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Deion Branch, Patriots WR, on the Patriots 52-28 victory over the Bills

Oct 1, 2012|

Deion Branch, Patriots WR, joins Mut, Lou, and guest host Troy Brown this week to reflect on the Patriots blowout win over the Bills on sunday. The guys touch on having the real officials back, as well as improvements made during practice leading up to an explosive offensive performance.

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I mean quarterbacks so ultimately you have the last save before the ball's snapped so. I was first here. This not have seen you know a lot of defense is and you better -- that -- -- dog fights you and I thought our guys the way they've played a way to compete west -- -- came out west. -- really thought his butt off that touchdown catch in the end was phenomenal ground. You know she's really fought back after you know some tough plays there but they've touched down the offensive line played phenomenal what Logan out. You know Dion Daniel whom and how everybody contributed so it was really great win for us is a team. Obviously only gets tougher from here by the you're proud of the fact that we really. You know fought through some pretty tough times here in the second half and came up with a big win. Tom Brady earlier today it would Dennis and Callahan a complementary game everyone involves. Putting Deion Branch joins us in studio on patriots Monday's today proudly representing. His Louisville Cardinals a nice win over southern miss this week I was going idea in -- on the wrong. On a strong man don't -- -- -- then -- In -- -- bigger and -- in Hattiesburg miss read it I thought you know Brett Favre seemed to care southern miss this weekend. Eight took care of the bills and I'm curious take us inside that locker room at halftime what that what that conversation is like fourteenth Seve he has made. A big play inside their own red zone you going down seven what's the conversation like. There at the half of that just comes in -- fires you know do we do. You know first -- and convert to an Internet. You know wasn't a lot of third down position you know drive does so well. I was one of the biggest things and -- trying to take advantage of opportunistic that defense was given us you know -- about -- terrorism like plus fifty. And didn't do anything with it you know and missed Novo. In this themselves so things of that nature just keep don't we don't keep pressing you know keep fighting and visit there is turnover and it and it did. This. This office of -- command that is game -- and -- unite in -- but I mean we all we're concerned about. Where other stuff when you wake up Sunday morning in Logan Mankins and even make the trip -- You know. Was there any concern in the locker room for many of the guys looked -- Mittal. I don't know what we're told they have. Yeah -- got out without -- but what do we do in. You mr. really note though the -- Coast Guard Nicky please. And in these -- prepared to play the game people who it was a you know and it was a relative yeah a place where -- Donnelly you're you've got to go. You know he does a great job getting these guys that play and is so where you know that game was -- with our front line. That is target. -- did you get a couple guys that first half and in ground in Wes Welker. You put yourself in that category of course there and fumble in the first deficits -- characteristic of my -- what. What was it like those guys after plays -- that that didn't stop you let a couple fumbles and two field goals you know. It was an -- and it was -- -- -- haven't you know there's sleazy Internet mistakes here and there. That's stuff that we can control you know we can. We're going to each and every day were about what we can do now we're about what our opponents to zone against us to us so. No we controlled those things will be okay. And a lot of people don't know much about principle to come and is not there was there was could be the next -- right out of Ole miss undrafted. -- got a real good look at him he'll get punished in some guys to agree to go to the Golan these numbers -- he's a bigger. Planning you know that Cisco's Brazilian is his staff those guys do a great job of recruiting the right guys. You know it's unfortunate we're we're glad to have when our team no way to really get his gas. In he's proven that he's the Baghdad they saw he was you know when it was crude of me going now. And then you know taking them out but it please give -- -- -- to distance him but. I mean even -- an -- and and embarrassed I committed young wind and we made some great -- changes to which -- things you would do what was -- take likened. Weren't a lot of sayings is that had to be made to have time. And -- I think we do a lot of -- us and on the silent. As you know as the plays each and every series we were always talking about this and that play this and that -- will gonna do next time. In the locker loses -- about a -- you know religiously and now NATO if you really think about it. Are in the state of men and feel it wasn't what they what is whose stubborn person so now we've got to stop doing that. England X through these plays that went -- effect