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Brad Faxon: Worst Ryder Cup loss ever

Oct 1, 2012|

PGA golfer Brad Faxon called into Dino & Gerry to chat about if the Europeans won the 2012 Ryder Cup or the US lost it. Brad touches on how monumental a loss this is for the US, who's to blame for the epic collapse, if Davis Love III should have sat Mickelson while he was playing so well, and if the US had players too old to play so many matches in so little time under so much pressure.

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And it's been a low year I've played very well this year and haven't closed the door. I'm pretty sure Sergio -- that I out played them that I but that it went as far as team -- individual that's the lowest point in my here. Use. Yeah I think he's still squatting. On the eighteenth green try to look at that -- see exactly where he misread it. Yeah rule meant I it's got so bad I feel sorry. Jim -- -- not one of his biggest fans -- -- Q did you guys -- -- the facts have any problem with Phil Mickelson Schering. Justin Rose optical only made up out of seventeen when did it like three straight hole out vertical. I had no problem -- the iPhone article filled his B and -- against bill guilt for that and a lot of places. Because he wasn't in steal the while lost as he wasn't as a whole like like back likely like tiger. Like Poulter Roger is on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE Brad Faxon Brad when that putt from -- rolled him. I was reminded of the line the Jack Buck once famously said during World Series I can't believe what I just saw. Was remarkable. Well I'd love especially for part timers used to think about. Covers one of the few guys didn't play on Saturday that the Europeans -- actually you Peter Hanson the only two guys to play and ironically. Kind of goes to have a conversation with the other German Bernhard Langer who famously missed that putt in 1990 -- cup. And somehow get some inspiration from that comes through it and makes an unbelievable -- And then your reaction overall fax I mean did it did that Europeans win the US lose it you pick one. Didn't I didn't like you guys and so all morning I mean it was riveting television you couldn't decide. You know what you wanted to do it was hard deterred -- HIV it's really I mean watch in this collapse. Monumental collapse -- to -- the worst. Lot since 1992 European. This is the worst loss ever. Ever and you know especially on home soil. -- you know I've been on losing -- this is gonna suck and and I I don't know which team feels worse this morning hangover from the year it's aimed at -- US team not sleeping. The differences the Europeans you'll recover a -- the American right well I know and and fury constrictor. Both captains picks correct. No stricker earned his William and right. So you pick these two old guys the two oldest guys is asking too much of two old guys to play that many holes under that kind of pressure. Do you do they Wear you down you you know you you there about your age vaccine out feels. Do they Wear down after all that emotion from Friday from Saturday from the first. 1516 holes Sunday to finish on Sunday. Well you know I don't think physically they're Wear and then attempt here to work out I believe that he's in pretty good shape and this is all about planes you know footballer hockey it. Battled and banged up. Think about some of the guys that are first timers that played unbelievable -- Bradley like Jason Gardner. -- haven't played this -- beat those guys who -- out there -- well -- starts from Belgium. Nobody's heard of over here he was star. But you know -- -- by the court you know it's easy to second guess Monday quarterback here but Davis Love made a couple. Decisions that I I would think he's gonna question he's already set it to themselves. It is second guess but I don't think I would ever put up a lot of outbursts and mind you. Publicly Luke Donald who shot four under par played great probably couple great birdies yet but I would animate -- -- leader I I definitely. Wouldn't put tiger up at the end you know he's had a ten to six lead starting the day davis'. -- tiger at the end or you can be inconsequential. I think about one guy on the team is really looking forward to play tiger even when -- about it is that. And that is match at the end didn't mean anything ironically the other way. And on Saturday afternoon after Keegan Bradley Phil Mickelson won you know three matches in a row big -- Bill -- Davis to see it. Now at the time the US may be had a ten or leave because the Europeans won the last two passes on Saturday afternoon. Dave Davis says so or -- you guys is that we're up by six. But maybe if the captain Hugo you know -- -- is out there -- another. What are on the Apatow brand and I've heard the Mickelson quote an incident that we need -- break week. Why we I mean I I understand he's older he's tired and he's volunteer consider asking the -- Why did -- have to sit too. I don't know and and I don't know that there's that we and I think you can Bradley wouldn't. He replaced by himself against two other guys you know I would want it could -- display. But I mean. He he was the Ian Poulter of the American and you know he he was the guy I might just sent out or he was again if you wanted to play. You know its debt pumped up sort of stuff you still plays Justin Rose one of the nicest guys in the world. Like you guys just said before I came here. You know use of plotting that putt just -- seventeen was incredible. And then to birdie eighteen to make the park but he didn't -- just to stay in the match. And that's -- that's an unbelievable position and that wind that is what is. Timers -- yup yup it's all you know I I applaud Jill Brooke plotting justice. You know but at the -- there's no way you're giving them the you know Justin Rose due to. -- what does that say to Yule an Nvidia -- get -- deep examined psychologically here of how poorly the Americans played down the stretch in those most. Pressure filled situation seventeen and eighteen Johnny went over the numbers about a thousand times what does that say about them. Well you know it's it's funny because. We've always been the team that struggled in the first two days and in the team matches and always have come back you know we needed to come back the last. Twenty years as -- behind in the singles. And it is and it's it's it's mind boggling because we we should be good on paper much stronger and individuals then that we were yesterday. Well we got trounced in the European you know if it. It is the -- to Seve Ballesteros like -- -- you know levees you know the silhouette on the sleeves and Europeans and how much that carried. The European team to victory. I wanna go back to double. Second guessing. Your friend deal every EU question Bubba Watson lead enough I did the same stupid from two doubles. Secondly sitting fill a more important sitting -- Saturday afternoon what else what else to Davis Love due to lose this -- Like you know I think with me that they there was quote Davis gave after the press conference saying you know what. I could put anybody out in any order to everybody was playing so well. You know that may be truly you know. That's place funny you know you you get Paul Lawrie. Who had lost its first two matches on Friday and Saturday place Snedeker who was our hottest player and -- five under par after. You know he's beaten Snedeker by the -- so you you know I wouldn't put Gloria out second Basel bubble but it worked out you know cause. We knew he was gonna front loaded team you know Donald was first McIlroy it was third Justin's fourth in -- -- was -- so they had their best players out. And you know. I think David countered well you know I just I wouldn't put Bubba out there but he did have you know he put Snedeker Keegan Bradley and bill -- and his top. Four. So it. You know you you wouldn't have predicted this at all and in any losing teams always good to second guess everything they did I just I would put Tiger Woods elderly. Brett pulled his big red ink is he seems like. It will be the thing. I -- note that the line of the week the greatest latter possibly Westwood. Lee Westwood said you know we're gonna change our criteria for the European Ryder Cup selection next time we're gonna have nine players qualified. And -- players automatically get it to -- and Ian Poulter to Mac you know he has carried this team. It was incredible but is -- -- We've already -- more sensitive guy that you just you don't see him all the time you know he's he's. He's a good player he's not a great player he he -- -- Ryder Cup players it's it's a battle what he does to deceive. You know it -- -- it's it's a momentum thing is it not because once it gets goal on a certain way it tends to keep going that way when -- close to some extent that's that would make all Saturday out what that you think. What are that's gonna carry over and you're exactly right right off the bat they started -- -- momentum and then it was almost as if the American for trying not to -- as opposed to trying to win I mean who thought Snedeker who -- who -- gonna have -- five bogeys yesterday thought tiger was in the and a half -- point all weekend long and zero birdies and -- zero -- in the back into the -- -- was -- plays well he did I mean it's just it's a moment and what if you could pick Brad. Like younger guys I said the slick Rickie Fowler picked Nick Watney panel Ryan Moore younger guys. Would they would the emotion of the moment help them the way it seems to help. You know the younger players on Europe what it. You can point to -- you can point to call starts on the other teams that played unbelievable that young guys Keegan Bradley for sure. Fowler played well in his Ryder Cup to the debuted two years ago. You know there were few other guys you could have picked. You know Webb Simpson here's two guys won a US open he shanks the street yeah I mean it's it's just extraordinary -- you've never seen in this game that's what. That's a particular. Just wanna sit there and stare at all at all. McIlroy showing up late. Is that the stuff that -- recurring nightmares are now made of that you wake up you know like its final round of the US open in years you're stuck in the car. Mean I had to be one the most uncomfortable you know car rides ever had a life. And and I think macro as prime one of the few players on both teams that could. You know showed up literally ten or fifteen minutes before -- time put on his shoes probably in the car and and it takes a couple practice when these poppy seed Bradley but. I think about this for a second. On the first key the first match two and half hour before Phil Mickelson. Was unity he and stricker lots of Bubba you know be the first player and I mean in showing -- -- you know team's sportsmanship. After it back in the hotel. You know also. Right I mean think about that per second and Becker is quote futile polices its its a good thing I didn't have the time to think about all that was going on any that it issues PGA tour he won by eight shots. For a second major piece showed up and hit ball for 25 minutes before the around at this year's Deutsche Bank championship. At dinner with Padraig Harrington -- for the third round. And yet at 730. Years he had to get up. -- and a half hours or. I guarantee you're not doing that may be that the current economy needs. To win. -- I think affect the FedEx Cup in the drive toward the championship drained Snedeker. Well I don't know you know you. You'd think that it would be able to. Not succumb to the pressure after winning the yearlong that I think so. And you know to go out and shoot you know. He shot even par on this course which probably wouldn't won many matches yesterday but he you know how do you know