham -- that top of the hour we'll talk to you coming up next we start with David Ortiz today. -- his comments about wanting a two year deal. You wanna go to years with David Ortiz 6177790850. Your phone calls --

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