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Holley picked the Jets (to beat the 49ers)! HOLLEY PICKED THE JETS!

Oct 1, 2012|

We bust Michael's balls about the worst football pick of the season (so far). Glenn gets to gloat a little too.

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Welcome back to -- sports -- my name is today's big -- there with my -- -- -- England and Norway were talking jets' forty. -- -- -- you gamblers don't parent I'm giving you this one thank me later the jets are going to be San Francisco and there's no. We have married all the way what you drive San Francisco well -- -- break. -- -- he has on Sunday. -- limit your prediction normally you couldn't me. You could not be. They were wrong and she got talent everywhere and Meghann and knowing whom. New York Jets. On I don't know. To go to three and one of them whom we got this tension amongst the pack is today I am telling you they will do reports and -- and businesses. Destroy them I think the general of the values to -- my prediction. Jets will have difficulty putting 7UP on the board. Right Ryder Cup except in this state don't always apparently got the US today. Worst part about it is -- a text in the second half and making accurately for Molly. While he's gone and trying to find this jets' forty United's game today is your -- -- can't find any of the game that the oak Glen I was so focused on. Girls it just so we're talking about Herman who really want to talk about the jets. -- is so focused on the new English and -- little tip for you Campbell and I'm giving this one thank me later. It's going to be fair -- an ice pick -- hole. -- -- -- -- -- I'm thinking you Michael and I'm not against you next week -- so let's go to -- -- do the same thing or come close to it next week and jets -- jets are dead because that game was postponed due to weather when -- guy -- wanted to -- -- some -- while Israel was postponed. -- another forty -- touched him. Because they got the ball to the five yard line with two minutes ago they could have that score up and got it up to 41 they decided on taking -- okay. Teachable moment three times teachable moment -- teachable moment to moment. -- Don't like me. If that's what it got I told you artwork is easiest. Over the weekend may -- of the season -- the easy and I. San Francisco will obliterate that -- on Sunday. Caught up -- a moment I don't know that was meeting today with -- -- I don't know what was something took over my brain is old and I started to -- here's a teachable moment. When you really wouldn't commit to something. That's wrong. You have to know you'd have to know you're going down that road you have to stop yourself from going into deep to happen. I've started to believe. That's the check is going to be separate Cisco it even affected fantasy football team I have the shippers just don't think it's. I hope that's. What I. -- at all of what is your project go deep cut their lows to the -- Fantasy team if you do what you did the first thing. A lot of weight to your plain mean if -- roster ones. Unless you're giants kicker it's Dallas kicker that's fifteen point one. -- that's. Digits of all sorts. Of issues that are. New York -- On other. To go to three and one well. Which I mean because you when you something you when putting this you were totally. -- It is correct it's exposed. To the niners. One of the teams in the league off of the loss in the sell -- You. -- it was over the next big huge. At least double the it's the arts. Are about to score. -- And they lose they lose homes as well there's. The phone calls. But I don't want -- -- it. Now. Others. That you can certainly you should.

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