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Vince Wilfork: We're hard hitting and ball hungry

Oct 1, 2012|

We talk to big #75 about his monster game in Buffalo, how his defensive teammates are playing and progressing, what actually goes on at the bottom of a pile, and how his wife roots for him during games.

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What reason -- Wilfork rebut the Burmese cities and he's just. What -- -- Well I love it's just wants it's as that is the most athletic post apocalypse incidents ninety restaurants -- supposed. -- memories and can we rewind that they've Guba. That they're partners they're quite aware of it received a day that I -- -- and oral agreement. That's for a weekly get together with the events it sponsored by Toyota on Nash gave you all the credit in the world mr. wolf work because. Watch it again yesterday I thought you would damn good I said I gotta watch this again I keep my eyes and do you find out some of the things that you were doing. That they didn't accentuate. With replays and you -- yourself as good -- game. As you probably ever play and you probably remember all the things you screwed up with so what actually I'm all for us to skip all the things that you messed up with yesterday's game. -- What. Yeah. I it's pretty damn good there was trust me our -- made my share of mistakes so. You know you you have to deal continue to build up against a team. -- showed a lot yesterday. You know going to buffalo. Division game coming off two losses and the one main thing and it really -- about Justine yesterday was we kept our composure who was poised. We you know we stayed even -- most halftime like. There was a moment after you know -- just -- -- -- and nor does continue to play opportunity execute. And -- -- you played thirty more good football for thirty more minutes that we would be prepared to do it. And I think you know we're not second half and we do -- everybody played together all three phases. Wants to do you know a great team win and you can't pinpoint. One personal -- people are thinking this was a great team we forced him. How wondered what. What was your mentality right before the Spiller play you wound up with the fumble were you looking. We looking that create a fumble and a situation or -- the ball just pop into your hands just just give us a replay of what happened in turn you down there. Now we know -- -- don't to a touchdown in the making it feel sort of our mentality was that. And you know it is always do when you -- leave would eternal you don't have only capitalize. He nor Girardi and spikes those guys came in he would mayor grieve over the goal line in the ball popped out of his land you know. Where our laws. And are just recovered you know what those guys immediately every everybody when their plea. A home -- a -- perfect you know everybody so. He's not just me trust me to see him and pat myself on about which no way out here. Without you know -- loans are -- or they could do it short Chandler. DBs in the being in the position they're needed to be in on that they wouldn't that episode I would just -- good football play. We always hear horror stories about the bottom of the pile and recovering a fumble. What are some of the challenges. Of recovering a bubble and how typical wasn't hold on to doubt it wasn't because topping our problem was on the one. Sought differs in Specter's own you know -- he was coming forward. But it Orioles kind of fear what happened on notable -- I was a pro football. And my instinct to go and he you know right -- you know the run you know. Now you can go and let let let some cases leads off it would and so -- sort of -- but in some cases are doing all cuts aren't you. A lot of things there are a lot of things -- it's a problem it's. It's you know fight. Like coma with the ball -- you know. -- -- -- -- yours that you Q do you follow material when you get out of the -- the replacement officials it's anybody's ball presented. -- Somalia for a conversation was when pepper was vote on the policy for for. Congress over the conversation. App. Do you Wear -- you have a giant us you know. What better reporters. He was the topic at that he was threatened with -- the other way around government. The other. That you talk about that -- avoid spikes. Reaching fumbles that were -- -- -- a home Euro. Arm on the ball -- ball lose the animals look like one little. That's where he got beat you dubbed him a shot in the head and his -- went loose ball came out because it was such a clean shot their lives but he gave. From -- -- we saw it was. -- -- one aside in the O'Connell sorry boasting. Just collided in right on the ball in it was side. -- a ball just came -- so. You know it. Yeah I was like -- -- -- -- -- -- right in the right place to get the ball but you know it. These ghastly hello ball OK I mean this whole team -- the aggressive -- is a great great great team win because of you know especially with the field position all freeze movement -- scored. We corner and in creating turnovers I mean those type of thing you knew you talk about each week you know you can -- to remains. Hope you beepers is just use your -- so -- In in good spark when a ball game and we -- He had a hit on Jones he still probably wondering where he is today this team has been very physically talked about spikes and he's been hitting argument -- -- How does it change the mentality of a game. When another team looks at what you guys are doing. And is physically you're becoming deep -- do you see that there's a tendency especially with the offense kind of look up a little bit more to be. Maybe -- notch as short as they normally are when guys are hitting as part of a -- innings. -- some terms Agassi you know our opponents are looking for -- or become -- arms kids from all over the middle whatever. Home what what do. Our goal his defense and be aggressive. -- -- -- -- -- -- And we could go to film that's what we want people to see that we won't ignore repeatedly when one of these fields we going to be aggressive you have to match. Counsel we don't do it we struggle you know but his team are built like our team is due to be physical football team in the end we can play physical. We like our chances. You first your first tip led to it Jerod Mayo interception. It's just instincts taken over to see a quarterback or -- some guys them you know when her parents took the ball like that new and tip drill that can. Get -- tip and a certain way the ball hang up in the air for one of my guys you know way there. And I and I hear all term you know we have on our coaches. A man. -- always talk about different quarterbacks. These guys have to do this released his character a lot of memos is guard duties to his pastor and his receivers OK once they gain. Kind of felt that we are could've gone -- his -- balls -- which we didn't move a couple of -- -- as being they would -- to see a quarter career quarterback just like a -- a reason zone. Same thing you know just following his us. You know it is known the way he released the ball that you know -- can get one so. Is just being alert you know instincts just just. Going