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NFL Sunday Goes Around the Table and Give Their Picks for Pats/Bills Today

Sep 30, 2012|

Newsflash: the guys like the Pats.

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Get ready to wrap things up for this week will go around the table and say what are ready thinks about. The outcome of today's game but let me just let me just also similar to sit here watching ESPN's satellite shot of Deion Branch. I just walking around on the sidelines of the headphones on it at first of all the sun seems to be try to -- out is that true Chris. It is it is. It's a little bit later now that was there a couple of couple hours ago. Back in the day a hundred years ago when I was working in the minor leagues and hockey one of the teams in the American Hockey League was in Binghamton. And I can honestly tell you that in eight years of working games in the American Hockey League. I never saw the sunshine in Binghamton never -- -- if it never shines in Binghamton, New York it rarely shines in buffalo it seems I mean that is a little -- do any kind of place most of the time isn't it. It is it is -- -- and -- treated -- early this morning when he pulled -- -- it was cold it was -- it was a rainy it was just kind of it's kind of a great field to the -- but the sun is certainly come out of looked a little bit better now that it did when you first pulled up a couple of hours ago. In the party -- Yet to quote the department great to be we had a party but mark my -- not like party barge battery just sounds a -- At and I'm just trying to picture we got the track you haven't put his pants back on when the bus pulled up stadium. All that stuff I get wild and crazy drive in the party barge -- let's go around the table. And see who we think is gonna win and -- -- last week. Last Sunday I remember correctly you'll three let's pick the patriots to win you weren't alone I picked Baltimore to win. I believe that's -- it it would now Chris you have Baltimore avenue did I'm and you guys have the patriots and I had I had I had the great. So so and then I only say that beat the people as a whole Arnold fuel where you never picked the other team I just. When I actually depict the other team -- I want to get it right I'm not -- the other team that I. -- not only do I think the patriots win I think they win by double digits. I I think first ball they don't they don't lose three probably haven't in ten years. -- there's a lot. On the line for both of these teams I understand that. But I do kind of buy into the notion of the more desperate team generally wins now having said that I don't think that the saints are gonna going to Green Bay and win today despite the desperation they have. I just think the patriots are better I think that that the better across the board and I think they win and I am gonna say by double digits and say you know 1014 points I think they went. I'm gonna go around as well one night when we always tended look at him and NFL games that the -- it's hard to golf last week's game to figure what's gonna happen this week if there's not sort of a comparable scheme and this isn't a game it's a lot less like last week's gains some of the earlier games in the season. I think the things the ravens did that hurt the patriots last week just by virtual personnel buffalo can't replicate those things. So there's -- -- one that we did mention I need to this names like him Leodis McKelvin meals Mckelvin set a -- ten times he's the most dangerous punt return league. And he is really he's got a touchdown -- he's got a lot of game changing plays. The patriots are not usually a big -- -- -- and I think Kevin was going Mary satellite that was big sigh over there is gonna go specialties -- maybe not dollars out of the Ahmadinejad and that's just keep just keep an -- on on controlling that part of the game -- -- situationally. And I I feel much better about this patriots team I'm gonna go with -- 28 to twenty -- is -- deal but -- past. You know -- -- I'm not going against the I'll work. I think some of the keys -- on the winning -- -- -- easy easy easy fix you know pretty much you've got to go out there. And make the plays that you made it to begin to gain the unity gain. To win the game when he really counts in this one -- -- and I noted their stress and a whole lot inside the locker room on the practice field this week. Chris how about you. I think Buffalo's doing a lot of good things on both sides of the ball particularly deep sense of Leo like that offensive line. But it just don't think they have the dual position guy that thing with the patriots I think it into the going to be paid for bowed out. And anything to win the pulled away in the second half -- -- to -- the wind whipping 3521. I'll I'll say this as well and and in the National Football League I understand nobody's a 100% from the first day of training camp on nobody's right. But it's hard for me to picture that Fred Jackson and CJ Spiller are. Their normal selves. And especially in steelers' case. I mean after he got hurt last Sunday his coach said he wasn't a play this weekend and the patriots prepare their game plan as if he was as you would do anyway. But it's just hard for me due to imagine as good as those two guys are. That the bills are going to be as effective running the football as they've been through the first three weeks it's hard for me to picture that. All things considered.

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