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Oct 1, 2012|

We sit down with the head coach of your NE Patriots and get his take on the Patriots big 2nd half in Buffalo, the effectiveness of the running game, how the defense performed and more. We also talk with Bill about the NFL Films documentary on the Cleveland Browns moving to Baltimore, a situation he was very much a part of.

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Patriots Monday live down -- at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro -- way holly -- our third man and time for our weekly get together with the coach of the patriots Bill Belichick coaches. Segment brought to you by Mercedes-Benz. ME MD Miller -- coach Gloria. -- okay glad Steve Michael yesterday and they'll. -- -- -- Also sponsored by SP ally of the no nonsense life insurance company. Now offering new low rates for men and women call 888 get this deal I would visit SP ally dot com. For your frequent. So there's two -- billboard now are right they are important Bill Bennett says it's human billboard we -- on the Baylor and we never do those. I would say this that certainly patience prevailed yesterday obviously you had some turnovers some missed field goals but talk and it. Some of the guys and we heard from movement's early and nobody seemed to panic. What was going along with you on the coaching staff is as Jewish I figured out all out. Just sharply to sixty minutes of football and you know it we did some things well on the first but we just missed some opportunities. We're in try to change much there in the game halftime just do better and we did so those good. You're down 21 to seven and you wound up with forty runs for 200 almost 150 yards. It's a matter of possessions. That you feel like are left in the game that allows you to stick with that game plan. Or is it if you have been down 287. Then you could you would stop the run at that point so it's it is it the score. That dictates the game plan or is it while we still have several possessions we can stick with our game plan. Our athletes combination all of those things score time and and Howell -- Mean nobody -- -- runs regaining yardage it's one vehicle running game one or two yards then that's when you you question how many more of those you wanna call so. You know if you're productive you have time than yourself on -- stick -- and there even you know. And he can gain a tenure as Iran plays its -- billion gallons of -- -- -- So if you if you feel like you're gonna if you're doing well. I am sure you expect. You know you expect other team to play well play at their best and going to a game captains can expect your own team played well but. With these numbers in the nose -- eye popping the last time the patriots -- to 100 yard rushers in the same games in 1982. Did this performance exceed even your expectations which you thought you could do underground. Well what we -- have any expectations -- number city you just work on your place in the NC goes during the game sometime general Colin moralists of one thing or another based on how well it's working and what what they're doing how I feel matches but. -- -- our our running game we've had good complementary game between inside and outside runs strong -- weeks on. And we have to play actions tied in on the like percent of gronkowski and thanks so I'm sure were set up by the running game that that helpless so. When all flows together -- minutes. That's a good thing there's really not a no number in mind you just try to keep yet he's the defense off balance and and offensive players and and jobs and -- and Stanton did a good job designed -- Conan excuse in the. Given the difference in productivity in the in the first in the second half. Lot of fans assuming that halftime most of them a lot of -- kick and scream and colorful language though what goes on. That have time. Like that when when these teams are playing as what was it about it or not excuse wasn't one so. Well again I think that in this particular game at that it's not the same in every game but in this particular game we felt like we had. A lot of good place we just. We just did one thing wrong end and it just didn't work as well as we hoped it would but we did feel like there was any change anything we. Thought that we could continue to do and you know in a third one that we in Mexico we. You know we we got down and then had to settle for field goals and and and and didn't get the points on the field goals but we've fellow removable and we had good opportunities we just needed to -- to excuse -- veteran and the same thing defensively on the 21 points couple of those were. From big plays for the kind of got all once you know on the long touchdown and then. The two players -- that it Jackson on the sidelines and then -- over the middle so. And we just -- defensively afflicted. Eliminate those those. Big plays there that that we would be okay do a deal with the rest of the off Johnson and offensively if we could just keep the ball movement and -- Not get stopped on third down error in the red area or the missile tests or something like that then we'd we'd be -- there too. We had to turn the ball over a couple times on the place where we gained yardage. But it's in a loose balls and a place so it was more cases just don't think we're doing better rather -- change a whole lot of things and that's. Wouldn't bill you always talk about we're gonna do -- -- the defense gives us. It seems like there's a lot more attention to the running game this year. Is it because you're seeing more nickel dime defenses that teams are coming out and play you even early in a series. Playing you for the past. Well we saw Lester to. And I think in the end it just comes down to the the execution of it and if the better -- -- the more one on the more you wanted to stay with it and I think our. Overall running game's been pretty consistent force this year looking at the pre season games in the regular season games now we. And we didn't run the ball as well against Baltimore as we would like to or. Even quite as well as answers on -- vote. Fumbled at some production in those camps of our production Tennessee and buffalo and some of the pre season games this is overall than that pretty consistent probably the best thing we've done offensively overall -- -- -- -- -- consistency in the running game. Not that it could be better but it's been a span of fairly strong point