lorries and shoot five under -- It's it's an eighty owing to Laurie you know he would've been a guy that. You notice that this is surely there. Can you believe that tiger gave Molinari that putt for the. Well I. You know conversely I can't believe -- didn't. It's. Good good well he wasn't he wasn't up to him he was looking all the current and all of should have almost doubled on what they did in Brookline -- grant got called on the half. Well that -- Payne Stewart gave but Colin Montgomery right right it was you know a great yesterday. You -- it. Too nervous to even think about what quality price but it you know that already over. Player tiger last sold all of those people of people screaming. -- a little squad -- Italian guy. You know stared down Tiger Woods in the last group of the Ryder Cup. It's amazing that you know. I don't know if you are sure all the bubbles put Molinari outlast his. And -- in drivers that in the last thinking in Westwood who hadn't played well at all you know there as a -- lap -- the Europeans and you know -- of these guys as a matter anyway. And and then we throw out. You know stricker it was the last two matches. You know the wily veterans you know you think it would -- I'm -- idea -- coming what you guys think it's a great TV event is just spectacular TV all three days I want to make it better on Saturday night. They have the singles draw on TV. You and the two captains sit there with the assistance on the outside and you go first like -- better selection yes exactly that's a big deal. So you sit down and you let the visitors pick first he throws down Luke Donald. You -- name down on the table and then the other captain and Davis and Davis Love anymore Brad Faxon the next. Throws down you know whoever and you go to all twelve names -- not have been great TV. I can't believe the PGA hasn't thought about I've said that for years that would be. You have -- I just thought. I haven't set for years WG. But I think that would. I can't believe they would do it you know I've always thought that the captain might wanna you know in the interest of the Ryder -- say -- we put up for these ignorant. I know because everyone was right on Twitter and we need Keegan and Poulter the play. Just for the Mets in the emotion those two has gone back and forth. Dad and I you know have a -- -- played key it was great. I wish Poulter played you know some of the other than. Here. Yeah a -- to play tiger outbreak that would have been -- evidently. Webb Simpson wasn't -- great theater but. It Brad who's a worst worst place this morning stricker or Urich. I think you're yeah I think produces a third time this period in which he has to any US open. WGC. He had the -- see you know two loss to Bradley there at fires don't know WGC and then I've never seen anything like it. He -- how long did it take -- Hughes and then and to have the gumption to go back afterwards and and recently. Used the public. The good years he's put down another ball hit that. And you know we've always done that the police that a vet said he and it replays and as minder. But I don't know this is I can bet your disease. -- drinker. It's not at at at at the I've never seen anybody take as long as stricker did on that eighteenth hole and it's that you thought that pot that. So I'd you know it's -- -- out there who never hesitate to say anything. He didn't these guys hit this -- practice round I mean -- even doctors. Exact same exact spot but stricker hit the next spot. Which is the difference between stricker and Bjork you're miss -- -- yes but stricker hit his last -- and tiger three putts for bogey on eighteen. Right and you know tires but as you know is president mean anything at the time and not that you automated considered. But. I want them to do it again next week I don't want to wait two years connect speed this up policy in America. This is final question Brad what what what with the Al fall from this any idea what what happens what the whose heads roll what what changes are made whatever. Well I opted. Tommy Roy the producer NBC sports and he says I love producer Ryder Cup you dissipate produce some losing Ryder Cup you know it. It's been a long time since we've you know we've obviously -- in 2008 but it's it's been a long time -- you know we're getting killed in. It's good that they're close but. I think all of us who you know when you start now yesterday Watson this rhetoric if you wanted to see. It kinda come down to the wire you didn't wanna see below you wanted to see it on which you thought the American team would win right. I'm I'm sick of the guys that nuclear. You worked with the Johnny Miller what does that pitch. What pitch he says is putts gonna -- attached to the left or to pitch into the wind -- -- this and he said it's ten times yesterday I looked up the dictionary there is no pitch. No piece of a lot of things that aren't in any case. -- from on the NYU school of these LaRoche she alerts to dish yeah. Artifacts good conversation bad tournament it was it was riveting it was human drama and the Americans an -- and if -- pick you as an assistant we'd be talking about a US victory ten questions that put them out whispered in in checkers here. Andean Indian clerics -- -- topic to -- like it'll give a crap. We would not let public -- first or tiger's deal last. This agreement through -- he shot. Under what he wanted what you got from the two ounces little thing in any idea. Or but I don't know what did he do that the singles as well. I think so I. Think he started a new tradition. I think the Portland and she approved. Luke's you know yeah yeah -- quiet for me you know artifacts. -- -- thanks for the time -- -- with Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T hotline AT&T four GL TE phone lines open we'll talk -- will be April -- flash and then Boomer -- -- NFL football. --

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