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Patriots dominate 2nd half, win big in Buffalo - the Real Postgame Show

Sep 30, 2012|

The Patriots had a tough first half but came together to dominate all parts of the game in the 2nd half and beat the Bills handily in Buffalo. The Real Postgame show reacts and breaks down the win.

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-- -- -- You guys. -- -- -- -- -- -- The scrimmage is that June 2 and goal from the two patriots. With the staff felt like -- left side wolf is right towards the -- Underwent an NFL all pro nose tackle -- murderous and Super Bowl champion Steve DeOssie. Jailbreak for the parking lot with a local games. On face the jacket heading up the tunnel Brady takes -- golden. We'll post game show on the W. EI Sports Radio that. From baseball to football. Here on WEEI. From a Red Sox lost to a big patriots win hi everybody I'm what Stearns and welcome to the real post game show. Karen WEEI. 52. That's right in 52. To 28. Patriots win they evened their record after four weeks of the NFL season that you went to. For these girls this was a tale of two -- in buffalo but it wasn't it. What you would -- old patriots moved straight to do very -- -- -- first effort that school much seven point 652 what you. Farmers who in the seventh that second half. 45 point what blasphemous reported five point got steals that season in the second half. Probably did that eighteen and one -- sixteen and no sense in the wall which was on our final of the Washington game. The Redskins and beat them like a look at the big arm armament aboard shall appoint -- -- up by 43 is not to report side. It's out of one guidelines. They -- when Gradkowski kicked that field goal energetic on trying to get a conference back in response to this house who has been constructed a field goals were in trouble is going to be looked like you dictum of for a capital and it. What are you disapprove of 4341. So here's the deal the phone numbers are out there for you is always if you'd like to chime -- would love to hear from you after the -- demolished. The -- 617779085880. 5250850. -- morals this year. Twelve years in the NFL five time pro bowlers -- fourteen -- Steve the I took two away from. Steve DeOssie -- joining us momentarily on the real post it shall Christopher price will be Chiming in after the locker room buffalo I would love to hear. What the -- an obscene about what was said at halftime -- receive the tale of the two taps Colin WEEI. Few of Verizon's cell phone text any 5850. Freddie here's the numbers for the two -- An opening drive for the patriots have seven plays ninety yards touchdown seven nothing like -- this is going to be easy. After that opening drive in the first half seven total drives no points to missed field goals after the defense gave them the ball back. Twins it is to capitalize on it in India have -- guys you know brought its one script problem. Well who gets what not to -- dropped to third down -- -- -- -- -- -- and here's -- -- you know them to a couple of his -- -- like that kind of took some steam out of him it's Steve and I talked earlier but for a starter played when there was a penalty on. The -- call on cattlemen and it was because the first game offered to -- the first we've seen it takes -- the patriots will be you know they have the momentum. But this game you know and in in. Though today and they announce that -- did you know -- -- sometimes see the papers come out and win the game and afterwards almost every time. This was a game this is it does -- go into conference game they really had to win. And as the game progressed. You could see him wearing down the Buffalo Bills mentally and physically there was a couple of guys -- Merrill Williams. Did anyone know who go to anyone recognize. What number Mario Williams had on the end of the game Russia Switzerland after congress he was an outfit. But asked based out of adjusting to what appeals did -- confusing them they demoralized them. Buffalo was anemic showing up Fitzpatrick looked like you sell its goal is ball well as well Robert that. But -- say this is when the mental toughness comes in a lot of teams start out strong in stock and symbolic of -- pot the patriots didn't start up pretty well against Tennessee. And then they get they start falling that fell Apollo put two games issued -- one. It what do they do as things came a -- here they got stronger momentum carried forth the guys you're pissed off. And they're -- in the energy level roles that's the sign of true champion. A team that can rise to level they have to rise to they're gonna have bombs. But ultimately what things go wrong -- patriots usually become very resilient and play a better game -- I ask you about the second half and maybe why he had to give me one reason you just gave us a couple but after that opening drive. And their inept ness on offense in the first half after that in the second half complete opposite they come out they went three and out. After getting the ball deferring on the took up in the moment -- three and out after that. They had eight total drives they scored five touchdowns and kicked a field goal and here's your scoring drives Freddie. Eighty yards 2588531963. -- won the last numbers -- minutes 42 yards minute 4412. Yards 52. 