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Tom Brady: Bolden, Ridley, and our offensive line stepped up

Oct 1, 2012|

Patriots QB Tom Brady joined D&C to discuss the Patriots 2nd half dismantling of the Bills. He touches on if he felt the Bills quit, how the Patriots were able to take advantage of what the Bills gave them on defense, and what went through his head when his knee got hit by Kyle Williams. He also talks about how well the offense performed against the Bills rebuild defensive line, the impressive days of Bolden, Ridley, Gronk, and Welker, and comments on the hits of Brandon Spikes and Vince Wilfork and what effect they had on the tone of the game.

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-- the page Monday our interview with Tom Brady has brought to you by northeast electrical distributors and gal 03 BMW. Good morning Tom Brady LR yeah. We're a first question first things first coupons you and store your helmet to start the third quarter. Good I couldn't find their -- that are. In the you know normally someone they're gonna go they checked the the microphone the right word beginning and before the start -- the second half. For the when someone better just -- it give it to me that it's been checked and no one was -- so. And looked on the bench and looked and I could find it's such -- about a bit but I would -- that I at least in the locker room. No gronkowski took because he wanted to hear what they say he -- seems curious -- Hit it as though he eventually found that they got to say they have found anywhere plus. One of our equipment guys. Particularly on top of the behind the defense Tibetan capital -- over there but I'll have made -- -- that maybe check them. The the announcers pointed out over and over again the Vince Wilfork wife of the architects him all game and he goes and halftime reads. If she knows football she Texan little recommendations suggestions observations from the stands. You check your phone at halftime on the -- whose texting you. And -- No maybe that they'll work fervent yeah yeah you haven't. The rewarding credible player he is in if -- does -- football so. I. You know or she always let you know what we need -- -- after the game so I appreciate that too. It's a battle -- gonna take debate on this and knowing you probably won't but isn't the most satisfying. Impact full kind of victory team can have. Is when you make your opponent quit or surrender and didn't that happen yesterday it sure looked like they quit. -- I I wouldn't say that I mean I don't think they did and I think you know I have a lot of respect that team in the way those guys play they play Harvard. They're very well coached they're gonna both say it is -- you know we really just. We took it -- my opportunities we got the second half that we didn't take advantage of the first half. The first half we're very much open now and you know we've we've yet to really play ethics -- -- and so. That we put its third thirty. Thirty that you if -- pretty pretty good minutes offensively and defensively first and we cover kicks. The -- ball well we're efficient passing game we get a lot of turnovers on defense so. That's a winning formula and I think that's where obviously the black in the last few weeks it is. Our ability to take advantage. Will we get the opportunities from the opposing team that we did a great job that -- Were you surprised that they stay with their small up personnel packages as you continued to burn them and run the football in the second half and up maybe they thought they had to go -- because -- 147 at halftime. But -- surprised they didn't change out of that when -- when it was clear you were taking advantage of that. Well that's what we have to do that the teams wanted to leave political groupings on the field that we've got to be put you know I don't know how we -- for what sort of security to your right. So there was a great. Effort -- offensive mind who played. But played just great yesterday against you know the defense -- -- that. It really improved itself over the course of the off season with our way as the market understands that. And adding that it took to Darius and Kyle Williams and they got the other guys they routine and overall. -- very very good players are capitalized released met the challenge so I mean I think you give those guys all the credit in the world. You know close to create holes for the running backs were also. -- -- -- a great job run the ball find holes take care of the football. You were with good -- global break in tackles yards after contact that would. We really challenged by our coach and you know really wanted us to run the ball better we run the ball and I thought those guys released. It -- you know your typical. You came out in the second half from the shotgun a lot of the first half you were under senator. Is that just don't mean you and Josh to get together at halftime and said listen this -- we have to do what do you insist on let's say listen we're spread them out we -- gonna. Pick them apart which is what you did and opened things up for the running game. Had Josh usually has a great feel for that. You know I'd I -- that I mean those -- were -- you know. Kind of make a recommendation that -- -- adjusted the -- and so. 100% confidence in Josh what he calls it what he wanted to do and we. You know we didn't a lot of