force this year. You think about coaching is obviously a lot of teaching involved in. And along with teaching is his criticism that it and it reminds me of a story. I saw when -- orient him -- first undefeated team at UConn after the game no losses. He's saying well really condemned this -- And the final tennis players like a couple of we just went undefeated -- if you look at this game. In a 45 point second half you scored 52 point. Do you find yourself thinking about -- the mastery of that a 45 point second half or is it. You look at you know 400 plus yards allowed does that bother you when you have an offensive output like you did yesterday. Yet again might well let's ruffles on the second half if -- in some points in the first half as. The only answer that question a person. Defense lately you know they go over 3% on on third downs so. We certainly played that -- and earn him a couple long touchdown passes around point five Europe on things. There's a lot of things we can improve on but that's latest really in most games regardless of the outcome of the game you look back -- the individual play. And the players on the plane and there are good things to point out things to build Long Island and the things that. We need to do better. As the game and we did things better yesterday than it did did improve over the course of the game results improved. It there's still things we need to work on areas that we can improve -- there's no question. And that's what the emphasis is going to be news. Here's the things we did well we need to keep doing those we're gonna keep working hard on those but the same -- things. In a close game and it's a situation we don't do them well it's gonna cost listen and work to improve those two. We talked last week about -- kicking operation we talked about Kozlowski in the in the mess he had some issues yesterday is an operational. Issue here and how do you correct it. Well we just we keep working on the -- and everything else. We did issue a punt protection a couple weeks ago worked hard on that. Buffalo -- us. Really three times and then we handled that. Much better so. I think if was also we work hard on -- and proven understandable when you do how to do it then work on technique our communication and we can improve any area of the game whatever it is kick in offense defense running passing that doesn't matter we. We put our mind to and understand it and understand the coaching points and do the job -- and that's part of it too that we can improve so let's all do with whatever. How much with that role when it's such unique prone -- game of football. Is always has to do with confidence. And if the guy is feeling good out there he goes out there and kicks and Adam Vinatieri did it for years this kid has a stronger leg I think then then Adam does but. Adam never missed when they. When the game's on the line how much of it is is upstairs you -- Well I think a lot of competition -- confidence there's no question about whatever whatever it is confidence was at the apartment so. But the starts on the practice field starts when you just are able to go out there and and do it and he should you do on the practice field and that gives you the confidence about their play aggressively in the game and than you do in the game and gain confidence in -- but it the starts on the practice this doesn't happen on Sunday when workers go out there and everything. Also the place where you have to if to build up to and and gain confidence to start with on the practice. And you have confidence in ghosts -- still a -- -- -- millions. It's the same question whereas last week on the court and everybody want to cut him and becomes. And you know it was well on. Those two -- turnovers. And Steve's gonna make a lot of big -- force and and that was chemical of the -- -- support quarterback and I mean we accountants all players that we and to put out there. So if you mention according one of the areas of improvement we saw from him and the other defensive backs yesterday was catching the football had some. Drops in the Baltimore game and -- wondered because that position. I guess the old line is it that you can't they be playing office that's what offered to players observant defensive player but how much time do you spend. With defensive backs on hands how how important is it to to actually vegetable for. Bullets it's Parnell would do and certainly part of the job descriptions it's not only kept animals judgment. On time and -- jump it and judge in the ball in the right position as close leverage tackling and coverage. Hillary ground receivers so forth so brunt force of the defense next subscriptions is a long list like is of their position. And can be an opportunistic and taken -- or opportunities to to vegetable turnovers that's part of -- sure. Let's just repetition -- you see some guys coming easily. Hello shaky I mean people your former quarterback -- -- when he came mentally his first year here. You probably dropped about five or six interceptions and then became known as. As a playmaker. If you've seen. A steady improvement from certain guys from -- came to -- until. Until now with -- being able to catch the ball. Sure -- I'm -- president and a constant concentration practice sometimes improved technique. But the thing about defensive players and -- Steve and Steve can tell you this is how many chances do you really get comfortable on practice and having a coach lob to the there's one thing and in Kitchener from an NFL quarterback it's got some -- on who's not thrown at TDs thrown at somebody else. You've got to try to make the play on his is a little different story so. Speed timing judgment. And practice. This is important and and a lot of defensive backs in practice don't they don't get many balls thrown to and corvettes not thrown them. -- round of the receivers so. We either have to set up drills that create those situations and also do with somebody that can throw the ball and an NFL type level. And in those players just have to work or on the concentration on finishing the play and that's. All -- internal and that's not an excuse not let anybody off the hook but it's it's something you go to work on it doesn't just happen. Did you see to my -- this week doing just that -- absolutely they were pretty Burton and he had a couple plays in practice one in particular that was. And one of the best interceptions us in a long time when I'll put the ball the high