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A tale of two halves: How the Patriots adjusted to dominate the 2nd half and beat the Bills

Oct 1, 2012|

We talk football on the day after the Patriots had a dominant second half to embarrass the Bills in their own house. We break it all down and get in to the nuts and bolts of why the Patriots won in the way that they did.

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Duchy of -- great today about the patriots absolutely. Beaming today but your favorite. Early in the third quarter they were down 21 to seven remember you feel of the or just throw up against the TV gets the ball. You'll feel when it was 21 to seven in the third quarter -- remember to check Twitter. Noticed some of these answers can be as questions can be answered. I'm looking at Twitter that's really be Dallas street that's why I do not tweet during the game I refuse to. Because you look like a total able. If you start something in the first quarter and -- engine especially with football. Team user trying to do one thing in the first quarter. -- that other team up wrecked later on in the -- so you look like a fool if you sit there and tried to respond to what you're seeing early on in the game. But I did see -- -- -- I did follow some of the the ongoing a chance that we're going to want and they were hysterical. Arsenic hysterical you know I said you know at the risk of sound like Mike for accessing here about -- That's not to say that. Why does get a -- Kick off. Did you bloody people. -- words we're talking bear -- ringing incessantly. During the game and I'd like shouldn't be on turn it off just a friend now. Among the -- -- even at eight bear so that's a chicken and some chips and talk to your buddy or your buddies could play. All because if you do that you're right it stays within the confines of four walls and you're your your whole war. And got some of our own guys that -- number. Tags off. It kind of calmed down. It's football it's a long game but going evil of the game is over. I I think people are going a little report originally start with us. On the offensive line. The offensive line for the New England Patriots did what they had to do in that game yesterday without Logan Mankins. But they did it. Against a team. That didn't I don't kill yourself you can give me the names all you to your name Gary -- you can give me Kyle Williams. You can Mario Mario Williams maybe the most overplayed. A paid player in the National Football League so far through four games this year and in the case the rest of his career it might -- course. -- -- Com let's talk to your fifty million dollars guaranteed yes always the most over under I don't care -- finish this season. He finishes this season with seventeen sacks. Probably the most overpaid player and and Mark Anderson who you hurt you you correctly pointed out last year. Perfect -- in the perfect situation in a New England Patriots system in which is numbers were vastly inflated. -- I'm not a much in this now. I should just last week you heard me say this last week the front four could be exploited for buffalo. Vastly overrated you could run the football against them and they're not gonna apply enough pressure. Within a future hall of fame quarterback to really disrupted. So let's not get carried -- about the offensive -- that don't get me wrong they did what they had to do yesterday under those conditions may be a little bit different. Against state a Denver team that -- people like Miller. People like -- that may be coming actually different angles this may be a lot more difficult for this offensive line but they did what it looked just a sexual Michael. Because I think there were a lot of things that was great Vince Wilfork and I want to begin that I am so amazed or so events I I I watched it in just done -- -- my hands and he put a game of the agents yesterday forget about the hits that we keep on pointing out that you -- you could hear. But he was dominant. Dominique is really great spikes had some -- not just the ones that we actually -- about the ball that it's unbelievable during the course of the game so up front. I thought they did a tremendous job you impressed. With that secondary or are they facing a quarterback out of -- simply not accurate look at those X. Yeah -- yeah I never try to figure out the old chicken or egg thing that is go at the results -- If if you come up with winners got the job done hazard to public attention to go to the -- last week. I was sitting here you know ripping. There ribbons in her written according just like everybody else and we are saying. According it wasn't as bad as it looked only get those you get of those completions against a good quarterback and it's a good receiver he couldn't stay with we just had now look at the result the result was that so this week. I'm not gonna say like pitted against Ryan Fitzpatrick and buffalo in the supporting pro ball. You come up with the picks you make the play is supposed to make you get credit -- -- to give credit OK would you make it an interesting point it probably for both teams is somewhere in between right so in other -- the result is the only thing that we see in the end. On the other hand yesterday he was given a couple gifts last week a -- yes and -- -- And didn't take advantage exactly. And Taylor falling down yeah and if you gifts that. Or lofted right up here from Joseph Flacco and guys can come up with they're falling down or just drop the