games together and it -- No it doesn't -- go well the first half -- -- got to make adjustments. And you know I thought you know we did a -- great job adjusting to what. They were doing you know it's still early in the year so you really haven't seen the entire playbook. You know the opposing defense is that we're there were -- we played. We played those that -- their point you know we thought they were gonna do one thing and they really didn't do it. And and we had to adjust for the second half in Baltimore the same thing in and that this game was the same place so. You know we've we've got to continue to find ways to adjust and also hopefully just faster so that no we don't. You know blow -- -- happen you know we we look we know we can certainly excuse better than we did in the first step a little weak excuse Lebanon's second half. Tom I'm not sure one can narrowed down to a key play a game that ends -- fifty to twenty gates Corbett we attempted to do that with the key play your mind be. The hit and the fumble and the events recovery at halftime to keep up 147. Maybe the third nine scramble to work to would have that got you guys really launched out in the second half. Well you know the other countries that played that that spike made. Two and knock the ball life. With a stellar. Yet to knock the ball star he's done that Britain and if the need to tell them so I loved. Yeah on the team with Brandon Spikes is having his. What he does for our defense and in creating fumbled -- really the hard hitting president that he is in the middle of the field and that's. I know would we play linebackers like and we got we got some really good linebackers. -- -- Gerard who's obviously the leader of that group and in Brandon and and Doug and I totally different player but it. You know Brandon brings that physical element in these. That's about the ball off the like you did -- off from that play you need to get there is no where he knocked -- -- from -- -- -- the -- -- -- back. But those -- best players are seen anywhere they can in. You know he's just. He has a nose for the ball he has the -- knock the ball well. Into. I was a huge play of the game -- -- so the province to be at the top of it to recovery it that was stolen huge play in the game. You guys put on a show in the second half the year the offense -- -- the -- the 42 plays like 350. Plus yards. He does give us a sense of how many of those 42 -- you called how many were called at the line by U. Not many not many of that we we we we can certainly make adjustments out there -- would gush into the rhythm. There's really no reason to change them so it felt like. You know -- Maria. What he's. Got a goal in -- registrar best. You know XQ what he's calling them you know make my lead and make maestro and another great part that the playoffs and organize let's put quarterback and he calls the plays and if it's -- bad -- -- If I can certainly get out of it. But for the most part. You know with which he seems that we talked about and that's what I feel confident. That's who we -- do. What about when you come to the line and you see some in the defense I mean -- I guess they didn't adjust. Certainly -- in just has not often enough for as much as they should've could've. But if you came out to line and they were out of their nickel and new look commit to you know 3-D -- in a 45 linebackers. You have to change the play don't you. -- amid all the -- where you. You know you you were talking about that for the game you know we have particular play call them what look are we gonna get in if we get a different look this is what we wanna do want to play and you know you don't put too many plays and where. You know you really -- I need if they if they line up in a certain defense because. Know it's hard being Cold War defense to call so. Know a lot of times you have all purpose -- That look if it. Let's say it's you know. Single heavy run defense. You know this is what we're gonna do that in pass defense that -- -- gonna do. You know those are the types -- things that we talk about for the game which you can't just solid -- but this is what they're going to be here because. You know you'd UB 25%. So you got to have enough options within the play to still have options. -- no matter what. The defense called and it's it's in golf if they take it perfect that I got to change. Kyle Williams the defensive tackle said that. He ran three plays Cindy that's it -- three running plays over and over again. Is that accurate. No you know we've we've certainly reported that. I would say that probably could. Probably depend. There's the great play -- -- although so. You know it looks like the that we plant that actually hit -- -- Up the middle of the field I mean we've been running that play where we. You know we we have kind of a caliber actually pulled the backside guard. If you get the linebacker to step up and Glock slipped behind them and the rerun -- that play a lot you know for good yardage. I can accurately emboldened. And that we granite and we take our cup battlefield so. It's a you know that part of the chess game he got us. You know look they got little guys have a feel we got to run it let it run it and then play action -- that you had a big place so. That's part of you know good offensive football -- making adjustments and say if these -- -- -- we want to get to these