48 yards 230 I mean Tom Brady was on mission in the second. He was on emissions over the running backs in in you've got to give credit to the coaches. A team like the patriots because they have so much versatility have a run a tight end. That was popular front of my -- suddenness is the scout for. For the cardinals said. No one really truly. Totally complete tighter McGraw -- he can block he can catch he can run he can run routes might virtually can do anything. So much versatility which it. You can argue missing a few key guys. But you can't change or offense and I don't they don't might run a little more. A little bit more pre. Pass defense early on the Buffalo Bills. What they do that amount to go outside the pulling of the pulled the guy that crosscourt outside they've found seams and get a pass offered them -- go inside than they trapped. Right and the -- deep. This sold -- a -- There whether the players are I would just like that and cultures now get into groove over their noses have been that long. But this is what happens when you have that much versatility in offense in a quarterback that that's not picks things up they can adjust to most things and they did and they look at. Relatively popular just the plate goggles that just Britain not to this extent. We thought the Buffalo -- front seven especially before -- they have inside the Williams. Darius about hysteria is it and they have. Mario Williams and Anderson I mean they have some studs up front and they weren't even get list after of of -- Tom Brady so you -- you're missing. Grandkids. And Thomas comes in and plays extremely good game -- didn't play that great the first advocate and write an appetite he played well so that whole year when it. Could've been floundering with an -- and handers out mansion as this started side. Element out and they come out put up that many points almost 600 yards of offense. That's pretty good. 6177790. A fifty to talk about this when your patriots -- 2.2 now heading into the fifth week of the NFL season as you mentioned Freddie. They are losing streak they had lost two in a row. They were down by fourteen points at the half the year 888525. Or 00850. If you would like to give -- call the toll free number. Pound WB I've given rise -- cellphone they without Logan Mankins there without Julian settlement without. Aaron Hernandez Graf was questionable then we heard. Today he was going to play buffalo had Fred Jackson and -- CJ Spiller. Come on back in the lineup the questions to me going into the game were sort of the patriots offensive line without Mankins. And -- Donald Thomas in there. Were they gonna be able to give Brady in a protection to do what he had to do and stop that bills pass rush where they gonna be able defensively to put some pressure. On. Ryan Fitzpatrick and force some turnovers knowledge just talk about the first -- in the first half they were able to both the protected Brady. They sacked and stopped right -- Patrick but yet they still trail point 17 at. -- what to their company to a loud buffalo bills' stadium. Ended down 21 to seven at the halftime. And he had to. Losses and overall very demoralizing -- is one of the -- that. Rather rough that's a question it's 550000. Bucks is questionable that Google is good. And they care about that second half but said guys let's stop this ball from rolling downhill made David. That's what surprised you the most is when they came -- the second half and they had more much more energy that the the first half that was -- That's a sign of -- start to get together we talk about the regular season. Would you judge -- preceding games. This is a team that executes -- XQ well nobody can stop them. -- a lot of the bad points to look at his defense of back coverage was horrible human the second half but Patrick was playing -- -- ball out of bounds. Worked I was wide open on the ten guidelines but it got a touchdown was no coverage of a guy and a fifteen I'd like. You can't have that. But when the patriots get together and they stopped. It was said this earlier in the season. Went this early in the season you're gonna have an easier shot to get after him then later on once or on the same page once -- -- -- -- functioning as a unit. But there's a RXQ so well and you've brought it up which it. Right at the drop passes the wrong route we talked about Lloyd a couple times -- what was it Tom doctoral correct the longer run the wrong route. Was it to have the if the defense not containing a ruling could -- covered with a blown by what state straighten that out. Very good of the tracks it's not a -- pretty quick. George Soros is here's the real post game show on which star Steve DeOssie onboard now 617. 