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Monday, October 1st Whiner Line

Oct 1, 2012|

Holley picked the Jets! Plus Bah-Ran-Don gets injured, and the birth of a new Kerry Byrne impersonator that we're all very fond of.

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My view -- -- music pressed and pressed the white -- these -- like ET TE Chris Cox. That's his discretion exercised. -- -- And now. -- airlines. They're running and up. They're not call off the dogs they're doing things that most teams don't do that and you have a level of football. But it's a good thing -- -- can I say that -- now how do I have to say they're not running and there's no such thing as running out of days. Ended up with it wanna begin in the third quarter they win the bottom tackle. WEEI. Warning airlines they set aside everything to worship -- he homers for this guide and believe me if it gets old it's a localized thing it's only happening here and by the way -- -- -- -- don't change the argument -- what -- on this program or any -- said. They take out all eleven dial 6177793535. -- we understand it you can't take out eleven guys on defense and eleven guys on offense we understand there's a 45 man roster we're talking about wholesale replacements and putting the second and third team in whiner line we understand all that don't try to read -- your argument to what you can't take -- guys -- eleven other guys didn't. Of course you can and now -- you can -- -- -- can change you can you can you can take your quarterback out you -- don't read don't -- I don't know large Maroney out even -- -- He won the winners it's. -- Don't we ninth whiner line give us funny and it kind of bothered them. -- Did you get eleven I really don't I didn't hear John great white didn't run different lines war. I. Personally I'd soccer -- I don't know what happened and is it. About them the good thing about both of them that was years ago. -- -- The only group strap them on the group parent to amnesty and it's in the national football you know Mike Adams is back from vacation at Wally world I would -- the city or talk all about it like -- capitalist. Don't talk to my key to why not. I am -- sent out emails to everybody don't talk to them because hitters now you know why you gone. He took control of the operation noticed that India over lenders and wins them all audience was anybody knows that. It's all fixed by about a little old phonetic he's trying to take everything that you. Works -- -- that Adam graves got a gunners are starting at the end of the I mean he did all my viewers that -- does it. If you want to -- its powered by HD WE -- what's available to drive on -- android Blackberry device -- Dubai AT&T. AT&T -- LTE was speeds up. Times faster than three GAT and T rethink possible blood Andy lets us -- and. -- -- when heck you could pick -- spot. -- -- But a frank -- be playing V won the game wild -- employee in game. Although I actually play. With the adults this is kiddie table they're still -- I think that the Yankees to win the division I did to them from everybody picked the extra space mission to stop it was seventeen that eighteen OK how many of you pick the Orioles -- Reagan turned ninety plus win does that does that they've been in the post season seventy last eighteen years yeah. Yeah Red Sox built quiet. At the -- and there are people out there think that -- waterboarding had all of them -- And that meant that I can't believe they've lost they've won fewer games this September than last September. I. -- possible. Hey Mike. The Yankees have to win all three of these to avoid that one game playing game. They're gonna lose sleep more get up until they're afraid the guys are so afraid of whether. And I never thought -- that protected draft pick ultimately get good data because that's the commander baba. Maybe watch that I have a parade. And Matt are you doing Bobby V segment Wednesday morning as we are at a real -- is -- -- or -- well that's just. Bodies -- adult she's already for next year that it expects to be back right why when it's -- that were recording for almost Wednesday for next year. Haven't picked out Ryder Cup team. That's pretty. And that meant John writers -- Chicago. You know about -- -- -- know but I do you want us what happened ahead and Steve and your big golf and how can I do watch the majors and that's about it and I agree that that to me -- some of the other stuff it. But I will tell you this the Ryder Cup and the way it's set up. I I'm ready it's T. Laughs it's great the emotions there you know the patriotism I wanted to do this more often every two years tomorrow would be special and yes it would have to do. That we -- the right track back from now -- exactly Ryder Cup. Can't we got another panic Bob I think it's not a big deal availability because -- -- in and out we need to have a router -- good. All that deep in the -- And they do have an Arab. Parliament. We don't and I try to cut back Beckett again about the patriots become an overnight but. And there's got to be somewhere in here it's -- be it John Ryder. And John John Ryder Cup there's something are you version every time I is -- Mikey kicks him every night in the balls. I worked in eighteen hour day before that you know you didn't hit it really well. I bet they'd probably -- not -- all right we've had a court heard yesterday. And I got all blow on the Ryder Cup what a preview. And that meant about outlets that let's actually wanted to sudden. -- -- Wake up. Now having the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know