had a maker of Libya and is. I mean were opposed -- 117. Third quarter. Go to -- awareness and I'll ask you about what what what was a film like comes out of -- when buffalo got them man downtown and -- that isn't liked him well and keep it that was a bit. Those problems because where is that here. You know besides Frontline -- -- -- nervous at all about this situation I mean if they didn't wanna hold until -- New York is everything okay and at worse you know I went this -- get through it you know. The big thing that happened Paterno. That was their follow you know plus votes you know he does not -- -- -- -- the coast of a dozen guys is if you know simple Lenovo and. But are fortunate we're glad to have been you know -- made great play this recovery. You know wounded -- 147. Came out the second -- didn't start to drive to where you want it to you went three and -- when it those guys programs Cortes found 117 now. It is in the game is at some point you know we got to dig -- and office and we did. Yeah because of recent and whatnot and wants them ago here we go again saying second half yes -- anybody get beat about a terrible buffalo New England. You know what what kind of happened -- -- major gas snap and then. Just don't execute his is that everything just looks so much better. Six touchdown you know I know yeah it is violent crazy way this is is the way we star. Office. We start -- positive place. Most and we end -- generate points of view that we -- listening to post outlook we talk more Wes Welker you know any cities that great starter overdrive it and did you hear that noise that he hurt any of that noise the first two -- three weeks and how he was being used not. Not never an -- producers you can you know we went around and -- -- -- doing here. I don't think nobody run -- -- this stuff on house. You know we don't control -- going on inside in house. You know people always gonna have opinions and enforce their opinions. But no one knows what's going on the issue inside that building. In which is -- so. You can't worry about others as a. DR Brent joining us in studio city can't worry well buffalo does -- but they have are starting linebackers would implantable fourth quarter they. They are different looking guys defensively brought Wilson in the play kind of a linebacker 15 or six defensive backs on the field the entire game we surprised they stayed. In that Nichols really the beginning game until -- ten minutes -- fourth quarter. Mean a lot of team players that way you know with. The emergence of gronkowski in the inherent. Things -- these guys. Do and then how to contribute as far as -- for office. We see that so just I think most important you wanna take -- -- about the field. -- DBs on the football field office coordinated thing is to Lenovo vision. And -- -- what happened you sort of a guy who's. Again tackle it. You know what you put dvi who really don't want -- to Africa and so. Analysts at and these. Guys about these. And says. Really meant is on the view gone those years you know I mean they do whatever. Is is arguments of those -- the situation and that's when. As a relief to take advantage of what they see him and they go to the mismatches and yet the when the ball intentionally went into -- room. Deal via -- last week we we are a lot of people talk after the loss of bone -- -- -- to focus wasn't there all you in the past with some loss maybe Arizona. These guys set a different focus this week of practice at the loose a couple of -- who always -- was well we overthrew it was very weak. It was great week. You know we have we agree with the prices you know last week and you know his attic that's everything on posed. -- city before it because he -- -- about it but is that -- in -- it was about as bad as he's probably in the viewing it yeah. That doesn't practice that had to be worse there of course where you can price Everyman panel that any level of football both that's a Google weak men it was awful. But. The topic at hand is nothing that would yesterday and -- -- week. Where we agree with it. You know the level folks -- there. All the guys who would you know with the coast is fluent with askew nose and when I haven't delivered now with. Notice that kind of look over things. Started out pretty good. The Windows Mobile hard fought game and which started that way in the second quarter with -- You know took a seat that his weaknesses -- stalemate and mixing of third quarter fourth quarter. Do you actually involved in this matchup Tennessee this week ago but he -- inning. Don't worry be at it just all hype and and he missed it you look at last week in Oakland. Is different -- to walk in any known immediate knuckle against right meeting between those what was it -- -- I don't know -- my prints and offense -- telling you know hello Louis when the owners of the middle. Give him. The vertical breach of the line as compares it out a spot. And iron and Jim these. Receivers and I better of did an -- but you know it. And no I don't look at the media cycle up against got a decent space with additives in line. Give -- -- -- or examined yeah that did press you know press coverage on the loan when you wanna give me some