point took it away from the receiver. And them and made a plan practice it was it was really at an outstanding play. The comparative between had to gain that was even a better played a minute practice and so I think you can see hard work and and concentration. On any thing usually will lead to better results we saw on parts troops on the game we saw them on others in the game as well. Not just him or those interceptions we -- things in the blocking things in our. Return game and our our feel Russian punt protection things that that we worked on in practice this improved in practice. Well improved in the game to. One of the picks where you had done yet and deepen their own territory just before that you guys called a timeout everybody in the defense of wind up. It was called time -- I thought initially might have had too many guys in the field. That didn't seem to be the case what did you see there. So I find it interesting that the very next play you come up with a -- Lower missile on on the play -- they had a receiver a split out that we didn't have covered in. We were scram scrambling to get over to normally and we. We just missed one on the place so. -- offers literacy around covered like that's them especially in the first half so we we took that. -- got right now on the next play and I think you actually changed defense argument but. In any case. It work that's on them they had done before buffalo when they're back it's. -- they're -- shut down -- try to throw them because their own territory and launch a bomb down there and -- them play -- moment as well. It seems like au prince but please improve over last year and if that's true and how much and also. Shall soft spot -- -- that a thing with when Brandon is dispensed consistency. -- Cut off a little bit of a slow start training camp but once it was out there he's been out there consistently every every day every week and that leads to more routes more timing better time in their communication with the yes on the field. And better play more efficiency. The blasters. In -- -- some time there. Incentive rookie year and some time in the middle of season that type of thing so. In -- out there continue to work continue and improve on a daily basis that's that's really the name of the game. Tools such as we've seen a few very ego all -- highlights from him. Over the first four weeks was not -- not just those highlights he's he's played well all the way around. Ever think -- socialist Lester who goes in you know whose interception against the jets character appears on interception against the Baltimore. And the championship game last year and Cinemax and some some at some tackles on the Palestinian last year made a couple plays at the end of the game or. Plays that I feel helpless to get the ball back before that drive and it's celebrities who doesn't like you know to me he's he's shown up with plenty of positive places. And so the only thing with him the last couple years has done -- his visibility is stay on the field in mr. ability and that's. That's cost him some playing time but I think when he's been out there has been productive. As a wrestler and a -- up against Ole miss running backs on it but it's amazing it really look at BenJarvus. Had a great production for you. And I don't know what Bolton is gonna turn out to be put a great game yesterday. It's. It seems pretty. Almost unbelievable that you could have. Two guys playing in a big time conference -- like SEC thank a division three conference. That can kind of be ignored by the whole drafting process of scouting process. Known in Tennessee had -- couple years ago. In -- down and who was at Texas Foster and ask yourself. You know I think when you look around the league you you see a lot of -- and not a -- that you see a decent number run impacts that are that -- very productive. They either weren't drafted over drafted in the sixth seventh round and -- those because show of all all through Italy you know and a lot of you know a lot of overrun about corruption and is certainly based on what is opportunities are and who he's playing behind -- couple -- he has to run through and and how healthiest and sometimes those guys you know it kinda open. They played all season. Or don't play much in the season -- played her don't don't play much in the season. In -- Curtis Martin -- years ago -- one game his senior year whatever almost two games. And then you know went on -- all they -- it you know career in the NFL and there's so there's some circumstances at that position that I think are a little a little unique. And so. But I think when you go through the rosters in the league and look at some of -- some of the players that they're not all Asian Peterson's and the first round I mean there are some. And that Trent Richardson's and those guys in the book there's a lot of other guys that you don't get draft or -- -- pretty late in the draft that that are still there for a good players that positions them. But emboldens really good example of because it's come in here and and not only -- -- the ball well but he's played very -- kicking game and he catches the ball so he has. But it's -- skills. And it is cut on her to understand that wasn't drafted -- -- -- instantly in -- meters so. That's an imperfect as you know it's a very imperfect that are drifting and -- players very imperfect science. -- Denver in town this week you played him in the playoffs that the offense is a little bit different right now with Peyton Manning how much of the incorporated. The stuff we saw Manning. Using an Indianapolis. On its somewhere over 99%. That's a lot of them and it's always like -- -- action and the colts offense and and that's also an offense that's. Very adaptable to whatever the defense duke is doing with their plans on their bullets and their plan and the man there. Omelets and whatever it is the things that they like to do it in Annapolis to attack those whatever type of defense that is those in the same kind of things we've seen. From Denver so. And how how you played animal dictate what they what they wanna do you. So let there again they're very flexible live -- the players. And Manning controls -- -- Brazil for months looks to me very much it is and Indianapolis Colts difference. -- I was they're receiving corps -- it seems you over enough. -- me the homeland with what Thomas usher and but that that's -- good solid group they use a lot of two tight ends. And two