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Boomer Esiason: Patriots whitewashed the Bills in the second half

Oct 1, 2012|

Boomer Esiason: Patriots whitewashed the Bills in the second half NFL Analyst Boomer Esiason joined D&C to breakdown the Patriots dominating second half performance and goes around Week 4 of the NFL. He chats about just how impressive the Patriots were overall, why the Bills defensive line was non-existent, and what led to the success of the Patriots ground game. He also touches on if there is a better running back tandem than Ridley and Bolden, how long will it be until Tebow is the Jets starting quarterback, and if the AFC East race is already over after Week 4.

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Welcome back to patriot Monday Dennis and Callahan and pick up the cup with Boomer Esiason brought you Bobby surprisingly delicious ice form -- one copy it just not nights at any size and -- -- Cumberland farms -- problem resides in joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T. Ford GLT -- good morning -- how -- -- good morning guys -- all. In the morning thank you it isn't it I said earlier that I think there are some stark similarities between the patriots and bills game and that Ryder Cup collapse in Chicago but buffalo playing the role of the choking dog American golfing team. Was there a more impressive performance in the National Football League yesterday. Then the humiliation of the bills by the patriots -- with San Francisco just crushing the jets. Well how didn't look at the New England was something to be -- 45 points and happens. Extremely impressive. What's more blood to the 45 points in the second half with a 41 points in the fourth quarter and and when you do look good the box score you look up and down. Because everybody's involved and you see exactly what you hope. That you would that you -- pictured it and you know brought about due to Bob Welker is involvement and all of a sudden. Out of out of out of nowhere -- the week we've seen this. All right that's up with a little bit here early in the season. Bolden and -- Hamdan mr. justice it's explosive goes all the way to put it. When you got four guys Bolton. Ridley Welker and wrong accounting for 477. Yards Tom Brady's job gets a little leisure does not. Those who are your -- a lot easier than you throw in the air -- interceptions by Ryan Fitzpatrick. A couple of fumbles that Connell part of the mistakes that the pitchers at all majority game and you have basically a whitewash it and I thank. I don't know I would imagine that up there knowing what all weeklong and out of the -- -- sweeten pot in college search history. A lot of -- to the local papers and hear a lot of the stock under stationed there guys. You know there are a lot of people that worry you know some pick and maybe a home built might be able to take this one and when you when you see that they have Freddy Jackson and CJ Spiller back in the lineup and they can okay maybe just maybe. There's an opportunity here for buffalo but I would think that the pitcher's defense in particular probably heard a lot of criticism last week because of their performance the week before. And just like get the patriot way is a -- -- do something about it and then was extremely proud. All Bora continued until I know you had to focus a lot against -- but in this case a game goes from 217. A team like the patriots a seemingly on the ropes. Two -- historic. Blow an historic. Come back. Comeback but not just that explosion offensive explosion has -- go from 2175228. Is that coaching. Is that adjustment is that on the fly just figured out what they're doing what you're doing them and Macon all the necessary changes you have to make. Well since 2001 that's kind of been expected between these two games right and -- like every time these two teams play Tom Brady which apartments when they wanted to run and I begin my life and he's had more of those and then that I ever at a competitive it's just -- -- -- you get into the game and you can because on the right plays basic agreement in the wrong place. One of those plays that symbolic of that yesterday was -- -- Tom Brady hit -- lockout you have a little more pattern down the right hand side. They actually had double coverage on him to -- the safety squats. And -- out to -- like to have the safety. Paul moved a little bit it was right in the pocket trying to avoid a little bit of a rush. To close at best and block reaches out makes a great catch on those types of plays -- happening for the pitcher offense. It's almost impossible to stop them and then from that it from the other standpoint I mean that the Buffalo Bills were overwhelmed. I'd be completely overwhelmed and so much. For rebuilt because the wind that they spent tons of money on in the off season because it was completely nonexistent. Right I'm and I think they would have been much better -- Mario Williams played yesterday al-Qaeda. Eight I think he set his alarm like Rory McIlroy he was on West Coast I'm so I didn't make it to the game unfortunately but that -- do you think maybe. A team like buffalo look at a team like the patriots is all geared up to stop the -- they the the DB's that have. Five or sixty -- in the game the same time they have these defense of -- -- Williams but mark in -- -- hurt our common after the quarterback that's the whole mentality. And then you to show up and said okay we'll gash you forty times for 245. Yards. Those. It's unbelievable it on the news you know we -- -- You know. Earlier this do we know we had the goods I mean open -- They obviously Barack. If indeed -- in the way I look at this is