ball in the court dropped the ball last week at a perfect interception. And -- went to the ground so the fact that he was able to catch the ball this week it's good because I'm shore. They were told by defensive coordinator Matt Patricia and defensive backs coach the defensive backs coach Josh -- You know will have footballs thrown -- you are right it's you'll have to catch the ball but they went over catching drills. Extra time. This weekend it probably -- they -- what happened last week they are last week in Beijing only history of this court records this year he broke throw the paltry. While it some you and I talked about this a lot on Friday. That this is what Ryan Fitzpatrick isn't meant it just unfold and on and on Sunday was exactly that still at -- which you mentioned last week. You mentioned that the vastly overrated for a yup and I don't understand why they're over -- if you look at these guys individually. You look at the areas it is terrific player Mario Williams now where the money but still a good player. Mark Anderson. Sporadic player got. Williamsburg. You know these guys got -- at least. Named -- -- Shepperd good decent linebacker but he maybe. He's right up there weren't very good. But how those guys combine. I was at a college -- Anderson. Look at the areas and you look at Mario Williams combined. For three tackles three so. Three guys threes well. Guys you know if it's a Georgia watching them last week against Cleveland. The Cleveland offensive line did a great job against them as well they didn't do much the difference one's. Yet rookie quarterback in Brandon -- and make some mistakes late -- -- -- -- Tom Brady's not going to make. Those same mistakes and that has a lot to do with -- I think this defense -- line. When you put them up against two -- quarterback the bill hassle though cause some problems you put him up against the Tom Brady that's not going to even but that's not even that. -- excuse form. -- Tom Brady threw the ball. 36 times. The red ball forty times yesterday -- patriots ran the ball forty times you can tell me you're defensive lineman. They are riding right at you -- -- eight games. Got to come up but some -- tackles. Understand that it tackles all at our football. Down. In situations many times have many opportunities and -- -- opportunities as a matter of fact it was kind of predictable after Ohio and the second half but the patriots were trying to do. Right -- you. And they were were begging you to stop on in the couldn't stop. -- Well you you're you're seeing more and more every week everybody is trying to play like the giants defense. And we've got four guys up front and will rush with four -- put seven back in coverage and nobody's going to be able to throw the football on us. I think it's quite interesting -- run the football right I think right I think it's quite interesting to see what. Bill Belichick is doing and we'll ask him the question today. And I'm sure he won't necessarily. Give in and and give us the the precise answer but. What got me last week was that sound -- the only thing we got out of an NBC show turning point which is talking mcdaniels early in the second quarter and so we gotta run the football. -- kind of run the football more look what he did yesterday they're down -- 17 -- three minutes into the third quarter. What team when you're down two touchdowns certainly says you know I don't want to run the football. Teams in the National Football League down two touchdowns that late in the game start throwing the football did you need to catch up quickly. Here's the difference. I think bill is seeing a major change in the National Football League. And he's just saying screw it I'm going the other way because nobody -- based defense is anymore it's a waste of time talking about 4334 what do -- It's irrelevant. Because teams now coming up on first down Michael and bringing out five DB sixty -- nickel and dime early on in it into an account. To me what's happening right now is. Teams in the bills looking in at -- screw it. They play those little guys out there and chase our receivers find out what guys in coverage and it would just gonna run the ball against those four guys who think they're coming to break. OK that's fine. But if you're buffalo fan and many of you aren't most of -- -- buffalo fan aren't you concerned. About your daily concern yet you're not concerned that the patriots. Who ran the ball like they did yesterday. The bigger concern is that there wasn't any type of acknowledgment of what was happening OK if you're gonna continue to be out here. With personnel and their run and a -- that type of success don't you have to make a quick switch. You have to change a person now it took them. Are you thinking you'll school I started looking -- you do well the glory it was well -- affect -- not think that patriots it would onslaught okay. All the way down to just how to -- -- Malkin elderly down a -- now a -- and now it's a tie game. I think we may have to think that. Sports I think when you click -- I think. Running -- -- Bill Belichick is for real I think you're going to see all you want you can see what it does with play action opened up a -- play in the middle of the field which -- he was wide open. Because the linebacker bit on the play action certainly looked at and why not. They ran the ball to the other two times before that why not run the football and suddenly there's market behind him wide open in the safety lost out to. But I just