but -- can't go. On -- I think. And that message he's the perfect guy when you have the biggest joke you know what can golf history or since Brookline. It's a perfect right about it yeah no question it's -- -- -- -- -- it hit it. I guess what side effects from government group and our partners medication. But -- crying. Why. Hey bill -- problems are now out at a normal hour. And a message. -- those moves. -- well did well. That would create a lot he's happy -- good but it's not like I'm really. Yeah every debate every. I reported that the guards. And that message. Subsided. I've got my few people out there and particularly I got my AD now and pictures. -- bad article. Well for quite active jobs and. Everybody else operation secret but. Don't let -- what the heck out in the camp what was I -- -- He called them back. -- but you know this has had. And the vacuum PG. All are -- yeah. Don't you know this unit. They don't want to know what I do and at the minute I thought -- I was you know it was quite I've -- walk up. And don't -- -- as professionals but added descriptions and that would not be fun event. And it's still watch RBIs related words. Did have time in school. Guys that he had Bill Belichick interview and I've edited out all the questions and all of bill and then. And it could try to come up with. Got back. And that is that laws edge to get that -- in the I've not been burned -- -- and oh yeah this -- quote. All right up there George W. Bush and mission accomplished and that it is. I wanna say it is very clearly. They hate their coach but. Then. They got critical element but what are crowded -- -- you know and undaunted. Caught on talk about. And -- -- put out and got the public -- I can't I can't I don't OK I am but Condit appeared I can't count back okay. I got up and Monica and quite. But I. And that message. So working -- -- wrong Cris -- back and programs you can -- stork we cannot be with us this week and I'll hot -- -- contents. But the voice is it tough voice again right out of you gotta be able to get a Cris Carter personally it was a hard. The apple world are good but good better and help my bad that they bought to have. Unreality now active and I'm I'm going to be a bit but I was seven you. And that. I can see that that's an idea what could -- CBR two with no real and of course all sure. Exactly practical about the pop back dot com and Barack Harry what about the importance of the typical organic -- predict the outcome. That's an example. All about the technical. The cold -- support that navigator. You'll hats and can't appointment and I -- -- good vantage point. Three Tampa part of they haven't got my -- Kids that I needed to quote I would panic about it's about. And the -- game -- because -- the that it LL. All about and yeah. It's all. Looking forward and it. Winning at about it is can't breath caught up I. And that's the accused of that it's phenomenal yeah. It was a little -- -- the crappy cell phone to get sick of the for a moment. When you come up with -- imitator of these guys are my concept is next the real Jerry burns unfortunately epic that is kind of rebel keep going answer that was -- those great. And importantly. I just figured -- why you hate Aaron Rodgers all big. The truth -- in the window you'll want to read. Yeah. Wow -- and -- that it is obnoxious. -- -- and -- yesterday yeah it's built predicted that -- got a good look good football. -- -- And this is not this is not gonna get pretty for a all right this is gonna really get no positive nothing -- -- just a couple of breaks. What Zetterberg right there in the game that this year it was a route -- Houston Santonio Holmes could expect from us again. -- -- yet have a ticket to get in the game I mean what what you think it. -- advance exactly and can't wait. And. And that match. Well input Revis on the on the IR and you probably haven't put -- on the IR you know why because they wanna keep the fans like he's gonna come back out. Yeah I have had a big -- definitely. But if there weren't a lot of back and the government put have a back at last are back and. And that the which is certainly more risk than the worst. But yeah so what bothers -- yes yeah I would I act act that I. And yeah. And yeah. I haven't. To get -- to get rid of the bags are happy. Again I don't know I didn't. Crazy and -- That. The room. And that -- has been the flavor flavor I was very has had bad. Hey debate and yeah it. Well not well but why aren't -- -- -- you know. That's why don't pay particular. And that tells CNN that that was our alarmingly loud and using my last -- it was on the believable. That he ran into his own teammate. I'll tyranny on the field and couldn't he couldn't play. Hey what do -- do care about you know applaud our grant him hey hey -- adopt our. And it. I -- and I got -- yet that it creek and I'm not -- and I'm not solid. And catch -- on crack -- -- that robotic and and that's why are you. Right and a lot. I was good and articulate but. Why read about this whole wide gap I had an owner hat and call my. And why it. I get out however that -- like that I -- a RYY yeah it does -- -- And then had to go -- and -- -- -- -- -- I'm not burn one down arms and I echoed look at. Bennett but is that contact Matt that you better not come out -- -- patented and I'm not Matt white cap on what I got there. I would bet. I want. You can't borrow and -- the pot and. And that is your idol apart by AT&T AT&T forgy LTE speeds up to ten times faster than three GAT and T rethink possible.

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