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Jim Duquette, Former Mets GM, on the possibility of John Farrell managing the Red Sox

Oct 2, 2012|

Jim Duquette joins Mut and Merloni to discuss the possibility of John Farrell managing the Red Sox and what it would take to bring him from Toronto.

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Back Janet Mott and -- not -- three point seven WEEI a couple of days left in the baseball season a lot of questions for the Red Sox. Once this regular season is over the GM of the showed Jim Duquette former GM of the -- earmark power Alley MLB radio. Joining us on the AT&T hotline Jim my little Oreo. Give it a little lower -- thick strap me up I always appreciate it. -- it let's go back to your tweet from Monday causing a lot of us these two not eyebrows -- but some confirmation of what we have heard. Jon Farrell's got a year left on his deal at Toronto you said on your tweet not sure he's going to be back that he wants to be in Boston. How likely do you think it is the Jon -- the next manager the Boston Red Sox. Well it's their physical things -- have to get it worked out obviously in and you guys -- but put one would be -- compensation and you know. I know what juncture -- as you know I know it out about says. Publicly but there is behind the scenes and the that we hear whispers. But it's gotten stronger here in the last week or two weeks that there relationship did not get its restraint in and so the question we I don't know how anybody knows -- it's. And unworkable want -- -- now. Unsubstantiated. That go to a huge -- Herbert supposedly went -- -- is that I'm not an ex linebacker Mike Patrick stop that in the next year I don't know. And I don't ultimately know other than John Farrell Alex no that's the truth and right. It's -- been announced. Disagreement over personnel issues. In my opinion from what that so -- -- -- what happens you know it happens all the time between managers in state disagree over personal decision. But this is the end. Beyond that and -- the question is he is unworkable out there or not I don't that I don't know but I in my. It's you know it's even if I would say it didn't skip he just heated seat that he be allowed to get out of this country and go to. Did you ever offered the same thing that makes it curious on as far as compensation goes ballots and topless is not all in on John Ferrell like how. Apart as you push it means something what he doesn't work out an agreement the Red Sox they go to different direction millions of firing John Ferrell anyway. I hope we get fired. I really don't I think you know and when you listen to Alex and his public comments he says you know he wants -- -- duty consistency which is always what you want. In an organization. -- but but we. I think from that perspective. Yeah its editors say well what why wouldn't he wanted just that beside him in and I think from this standpoint. Is that the relationship is is the they're trying to win at any given that it may not think that it waited gender was the right guy for that job now we all that's the other thing we don't know. Alex does not want this type information out in the public well right because. If everybody starts the bill it is village Regina is a very good -- as leverage for what Egypt obviously in return from the outside so. Yeah I think those are all things that you know it's it's very difficult to know for sure. But you know from from Alex is being employed. He has got the keep this close in the past and I -- Any I really think that he would trade -- trail to the -- acts if there was spared if there -- you know he Astra -- that was a -- you know we all know that was a certain ruptured gas. But so it was you know put up part of not not a prospect that type of thing I think that would be more than fair I think that out so that at all. I -- the question is John Ferrell is -- the right guy I -- has really had success in Toronto let's I. I'd like him that that he possesses some qualities that this team needs maybe not Toronto but this team needs is he right fit in your. Well that's a great question though -- in. You know I heads you have watched you know I think actually it's some out there every day watching their games on a regular basis -- -- -- -- -- I have seen. Not where we're not that they're being questionable moves global might late in the game. You know these huge hurdle awful lot of thunder from. -- is not pretty good -- book you know -- -- up there and practice what he said recently about not holding their players accountable now now this skills that it recently now. So I know have been in the ball with teams that are losing. There are a lot of stuff that goes on behind the scene early debt that you try to address but but I do think that there are some underlying issues there that -- have been addressed. You know it in interrupt and out does that fit. In Boston. No I don't think you you you still have to -- that same account of the leak I think that number one thing is -- there's they're a trust. He knows he could get -- comedic I couldn't in the Boston. As that I know that an -- And -- to understand what he's up against when it comes to dealing with the media -- every -- carting out these firestorm speaks in this year from somebody and it into a comfort level -- and that's episodes it's not John -- and it's a -- treadmills or to -- our you know those typewritten and those were sent me are the ones that would fit that's going forward. Jim Duquette former GM of the Mets is joining us and the player decisions are going to be as important they have shed. Jimmy -- -- salary quarter of a billion dollars here in terms of off the books now. Going Ford and rebuilding David Ortiz is gonna be a major topic he wants a two year deal we spoke about yesterday with the media in New York. -- -- -- Red Sox he will wanna go to two years and got to be 37 years old was a DH in November. I would I think they almost have to have. You know I -- in look at it from two year era in just you and just you know feature for how he. It is you know how much a client and a -- bet he -- next year but. For me there. What one thing that it's I think overlooked in in Boston sometimes in the I know it was in New York. In Chile is the ability to handle that environment that the clearly you know it's -- -- discipline -- When you have someone that. That knows that placed. And and we saw what would the opposite in Carl Crawford in you know. And spit out. It would compete in Boston he get intimidated -- that and you see a lot you know it worksheet could play in boxing you know we can play at a high level. And even that it might be a slight overpay in here too. I do it and they should've done a lecture. Let's I agree the going to be this -- -- there's too many question