think the bills looking at again today. And say everybody's playing nickel dime a -- on the football and we get the with a one of the best quarterbacks in the game of not being passed. It'll just open up play action forced him. I can use different guys back the -- shall never gonna Wear anybody down I mean bold and got a but I -- majority of the snaps yesterday and and looked terrific. Where BenJarvus green Ellis. Is right now struggling since I think I've always thank god and his two weeks in a row he's average temperature -- health watch and -- and I was so he wanted -- -- Power and he never did it here and he's averaging like raising 3.2 yards per carry. And you get to read it running backs here that are Arab ones averaging six and other loans averaging four a huge difference but I think Belichick is looking. At the changing of the game. And saying screw if you wanna do that I'm not gonna fight against the time -- all what the time. I'm gonna go on the opposite direction with a -- -- about the buffalo he said you know -- up awful things we don't have to worry about it. But. They they rushed Spiller back and you could see yesterday he really struggled the fumble. You could see that he was holding -- your shoulder a point yeah they rushed Jackson back why was scared desperate they need to win. So then -- end up losing according -- in the middle of the game -- the left tackle and they lost -- that their right guard. And it looks like both of those are severe injuries she and -- gonna be looking for -- to offensive lineman this week. Already you start to see where buffalo. Comes crashing down usually in the middle of the season because they don't have the depth out there he is starting to see the -- Probably did. I'm sure they welcomed both of those guys back both that are running backs but I think that's more -- about this more. Of a personal decision with you you give you were ready to get Spiller right yeah and credit. For wanted to be out there and get it Jackson credit from one got there because you know some guys even on good teams some guys. They just they don't wanna come -- don't wanna play hurt -- -- -- injured playing hurt right. And they wanna come back under 100% not one of those got a 100% yesterday they they they knew they could lead to the biggest and one the two biggest. The most predictable thing. Happened yesterday we talked about it on on Thursday -- Friday. It wasn't Spiller playing it was Spiller finished and again we do this -- someone -- begging them point to our shoulders and I. And you and I both agreed they didn't have a chance if either one of those guys were close to a 100% and as evident by the way they play they weren't close to a 100%. They didn't have a chance and again. I -- I don't know they just gave a big lead early and -- The reason they got. The lead early and -- -- not necessarily what I don't think would buffalo was was to the patriots were doomed to a fumbles two missed field goals which won't answer today because. I Gestapo yes -- it's innocent it's -- yet you're gonna start about it's -- it's just there's no question I thought Belichick brought them out there. For one specific reason that is try to get a little bit of the the confidence of had to -- We'll see -- it to work I will. Regret is that it's too bad we recently played the they're running an outline. From Dennis and Callahan they ran -- that -- perfect but today we're class how is that when. What they had to bring that baby -- couple weeks ago so the couple weeks ago okay. What Jerry -- Friday and Saturday that the American Ryder Cup we're we're running up the storm into one right up yesterday I didn't get to that as -- -- -- as a little aside to jail. We understood. 1142 left to play first after the bills that there's one that's out of the shotgun and he -- here's the snap throw discreet task. -- hammered by Wilfork and the ball falls incomplete wow that's a big man with a big hit Jones comes up a little shaky but he looks -- you stay in there. An incredible or mutilated him and he's. It's the big band that he can get going quickly in a hurry so it explosiveness to do that tackle with -- was -- And it. It isn't it. If you DVR the game yesterday just just go back and watch it again and just keep your eyes glued. To 75 feet. I can't believe he's ever had a better game. Said maybe equal games to that one but better game than that -- clog everything up daughter he'd change the entire temple got a bargain which one. AFC champ pretty damn good. Pretty damn good -- game that's okay educated it had more meaning obviously. The in this game though -- unpleasant being one in three out of the gate. He was. She can play goal line -- Clinical coming -- now it turns out. Well I was at that particular about what went seven turned up -- when he went that -- gone down if you -- -- yeah yeah -- it's got really got it right. But that was a huge play at that I keep on your -- able to get the second half -- of the -- there were great no they weren't first series was not. And then buffalo ended up score after that they walk up and everything seemed to change here's -- in not in Providence next appear in the big show and WEEI. Do you -- it. I don't. There -- Williams. