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Matt Chatham, Former Patriots LB, on Peyton Manning coming to town

Oct 2, 2012|

Matt Chatham offers great insight on what to expect when Peyton Manning and the Broncos come to town.

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Our till late Tuesday Butler not a 37 WEP I'll get to your phone calls at 6177790850. Toll free 888. 5250850. Well baseball football to start the Shelby -- back and forth fumble throughout. Juicy subjects. The dive into a ball here today. Football -- interest in going forward here not just week five in the National Football League starts on Thursday Ramsey cardinals but. And wanna know from a football guy Matt Chatham will talk to here and a second at defense the bills played that technical base and they date. Greg Bedard pointed at restarting middle linebacker to starting linebackers that didn't play until the fourth quarterbacking well on hand. Is that something that the patriots are gonna see in that we're gonna see is kind of like the norm going forward yeah I think you've already come so fast that it sentinel. -- like based packages like nickel as these days late teens passable -- took two linebackers output George Wilson a safety linebacker. Plates and small guys and the patriots chose to -- and they ran well and joining us on the eighteenth the -- the aforementioned Matt Chatham the Chatham report check it out today and Harold. That the nickel base that the bills ran -- in your opinion is back to become. The other day a new base for all defense is the National Football League because the league has become so pass happy the last three years. Well. You know he took what could be -- develop an elective plated but the one after the and so I think it's much more dependent upon what. What's thrown out there you're gonna report Bob receivers you amateurs but -- dramatically may have to go. Dying which is. It is another beauty -- the dollar which is aggressive works just book orders so both the sense that it's more the response type situation as much as anything but it. But the one thing that I would notice you know look at the -- Second Apple's six drives -- rural a lot of of that yardage shootout wasn't the situation is really -- -- -- the run of outcome a little. My little Christmas wish I guess when we were doing the pre season thinking it -- -- that it has the patriots this way. It just article small ball they need to establish and I and technical running game Madonna and I think they've got the personal there was. You're not not road graders pursuing in the off the sublime but it's pretty athletic -- the the match all of them well. And that's defensive night America or against this team I'm just wonder and buffalo just never seem to get out of it the death surprising. Yeah but I don't know what -- would you would you. You're back to base defense of me immediately -- you walk on the field with a 43 lineup and they've got. Eleven personnel in the pocket and go right back the other birds of the air the tough situations. It's just or an excuse this year than than personal matching I think we're pretty much of a point where that's just novel but just concede. You gotta be in that now did your Rushmore yet. To try to pressure you were burned in that situation as well I think it's -- Much less so. Personnel thing or you know an execution things and emotional when it seemed like -- -- they're out of them. Which I think the first position group would see that effect that the -- structures. It looked to be deflated I mean after not getting home and doing record here in the outfield. It looked like here with so you could throw whatever. Like. Are you watch this film we watch the coaches tape it's available Wednesday -- then fell rewind and you found out a year explanation yet -- why the hell Mario Williams. Was invisible throughout that game as he does not. Worth the hundred million dollars are expected to be much more active what did you see from him in that game. No you don't want you. He's disruptive but be perfectly confident I didn't zeroing in on him a lot adjusted. Shook my game were you on Monday but the TV -- are still see him get some pressure. But the issue being if you got it usually performers from the other three to make him stand out because you have the ability to sort of turn turn the defense the one. It's pretty tough I think it as much as him not getting home Kyle Williams didn't really have the destructive game that usually has. And Paul Thomas had a phenomenal game against those serious you actually watch. Some of the that third after for the third quarter drive when it was sort of rambled children and it would it would. Don't from a hit various. Amount of feel about particular drug. And and recovering that up in relation to Mark Williams is when you start being able single other guys who generally require more -- You can send them back -- you can send the slide of the offensive line that they're supposed number one guy. When -- will do that you know it's great so you know but I didn't see more Anderson get a lot of this game yet he's been pretty after the last few weeks. Crist helped Seattle you know without hearing and a lot of reporters and and so. They did an overall job in -- process of the world. Great offensive mind to me they get the game ball we will -- make it's our duty to make the trip. And -- start -- -- -- that guy shifted around depth to me is still a concern but those guys