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What to do with David Ortiz: Pay him or let him go?

Oct 2, 2012|

D&C take on the issue of what the Red Sox will do in the offseason with David Ortiz and if he’s worth a big contract. They discuss what type of a contract the Sox will offer him, how important he’s been to the team, if he’s worth a big payday at his age, and how many games he’d actually play if they did resign him.

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If my math is correct and oftentimes it is not. David Ortiz has missed 71. The last 72 Red Sox games is that about right -- that number. 772. Red Sox game and you figure the 46 yeah 44 Wear them so without them. Would be ninety gains. You're about right right yeah yes and a lot of company to beat him back for one and then his his Achilles hurt again or not he went. -- two games remaining actually when he was talking to rob Bradford and others. Rob Bradford WE DI a dot com was pre game of the three games left ago. And the conversation of course as it always does when September turns into October turns to outlaw it. I want my money and -- Here's David examining. The past before we can look forward to the future historians say that's you must you must examine the past to understand the present and predict the future. Can't remember. I. When the season as though they get disconnected. For a bit. So the thing that we -- Iran and the way this season ended everything. But. -- what happens it was going home. You know I don't think it's how was the right guys that we mold fans. What we UN food you live. I would prisons things you can man. His SoHo was in town -- you know. And nobody it would guys like me was gonna be brought over. An arbitration case. So. Bottom -- it was -- -- was home. Some very good friend who made this season that it that it is gonna go on their benefit. And -- But I feel what's the big time. Prove that. Some time now -- the situation. Not all the decisions that we made the right one. So. Humans and we normally learn from our mistake. Hopefully that's the case here. Now if I'm wrong I'm trying to listen between the lines is he talking about the big signings. Of of Adrian Gonzalez and Crawford sometimes they did some things -- big mistakes. I think that they're safe and not -- Els shot and this is going to be. He and and coups or his agents talking point going forward yes. You pay money to people who can't play here who you don't know can play here and when they get here they definitely can't play here. And you will give David the honor and respect and the cash for somebody was movement move and it broke -- -- correct right. Which is. Irrelevant. Irrelevant. Things. Is what and and Ortiz I understand where -- come from he's trying to get a contract to your deal. What does that matter you made mistakes. In those guys you know obviously. One to -- media have done it here. Is that why you pay -- -- What you pay your guy because of what his market guy with a market dictates at least that's just posted to. I mean the Red Sox obviously they lost their way in recent years but in the case of David Ortiz. Why would you commit to -- Well I would say that in this particular case and off the reservation here I disagree with you I would give him a two year deal I wouldn't give him -- two year deal from whatever he wants but I would satisfy that two year deal. And not just because they hand out money Willy -- to John Lackey and Carl Crawford and Adrian Gonzalez and rectory and Daisuke Matsuzaka just all guys spit the bit at the all watch it it's not just because I get -- let me finish. There there are number 00 a lot of aspects in play here. The last one -- at the end is eight PR aspect of a guy who is one of the few people. Was likable and marketable on this baseball team -- I mean I guess Cody -- is a friendly little guy he's no David Ortiz that's the fifth or fourth dimension. This guy. Is a foundational element to restoring his baseball team to some sense of respectability. And -- -- given him a two year deal and I know that you probably think you have him over barrel because he wants to stay dirty -- wanna go somewhere else. You can give a million dollars more than whoever else pay money I understand that probably part of the negotiating process I think -- is such a unique case. As a foundational element to rebuild in this rubble. Of a baseball organization the PR aspect and the fact that he has proven he's done here I'd -- the first is before he got hurt. You on pace for 36 runs and a pretty solid base policy. And -- and a on the injured -- on the -- quite. It's almost like people are ignoring the fact that he. Blew out his Achilles and jargon in the second base and missed half the year. He's 37. In November at least. He's hurt. He's a big DH the idea that you. Hate him because he's a foundation. The last thing in the world he is he's an old guy on his last legs. Everyone likes -- he's a wonderful guy and ambassador and diplomat and all the wonderful things. You've rebuilt with -- injured DH that's what you rebuild itself. I'm originally you're absolutely it -- when it comes to winning the hearts of have you run and anybody in the last through three months would set anything positive about a Red Sox team. Who likes this Red Sox team who thinks it's a lovable team wants to go out and on Christmas in a week and by. Tickets the answer is no no no and no they are despised they are like they are ridiculed or score they are laughed at and they are. They are six and I didn't I am beyond that correct they are hoping it's not all -- crap doesn't matter. 