through. -- -- -- fear and additional rooms just put in play for real this aspect where mentally because I wouldn't say you lead to an awful lot on the. -- I don't think gravity was work or don't have to -- Hollywood. Thrown out of basketball. Lot of friends who go to the two halves. You just put together and assume that there was some crazy cuteness speeches at halftime -- Belichick three pointers and people going nuts. What was going on halftime you know it resident we went in normally have to say these things that we -- to -- to do. Execute our game and we were actions which is is -- there. Complete thirty more minutes of good football and that -- what we -- it and we went after we do that we put her over here we we. All three phases of the game we play together as a team and when you go through here as a -- Compliment each I'm telling you what you would do some special things yesterday. We did so we got to be more consistent now we've we've shown we can do it we do have a connecting -- to get better and it's -- way. CBS. -- to wipe a couple of times cell phone enhance a mortar attack your vision really it's got a great air time. Sending. Their diagnostic services to me how many thirty and so she's at 239 text messages during the game to Ramallah and have to know and show. Facility are you going home tonight. After coaching ploy to is there anything you can share was very any good Texas she. You know she always she sees you focus on me when. I mean she's a typical day it's the she knows him Guam to Wendy's why -- -- dark but it doesn't -- -- you know when their boss of me that she does she has some thoughts or she knows her and she -- shirt she's -- you -- -- she realized that you play in the game and you probably our constitution should know is always you know -- read about the second thoughts out there. Folks -- off the gear and others your opponent -- -- offering -- the coroner's sometimes while she's driver Henri. As -- do you you know. Aspect obviously if you keep your moment. As great. A strategy gets above to send out their coach -- for this code zero CC. You know pepper Johnson knows who he thinks about the -- to boy that's that's wild. As well go to Leo which is sitting there in the lives of sitting there you -- no place like buffalo they can be. They start drinking and about 4:5 AM I don't know when they start but that can be a rough rough place. That division to the fans you know -- mark I'm hoping she never had a problem. In where. And then thereafter they coach you never have a problem because you know my wife who -- -- -- -- you know -- tells -- -- -- sit -- look at the football gamble when you made a great agent Jones would tell you -- she jumped out of the chair. And so the people around her or were like Buffalo Bill paraphernalia. They they know that that was probably not necessarily assume you know she's okay yeah she's a whole long -- -- -- You have to zero you don't mean Wilfork household I wanna -- I what does this like this weekend. Part of this team you're familiar with can you played Denver in the playoffs but they are so different now. When you have Peyton Manning back here and it looks like a lot of the offense they're running to their running the football a little bit more. The new Indianapolis and a lot of the -- is -- stuff so they've incorporated a lot of his stuff. What what problems does he present here. Mystery I mean -- get -- straight from Makiko he's gonna run an offense to -- north. And -- -- -- play -- does it won't get the ball down he's just more court so we we know exactly. How we need to plays there -- some guys that you can rush -- you just know they don't know their way out of the pocket and they're in trouble. This is a guy. That knows his way around -- -- and cannot find an extra half foot here how do you deal with him do you do them differently in that respect -- know we know. -- he -- mr. park and the -- you know he he won't be in the pocket if you have figured out. You know he figured out where he's -- and -- We notice. So we we have the real good job of four. I'll make sure he'll have the -- line where he still book and removable because he can -- little ball was so Marge is weaving them and they. He's a tough quarter east and it's all in their pocket he would deliver -- tickets. You do so. The scooby -- crucial for just this week is to make sure we. Can give them all this -- -- -- on comfortable on the active what he's doing real good job -- -- -- previously. He's governments who are the rules sees. He's won on the basis -- -- in I don't ever missed a electorate -- -- -- -- -- like based -- your comments that sound like them this season from the volcano is affecting you at all on in terms of preparation he's he's a great quarterback he's he's he is one basis. Did it ever done so. We know we have right here for the game you know good thing we have to calmness. In order and hope we can start if an announcer for the they've been around here so. What what do you take -- -- pre snap the reads 'cause he reads. He obviously. Points out the Mike in many renewables off a bunch of other kids get caught up -- -- so what are we what is that did you figure and is there any rhyme or reason to a decent -- try to figure out what I try not to. We're too much are not too because he's doing so many different things sometimes -- sometimes so real so I just choose not to even give it to win you know home. We just have to its Q well let us as we know how to play. You know Peyton with a lot of you know -- here. I was not a Tina -- I've put -- over the -- that issue we played them twice in them decrease in the -- you look different book. Would do have office McSweeney with them you know. What he boring for me in the we can't have an idea how we wanted to so we just have to -- doubly risky debt that there's going to be key it's cunard apron for something different we wanna do. Which original silent but we have to have a great week of preparation you know in the start today. The running game. Is something that. But they've always pride themselves on is -- the same as -- was Lester Lester they almost had to have their running game -- with fuel there but. I was a look through this yourself I -- is still. Brian piccolo and run the ball and they run a bar and if they're successful run the ball on some different summed things they've done last year bush. So we can't falsely -- right audacity. They have and offerings as very -- to to put some points. So we have -- -- real good job wolf you know it's cumulative replete with it can't be. Couple please we have to be -- for sixty minutes with these guys -- we -- everything because democracy they come on some different that we didn't go over. They'll have to make adjustments arms. Think it shakes and move forward but. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah I'm not sure there was a lot of play action with Tebow went there just -- it. With Peyton Manning -- a monster game yesterday Vince congratulations and good luck next week we'll see you back your Monday brickyard have a -- that's that Vince Wilfork right here. On a big shown patriots on the.

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