marks the softens you need a middle of the order guy. The question is the two year deal he's come out and said you know this offseason will be different and he thinks it's going down the same road. Then he feels they don't want him anymore. I think it's gonna put on the same road Jim you know I think so I think it's a one year deal arbitration. May be an option. Yeah there's no question that when he goes out and perform and that's the thing I don't -- kind of money you make if you go to perform. You're still worth it but now that Achilles -- that raised some eyebrows he's still getting older. There's no doubt he's getting all right I mean if you look at -- similar -- injury is that say Ryan Howard. But -- we know. You know -- in at this certain -- -- -- it was not moving around well but I don't know you know it's not that there's not a career ending type of injury does. He will slow down yardage is slow but. Welcome I am solely actions I mean that -- actually there is some concern they would know better than most -- -- like but. And up for -- up fourteen you're gonna get a two year deal somewhere else if he doesn't get it at Boston there's plenty of people that are well this sailors and I'd love to see the guys that make up. His energy his bat in the line -- park -- middle the last stint so here's the other question surplus is if you if not Ortiz and who else. And drainage agility to game Mike Lee is a name I see out there that I love I think it's a guy committee here play first base DH. And -- right away what about Mike Napoli -- Iraqis. I lol I lover I think he can handle -- and being -- box and a lot expected he'd be there in you know in Boston hitting. -- if you're using that they'll go Walt. But but I would make him just solely -- major and -- -- and as it is you know it was a catcher first baseman and so what what apple. Why not -- end snapple and we do really you look at that laptop that they could use another hitter and they didn't we know for sure they need extra pitcher. Well puts a GM -- on again here and then the guy like Jacoby Ellsbury. Two scenarios you're -- the in the general manager that actually has Jacoby Ellsbury on your team -- -- -- -- monetary value on what this guy's worth long term it possibly an extension. And now your general manager's thinking about trading for a gallon Jacoby Ellsbury what do you give up what is Jacoby Ellsbury. I can't I mean to you. It's it's almost impossible that it didn't answer because he and he had abandoned in a lot again this year is two there's two ways to look at you sit well at least one year removed put up unbelievable MVP tight jeans or you look good safe. Still these two years about Lester he's been hurt and hasn't played very much insults. You know and I I think that's what most people will look at this that -- Europe look rather than that you know -- sitting -- looking so you know I think it's if you're. An opposing team I don't think you -- trade -- right now because you'll never yet. What is true value is in so you're better off taking him. 82 back. You kept Saddam because you know of course is gonna look for premium money back yup hope that he had a good first step in here it. And you take your chances maybe try to Reese kind of makes you picture not that. Trade import and note a couple of good prospects at the at that deadline next. -- lowest but the -- format the playoff actually just in baseball in general. As I understand as a fan in the interest people like as a former player I don't like it at all I guess I'd like it -- the cardinals. -- -- -- -- made the playoffs they really didn't deserve it but parliament member of the Atlanta Braves. I didn't make the playoffs you know I don't get a chance to lose a game and shall the next day it's. I'm not a big fan of this one game plan even on our fans it's great for cities but I think if you make it after 162 -- make it. Read that Liberia how are you want to tell you -- -- -- had a I thought I got back and forth with a group but the reason why I like it is it will watch and you need to -- and want one good reason why we've seen and we saw this that they can enact its. The American Media -- now with the Yankees are actually haven't played meaningful games because. He is not we try to get just healthy elected in a couple of years ago and take a while they want to win the division. They don't wanna be in that one one game -- a wild card. And soak up all the important part -- -- and and finally you know -- there's music -- separation but. But they actually kept playing these games you know down -- -- actually -- something to insult from me that is I think outweighs what you're saying they start in the -- I'd be -- -- what Chipper Jones said absolutely your they they've actually been there. You can -- the second best team in the national -- China and in so that fact that they play one game works. Doesn't really sit well for -- it's a home game. But yeah I I -- I like I like Baltimore the town that Baltimore now has actually changed in Oakland. I don't know we have those same opportunities for those to use it to what do the second wild -- just just you know again it's so hard that it's only one year to go to someone like my observation to. Jim will get -- on this you start with John Ferrell Jon -- here Bobby Valentine is out you work with Bobby. What's your expectation what his reaction be illegal public with his grievances. About how we fix this thing went down year one may be only here in Boston. You know it's a bigger question I had I figured I think that. Yeah I remember -- quick story so so we bring it to you know this is tenure. You are our owner says -- not the end speed so you guys are attached that this at. You are you know hear your states are tied to get. And there at the end dribble but decided that the fire by the picture of Steven body's response was. It wasn't like he was mad get by music what's it gets to stay meaning speed. He gets to stay active fires these states and in so there was debt deal cut there are some subtle comments like that that would come out in the press. You know I think you'll see some of that stuff but he won't be open -- a major blow this thing up but I do think that and you seem so it is. Is that you are ready come out. -- some of the medical -- is questions about the medical staff in particular that yet concerns about. That that those things that you I think you'll see come out you know whatever they make and. A busy playoff stretch and offseason -- Jim Duquette former GM of the match -- on power Alley MLB radio Jim as always. The best to talk to you and enjoy the playoffs coming up this week. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Jim Duquette joining us much -- 93 point seven W -- --

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