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NFL Power Rankings, Week 5: Patriots jump up one spot

Oct 2, 2012|

Mut, Merloni, and Zarbano discuss the latest edition of the WEEI NFL Power Rankings and take a look at the top ranked teams.

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-- power rankings courtesy of Sports Radio WEEI's website maybe you're familiar with the WEEI dot com we don't tell you about that -- that are all round here. -- -- are bought our producer as the power rankings every single week. He's breaking it down for you and talent in this. Week for ratings have -- Same order 12345. More rain gel could just switch it up to give us some of the talk about here is they'll let all the teams will top five. Ravens they have five Packers -- -- mix things up here just make it 49ers stay at three Texas State to falcons they want. Okay the kind of quiet week there at the top. Cardinals went from six a seven to six their form now patriots have eight to seven. Broncos went from 98 fell out of -- go all the giants spell out. There were six there around 11012. Against NFC east Eli the terrible pick in the red zone costs on Sunday night. The -- Europe power rankings at the same you guys but the Texans no wonder it's. Not no problem -- no problem doing it did off not to played a pretty decent schedule whatever it is that -- -- doesn't matter doesn't matter 49ers -- on the road and I uses. -- -- the State's game at -- they similar laws. What team I was here -- we had him was at the -- the -- last night we had -- cowboys ahead of eleventh last week -- only fourteen drop down fourteenth. What what I held within the angle is but I won the draw it will do you have this done before the game. Oh god no wish to -- that it has got to be a I would agree that in neutral site right now which take -- the cowboys went Bengals. Neutral site cowboys -- awful neutral site -- go there all of us that weren't neutral site cowboys or vikings. Outside the the vikings neutral site cowboys C -- the cowboys are messer I'm equality to say no -- Seahawks neutral site Seattle's yet most I don't know what the hell they are at home and away. -- -- -- About Redskins are smoked a once in a actually embarrassed them up in their place that's the only one dropping down behind Cincinnati Minnesota I could do I can do that I was just I mean five interceptions for the love of god Tony Romo. I mean and insignia hyping yup and talking about not that bad. But what the hell was that last night. Really five picks Tony Romo the most excite the most dazzling quarterback in the world according to -- wasn't like you don't get past him what she could Obama at the new inception it was just bad decision. It was ugly. Is lose your quarterback after week when he wanted to draftsman. As a football -- thank you Michael -- how that worked out for you own for -- team at low score this week has rumbled -- -- -- minus ten and picks gosh darn it and finally at the old Culp was -- stinky number 32. Cleveland Browns known for his brain -- the comment from -- -- -- -- we both the basketball. Greg Little kick it to -- on the -- wise injured Josh gives ideal for awhile thick brutal hit from -- In with the receivers there -- Cleveland -- point bodily wean the dirty little. As a rookie quarterback. Got the right team at number thirty -- chicken all the air power rankings WE yeah dot com a final follow up on the clubhouse conversation.

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