were -- said those guys were outstanding will focus on a running back but. What do you think when you're Logan Mankins to even make the trip was the concern even with you. Now I think. Well I I guess here's marked the first question masses when they realized it was a double play so. The concern would be not so much that they have a personal about -- but it don't pump he would play. And nick McDonald can can jump in there as well but. My question would be more to the department -- -- to not just -- the place. You know the issues are highlighted the last few weeks would have been breakdown although the commendable is usually twists and games inside -- playing next to a guy you not know -- That was the game with no practice. Is quite a bit so. In the thing about it don't promises extracurricular reps at right guard you know when when Connolly at -- and so. You Olympic extras you kind of have to be when you play that -- -- Soros spokesman Roy just of this team or the -- -- -- the other side and that have not maybe work with -- that much. That would be more concerned bode well I enjoyed watching was. You know -- adult -- -- have Donald. One remember you between -- and markets and the leaders of the game but because of the fact. We're making an argument that and the -- -- it looked like one of those games but maybe they haven't played together with and they just both Lewis. They got that same -- -- -- -- on that drive that the driver -- to the point 17 driver the came -- -- has two huge plays with the that would have put. On wood -- touchdown. It was the same fact let me play that you'd seen on that trouble was early season. Now with another guy on the other side of the ball we got his work with and they and they got a perfectly so picking that up and that was an extremely long -- -- constant -- -- so. They're both have -- over the keys against. -- this yesterday threw for for guys like Logan Mankins to miss a game I wonder what kind injury would take right and -- this. This is a guy that we heard last year played an ACL is there concern move forward in Munich. How or Kevin on our for the part about this on Sunday at its efficiency now. There's sort of like bad injuries -- them you know. Denigrating welcome cultures. -- -- back up and not be popular but it's funny it just happens you can explain why but. In the NFL there tend to be sort of these injuries in the common insert your -- quickly you know there are a lot of people. Popular vote -- I don't know what I would be my remember when I was playing you know what you hear. Truck or some sort -- this present them sort of like what injury was like -- -- -- trivial I have no -- I can explain why isn't what. Hip is just kind of one of those balls were in the it's a tough injury -- could quite frankly communal and could mean. Pull anything in the hip region where you got -- through structural when we don't even know what it's. Not -- not here hysteria so you know -- -- -- he backed out there are some but I -- This -- will be. It terms a defense decided that Matt how much different is what they're asking Rob Ninkovich -- do this year may played a lot of I guess -- 340 was an outside guy and their plane. Bordal -- this year as you look at it as ago played some linebacker. Is what he's doing now what he's asked to be doing now a lot different than what he was asked to do last year for the patriot defense. Yeah I don't know what it is. In nickel metal because he was in the -- in nickel last year or so when -- was four -- -- that he was doing that. I think if you check the Mike -- Snap count work they've they've slipped back a little more word nickel and recorded -- -- bounce of the 6040 maybe 55. We're reflect a range so that part of the role is basically the same. One on regular defense in the other half of the amount. You know he's he's got him -- is -- a little heavier I think you're trying to look for other comparable. When. Horror. We definitely heavier than Rosey Colvin. Braves usually played in the mid fifties what could carry 65 you'll have to -- was bigger point 75 so. He's in the nominee who mid fifties myself well. What kind of that same body type but with pop is on -- you're down. You know you're in the -- -- -- -- that apple right on you the title is 5067 pounds more than you. In nickel we're expecting it because you know it's generally passed which -- -- get forgotten if the guy in regular people the management app of the -- block -- them. I'm blown off the ball accurately and so that's tough when you're -- when you looked up many many pounds but. Probably doing a great job of and one of the things that China probably just quickly in the column this morning was. Look like high powered down or moved it would hamstring of some sort of along. -- if that's the case. -- to -- as -- what's important component that -- at the rule which flies in the -- -- -- places and things don't change much during the event that they had to stand him up this week. Because -- -- the drop off to whoever the backup samples would be too far. You can just simply flat rock back and play off the ball as -- -- linebacker and Cunningham has played pretty good. Pretty good job intermittently throughout these Europeans bought them from doctors -- also. They have options and I think governor -- there was -- the flexibility is really going to. We need to thoughts on the secondary no safety playmate was one thing you looked dead and maybe that wasn't great our national Ras I