7790850885250. -- fifty pound. WEEI all those numbers are good text at 85850. Time for your phone calls in just seconds Steve. I won't have to say what all the number luckily he accumulated. In this game when you look at the patriots rushing the ball forty times for 247. Yards that's probably the biggest stories. An audio and -- comparable to couple -- we you know we hadn't seen him in a while. Yeah absolutely and you wonder. I'm sure they saw something in the buffalo defense that have made them believe they could do that and the other part is you're you've got was that Thomas in their play and left gardens that Americans value the don't have much confidence in his -- -- ability against what should be a pretty decent pass rushing front seven for. Four buffalo also a lot of factors combined and we won't know exactly two weeks. Here some things we're on the -- today or tomorrow. Exactly what made them think they could run like that all of -- who saw something because they went they didn't they didn't give it -- solar dirty look it. That whole game plan and the -- will -- -- what they want -- from the. -- shoot a little more nickel this front as it looked like they were. An extra DB and in -- buffalo in the buffalo and they they started running it outside running at the corners brand brought corroborate that in the regular and then running. Inside ignored outside they found. A hole where I want to go back to one point when the Buffalo Bills for a touchdown went right down the middle. Of the Seattle was Scott Chandler it's spikes -- -- that his -- came out and Steve Brigham and alignment point out. And -- -- not to say it's sustained diesel spikes didn't run with them they found that scene several times but because hightower. It's the covers much Brandon Spikes -- so something that they have to corrected some of the drop coverage spikes fixed. That one toll could be on in the -- -- was -- with the tiger right on the middle dead beat the touchdown once. Second time he sought knew he covered a much better but in in that situation. You know you review admire the patients of the patriots in the when we're geared down like that -- your hostile environment. It's easy to get away -- your game plan I don't think it would go away from the game plan I think it's just tell amp it up in the -- and what what was said -- that. Wilmington have asked a question I wanna ask you guys you've been there we haven't. It was clearly a second half we've seen this before we team Tom Brady beat. This efficient before but here they are. Facing an any secret present was knocked when he wants was 147. Trip felt like went on set and after that it was ready to be very -- quarterly alternative photo by yeah. Well -- -- right but but what was that have to what do you think happened at halftime with a patriots team that was spacing on the road. A possible yeah I guess you don't think about this at halftime or do you facing a third blossom a row which is kind of unheard of with the Bill Belichick Tom Brady patriots against division opponent. Tied for first or being in like third or fourth place and all that stuff doesn't matter at this point in the season but what happened at halftime what does happen at halftime and allows the patriots to come out. And be as methodical. As surgeon like is the arm the second. Well rarely you have bill -- common -- raw raw speed to at halftime it's not a solid -- he's done some. Of things before but for the most part he's very matter of fact -- -- twelve minutes you know home -- by the time nobody gets organized. They basically. Set they're sort OK look. We had -- what 22 yards of offense in the first half the year moving the ball the thing that killed -- was the turnovers you had tool. Things are usually don't happen smoker doesn't fumble laden brought currently over fumbles so. I think they give you look at that it's OK look guys if we don't do this if we do what we're supposed to do -- we make things happen the way we. Have been making them happen and we don't turn the ball over we can take this game -- very can point when you have something. And a half like that we can point to directly one or two or three plays the agency here is why we are down 147. And here's how we rectify that situation of I would not dot. The raw -- stuff might come from some players maybe couple system coach but I don't -- -- coming in their screaming guys you know he's very businesslike very matter flexible. A -- fumble -- fumble bull what's let's fix those problems and then move on. A Freddie what do you do when Belichick comes in or they command and like Steve says they point outlook. Where one of six on third down you got to make third place you -- you -- -- -- couples -- fumbled it like a year. The guys at the spot as finalists were like 235. Places they -- and they have -- -- game of bush it's he points out it's only twelve minutes -- If you wait seven minutes of Iraq Roberts. That that takes away the effectiveness of adjustments easier to -- Say just what Steve said we'll move the ball 225 -- the first half. Right you guys take care of the ball -- make mistakes don't blow coverages we will win this game now this is what we're gonna do. They do this on offense and on a defense that might be runner -- Area a nickel in order to attack the corner is gonna push rarely get a backs outside to pound the ball up play action pass -- -- and it -- talks in a position coaches. And -- under -- demand Abed -- -- -- -- -- -- a quick comment about the defense with all the focus on the offense today in -- gaudy numbers that put up the first time since. 