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Alex Speier with John Ryder before the second game in Baltimore

Sep 29, 2012|

John talked with Alex about Blue Jays manager John Farrell, and about the American League MVP race.

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Welcome back to their Herb Chambers BMW pregame show on John writers we -- you ready for the Red Sox in the -- game two over three game series night in Baltimore now it's time. For the clubhouse insider with WEI. Dot com's Alex -- And Alexei you're at a post on WEEI dot com this morning Jon Lester says the team is that this season has been more difficult than last year. Which do you think his words his team that struggles. All season like this or like last contenders then falls out of the finish. It's. Man it's like comparing. Comparing bullet wounds to. It's a disease I guess right side hits that either of them tends to be really very enjoyable and I did they did Jon Lester description was very apt one where he described last year is like. It -- the last day of last season as having been the equivalent of a sharp punch to the face that really hurt. But he compared this season to a guy coming up like what we can basically sucker punching you and it kind of hurts but it's not like it doesn't W over anything. But then the same guy comes up the next week he thought -- but to view again and then and again and then again in. It's. If I do think that this season. Has just been so difficult for the players involved that really think that they're not used to this kind of environment you know last series you. You kind of accept that there are really bad for the baseball sometimes and sometimes -- horrible consequences but it was -- worth this year it's just been. Left and right really all season long it's just been so challenging for these guys to get through him. Maintain a positive out attitude about about coming to the park thinking that they're going to compete thinking that they can be good especially. You know in the aftermath of the trade when. They're having to come in and just know that they're playing shorthanded you know last year it defied logic that they were as that they were as bad as they are. This year they are playing as bad as they are so. It's that neither -- is a particularly enjoyable experience for the players involved no not at all many consider John Farrell the B. The favorite to be the next Red Sox manager there's been some reports of turmoil. In the Toronto club -- To any of these reports raise a red flag to the Red Sox. I would think it with another organization they might with the Red Sox they probably wouldn't because of how well they know the guy but nonetheless I do think that -- you know -- their noteworthy and certainly they add to kind of the if if the Blue Jays open it up for the Red Sox to talk to Ferrell. Then I do think that. Do you think that. It would certainly be an area of inquiry they would have to visit trying to figure out what is the nature of accountability and not in the Toronto clubhouse. Is there any reason to think that John Farrell. Doesn't command the same respect him presence that he had while he was with the Red Sox and their pitching coach. That said today do you think that the Red Sox would probably use those things this. You know I think that he he has such a history with the guys in the organization that they probably wouldn't be that concerned about it and I think it's also worth pointing out that. There were questions about whether or not Terry Francona -- -- -- clubhouse and Philadelphia. And that was kind of you know circumstantial so. I think that you're going to hear stuff like that in an environment where there's a lot of losing going yeah right good point on Francona. Just a handful of games left -- -- your MVP choice right now would be Miguel Cabrera Mike -- For me eyes I've maintained that it Trout the idea is to impact the game in every way imaginable. Last year I thought that Jacoby Ellsbury had the best all around season that I'd never seen. And this year Mike Trout is just I mean going far beyond that which is just amazing given. How young he is but he's a better defender than Ellsbury was last series probably a better base -- -- and -- was last year he's hitting for more power. Consistently than Ellsbury was last year he is a marvel he is. He's putting together one of the most extraordinary seasons -- probably any of us have seen. Not just from a rookie but from any player at all in. Miguel Cabrera you know he is an incredible hitter he deserves the Hank Aaron award for the best hitter in the American League. But the reason what part of the reason why the Tigers are in a dog fight. To get to the post season is because he's a terrible third baseman. And he and the combination of him in Prince Fielder at that at the two corners has really really hindered their run prevention so. For me you know I -- it is kind of similar to 2005 when. When David Ortiz had a better offensive season -- A-Rod. But A-Rod at that point was a gold glove third baseman -- ago he was the better overall player and he won the MVP. Might be controversial. To some of Cabrera does end up winning the Triple Crown doesn't get the MVP. Well again the triple but what is the Triple Crown I mean personally I think that the Triple Crown is a really super cool phenomena in. But it reflects statistics that are in some ways dated. Who cares about batting average relative to on base percentage in. You know does batting average -- batting average on base -- batting average home runs and RBIs. Reflect the sum and total of a player's value. Front offices and making decisions about players probably don't view. I think they've rarely view any of those statistics is being relevant though. There was a time when those were the defining statistics of -- offensive capabilities. That day is long since -- in my mind but that is not to downplay it. Miguel Cabrera who is. Perhaps the best pure hitter that we've seen the in this generation he is a marvel in the batter's box but I don't think that makes him the most valuable player. My great stuff as always Alex appreciate it. They are all right check about Alex bureau of WEEI. Dot com it's the Red Sox vs the Orioles tonight in Baltimore. Coming up next week -- trip around the majors on the Herb Chambers BMW pregame show. On the WEEI Red Sox radio network.

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