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He's just trying to work his way into the Celtics is trying to figure out how I can make this team that needs you. Big time. Big time bad guy because reported -- ago always about -- Amber you got the important I think -- remember you. As fast as he would say you know. A game all week -- -- -- up. He -- they you know in the aid and supplies that you know each won their game I mean. It will -- little -- you know will be as a deterrent -- And six -- -- -- it would benefit from the run with it he went -- to pick it up well. On named Leo for the people older from the -- -- -- -- and but -- couldn't do it right in the you know. Yeah it's not surprised that beat buffalo we were talking about last week and it's just hard it's hard to. Have a great deal of fear fourteen. That you have beaten in a number of ways. It in the last really eight out of its last ten last twenty games. Look back I think it went seventeen of 1970s. -- last night -- the buffalo. So when you have had a kind of domination against the team is really. Difficult to go into games and man. We really respect what they do they don't respect to knock down those those gonna say oh we have great respect our right their great team they're well coached but it's not true. There's no way you can respected team that you all like that for ten. You know judgment courage of -- Fitzpatrick because at times. He looks pretty damn good. Why does he he's not flushed out of the pocket he runs -- of the -- get. On it -- on his own. For some reason he's not being driven out of the pocket he -- He will take the ball cable right out of pocket he will throw it on the rock I don't understand how -- I wouldn't do. -- tallest he's six. 362. That's it. That's the kids say whatever I don't know off the top -- at all that cancer out. -- is there any way he runs a pretty effectively he can run and he can throw on the run those aren't always accurate. Either in the pocket or. You know when he's that we scrambling. But I don't understand that. That why would you find your comfort level in the pocket and if you are being flushed out of the pocket of the defense is forcing you out you have the ability now. To run out of the pocket actually throw on the floor and get it. And that makes a point guard the lowest score what do let's say you are right here and go you guys I was pretty well -- -- what people who guide. -- Actually see it right to -- and I don't regards that's. What are you shake -- I don't know we'll keep notes until I remember what you said about that -- had a hell we'll give you that right now that was a record. Welcome to talk about materials to what you got -- also looked at Roland we're. -- cabinet that's discouraged is that a stoker's. Which. -- Tony. I'm Andy in Ireland that don't know what he calls it property is draft Greg is adequate food and those people are looking beyond yesterday. They want a gamer and -- I -- -- games what -- -- what you want an overtime all. Well did. I want one errors -- lot of factors are Derek let's -- I compared to what a little what does she had just happened -- really. Well what are other all of us and can I collect articles and it did RG three putting his team in position. To kick a field goal that he. And I didn't do. Enough -- would. -- to. And what other quick point. -- -- They want those numbers this weekend we're scary. They -- 45. Of 51. Scary here's Mike in Miami talking about the dolphins they might. I'm actually not talking manage all of them. -- -- well he he was but it was brought up Mike was in her mind. But yeah I'm. A little actually yesterday -- really one thing that assets was ecstatic Gilmore -- -- I think he actually kept them in the game somewhat. Otherwise -- -- seventy. So like 21 just -- based on the plays he made breaking up passes not at all of the gronkowski and their goalie union don't. Yeah I did make some nice plays he missed an easy interception though men yet that he's. He did -- a great job in coverage you know you look at it in the first play -- the first big play made just an outbreak in the past. Intended for Brandon Lloyd and a lot of guys. Are you know is that because a lot of guys. -- -- even experience corners we'll fall for that double move. And he did he stuck with the entire time really have really good coverage skills. A player. Australia. Out of they are against you -- -- shut down relating to our game until the end I don't Nokia's current element touchdown pass but that he. But he pretty much stay within the whole game I was impressed by him for you know impressed. Yeah he's pretty good. Things -- -- -- fairly -- and you know at Miami this butchery and a near absolute joke. -- outlets that I would -- with the rent. With Edwards and so all of you you Miami ran yeah. Catch a guy down and play it. -- -- -- Oprah -- and get by triggering. Just. Body it is more ranking quarterback's -- ranking Romo and continue whatever. We would see inches begin your quarterback power reading this week this way down this week as Adam last week I think -- -- and proud Ramirez -- middle of the pack it. And adult rated athlete yeah. -- in Dalton has sailed past him. So fast it's frightening is it has spent you know six inches now is probably. 