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Bobby Valentine with Dave O'Brien before the second game in Baltimore

Sep 29, 2012|

Dave talked to the manager about the new wild-card spot, and about Felix Doubront's season.

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Okay John thank you very much Red Sox in the Orioles and what turns out to be a giant team Bobby Ginn for the Baltimore Orioles because. As we are watching on television in your office you following the Yankees Blue Jays -- very closely. Toronto pulls it out now it's only a half game deficit for the Baltimore team and they're expecting a full house tonight here. Yeah LB and you're expected a one game playoff so I guess it's gonna go down to go down to the wire in. I thought the team that got last who's -- to be the team that. When's our division and I think that that might be the only thing is right about the this entire season. Would you like to see that one game playoff feel like baseball coming to this this final you know couple of ball games or last hour of that twelfth hour. I guess it's good it's hard for schedule. Leading and religious and oblivion when they play often and to be a one game -- -- and and the via playoffs and then we go into the playoffs and then. Has the playoff winners go to. Series take it Beatrice thing. Different from the old days many years ago where you know you won and then you went to the World Series that was it. Yeah and you know September would start and every team would be out of it because that one team was having a great year. And everybody else was you know fifteen games back but now you have a lot of teams in and I think experience -- thing. You know right -- my bike around the city here last couple days I'm amazed that the Orioles. Paraphernalia and it's a seat on the streets these fans are behind it and it's very good from base. I don't know what you Bobby I didn't see it coming I didn't look at the Orioles of the top of the season and say. That team looks like they could win the division or win the wild -- it just didn't feel like that but it's one of the great things about baseball that here they are with a chance to win the American League east in the final few days. Absolutely endured a season things come together and it's. If you can just predict who's gonna win before the season starts and two complete games but -- him. As the season progresses some teams come together Adam and some teams come come apart. Obviously -- ours -- came apart Adam. Do it the things that happened and obviously their teams -- their team came together because of really the way their bullpen took shape and in the way some of the guys who have been here in the past have become a home run in and big home run hitters. Does winning consistent winning give it a team a sense of itself that was different when it broke -- spring training when the season started. Are they feel differently now and they -- spring training everything but it. I think there's occurred Curtis spirited. You know stays with you throughout the season you have to start with a good idea. And keep building on it and you know if you can keep building on it then you have the foundations of that things don't crumble. You know come -- July and August. Talent makes all the difference so everybody knows that and they are probably a little more talented would you agree then. Maybe people like me and others gave them credit for mean readers is a heck of -- young catcher. You talked about Adam Jones yesterday talked about their bullpen being a lot better than people give credit for. Yeah I mean now they have to make. Any years that you know people that stand up and take -- I take notice but -- little baseball players today I mean they're not talking about haven't. They're number two hitter with a four -- on base percentage but they're number two hitter happens play the game and and -- does things that help. You know create runs in and score runs and he plays a very good defense. At shortstop. You know and number three hitter last night wasn't their number three hitter all year so you don't have to have the same line up every day but it them. Last night to put Davis in there and in the first inning comes up with a big two run homer and dumb you know those things. Are needed for a team to be successful. Time finally for our Mercedes-Benz question of the day for Bobby Valentine Bobby what do you expect out of Felix two bronze tonight he's coming off. A marvelous performance his best as a major leaguer eleven strikeouts and now it terribly meaningful game certainly for the Orioles do you think that'll make any difference in his approach. How he goes about his business tonight. Well no I think this is about Felix he's feeling okay. He knows it's his last third down he wants to end on a good note. He's had one heck of a season for rookie starters. One of the best lefty in the rookie starters in the league he should be proud. Of what he's done and how he's you know he's accomplished it and hopefully finish down and high note. Bobby thanks good luck tonight in game two here at Camden yards in front of what is expected to be a packed house Saturday night at the movies. Bobby Valentine. And our question -- the manager is brought to you by your local Mercedes-Benz dealers visit your local dealer to see the all new 2013 lineup of vehicles including the all new full sized -- class SEV. Find your dealer and schedule a test drive it MB USA. Dot com today John.

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