the way. But they promised to practice what I watched these kids and they know that. No we can lead BenJarvus green Ellis still we can't let this -- ago we don't need to bring Islam back. And they've they've hit a home -- with these two kids and you could hit I mean and now. Well you have between the two of them is you have over the over the competition going on back and forth which is. I think every coach's dream scenario to me to -- -- the same position. On the hopefully split carries sort. Put closed down. And -- just the explosive performance with a guy yesterday I mean. It's sort of another embarrassment britches I don't know sort of -- right now I can't believe I'm saying that's our let the quarter pole this whole -- football ought to be played. But his third team would be better running tandem in football or compatriot tablet. It was it would seem not -- I'll say this there are those here in New England who because Tom Brady is such a prolific passer are resisting the idea of a featuring the run from time to time beyond the obvious of a more balanced attack that allows -- that forces the defense to -- and and and pick one or the other what does that do from inside football standpoint for Tom Brady in the softens when you have those two guys that can do that. Well in a town about 27 anymore I'm not doing that he didn't that into the -- so a lot of great football left in him but. -- just the amount of plays with those two kids can make to take the pressure often and so. He doesn't have to go in every game and perpetrators and you are not yet but everything worked great. And at the end of my career I have a young -- rookie -- -- -- Corey Dylan an -- -- -- -- to remember him by. What I had him in the backfield for me it was just it was so easy to hand the ball while Jamaica cup yardstick get the first down on third Florio are you know. The -- Iran -- fifteen yards and put it down into the the -- on territory the opposing team and -- and making a living all of guys like that it just it makes everything so much easier for you and now all of a sudden other teams have to take notice. And certainly other teams would much rather see these kids on 400 yards as -- -- Wes Welker and gronkowski. Are receiving proper -- that would obviously the quickest way into the end arsenal football but. What these kids can do for Tom Brady and his longevity and and all the things to come off of it wouldn't -- play action or. Are you a little slips to these kids you know get around the corner with a great -- and -- -- -- I mean it's just as I could support an embarrassment of riches for the pitcher and certainly outnumbered like Albert is going to be a little -- longer a planet position that they can they help. -- -- is it fair to say that the most impact full type of victory the most impressive type of victory is when you for sure opponent to give up and it's is that we saw yesterday but the bills. What result from Brazil also from the chat similar -- you -- yesterday I think the AFC east. You don't present a much clearer picture out there who still on top. In this division all three teams. It is the other you know in the picture all lost yesterday they all I mean and the Miami Dolphins give -- effort out in Arizona but. The fact still remains as we sit here this morning that. That over the patriots reign supreme and there's nobody even close to them right now. Host the second best team in the division and who in your opinion boomers the second best quarterback in the AFC east. -- can't you can't call for Brian Hoyer anymore on the condom. Yeah I -- well it's certainly not more than just consider this morning. But it was weird I don't have been saying all week long in New York that yesterday's performance. But the -- well disheartening and you know obviously did not look good. It certainly was not on predicted I mean I I figured it going to be two and -- next Monday night they play Houston and you know the jets don't have any players I mean would Darrelle Revis out Santonio Holmes I I mean they just don't have. -- position player that scares anybody and then when your defense like inference -- killers. I don't know what people expect it -- you know as I get 34 not it was probably a little over the top negotiator 27 at ten. On Friday and that it was not going to be pretty and it certainly wasn't well wouldn't surprise. I bought low right now in my estimation is -- to -- the second best. Even though they got waxed yesterday but just -- -- -- helped form behind. Everybody else's in the -- bond picture. Is this one of those classic cases for the New York -- of of of seizing upon an excuse because you know Santonio Holmes is going to be out. Darrelle Revis is out -- didn't play correct -- -- look at this and say hey we we we -- not -- -- the to this gun fight with any bullets on a pistol. Well -- already trying to -- the game -- And more wanted to him other than you know be anemic offensively that was the fact that his defense got run over to the tune of 245 yards and -- He supported my approach we got our asses kicked so yes they might have been the lead or not. One of Rex Ryan's it to -- and his best post game press conference is certainly -- Very close to being out because -- was -- -- yesterday and he knows that and he knows he's gonna pick another one. Our next week in Houston and then after that at the Abu Dhabi two and three. And after that movement that you -- him back on track and if they can do I still believe that they could be at least a five under content that. In December to San Francisco hum -- running the wildcat. Sort of effectively a little bit kind of rubbed the jets noses in it with Tebow. Well