Dowling did everything that this guy I was going to be a huge impact of the secondary. Yeah I think this is the Jermaine Cunningham conversation actually in all you know just a different position. Lapses in the first year. Not when -- say that it wouldn't be good bad or otherwise some potential. Maybe a little bit of the disappearance senior who -- -- accord with the keys and so. You may have a couple of weeks of practice to put. Competence of the -- step back he's out there and think you're going swimmingly but. At this point it looks like it's not a step back it's just there's still that the music along look at him what. While mr. Moore doesn't doesn't generally pretty solid job so that that to -- that looks like the job he's sort of compute for a week to week basis. One thing that always sort of part of this calculus that you don't. Always fear that the -- especially if you're relying on broadcast -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- especially if you're -- -- -- -- third -- fourth quarter. How -- how good is probably -- -- as a by the governor or the cover guy tick off or is as a vice -- which is little the guys who. Hold up the other -- on punt coverage. Mean if you look at port that you know and actually with the gist of your role that were the fifth guy. That can be as much is determined to be independent of how we -- -- that I don't know and I have a what part of not and we haven't -- for a few -- and -- -- It's interesting how you know we made out of sight out of mind your -- Wallin. You know maybe you re emerges at the end of the season or next year we're all possible -- against the adjournment so. -- -- -- And all excited you were during the Peyton Manning sweepstakes of all the coverage that ESPN had a where Peyton Manning might it up cycle assume Matt the year crawling out of you're skin. -- pay -- account for 4 o'clock game and I'm not I'm curious how much she watched him. And what you think so far it's four games and it is Peyton Manning how close he is that a guy he was at its peak with the Indianapolis Colts. I've watched nothing that I've watched the highlights February yet independent on the up and more we dive in the general did deepened -- the one thing I can say. Is just reliance on most people's votes and some of the other breakdowns as being. They're the thankful in which to me it's just comparable right -- ill Illinois national Republican Monica alternative. Ramble off the name of the political but there are certain. I thought we appreciate -- here. But there are certain. Past concepts route concepts packages that go together that they run -- that's sort of you know a lot of and -- Feel like you did India on the mountain so I've heard that problem pictures -- -- -- into -- I would say there's definitely a personal drop off although there may be on the from what he's dealt with so maybe that's some of the issue but the -- -- guys out there too so I don't know optical look at what generally in the week. No real quick when you do look at some Peyton Manning film -- whatever you happen to look at what would be that some of the keys you would look at it would be arm strength deep ball. They had a -- that I've heard above that it has -- strikes down a little bit I don't know if that's the case but. You know. It is just more decisiveness have -- -- for endorsements from great. You know you gridiron is probably the one guy goalies you can afford to get a neck injury because you can throw the ball doesn't take facts so. You know you could probably the back on crutches and general because it's part of -- that operate in the pocket you had -- If he's going to be able ward hit because he's always had too good of the time -- the -- -- mobile out of hand now. If some velocity is gone and -- -- in the throughput at risk. That the crimes were I would think that might be a little more an issue due later in the -- You know Denver gets cold -- in -- -- You know there's going to be issues maybe were taking -- latency in the temperatures drop and maybe not having the on the ball. Which might be an issue but. You know I guide was fortunate enough third place in the group are when he was. 75 years or whatever the -- still out there on the ball and you know I've. I've heard varying reports I don't I don't would buy it maybe because got a little -- here either but I'm sure it's the one. -- Matt Chatham great insight is always get more great insight Boston Herald Boston Herald dot com the Chatham report out Tuesday's. And a look towards Denver later on the week on Friday get that there and get him on NFL Sundays as well Matt we appreciate it aborted the Tebow talk just for you we'll -- you next week. Have a great -- and guys Matt Chatham joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE. With speeds at the ten times faster than three GT AT&T rethink possible looking named Alice. Double talk football. He's not yelling at top ms. long's is -- on -- taking goes back a watches the film guy who played the game at the NFL level. I like about Matt yelling just a good conversation back and forth there's it's possible Illinois route. The history is going when it in the technical terms but we appreciate over here why does that happen other other places like fire bullets. Are 6177790850. Toll free 8885250850. Verizon cell phone. Pound WEEI it's a free call can text that's on the AT&T text line at 85850. Or your calls -- --

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