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The Cold Hard Football Facts of the Patriots win in Buffalo

Sep 30, 2012|

We talk to Kerry Byrne from Cold Hard Football Facts dot com and go inside the numbers for the Patriots big win in Buffalo.

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Absolutely absolutely and -- them are part -- and you can see them to change from last week this week. Came in movement who wrote this week as -- an exceptional job right. We'll play well as an office had an awful storm no it's not how you started and finished so for Russian live. What with a win at the end that's all that -- so working hard every day. As -- running back Steven Ridley 22 carries a 106 yards today. For nearly a five point average although he was averaging over six yards at halftime he scored two touchdowns on the ground -- rushed for a touchdown. Brandon Bolden with a breakout game sixteen carries from 137 yards and a touchdown it all adds up to forty carries. As opposed to 36 passes for the pitchers today but not only forty carries but for six point two yard average -- He rushed for 247. Yards it's got people excited because it's something unusual. Patriots usually don't run the ball. As well as they did today like you don't give me the opportunity to run the ball. And as Tom Brady said at halftime I'm speaking after the game. They were daring us to run the ball -- lineup that they put out -- so they took advantage of it again four of their touchdowns taking from rushing. The football so what does all this rushing numbers mean it -- would be excited that the patriots now. I have a dimension that they might not have had to win the last couple super balls. To put cents behind those numbers. -- everybody Terri Burke from -- football facts Freddie until Gary. Let's -- they don't gentleman right. Apple airport you know don't pretty exciting I think we all of a football again right. Well watching that team establish its will on the ground in and beat up physically and rush for all the so. -- dealt with by the watch I can see -- why -- -- in the very excited. To do that but the big question is what does it mean long term. And I want to mean that much guys that I really don't want to listen to your article what to watch. I think it's highlight watch the passing -- you know spread them out and elect a short pass an accident yeah. And these old guys Freddie right to argue you know. God you've got a little effect and opera to the patriot it'll -- almost 250. -- I think the running -- board of mine no yeah you'll see anywhere in as I don't run the football you works I'll write what I he's right I was surprised that -- in a surprise is that now you detail a lot of people that call saying. Why did they do that it's camels cows -- had eight guys in the box sometimes nine. And the bills and had their bigs up in the -- about their identical half the time. And that and you know Brady said it would bring the bigs in data and change so that their best to run. I couldn't I don't know what that would -- I don't -- why don't do it maybe they thought that the -- danger in the area but when you get you you said -- When you get hounded by the running game it holds a pants down as a defense played intimidate you -- virtue as a spectator. I'd like to watch passing game has been operating Rocco boys and as a playoff -- rather have to pass against me and found my hadn't run the ball. A look at the thing what it means pitino it hard it as much as we'd like get excited about running the football it and do anyway. -- if you -- you consistently gotten into with the that he could. As it. Adrian spirit between the 47 yards in case they've only top that nineteen times -- -- it in the French looked at all up. Read all the court I'd put all that and it you know you get that you know what -- will almost one to -- Three years you run for two -- forty yards so not you can't how to do it consistently what you. And on onto inconsistently. -- that it'll be up. The ball better and having the better quarterback. And it indicated that where New England -- is by the -- would which are pretty basic -- got the other guy you know that you know yelled gun right perspective today but. You know don't -- you know it's back to got a pretty good day out you know yet it Walcott CNET when that -- -- The bill for the pages the -- you could be anybody it broke or -- -- gonna lose the game. That's what I guess you'll be -- lighted up like he's Tom Brady that he comes out like he's. You know pretty -- gobble. Yup -- No exactly and it it has what you know that game the patriots win every time. I don't get up that wanted to add another one accompanying the excitement of because then but looking at public advocate of 48 points -- -- one -- the jets who by the way. The first pick of 2012. -- at all against the 49 if I mean that's not a good offensive team. I see. You know you you can't get -- one big -- doesn't mean you're going debt. You know you got -- it up -- -- -- -- -- -- not and I still I think there -- all the way up the fact it was inevitable but all pro logic is of the gains. It that they could still don't have him but don't put that. What can