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Pats beat Bills: WEEI.com's Christopher Price Game Breakdown

Sep 30, 2012|

The real postgame show checked in with WEEI.com's Christopher Price live from Buffalo and break down the Patriots win with Chris.

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Two units Q. You know things we zero -- difference. Office there was no that was announced as the front office man. No just -- -- we wanted to leave them for corporate corporate moments and no -- -- the joke Democrats who just kept our -- open. We showed a horrible champion and you know being announced on a roll. Drop soon to enroll that's just alone you're remarkably composed. We was -- we executed well and on the critical situations. This -- some big stops some big plays -- the best woman he won't -- because it doesn't do anything for us so. We want to -- to put these things in the room. That's Vince Wilfork up in buffalo in the locker room after the patriots big 5228. Win. Immediately when the game and you go to WEEI dot com and your Christopher prices snap judgments an article that put up their right away to summarize the game. Andy summarizes very well a lot of good in a lot of bad because there was a lot to talk about. In today's patriots big winner from buffalo Chris price joins us from buffalo conference Burleson Butch Stearns hello Chris. Little -- that I'm not bring Chris up my faults are. Chris -- it till it happens. Now what some might say you know what I'll say this about these guys they're never ball you know there's always uninteresting with a team good bad or otherwise. Integrated with what you said but certainly there was the with a little bit of bad the first out but it was all a lot of good down the stretch and I think that's a mutated into declared that you know last week -- -- -- -- up or even this week -- -- -- -- -- struggle -- a struggle to -- -- patriots especially excellently and a -- but you're surprised you most about that game this hubbub rejected the bills were. When the patriots got to make it run -- Fitzpatrick was looking like your losses little -- or something and -- You're really putting -- really afraid I think it's interesting too because when -- went in the over the last -- from the -- to build and play the patriots. But he seemed to get out of their rhythm may -- get away from what what. Makes them a good team you know I mean guys know that Patrick you know I mean they gave you when they're good when they're role they're playing really good Smart intelligent football. A lot of -- when he Cilic beat you know people aren't patriots by touched our QB just through the game clean out the window -- -- the ball low in the field and that's when. Your problem that resulted from buffalo put any -- tables certainly take it. India and it was I was really anticipating. Watching that front -- for the Buffalo Bills we're from our lives -- -- the -- take huge Jersey importer on. I did see about tonight you know Kyle Williams is it really to play out but then. -- Darius Darius here that period I was sort of hard for him in India and -- in in in -- I was surprised as the patriots you know when you have. Americans out who's your enforce or delete offensive line in yesterday. Thomas and and again to a valid sender and you know you have a whole group that has been. -- a great job. I thought this is supposed to be out of -- they don't want anything. One of the things trading and I think it's really ordered normal when you go back and watch this game the -- it's a -- he did while he was in the pocket you need some phenomenal -- there was a all the -- abroad cows he. It would it would drop -- not to Wear great respect Gilmore. Our pal with a great job our treaty being able to anticipate the pressure -- the pocketed move around with a touchdown pass to would ever thought Brady did a great job. Reading and reacting to the pressure kind of moving in the pocket making the right from the right situation or three for the situations as well for Brady was able to sense the pressure around him. One way or another incomplete to throw you don't keep up the bat the ball on the touchdown run 2000. Yeah I mean you to the ability yeah I called mobile court in the world but at the same time he's got great pocket awareness I think that's one of the things that the patriots really count on today. Also the other thing too you'll across the board you talked everywhere in the locker even got the piece that the soccer ball today. They all went up and down. We're we're just praising the play of the patriot and the blind you don't go when they're going to that game. In -- you're -- you know Donald Thomas at left guard you don't have -- you what are your doctor -- optical -- than. You know how you can do this -- -- -- Rocker count you've been a phenomenal job with the -- we tend to forget that because we've focused on the numbers tackle provide exact immediately -- director -- really everything in you don't use that as well he. I think those three things. Are really important when you're talking about utility in a Petri. The key Al Brady Quinn at that. Chris wanna quickly -- it in the pressure to move quickly but I -- I see any break through the Marilyn was beaten on a camp that spots where he can move. I expected a few times a Buffalo Bills have one of two of those guys break in and disrupt rated and sat at a blind side and I didn't see that. Yeah in a couple of especially the start connecting to meet some adjustment they would have a whole lot about what you just -- me continue to adjustment at halftime. In I don't know I have to go back and look at the box score but I'd be hard pressed her call quarterback hit the second -- From a from the bottle bill. Kyra a really good especially considering the patriots were rolled the ball much they're working to support her records do. You get to talk about this this is only the second time and that voters are the ones scheme that you guys who've sold more than under dirt that are receiving and more than a hundred yards rushing in the LP Packers. Novel numbers unparalleled opted to ballot papers that. Chris the running game obviously a big story but even more than that the confidence of the patriots and curious. What was talked about in the locker room because I read some comments