you know they they ran that stuff and in preceded and all that other stuff but nobody really talked about it as much needed here New York because you know they don't have to have people that called copper and second nobody gives a damn. It if I'm on the -- noted there are relevant then by. They certainly use that effect that we have -- at least two or three times I think they use it and they gained a significant yardage with it. You know I was tweeting at the during the academic at the jets don't practice against the -- gotten. For some reason I don't know why but yesterday it was a little prime example was the what did you want to Tim -- in the first place. Historical it and actually got some successful that -- been here has hasn't come away that I think that they've -- opposed. -- a question that nobody's asked I just thought of it do you think Tebow get a chance under sender would they let him play quarterback. Not now column no not now I think they'll still get to block that stuff. But on this -- guys if you if there. If you can -- as -- John Elway in the room and you know maybe you know have -- -- future rights to make him to a pretty good about himself and everything else. In the -- from if you go to the practice is they want through last year and ever I think you would give you the real. You know lowdown on what's going on here the fact is that you know might have about my estimation at least -- that -- found in New York as well. Really it'd -- would you look at this roster it's not -- -- not a virgin. Even when they have all of their skill players. Up and active and healthy it's not very good -- so. I don't know why anybody would be surprised by anything that we've seen thus for the. What's your opinion of the the Broncos now with with the Mitt Manning and do you think he has the arm strength still -- give us a real concern there. Now -- he had -- -- strength. People don't forget that you know they play the two best teams in the league. Atlanta and used -- in back to back games and he actually played well on. You know in both those games should be kept three interceptions against Atlanta earlier in the night game you know from that point on he played very little well football and in a very different difficult environment even yesterday. -- it is that the we saw the real Peyton Manning I know. Troubling the flow into England -- -- remember that Peyton Manning has basically starting his fifth game with a new bunch of players around him. We're trying to figure them out to a trying to figure out these adjustments that he -- -- the game how he called plays. The fact is the entire playbook is wide open that team won their applying it and young guys argues that used to having that kind of -- on. In Denver so I'd you know I'd like to -- -- to beat them next week I don't think that it really should be dark most of the game but. But the fact remains that as long with but he did debacle on the field against a lesser opponents. Don't win those games -- -- it and that's why I think there's still the best team in its last. -- boomer double question about about the Packers and saints games left my number six game last night. With Durbin a riot at Lambeau Field head head refereed -- a prevent them from winning that game talk about the Packers of course how much trouble are the saints him. Well first and foremost among my son Gunner up their -- and is huge Packers gravity text -- the whole time. I can't believe this cool enough to. That was good he would be obviously you're down by complex right at the end of all the other stuff. But yet there was going to be a there was not completely but I had a question about it took things worked out OK for rebate. And I hit -- beginning of the season but the saints were really going to be trouble this year because they don't have that man Redman has to step up their record and regardless of how good drew breaches or Tom Brady or Peyton Manning if they don't have their head coach they're holding everybody accountable making adjustments within the game. You know standing before that -- on a Monday morning after talked lost. I that you're going to be sitting severely impacted and I -- we're seeing other remnants of the suspension of Sean Payton and won the commissioner sat down and made that ruling. I think he expected that there was going to be some sort of on negative impact on the saint I can't imagine that he. Would have expected this -- I did because. Knowing if you -- not on if you're not on the field with your guys approve of Peyton Manning doesn't have John Fox wore number he doesn't have. A Bill Belichick -- problem pretty much the same thing because that had been sold so important so vital in the NFL. And you look at the standings -- four games -- and falcons and other in the standings there. Done done done -- good they're not. Committee does not -- the falcons run away with that division Carolina had a game yesterday of Cam Newton fumbled. All of 32 we get the first down but he fumbles fumbles the ball back with. Before they -- -- the first down -- air and unfortunately. Somehow someway the Carolina defense what Roddy White get behind them. At the end of the game just inexcusable to. I want you guys that are cool thing -- via the the demeanor of the quarterback and you compare breeze. The Cam Newton and and you're -- I mean I am sure every player thinks that it take their cue from the quarterback and and Newton just sent an awful message went in the press covers like -- his eyes closed. Dated and in about I was saying OK let's hope this kid doesn't turn department of wildly prevent young. Where their heart -- draft picks. The -- embarked -- a blow