spread spread out what it really is that the media took it fifty you know it's fairly typical the defense and I'm not sure right now that it. -- you tell that's Super Bowl caliber defense because of the super super super -- -- -- it went when Fitzpatrick shout them. He -- like Tom had -- passes and they had a guy wide open on the -- line. Who would easily go over constantly all the -- -- five feet but there's not a guy that's open on the right he misses him -- And I was just wasn't the patriots defensive backs that stopped spratt who haven't. 500 yards -- it was part of sort Patrick open passes there -- miss and so. There is concern because it was guys open. In January -- and the fact that you know and I still have a couple little issues what is it that you -- offensively by the way. This company I don't know what does it up and yet you look -- opposite happened in franchise history with 580. -- the block and the only time they talked it. Well lack of dolphins it was if you are in 2009 but the united nothing in it I hope now they did -- in nineteen. An old school look at it yet I remember that game they want to -- -- three intimacy. We are -- area what was that they also scored fifty points twice in the 07 season when they went undefeated. Yeah -- buckle depicted in the court -- fifty point seven times in history in. -- -- of the bubble built by the way that you know obviously a great prolific. Historical up at the gate there for the patriots. And you know the that is the question is in. Hit that -- -- -- it don't get it -- next week guys would statement and statement probably not the quarterback he was a couple of years ago like because of that back in despite that. The big went to Denver today at the raiders. But -- he's still obviously a step up and Ryan Fitzpatrick and and you know in the team in all this get to that can step up -- play that way. Could make it look at that have been put back like they did in the quarry is -- simple. Okay let me answer your question directly you asked do they have a Super Bowl caliber defense. And I would imagine your answer is Null and when you look at today's win as impressive as it was they still gave up 438. Yards to get up 340 yards passing. They were eight of fifteen on third downs allow. You'd think -- a third down defense guys have been a lot of the right broke up. We put all said all that said and I know you're all about the numbers the numbers that -- to victory and that might be. Part of the reason a big part what they've lost the last two Super Bowls but that's said. To meet today's defensively one of those games that goes beyond the numbers you know you gotta admit that because of the high score buffalo was thrown a lot of the answer some of that. Is padded stats OK but the numbers are the numbers. Here's the other thing. They had six turnovers today if they forced. A bunch of those turnovers they also -- a couple of three and outs. When they needed them and turned the ball back over the offense. That allowed them to score fifty points so while over the course of sixteen games it all evens out your numbers are almost always right. When it comes to that over the long run they correlate to victory I think today's game the numbers are little deceiving honesty that's why don't know. I don't have any answer whether it's a Super Bowl caliber defense yet or not. Well look you know because that's why we need to figure they'd do it again you know these these morally quarterback and -- think it'd have. The toughest schedule you know the we we we've seen that so far are we you know we know that -- you know based on that plane. You know pigment that happened glitter on a guy like. Alex Smith lately here -- -- -- -- doubt that the pretty good. Doughnut shop the -- job to -- and. -- -- -- didn't Freddie I don't is that you know they can you know compare the patriots for the second there is no comparison right now the check them. Our complete football team they have a good up and they run the ball well the -- all of a heavy lights out. Dodd bill to pass rushing defense that debt it hit him with -- should -- look. Lot of -- for a separate -- which is -- -- to access the number one team right now football yeah but I think with the you know they could draw LT. Here click and they're gonna it's gonna be interviewed at the big thing to win you play that game. If they do -- for the championship. Yellow that dedicated IQ by the way I appreciate that prediction I have is that what was capable I -- -- -- one. We target he talked earlier regular that they would number one across the board last year and in what we caller I've not followed debt powering the they would it. The best -- across the board and all our stat that didn't match up. And I like that but I do I think they would -- the ball the best human football what they did not into the playoffs with a rookie quarterback. Op if that was the reason we keep it simple and simple bullet but I have to beat the -- -- C title game and you know what don't bet that. What did I gain the biggest -- the -- could look like. Almost but the colts game is to go where every every year what ten years. The winner of the patriot COLT game right now