reflections off the road and that's how you complement. You know the entire passing game with the league game. It is sort of how to broach the subject that I wanted to get into next on wield all the cliches about what establishing a running game goes for the entire offense balanced mix of defense guessing usual -- -- more open up options. Take us to the next level of quarterback grad school here on that subject. What -- to 100 yard performances by your running backs allowed you to do specifically x.s and o.s wise. You know it I think that it gets to a point in the game where you know they're getting hurt in the run game that. You know they got to start committing defense -- to the run game and when they commit defense is to the run game that you really got to where he -- Patrick. So. You know that they would if it is very secure where the ball for two and a half yards to carry. As they're still playing pass defense. You know their right. The defense is doing exactly what they would say look we'll play pass defense but they're still like getting your portable. So with Google brought the ball -- separate yards a carry. You know there are what we got to make some changes. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You'll get a veteran defender out of the box to stop the run game and -- Either you play action pass and if you really got your matches where you -- -- capacity and so that's part of the whole evolution of the game -- You know part of -- part of being an effective play action after The Beatles love the ball effectively. Not just run the ball you know you've got to run the ball but if you look at February the first two yards per carry they don't care who they're just like perfect you know. There -- in place. But when you can run like we read yesterday. It really puts a lot of pressure on those guys. For the defender to stop the world you know. You know physically and then dramatically you know maybe it changes the defense of coordinators call. -- a Tom Post game yesterday you wouldn't say what mr. Kraft said you coming off the field -- -- -- tell us what you said when you've got in the literally Brandon Lloyd's face after the touchdown that was something excitable I think. Can you give us that that the tone and tenor of what that was about. I was pretty fired up I don't know I -- a -- Eight. I don't remember exactly what I thought I was pretty excited you know we've. You know we missed a few earlier in the day but it. One that was we talked about before -- since. You know to get a ball like that first touchdown was was off -- -- access -- really and the games so I was pretty fired up. How quickly does your mind react and process when you feel Kyle Williams. On your -- like that and it does it take a couple seconds where you realize you're okay. What what was a whole play like in your mind. Yeah I think it was a little longer development played -- over the middle and and -- to west and then you know I got hit but you know I got to be based on -- and you know Colin notable player excel. It's certainly that's part of the game and in that's why we're he breaks and so it was a you are you don't think about it at all. I really removed from that experience. But. You know you just take the precaution and try to use that technique Specter in -- and in better. You know I'm I'm glad everything's okay. -- fight back to what you said on the side -- I'm not sure if you're aware of this but the whole world was read your lips after you scored the touchdown -- -- -- -- we think we know which is said and display and we ordered directing this -- was at the bills the fans. Oh. All I'd rather not say. But hey it wasn't the fans and it wasn't. It wasn't the refs or anything like that they would just say it was emotional I was -- out of I was just -- yeah I just fired up. He didn't say it was in the bills -- -- that wasn't in buffalo player or two because it's plural. Its laurels yet -- -- -- at and why now why not one you goofy spikes wanted to keep the ball. Because. I don't know if you're right I was I was -- I mean I don't get it -- get in military three years so. I probably should spike hit by -- despite for -- Very effective again despite it. -- he had a bad one yet and -- -- Olympic Gold Coast or C did a little nervous because he's home probably at like 9000 high school friends there not a drop me fumble dropped a fumble and and the spike was really ugly. At that he's then -- tell -- he's been fighting the -- off. Q you know to be out there and says to do everything that raft on the to do so it was great for -- have a game where he really. You know made some plays in the passing game made some big plays down the field. Go to church you know being at home it's exciting for two those high school coach was buried a lot of camera in the hotel also it's always a little bit -- they. You know it's nice to go home but it's it's sometimes it's nice to leave too because it's in all of -- distractions sort of speak when we get there but you know he really. What a great player he is a dependable player and I have so much confidence and trust and that. He's going to be doing the right thing to be in the right place and he plays took a lot of emotional heart. Do you ever hang out with a like -- on the road do you goat in his on the night before that lunch or breakfast or anything. No -- -- -- we don't go to like