2000 and make it any NFL team has had 200 yard receivers and hundred yard rushers since the Packers did it no wait for time the patriots since 19820. We columns in -- and Egypt for crying out loud had 200 yard rushes in again for all that talk I thought the defense. They're really good job that we were questioning what this defense is and I think we still will but Vince Wilfork was huge state that fumble right before the alpha. Analogy I -- -- -- Florio. But then Wilfork would hit later on in the game off a media did defense really was a huge part of change or changes but. A front seven played pretty well jolt was not as best he was -- if you want to pop an apple but it flashing. But the defense of -- buffalo panel 400 yards often due to correct that there was some. Dropped passes and a little bit of Russia. Defense of Barack's gonna get the same page you can't leave the -- or put all over the field. This -- do you know buffalo actually passed for more yards and patriots 34333. We're forced to also appeared to -- -- in by the fourth quarter they had of those had to go after April ball but defense we usually what six turnovers -- four receptions yet. -- who won't cause fumbles the word on very good it's great what are you forced fumbles not lucky -- exactly force those exactly right so. -- is this can be the defense that. Thrives on something like. -- giving up yards were making sure you have to you get maternal was like morals and there's some global leaders say bring the gave up Tony yardages. Forced a lot of turtle was part of that is. Your defense you've -- Tom Brady on your on your side on offense. Every team you played those are gonna have to score some points and you start putting pressure team to score points they have to take chances the differences. If this defense can capitalize. On that pressure capitalize on the fact that the teams are gonna have to threw the ball then you're in good shape but -- regularly had a reasonable -- -- -- -- they have you been -- more. For -- produce skateboard -- times but. -- defense little problem with the U with the -- to accept some defense to back please again don't we saw last week. Go to John Franklin to kick us off on the real post game show 52. 28 the patriots beat the bill everything John. Yeah I got it on. -- not bad. I I thought they'd eaten -- off all that. I thought they'd be played awful I wanted my spikes that there they had it all but you'll -- and -- support him. Bill it will not as simple volley. But it equipment and -- little. Every year. That people that defense that he and John is -- the -- yeah bought get that opportunity. Let. It be I don't know guys. Do you think they were -- defense. Early on -- to -- four games into do you think their defense looks like it could be better the last year's defense. It well question brought up errors. OK may I read it maybe they could opt out at that point I thought okay. So maybe you're graduates is Grammy and maybe that -- -- -- maybe they -- they -- -- -- okay will they won't Oklahoma plays away from winning a Super Bowl last year. With a with a what you're describing is a terrific defense. -- -- that people I don't I don't blame their defense last year actually not what I. What was -- much oral history were. Obviously one of the big things or are there better than a more physical issue that's why they're causing is it's the point up effective dual forced fumbles. As a vicious hits you how to get those at all last year. You have to clean up the coverage but the password was okay but they're hitting was much threatened that was -- quick look at the stats but be on the stats as far as the defense is my and to meet you guys agree. Some of the good things they did when you -- game and you have six turnovers you got to give the defense some credit for that I'm sorry -- -- -- -- -- starts right. As you though the two interception bottom quarter were skill plays toward deflection -- weren't -- terrible throws. There were good plays by imported the two fumbles were smash small fumbles and it was good though one that spikes of the guy. The ball was loosened up because he hit the ball because he rocked him in the head and and good guy lost control the ball soul these weren't fluke. Turnovers these were turnovers that were there were manufactured directly by defense of effort and defense of skills so. In that situation. That's great did do you. Put yourself a chance in an up to a championship with a defense like this I don't know but I think the defense is better or -- better than it was last year and they were a few plays away from -- -- And when it happens though of if the game was Brooks again internal completely as the Buffalo Bills are going and again right on the goal line. And spikes comes up with a huge hit a civic yep he didn't fall dropper a missed handoff. -- to point out he got knocked out. Jackson got hit knocked out in the players were around the ball the rabbit well Freddie you make a great point because when you look at the numbers for this defense today. They gave up eight of fifteen on third down that's not good. That's not good they also gave up. 151. Downs passing. Only four Russian okay it's a very good rushing football team with the two healthy running backs of the would not be Spiller west but. Forward he came up a lot of yards per team to give up passing first announced. Sure felt like he made some big plays at third to win the bills drove down right after the patriots scored Chipper Jones stopped them and forced -- -- In patriots territory by getting Fitzpatrick at the plate -- before the half that you mentioned. The hits just that the way they hit the second half. Second half was not all -- and they just kept turning the ball over back to the uphill into an every time for -- have to go elect it was a two missed field goals. It -- Buffalo Bills score easy touchdowns. Right into it often does -- move the ball effectively and what happened one side came up you had a deep threats at the end of the first half. Make debts spikes and a big play and Aaron and that was. And that got momentum back to me that gets -- because it would it would -- told makes a huge like that. -- he gets truth I don't play -- to the -- that you don't have to speak to us spikes yet. That was despite that he made my speech let's go to Jenny it's August say Jimmy. Outside there is the case at hand look cute -- Little but act why can't they get it going straight for the whole game. Well it's a rare NFL team that dominates for. The entire football game anyway. Number one and I would I would dispute -- comment Stephen -- your take a break put. They actually did have a -- when all game Long Beach is more when you look at the scoreboard saw was fourteen to seven. Still feel like they control the first after this game despite two turnovers and I mean. Apple was not dictating what the patriots. -- to dictating the buffalo in the first half point. Wealth for the balls Bob but when you have a guy missed two free of rules that takes a lot out you know and have some fumbles. After not fumble was so used to seeing the patriots go fumble free game after game after game you shouldn't go you know fundamentals. That make the patriots a great team by doing everything fundamentally sound they -- they -- reforms that ratio would have retarded or just in the when -- drive the boggle my goodness are gonna -- 217. It's a real long road back to that but. Lou it but it gives out his wife was text of Basra and on the field. What's I -- that to skirt and a lot of our children. I -- you you you're absolutely I think it was. Despite the -- beautiful things despite the yardage they gave -- there's there's reason to look at the defense and say that the better defense last year -- agree with you two guys one Texas says the any 5850. Text has butch some of those stats from the last drive that was pre -- Agreed time rustic break real post game show Christopher price from the locker room in buffalo coming up a little bit later on. Fred so -- Steve DeOssie the real post game show on WB yeah. Personnel doing that the buffalo 48 yard like Tom -- at the center looks over the buffalo defense that takes the snap back to me. Brady went -- governor of the ten yard line and walked into the the end zone touchdown he was wide open Barack. 48 yard touchdown strike. And the patriots regained the lead. Definitely in the third quarter for -- look. Just running the ball out there executing. We gotta be doing that for all four quarters. Not turn the ball over these things going out. Built around the -- due -- impassable also third quarter we got a rhythm going and under the going pretty well from. Rob Gronkowski. Will be one of the touchdowns that the patriots scored today they scored six of them. Gronkowski finished with five catches for 104 yards the touchdown a sweet 41 yard catch. In the first half he did fumble. What after two catches for 21 yards last week coming into this week with a hip problem pretty good day for Roger uncovered on the -- through. To another touchdown. Don't go all Mueller to pump up and wanna get back on track it was trying to -- To line India made some mistakes was a perfect if LeBron burst out died out pretty well the law passed you know. You're listening to the real post game show your phone calls late games underway Denver leads Oakland ten to three. Jacksonville leads Cincinnati seven to three Green Bay leads the world in seven and helping Tampa Bay leaves Washington three -- nothing. Giants and Philadelphia are the Sunday Night Football game tonight let's go to Tommy and Southampton -- Tommy. -- Which I don't. I don't who they Freddy -- -- -- and Yeltsin before perhaps we have paid and said that. Cool I would have stopped a bit of trouble recovered what effect -- happened what are our defense -- hit a lot more -- you think from who they work. Which -- the penetration like it changed altogether. To will be involved that credit. I thought they played OK in a forest out they made their profits made some mistakes you're turnovers inside the twenty in the office the second half wasn't doing that the move the ball. Running the ball. The board to point out to running backs or rod piazza he walked clock what they do is that we are down a defense that demoralize is the other team. If the offense didn't turn the ball all the you know two missed field goals -- of juice out of I thought the papers give on the second half and at the end of the first ever talked about that spikes hit. That blow up Jackson. It sends chills down your defense of players. By figured it was dark misty wrote about Cox's hit years ago that colt's game -- changed everything for the anti India Jerome Pathon. Was -- I was going to hit you know. Yeah a much much through the -- assuming this was to have some very big hits but that was most monumental let that hit them well