from Tom Brady just a few moments ago about how. They thought us coming out of halftime that that they had a smaller bills he reminded the bills' defense was smaller. And that they could Manny -- team and again without Mankins so even though they were down fourteen to seven -- half. This was a very confident Patriots offense starting his second -- that they talked about after the game. You're really look at -- one of the things that they talked about school in both offensively he took the leaders that look. As bad as we played eight times over the first half to go into the locker room do you with the start of the third quarter we -- only only beat out 21% I think it speaks bing really what are the immediate because he sent to. Completed year as far as I was concerned. Was. Wilfork recovered a fumble recovery governor. In the shadow of their own goal line you know you're inaccurate situation that would really didn't change in place quickly get you as many troubled that they have. -- -- You know what many turnovers -- attitude you'll get a seat opposite of inefficiency and inability to stop. You know that the ball -- pat do you think it was a pretty carpet because they were only down a couple of scores you know they were still in this case so. I think really you know that's one of the reasons that so that confidence at. Confident as we get that -- Chris let me ask you a question about the the two units lets -- special teams out of this for second -- -- that I mean. The city with Freddie and Steve every week and they talk about our defense can -- profits up or vice Versa when you get beyond the numbers today there were numerous examples. Of the defense Vince Wilfork play before the half -- Brandon Spikes. Vince Wilfork in the second half wore the offense when the defense turned the ball over -- big win for the score this was one of those games. Whereas the team whatever this defense becomes. They were -- each other up today weren't day. Really work in -- talk about that a locker Ninkovich talked about that the locker Mayo talked about that will work on being a real talk about that it really comes down to when you could include not just you know. Certain aspect of what beat it. Defensively you can also look at bill what Pete did offensively what we played really good complementary football for the first time in the seasonal for about something that's been missing a lot couple weeks learning full -- as we call each other up. They are the optimistic defense of the defense picked -- -- -- the beauty -- special teams really begin pretty good field position. He played really good complementary football naturally when it comes down to this he was going to be successful long term. They're gonna -- complete team -- -- aptly put complementary football we sought after neutral. You know you're not. Know the tees -- -- inability to lose when -- rule book says that the patriots were down 147 to come on the second half right. And then they go they get the ball free and it out Buffalo -- school. Correct. The -- -- 187. And the Billy -- was seventh in the bills are getting down. If -- it's static. It is the other look at that it was enough guys it's stopped as the bills number in the last twelve Beers they -- we're gonna go out there we're gonna beat them because we're better than them. And that and it just out of kind of permeates little rotten the team will folks try it one guy got each other up. You know spikes in nearly canyons of the stop of having stop well that touchdown you figure that will be the momentum but it was based yoga notched out. And then just put a stop to how many teams. Have that type of mentality that made up like that. They can stop the tide of a team that's up two touchdowns on that in futures were three and out it's that it's -- second or third series of the third quarter. You could feel it at the building efforts to it and you know you played soccer for -- -- in -- talk about there's this sense of inevitability in kind of all ears -- to -- out of the building when you -- the -- Turkic American and people are that you are with their -- early to talk to change -- after the game and there's a feeling that. You don't black church sign when you look at the -- You'll are gonna win this game you know it -- you haven't had a lot of problems with the bill you'll pretty much forever. You know though don't you go back template yourself when you're talking about -- the bill. It's been there once again when he -- see each other when you get -- tight spot. I did that here inevitability sober in it is just a feeling that global -- to go to make a play with redeemable life is gonna happen it's just a matter who wins the audience. Now targeted Christopher price of WEEI dot comes off from buffalo covering the patriots 52. 28 the patriots when Chris before we let you go again from the locker room. Was did you get any inkling of what was said at halftime I mean we're all kind of wondering with such -- -- to perhaps today but talk about what was said at halftime in this game. They talked a little bit about it they'd be just that one other thing to Wilfork talked about was just we get you to continue to execute the feeling that they were doing especially in certain areas of their defense that game when they were doing what they wanted to do. Any just need to keep doing what I ignore I don't know in terms of you know what they were looking to do offensively I think they be changed things around a little bit -- they really started to read more of a lot. But I think defensively -- a feeling of let's just keep doing what we're doing you know we're we're. We're pretty good people together you know court to -- -- world -- we like where we are at this point so you know that keep normal we're going. You know attention to Freddie UN Steve said that I asked -- you know taking get venture a guess of what Belichick might say at halftime. As fans were sitting there one of six on third down at halftime OK after an opening drive that made it look like it was going to be easy. They turned the ball over twice gronkowski and welcome fumble into battle and we're -- -- you know they're going to be end is going to be you know fire and brimstone. And yet from what you're Thomas Chris and what Fred and Steve you guys said. Belichick could menacing look to