2425. And only that now. It's good point you gotta I doubt I'm trying to be nice to you Michael and -- had a day has got to be nobody hears it. Or neglect or all of the entire coaching staff sergeant a terrible -- -- players like terrible. Santonio Holmes heard that play but here. -- to take the ball I'm not here right. All that but this. Mark Sanchez. You are young quarterback remotely. And they get rid of Brian Schottenheimer was supposed to be the problem right. Your -- at the coordinator our creative. And they bring in. Tony Soprano. And as your opposite of that -- employment. Consequently justice as Brady yet. -- of the -- I'm not gonna compare. Shame not to compare somber I don't know last week he had a pretty close. It out. I'm not sure if you're aware of this but the whole world was read your lips after you scored the touchdown it would seem that we think we know which is set -- display and we ordered directing this -- was at the bills the fans. -- All I'd rather not say. Let me say it wasn't affairs and it wasn't. It wasn't the refs or anything like that they would just say it was an emotional I was fifth I was. I was just -- you know just fired up. Oh what is missed. About I think like I guess I can't repeat our heart is go play week in June pitches yesterday and -- -- -- -- That's exactly and I. Missed it so. I usually get the rating. There's a different. -- -- role of Bobby Valentine. Played all the time. And zero cents an umpire you leap in able she. Starts. Accurately -- clear. Most of this stuff is pretty clear that the -- but I think because you know roll pretty much the category. When when a coach manager and player is talking on the field it's easy to read lips right now. Because it's like you have to sit here and go through. The entire vocabulary and say OK what were with. Limit to how many words actually usually when they're just awful on -- -- that's one problem. -- it's easy it's easy. To read the lips of any one of these guys the stuff we at with the replacement officials was just. A -- all the coaches on the side. Law. And and real. -- -- Massachusetts next appear at a picture what's up there. Hello Eric. Eric. -- -- -- I have an article and I look at it. Didn't question. I think about. Hernandez and adamant that the industry now. Bring it Earl throughout it. Be -- economic impact but. Earning that respect early how long do you -- is going to be -- us all back and a. The question. It question set Hernandez who -- the other -- -- and don't want a settlement okay. Oh yeah. Yeah I could see him having a role on the team I can see him being here all season. Settlement. Now branch -- it it will bridge be here all season I think you'll be your offseason. What kind of role you have. I think he's at this point of his career at this stage of his career at the -- insurance. IG's insurance for some you know like and -- situation or. You know somebody's not the air force a game. I don't think he will be a featured. He won't be a featured guy again with their personnel army just it's too many guys to leap over me think about. You know while you're. Gronkowski Monte Lloyd. Seattle -- only to be feature -- -- a year but I do see him being here. We'll sit second part. Look like I'm -- that -- got a contract weren't. Yes -- patriot. I. I don't think you'll be back and -- now I don't think you shouldn't -- -- The series and villagers she's here to say I usually nervousness and the secretary. To take the brunt of the criticism. With female callers. Had. Should I didn't say anything I don't unit save was she not giggling. I didn't hear the -- Obviously you. You know and you tend to hear things India obviously you're you're seeing -- news is your opinion usage is skewed right from the get go yeah. Now that we're Angelo from Everett. You would do it our -- and I would have complained that you what is it that's that's. Your email if that's Tom Warner you know technical column -- -- I also this one thing is pretty obvious with the patriots and they -- all the time. And and we keep on an opponent but it's it's it's accurate. From week to week it changes was Wes Welker not a major part of their game plan yesterday in -- off to a major part. Two weeks ago excuse me a week ago. People sit here question. Whether Wes Welker is get thrown the ball because of the offseason contract squabble yet right. Well yesterday he's a major part. A game plan why. Because they felt. He could do damage against what buffalo was thrown out what they feel that way if it actually settlement -- and Obama. Settlement is available I think -- which rebel nation -- a settlement. Provides. A unique matchup that they can exploit yes I do well well I despite the bad yeah not amount -- time he's he's been yet. They about it in a Baltimore game. Wes Welker couldn't be covered the Baltimore game yet. Before probably gets hurt they were featuring settlement yeah. So. You're subject to change during the course yeah that I would think if you start off that game with with Welker as opposed to I don't and you. It wouldn't hurts you know he probably probably in a better. Better situation. I just. -- -- I'm jumping around dodging it here this is here's the obvious thing. Wes Welker is ten times better and Julian. I don't think Houston times I bet he's just received significantly better yes. Then Julian oftentimes like everybody else in the NFL season that these guys. Because they everybody -- right except don't make. Not such a good point date because they see certain aspect of his game that they believe. They can exploit the defense -- They -- you're -- that's how they see if they see much differently yesterday they clearly saw that Wes Welker. Could exploit what to buffalo total and continues our current trigger and take my quick break top auto Wes Welker caught like a 120 follows last pretty good I think he's already is pretty good. Break read a telephone calls -- a big --

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