we've. You know as time goes on would we vote spectrum more formally but. In terms that bad. First have defense. There were put in some awkward positions Lou with the turnovers -- they were. There were forced to do and told to just fourteen points not a bad job considering entering the ball over a couple times and gave Maria a very reasonable field. Well let's call let's call over the first half guys in the directed the second half 6177790850. Time for you to chime in about this big patriots win. With Steve DeOssie and Fred -- 8885250850. Pound WEEI. Or text at 85850. So that the bills get the ball they drive down. They get in close to field goal territory and Chandler Jones stops Fitzpatrick on third and two. What do you think it right dear to yourself at that point right dead and forced it upon five more yards and they're kicking a field goal. But that point not really taken anything you figure the Buffalo Bills have a decent offense. But the challenge will be for the patriots offensive line without Mankins to stop that front four which is supposed to beat. So highly touted what follows young studs in the middle and Marion Jones. So that was a good Scott to a and then I -- watching the next series you don't pay too much right down the field. -- -- to this could be a long day for the Buffalo Bills they came out ready to play. It you know there aren't that mistakes started happening and it's -- that's when the wheel stud fall. It wasn't anything. Particular -- -- I could remember the patrons. -- balls -- -- second half pregnant enough and whether they won the toss and deferred as well usually -- -- and the bills and of scoring threat of what four minutes into the into the second -- Donald Jones sixty yard touchdown so and so you know you are talking about coming held me all the sudden. Who would spit and rule if Israel and kill it believes stayed with their game plan and they do what they felt was working in the balloon down fourteen points it wasn't -- Ericsson aerial. So after the stop by Chandler Jones patriots get the ball on the opening drive this couple things are fine at first of all the first to place. I'm ready comes out what does he do we throw to Donald fouls. On play action out of the backfield but he finds Shane Vereen I would -- like if you're. Freddy give me the odds that Donald -- and Shane -- gonna get the first two catches in the game. Over the Buffalo Bills they're gonna say very right what do not have sort of felt it was so then. Here's what happens after that really starts running the ball. They throw that 41 yarder to rock next thing you know the patriots -- seven plays ninety yards in three minutes seven often in your like well. I'm like this indicate -- Well they eat them up pursuant to Buffalo Bills through diligent and they adjusted obviously they came out and in. Announcers were talking about them being -- and a little bit more have an extra DB out there you know have a safety that you play that in the past the more the powerful -- Decided -- that are in this set will horizontal keep them in the central Cuba on the ball you run the ball. But you know the first half they -- floundering and it seemed liked about one step ahead. On the part of the papers the Buffalo Bills what kinda the root of the coverages. To more delicate and covered -- he's turnaround are supposed to -- actual withdrawal the defense about was all over but I got to give credit. To the root of the wraps one thing they did do was not call tricky -- Adult passenger fares better column there was a couple that the all the rest might have called you have to get. What do regular -- and -- have to get singled and -- Steve -- go to your point about how the defense did play in the first half after. The patriots scored buffalo gets the ball back high tower sacks. -- Fitzpatrick that's -- -- out with a hamstring. But that was the same drive will for chipped it in May went receptive so right after the patriots score. The defense come back and stops them again patriots drive down that's when Brandon Lloyd dropped that third and twelve. Where he could've caught it was thrown right in his face. On -- then -- bills' third drive three and out Chandler Jones. Sacks Fitzpatrick cancel to just drive right after that the defense steps up after the patriots look so efficient. And basically kept given the ball back given a mobile. -- and where the papers and take advantage of turnovers in the first half field goals you have -- they've put up zero points on what to journalism first half. All of a sudden and now with the news on the offense kicks him in and take advantage of the defense and stops on defense and turnovers. But that that's the exact. -- what happened in the first half solely advances. You expect this Patriots offense to take advantage of turnovers -- I guess I don't think you expect this defense to cope with five or six. Turnovers but you if you get two -- three you fully expect this office to capitalize they didn't in the first up but he absolutely you would stops we have to do in the second half. I Steve -- for its -- we're here for you with -- real post game show at 8 o'clock time pressed a quick break we're back with more. On the real post game show up for patriots big big win.

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