space. Yeah. I'll take -- -- -- give it to me. I'll take you know me you know even. Thought about wins and yeah it is. Even -- I felt like nobody and I mean you know public opinion that -- -- loss team maybe I got there I didn't get it that was one every seven happier two and two days ago basically. I just feeling about the exam like that but what it does though is. Talk about race and a minute ago you got the goings at the -- that particular Milan Italy you wanna -- work you know and in this place and legal requirements specific joints that they watch it now story. You know that's just up on the quarterback and that's what it honestly and about it didn't handle them all the time Hampton and you know you just don't know -- -- come from some time in the bottom get the spot. When you don't have it. It -- disruption. You know as far as what he's trying to do to a James has -- fifteen -- And he was displaced and maybe. Maybe you know fifty. -- person now maybe it hurts. You know a lot of things -- speaking disruptions. The replacement refs are route and the real -- freezer back as a -- just watching football this week I'll pay and did the -- cleaner. Look faster gains -- -- on six and six minutes faster and across the league and -- these replacement refs are back. You know -- and high school gym class selling shoes where they are okay how much different was what you've had this weekend officiating vs what you saw on Baltimore these replacements. Our own you know it is hard to say because they get data and rid of this game. You know. They -- the game as we've been. It was -- officials for this day and so you know who knows. Like you said I think most important that the -- again. You know determine that. That's a close. -- overwhelming view the big thing for us not to worry about those guys. Because they don't make the calls were because that is -- and make them. Appreciate you saw some gains yesterday it was kind of pushed it was some progress. -- in the past from the agreement Asian. Emanuel and their back cause Bellic I trust these -- I trust these guys to make a call -- that rational the guys who made the call. -- Seattle we know that that's his hands up touchdown of the guys in -- -- been held to compare him to figure out that was testicular part. Overall with those guys. -- fifth one if it was bad calls. In which we always stated at their word but it was almost. I would say that it was making bad calls in just -- -- the cause of male -- but I was -- I give him credit for dispose of used. It -- -- different couples couples early on and run away from you broken up right away and the the the the guy and whatever team was down. And recognize its official as an OK I'm done. In the respect wasn't there who ultimately -- this -- Out of respect his lack to see you know. We look at them and it's a Lackey that would. Revealed that he you know five lived like -- -- -- the flag it would you'd expect it. But now and I haven't -- -- -- again in a move forward and that the guys that. I need to get some -- on some command because -- going to the big debate -- I made a statement yesterday about Brandon Spikes and how. Much of foresees in Portland game what do you see him in practice and and you know I know -- challenges the -- that penalizes. And I don't know that you know exists you don't know what's known as Matt bush is -- -- much what are you up pretty quickly. In my but you know I mean it wasn't like in practice and there which is the -- and game. You know. And it echoes that yeah you know as far as him to be an -- -- yeah because you know it's going to be with us again he just kind of a Beira. And you know in certain places people ask about me like enemy which means it is you know he needed it I mean every time I've seen again -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know I mean he's just I guess it just -- to go to -- -- young adults you know. -- nothing to go to Zito from -- yeah Jesus. He has been in trouble you know would -- and the damage toys and -- offered you any and that's what because that's him and that's what you do. You know -- again and again now I love the way played of this out of look. Other hazardous course and that made me just -- -- probably the best one stop them back in the game right now where and you keep that felt and they sweet I don't know but it -- these don't want to answer. But I output and remember and and -- -- to go onto the big debate you don't. I gotta -- some -- some phone calls something the company and then I gonna challenge and a little bit like him a man right here -- again Libya Patrick Willis -- I mean Ray Lewis a thing -- that thing in the pants on him that's. The other. Retrograde it did have a debate the senate. That would fit in the day right now. -- right that. So that's sort of -- odds for fifteen its national TV it's Peyton Manning like the old days he's the -- joining us via has always appreciated here Deion -- joining us here on the show he joins us every single patriots Monday a conversation with beyond. Brought to -- the official wireless in telecommunication provider. The England patriots more your phone calls ninety cents.

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