got it into the playoff the what you would somehow it up. Go further the -- go to the simple as that what you. It is this year just really well rounded team and obviously that -- and -- -- patriots can win that game. And it is still a long way away and I'll say while this team is totally legit speculative -- Well you know what they would up to Denver and played old beat up doused him -- receivers and he made the fight down the stretch. -- this because it was it was it was Peyton Manning in the coming here. If it appears that that's going to be tough David Houston all fired up their ten times -- -- -- a lot of -- you're gonna beat the goal -- -- -- I think they took. -- -- -- you know they're shipped until the tentative knock them and if -- target -- court approved but I almost they can and a lot of ways that. Working their advantage because they they know. They need to win that game to attitude you know wanted to prove that they that they are kept that the -- right now I think and I circled. You know like it might might pretty good at predictions of Sports Illustrated all in all the guys here -- My number one game out looking forward to all year -- that went -- Monday Night Football December 10. And not to get too far about seven to -- To what the great footballer of all you know difficult but you know I think that the other people looking -- -- a lot of in between between now and have they really -- And got that can be that that's going to be at the bit that guys that is the team. There right now -- football and and that's going to be deliberate hit that it is ready to get back to the typical and and more importantly ready to win. Like every other giants couldn't do what they're as a wildcat they stopped but there won the Super Bowl astronaut got a little is a wolf the look and win the NFC east. But those old bottles -- by bite you know. Yeah that pretty badly to pick it could be headed to go into the reckoning who would allude to the second coming up at home okay. But the Seattle Seattle's top what they would know that -- -- it -- -- alleges that -- the team. The benefit politically Bob Bullock and the -- all the political with a rookie quarterback to go to yet. They go to Miami means that you tour every single bullet a winnable games in a locked out of my knowledge that seven. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well it's interesting you bring it up Carrie and and so let's finish this -- take a break when you look at the numbers and as you said you look at your cold hard football facts Houston is for real. Their their -- and a power rankings their defense is. There is a question numbers wise about how -- related team about the Patriots defense but you look at the next three games for Houston. Talk about for real they play at the jets in a Monday Night Football week from money now that's at the jets that's a little -- game it and host Green Day. And host Baltimore and that's the bye week the next week for both Baltimore. In Houston. They've got three games where they can prove to themselves and everybody else have they went all three. Our go to when one that they may just really be thrilled at the numbers really do back them. Well I think I mean that they did -- I could get and they win that and now it is saying that the Packers and ravens there -- the big question myself. We're talking network I don't care what you lose to the back of the ravens back to back then the other that the type the -- -- don't what is it legit. But you know who you know rate on toning up in the better team. But they have to know what those guys I think Freddie was right those guys who have to. Proved themselves -- and -- are depicted public capitalist to look back into history now we talk -- the patriots champions I mean that was. They AFC chairman is. But -- held -- well they don't you know. I mean Freddie nobody no other than get whistled for the -- out if any. Oregon salmon have what used to Watson knocked out champion out yet -- I agree but they did you looked up -- approved by -- Andre -- and so killer at work but it will look okay worst case look at the schedule -- like -- and then you know -- -- and privately team. But at what all -- -- that is being game of the year that we've got to learn everything I think that the team. Our Kerry people lynched in cold hard football facts out and find out what they do. Yeah I don't like it go to court are all backed up -- also check out our our inside a product -- ball back inside without. Realistic shot you look at we're -- we're on target for a 113 games all the 500. Against the spread in 2009. Without really spectacular -- built -- public is critical. Predicate here at that point but I -- debate and every point spread. Over on the line giving result from 1978 owner Barry -- insisted that they get that -- football back. Dot com and an Indian side about an insult what it really cool info -- to what are -- gonna win and lose and I felt and. I Terry thinks is always very adamant that I carry -- from cold hard football facts start com nick in -- Europe next. Your phone calls in more on the real post game show on W the.

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