Vegas together in my. It is different -- in my life I would have done that but he's you know he's. I really loved being around the guy he's a great teammate friend and I tried you know. I had some words as you know decisively in the conference room. You know where I can but you know he's he's a grown man until you know he's doing a great job take care of himself -- you know he loves football he -- you know -- for the patriots -- -- particular. He's a fully grown men to be sure eight you mentioned Brandon Spikes heavy hits and all that NBC in the Wilfork. Hit on Donald Joan -- have you -- at the tape. Yeah I love -- on TV last night that was incredible related to him but he's. It's the big band that he can get going quickly Hillary's so his explosiveness that tackle -- -- -- -- And the notable thing was Tom what was what the score was and where was in the game it was midway in the fourth quarter in the pictured were 3520 -- so there was you know been. I guess that's not playing -- sixty minutes. Yeah that's but it wasn't him telling -- you don't. You know -- YouTube you'll think twice you know catching that ball again but would you take a hit like that for the rest of the season and did sniff that out. That's part of what about this is a great players you know it's instinctive to -- -- though like those interceptions last year that he made. You know play at certain blocks and ski run plays its you don't folded so you know they -- that would earlier in the game that it got and -- as a defense for it. The second -- it really makes them pay. Don't don't don't give too much credit. -- market texted and said watch total joke -- but don't Johnson screens and she was ready for. Maybe it is maybe that's is a little secret weapon right there. They lose if if you can't vote for yourself not that you would -- The best player on your team. But that's that that's a long list. And it's it's a long -- I think we you know we got a lot of really great players so. -- You can debate in this. Campaign I mean it's it's too hard to tell -- there's. Look there's so many guys to replace its only big games under pressure. -- played didn't need it the most so. Obviously don't need Logan Mac just you can't you know we do. -- slogan that says they voted -- -- Logan did last week against the ravens in his toughness to what he brings. I mean everybody -- from -- -- team and everyone. Bring you the toughness playing under pressure. Work ethic. You know what Wes Welker does for our team and the kind of plays that he's been export -- -- you know whatever the going gets tough. You know you look at the huddle you look at west and that you just know. -- questions got a heart that's you know five -- besides you know. I mean it's. It's that kind of player that we have throughout our he'd like -- authorities said you know it would. You know that couple -- -- could make huge plays the game yes but there's so many guys that. Really -- can dig deep and that's where beautiful -- well. Even with a 5228. Shellacking of buffalo an amazing second half my guess is the head coach is gonna find. A couple of things in the first first half first two quarters to point out -- in the meetings this week. I'm sure there will be and that's you know this is about improvement you know it's -- -- after the game were tuned to you know it's not a it's not a very good record I mean it's. Google what we have to do we have to get better because it's not good enough. And it's not you know it's good enough to win some days but you know obviously it's not gonna have to win all the time and we start within. You know every time we take the field in and I think that's. Improve and get better realize what you need to do as a player to prepare yourself mentally and physically to be the best you can every week. And that's concentration thing that's an effort -- -- to work ethic and again that's part of the process that we go through weeks so. You know ultimately comes -- execution of the game which you're prepared yourself -- acute and those guys work hard last week we need another great week -- if you've got to you want the best can definitely come into the town and we're gonna need to play our best game of the season. Will -- provide any advantage based on his relationship with that team. It's been awhile since he's been -- right so it's it's suppose different staff maybe. You know I know he had some insight from players split that that's. They use their players with their their -- -- they see fit so. Quite -- does that change in the new defensive coordinator obviously it's a different offense where if you know Peyton. You know as a quarterback as opposed to keep both of the teams we -- questions. They have played the challenges they're good on on both sides of the ball from what I've seen thus far they're they can play defensively. Yeah great game against Oakland yesterday so we got to work and offer. So figure dealt with rushing touchdowns for the year that was you got to quote yesterday you're all set. Are made it a few more -- all right. Talked to Donna -- congratulations on a big win good luck against Denver. Are. Operating -- Dennis and Callahan our conversation with Thomas brought you by north east electrical distributors and gallery BMW -- always joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTV.

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