on them. And -- -- him when he's on his game he's as good and it's fun to watch -- anybody Izturis in the NFL but. You know he's not a kid that it is still a lot of football adversity -- -- like normal what is on the field is a much better than everybody else he wins. But you know it's so important. And and we've seen Brady do this using Manny do their preaching Roethlisberger give us. You know in the midst of three game losing streaks -- they feel terrible about themselves are not happy where they are. But they never show it to the -- the public outside the -- stand tall they give. The right -- demeanor when they're given a press conference whether they went -- they lose -- that's part of a learning process for young guys like Eric Camden. Table -- the first place vikings with ponder for real or smoke and Mears in the NFC north. Argument -- Then. Argument about Ken Keating -- ambassador to say that they're in the top. -- certain that the my story and remember when they intrepid Christian Ponder in Minnesota although he -- have great membership that it would not only not turn the football and their defense that is a little bit better. A lot of us thought they were going to be. I would say it would -- when they drafted him everybody's like why you draft and Hammond turned out. Maybe that decision looks pretty good right now he's not accuracy not a difference. While they're winning other than the fact it is not turnover a bit and I supplies along with those arms it was going to be two -- three games just like that. You you know more about this the nine do but if you're planned for the jets boomer. And saw Santonio Holmes go down and give the ball up and didn't blow out as a COR snapped his femur. Would you say that that was inexcusable that he should album of the ball. It's kind of indicative of with the jets all right counted because of roster and -- You know most of -- at the end of felt good yesterday were all scratching our heads that he gave up the ball like -- I mean if you go to report that brought out of bounds. Don't don't just drop in the middle of the field allow them to pick up -- back for touchdowns I. I've been -- -- -- -- that the ball in my hands and I've pretty much always held that. Even one I think you've won Bruce Smith almost took my at all the football didn't fumble it by. Maybe that's just because there's an actual action and gotten our delegates led the that there -- -- but. On the -- it's kind of like an example of what the jets are right now and it's it's unfortunate because I think you'll get a lot of criticism. -- that and it's you know walk a fine line here the guys hurt we don't know how bad he's -- And we understand the ball maybe in his mind is secondary to you know his injury in his career by. A lot of people will be questioning -- bit of that particular -- like adjusted there's so far it's one of those slippery slopes that I promissory note that. Santonio Holmes did the right thing there. And -- finally let's circle back to Denver and pats next weekend -- Tom Brady said in the post game up press conference. The bills were daring the patriots to run the football so we ran the football if you're the Denver defensive coordinator what do you dare them to do. -- wouldn't -- -- -- that a factor towards David give often good dual position. It's a -- to pick to Portland right now I you know the only thing about the patriots right now but a little often and maybe I'm overreacting to -- That they they're blind to give Brandon -- involved. And it seems to me that. They just can't get a -- yet that's what one aspect of the offense. And then and then you know privileges to be a bronco maybe just got a clear breakout game for -- this week maybe they'll really make a concerted effort. That the showcase and but. I think this is a really typical problems maybe. For the first time since Tom Brady has been there. This offense is is it is difficult to defend against as they've ever been simply because of those two running backs now. They were you able to catch any of the -- to the Ryder Cup regurgitate should the corner of your -- yesterday. Yeah we got in on it out so we huddled over the Vista all over the back on on an. We're all slam and I'm sure everybody else was that the Tiger -- match is -- means companies yeah right that it's worthless it's unfortunate that that they -- a collapse of mammoth. Proportionately as well they -- exponent. -- -- right right -- and -- for at one point I wonder who slept less Yorker stricker last York you're Eric is not an if he's not gonna sleep from month. And at about your -- yesterday watching it it was like it was painful. It would like stop look stop look and it was just it was just. -- analysis I feel bad for those guys that. If they were great when they were teammates they would not like a -- you watched the reactions when there are all play together -- -- you can about your Bubba Watson or whatever it was it was a great. Moment as when they were teammates but was almost like would be European team felt like our when we play individually will get ourselves back into this. And dammit they did -- certainly. Extremely disappointed for American golf this one without. What our program sure you have a full show angst of all the New York football fans today enjoy yourself we'll talk -- that's one of my friend well property at the Yankees in the -- right on their -- that's good point and it brought in New York -- -- talking tax money thanks -- -- enjoy some AT&T hotline he's brought to you by Cumberland farms DC you'd digital federal credit union. And by little deputies will be right back.

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