receivers and one died and three receivers like it is at -- Indianapolis. And there. You know and you know pavement and users -- receivers early hours. And colleague arsenals Wayne Harrison caller. He got on the ball and that's. You know when he mixes in the running game well he does a good job views and the running game with against defense it looks that are fearful and and they take it away then he goes to something else so they're well bounds if the team. Experienced offensive line. And that they're very impressive yesterday against against -- -- and they totally handled them. Scored a lot of points playing good defense. And give them much anything strong in the kicking game so. But I think it's Pittsburgh and his adjustments Steelers opening weekend so there -- good team. I know I know the circumstances were unusual but I never thought I assume they were Peyton Manning would be a freeagent. With that being said were you rooting for him to be in the NFC. Kind of a free agents and hard. Or not on our schedule. Again every team has good players and and so. It's we we see him every week every position good players good coaches good schemes then those teams were curtain. And they as we know it's this is a very competitively and if you're not your best every week you're in trouble went through your plan -- where your plan or. What type -- your plan if if you're not if you don't plan well -- in trouble and there will be no different this week Denver certainly has enough. Firepower enough weapons enough good players coaches experience and everything else stood on beat anybody on any day so people will need to wrote that performance of -- You know last year -- gonna sort of follow up -- -- -- opposites completely different topic but. NFL network. Does this football life special that I love from -- Ray Lewis when that was great when -- -- last year. Was terrific now to have one come on Wednesday. Cleveland Browns football life 95 browns. You look at the personnel that you had on that team just from coaching standpoint I mean all superstars in the -- even yourself hurt and Jim Schwartz on Ozzie Newsome. At the time did you realize. Split -- and we were pretty freaking good in the front office and on the coaching. Although -- I feel pretty good about about that one when we were there. A lot better their owner denotes. In our own -- would ask about. Do you think nick Satan can handle what defense do you think -- parents you know and -- offensive line. Does Ozzie Newsome OK in scouting this Jim -- and in some cases -- Pat -- CO OK the time in now. Those guys pretty good coaches and and we got a lot of little -- when that organization. That obviously gone on to do very well I was very fortunate to be associated with the entire group but. In almost I was very impressed with those and I learned on on -- a lot more from them and they learn from me because so this is an outstanding group of coaches scouts. Michael Moore in discount and department did a tremendous job and and we had a lot of great scouts there and coaching wise course in store when their Costco Brian. In those those are great coaches and go right on down on so. And I think we all have a lot of confidence in China are no offense defense special teams. When we would have meetings and talk about things go over personnel things like that that it was a it was a good exchange ideas a lot of respect and I think we all learn from each other. So -- was. It was a risk of it was a good group of people and and and -- -- -- on the how they have gone on and you know the great success that the that. With me without me and in there in their own individual careers and but it doesn't surprise me because. I saw a lot of quality people that in that organization over those at that time during those years. You know that Jamie Schwartz's in in ghastly that there were young or just in some experience you can tell they're going to be pretty good at. Actually try to hire Jimmy here. When I got the job in 2000 uncle Jeff Fisher and you know -- Archer and his he was a quality control coach in Tennessee so the margin is you know among linebackers -- so well. The -- and make my defense coordinator. As I go from the quality control wrote in defense -- coordinator one year. Some oil analysts when Gregg Williams left in the and that's you know sort of that's the the Jeff promote itself the coming in those guys pop up the letter. Sometimes like quicker and you expect him to the and personal loan covenants that was a big jump but well deserved and and and so. That's amazing when you rattle off all those names and you see this success that each one of those guys. That it's phenomenal if that team had not come through that controversy in the move from the whole works because you've won since obviously. Do you think you would have -- there. Well that team won I -- that Timonen in 2000 and took a couple of years right. You know the next draft was ray Lewis and Jonathan -- and it's just an an -- he's done a great job -- no question about it Keeneland personal acquire personnel. And then they've built a great team their vote. That was pretty good foundation we reviewed here in 94 as we know and then in 95 McConnell. Was so it was a tough year but it. And there was good talent on the team and there was good talent more importantly I think in the in the front office in the coaching staff. And a lot of that stayed together. And and that's kind of the foundation of the ball more -- us to agree so. Of course it's not. Not a great memory when you're when you compete against those dozen. Does come out well in two weeks ago -- Looking back on when you're not plan on you you know they have an appreciation for what they what they've done what they've accomplished and how strongly then. What small role on my head -- -- but you know at least we all. We'll have a lot of mutual respect for each other what we did in Cleveland and and going forward what's happened since then last twenty years the -- of the voters. It'll be fascinating to watch this thing on Wednesday every temptation for the promo laughter I think they have your son out there that's really you. -- actually does belong here and the whole works with us. I congratulations on the win good luck against him -- and you'll see you back Carol Monday all right sounds good and guards did that Michael thank you Bill Belichick right here on the big jump.

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