69 -- because dale didn't like Republicans they want 69 to correct exactly they want 69 get the question is Tennessee 37 year old injured DH help you rebuild and win the. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And twenties maybe so hundreds while the game yet. Is good enough for you yet in the heart Yale of this he did here's the problem there they met they spent money on I don't care of the problem that doesn't matter -- talked about Gonzalez and Crawford spent money on stupid stuff. That didn't matter it didn't didn't do anything for the brand didn't do anything for the public relations didn't do for people's minds and arts council to invest in this team. Not just Lackey and and and and Crawford and Gonzales. Will there be more productive connection David Ortiz or Mike Napoli. I vote for Mike Napoli other things they've already available. Would you rather have Ortiz or nepalese UD HR David Ortiz seat that's insane he's he's old he's. -- Now Jerry's ice and what I. He's what 37 year old guys hurt or -- in December -- -- got five and a half months before him regularly he's getting hurt again. You know that you think he's going to be picked up next -- well I -- so I think Dustin -- is gonna get hurt again he just broke his finger I think Jacoby Ellsbury is gonna get hurt again he just -- the mysterious island urgent -- and -- everybody's gonna get hurt against David Brody again and again that's an -- the top -- of -- thirties picture up -- -- -- picture is the realm of baseball players. They break their -- they're done for the year they have a straight lap -- off and cricket -- net Jerry Robinson six months. Adrian is Alice doesn't miss games in on the and there are certain guys who play every day. And Ortiz would play every day if he could but this something happens when you get that age. You breakdown. He's breaking down the idea of you got a broken down DH and people wanna get -- multi year deal. Because he's such a great guy that you shouldn't he breaks down all the time I wouldn't give Ellsbury 150 million which is with the market will dictate at least according to Scott Boras in two years I would like who would pay him port I don't know would pay him money coming your stock keep the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and -- say -- -- next -- He has played himself into oblivion there's not that you have no option if in the Boston Red Sox. And it's that you find it. Just silly that we now talk about we need to build the credibility in the reputation in the image and all that. -- -- -- -- -- -- Baseball game right and you have to win the hearts and minds -- as a nation back to you out of a job that comes with winning. It's got to start well before you start winning some games you can't -- -- -- the -- people reinvested his baseball team emotionally and financially to come before that officials you fire Bobby Valentine to bring the right manager -- -- to -- their -- -- a player acquisition fine players are gonna -- up to promote people from -- and decide it's up -- -- he'll -- and David Ortiz is one that is -- losers mentality we need to get the importance to people -- -- much emotion involved -- -- the key here -- yeah. Great and emotional what they had to Carl -- they get the page and on. Daisuke -- Of them would. So I sort of was elected. He fails I think it would Bill Belichick. Signed Ortiz to a two year deal Bill Belichick is great football had -- -- -- -- absolutely not -- conference is -- well I think it's the playoffs everywhere delegation hasn't been brought right back as. And this is why the stupid. Deals multiyear deals that they have not been Smart if PR. The monster as Theo Epstein. Referred to dictates this signing it's a mistake if they do because well we've really got to do so we images taken a hit here. That's not you are counting for the back or suspecting or rejecting that -- do nothing for you as a baseball player I'm not a way to do that either -- -- by the way I think -- helped -- a man -- standpoint from a foundational standpoint from -- club. Art got up how standpoint taking up lots and boy Mel Brooks says he is generous with his time and his advice he's invited English -- to go to the medic and with him in the offseason did to talk about hitting. Those kinds of you know. Father -- son. Mentor type of things within the -- talk -- just said that middle class -- -- years he's been there all four years he's been in the -- -- work yet they keep surrounding it -- we have we have over the job as the sort of round you're a -- little ground DEA agents -- get good -- Clay Buchholz -- of the world if they -- into the standard the David Ortiz -- played the last three or four years they would have been in the playoffs if they. Sign him to a multiyear deal for the kind of money he wants and make him happy. It's the first big mistake of the rebuilding play I think to not do it would be the first big mistake about 6177790850. Offering number 8885250850. We'll talk to joke to a humble -- province to meet a pro sport slash next.

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