the things you gotta do you methodical just don't turn the ball over and they felt like they were doing the right things right -- Exactly you know that it is those three words we've heard so only time for Belichick to lose your job. You're out. Anything that came through in the second. You know and a lot of coaches governs least which of them call -- and get a -- my census meal of the day he plays a round. You should know -- of group play is done yeah. But the -- most of them even get a shot at playing the pros and they're all pretty -- -- all the best of the high school this is the best of the best if you have -- in when you have a coach. That know how to bring guys in and have a certain mentality right they all can do it that's why they -- You don't need to hear that much. Coach Carey's doing at all time you don't you -- -- sing you almost need a calmness as opposed to the rock Ron -- put -- -- twelve minutes I know what I got to do this is what's happening give us some information -- executed. That's why the patriots have so many. Individuals that we you know would get Mick did you go Brady well appeal wolf for. You're all these different guys they don't need to hit a rock rock and that's the worst thing -- -- do you know he'll go to Monday when you go through films that you should the others. But when the games at twelve minutes of correcting -- calm it's as much information as you can crystal ball question. It really executed up with a pretty good trillion -- -- apathy could prevent war veteran team that the younger. I think it is that speaks to return to level that can certainly level. -- somebody guy beat you would think -- younger guys you would need to do the rah -- thing but that's not necessarily the case with a group that we talk about Hyperic cartilage in the drilled. We talked about that group that they respond better to be even keel approach to devote to the raw rock fire brimstone stuff. It's of people they bring in in the veterans that have that much -- over the team Kazaa or younger kids look up to. Chris before you go Stephen this Toski. You know one cut. Well yes I had to miss two field goals. With pride and at the end there refer you know may be a confidence booster anybody talked to him after the game. I I would not part of a group that talked to Larry I I did not. See him in the locker room after the game I -- there was a couple of guys who didn't talk to the media of -- that he didn't talk but I would not part of that group but I. I don't think politically that's Belichick talked a little bit about that after it opened with a coincidence that they brought him into -- Lately -- -- had a situation recently that was Jack -- -- -- -- a little bit of confidence booster in the you know kind of get him back in there and get him back up or been you know you you don't -- think that their particular problem in New England. This is going to be a situation that. What Chris just give up that big loss when he missed the although the want to McConnell. And then he comes into this community misses -- real -- which could that that not only -- Freddy remember on the 42 yard miss. They at least lined up like they -- gonna go forward on fourth down they might wanted to drama shark but -- focus -- keep them on the sideline. I missed a forty -- and now on seven yards closer. And they Michael Ford -- fourth down I mean debt left you know if he wasn't gonna go out -- kick either way it was going to be confident shot him rancorous. You know what you look at the interest don't we talked about the commitment cardinal team he built back last week -- one of those that the about the feature classic had a really good game against the -- So we don't call it a little girl from -- Arctic are being kept a look at peacekeeping separately I'll. But -- it is like at that it's gonna be coming to bear watching going order especially the putrid it's a big situation in need to be pupil -- out -- -- well. I Chris you'd like to try and everybody else eleven all covered on WEEI dot com what does any final thoughts from the locker room and. Yeah you don't I think depicting the take away from that game with these these -- -- closed out the ravens they'll stretch last you know they had their problems. Referees who know they have the ball with nine minutes ago in midway through the fourth quarter and couldn't seal the deal. This week it's a far different story I think -- interviewed -- incurred by the fact that he didn't have before order tribal Indians struggled to close that in order -- -- -- -- -- real problems in the red -- also purely technical resistance but what do -- network -- all -- is part not to compare him. The bid are now looks like it's exactly -- you what part -- -- typical in you know he's got the thing pedigree a director create a little bit. -- -- a lot of similarities there you know we talk about what you get out you -- for a really got here to see how this snaps you're gonna break down the wouldn't. Leo he hasn't fumbled yet either -- the -- Hey Chris nice job as always you can catch all our -- stuff and everybody else on WEEI. Dot com safe travels Chris Chris thanks. All right Christopher price up in buffalo opens them for the pitchers -- -- the -- it suggesting that he said the one thing he can out of the locker room. Is they weren't able to close out the ravens but they were able to close -- the bills. Think that might had a little to do their mentality which scored 45 points in the second half won't need to move the ball -- do they could do that against that I had was with the ball on the stretch for the of these but. You know what he talks about even keel Bruschi all those guys always talk about. You know -- to lie within the winds don't go low with the losses so Belichick casting habits and metallic if you're if you're pat on the back of the way discriminate volatile losses. You have an inconsistent coach. It's draws emotional they don't want to that we're gonna watch this game we lose -- think about the next locked in correct numbers that we go back to the locker room buffalo we come back we take your phone calls -- from Kerry -- From cold hard football facts to put this game statistically in perspective. For the patriots this is the real post game show on W yeah.

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