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Bobby Valentine with Joe Castiglione before the last game in Baltimore

Sep 30, 2012|

Joe talked to the manager about Felix Doubront's improvement, and about Zach Stewart's return.

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About beat up one run defeat the Orioles with a brother of one run victory which is certainly amazing but. You have to look at Felix -- -- overall performance this year 167. Case that a 161 innings and eleven wins. Yet the eleven wins could have obviously. You know been fifteen or sixteen if you know the the things went well for us they didn't but he battled through. A lot of difficult situations he's been their best pitcher with a man on their base in less than two outs. He's good morning and he's been one of the most improved players from the first day of spring training and he has a lot to be proud of peace. He's made adjustments. Randy -- gun to speed up his tempo the last few games he did that. You know he still -- to work a little with the holding runners and has to around. You know work on what we're done getting a little more efficient in the strikes on at times but he's a heck of a pitcher. Who should be proud of what he did in his first years as the -- emirates. This place has been rocking it took awhile to catch that there's a -- team have magic when you look they only have a starting rotation that. They really haven't changed that many players. Well actually they. They had a terrific open and there's 73 and one. When leading in the eighth inning and when utility merely have to do is gonna lead after seven. You know the offense plays -- relaxed game of baseball. They don't have to worry about coming back. After leads -- blown they don't have to worry about. You know scoring more runs than that are necessary just do the job and it -- actors they're really relaxed at the plate and all take full swings and all capable of hitting home runs. You know Buck Showalter like you we managed in Texas like you we worked at the ESP and that. He's he had different manager than it was in other stops giving. Well I don't you know people always traded. -- a EL he's different because we didn't like him before we like him now I think he's the same guy. He you know we changed the culture here he does it his way he he knows what's right what's wrong he knows how to evaluate talent and they let him do it. How do you go by changing the culture of o'clock. It takes a lot of work there's no doubt about that and it takes a lot of people working together pulling in the same direction. And -- -- who say without a starting rotation for the most part to have that sort of unprecedented and then. Today's baseball -- they companies don't know who's gonna pitch it two days later. Well what he did is he built the bullpen and he knows what what he has in the bullpen. And that's reflective of the 73 and one and there's also all those sixth inning games. And then the extra inning games that have been put in his will win column. Because not because of the guy who starts -- because of the guys who are coming in relief. Today you go well with -- Zach Stewart we know we had a rough outing against the angels. Did -- do anything different attack at that. Get back to his level. Clearly it's a really big game in the playoffs. You know went six innings -- of only four hits. We're looking for him to. You know we know the recent contact but hopefully -- contact will be yet people. And Joseph Sanders a lefty USG have pretty much -- right in line up so Amaro Gomez his first of. Yeah we're real trial already in the lineup but then again look. You know did get the risk knowing and plays good team as we can because he's seen these games are very important in name and the American. Our manager's question brought -- my Mercedes-Benz body yesterday. Be delicate buried his 43 home run any ties family right now he'd be Triple Crown winner hasn't happened that. Since 67 after it happened two years in a row is that it. Just their fate or is it. She indication of just how tough it is. It's very difficult to do. You know -- the guy who's who's playing in a big blow part tough hitters ballpark. Just proving that he's. As good -- there's ever been down the pike. He -- from the right side doesn't immediately hit then. Earns everything gets seats. He's he's a special special baseball player. A lot today about -- thanks.

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