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Friday, September 28th Whiner Line

Sep 28, 2012|

Paul Pierce replacing Ordway? I'm down.

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Music music music pressed and pressed the wind like these aren't buying ET TE Chris -- This is discretionary box. -- -- And now -- warning airlines. He's talking about their discontent. Some guys have gone ownership it's -- about. And that I would go on the show -- -- when he does Sunday night baseball and it's now and he's crying a little here because I didn't -- in the interview me in the fourth inning and WEEI. Laurel near lie and you know we have to -- via this source here and islanders. Skin blisters you know I mean he's he's really -- hard working guy you know dial 6177793535. But that. -- -- who gives it started when he says her more about that situation you know Weiner lie and why don't we hear about. Gibson and how many of the players don't like him or about Jim Leland. And who's upset with -- aliens pitching moves and now this is at. Absolutely. Ridiculous but I think it's good dramas so let's keep the ball only. He -- he'll get busters warrior thing you know that it's important weeks until -- -- nine everyone likes to be like that. Everyone also knows that if you go around and just I didn't make everything a popularity contest you're gonna lose sight of the why airline -- amendments that. -- -- as voice like that generally. Leads to. -- don't we hear about Kurt keeps it. Kirk Gibson's. Them and tomorrow bush is right -- it. Now -- -- I'm on my body right here. We go if you want the wake. A day like Jason Terry was noted today and he was doing soon. Liners for the bright I was great loves to write all my -- like their best easing what are you should write -- -- did you sense of -- and the -- must -- -- writer he's a huge writer for. Right now gotta play the best you want to the past week you decide to want to -- by texting in your vote to wait 58 year is nominee. We've got the football. And our. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah who wouldn't know what. Else. And men module rigs owner and all all dedicated to Lou Maloney. Did you go here's a nominee be. Instead. You know shaking -- little football all. There's an easy fit through these groups are just weeks. Used to. -- being. Little -- didn't harder. They dropped back here. You can throw. A simple musical finals this -- up until the end of today's wind lied to vote for either scandal that would be letter. -- 5850. Or down goes -- later lead to 85850. When -- hundred dollar American Express gift card eligible one of the year grand prize. That's it like that with a one year AT&T service included one of the weakest part AT&T forgy LTE speeds up to you. Ten times faster than three GAT and T -- I'm not Annapolis is -- says Michael Nolan I love it I'm just gonna ask does it which I think -- gonna win Iowa. But who's he's worked -- the -- and put the for your influence and vote. No on all of in my -- worth it worked. Like it carried away -- let's look at today. Yeah I thought a lot. But it really have a lot guys I think it's a lot of credit must take a bullet added that -- -- that time he had his career. After. I just kills Lou on a daily breeze it corporal could have one inches and beat the best -- principle and a half years and a lot more of their hits. You know as you to play you play first game at Fenway. Of the utility player. Would you pick -- super sub humans with the I guess I had absolutely -- Damian Jackson yet yes. It's football fans -- Europe where the -- three weeks but hopefully the official. After all about probably been vetted her opponent are you. And that message. -- replacement players. It's body -- had a little bit above my opinion that you get pain and miserable season. I don't bit and help pop up subject you know -- I don't know if you bought I don't know maybe are better yet how about some. A big -- would be a bit -- diet -- half. And when you -- southern voice on the tree which it was to a southern accent annoyed affair callers call to call for markets they have a slightly different accent. That call we get from Chelsea is only think that -- -- that he will this year it's a what is grant's. Make -- you know. The -- all I don't -- -- talk than normal. To me. That you -- and it's easy to vote with the British. -- -- -- -- -- It. It went -- To build -- Why. -- -- But didn't video gets screwed when it didn't bill and Ryan hug it out they did it in after a playoff like it. That was that was intense moment and not really I had -- share something there. -- -- Bob -- -- -- got a aspect can't get the help that maybe aren't they thought. That -- -- and have but I think that is that the best back. And then I've got what I think about it not have been obvious but Bob -- and that. And that message tells -- was needed any stats to. Kind of put up its final seal on -- on this past season I think we all know what happened there. Yeah although Obama called a letter back -- -- I can't convert tax code and this message. -- hundred million -- counting error couldn't go to parliament but not we're -- rounding off the air. I didn't know that they high in the air and Michael Bolton I'm on -- they. -- The agency's acting a little bit odd ball out there are some great things yeah there really there isn't as -- -- they each road are made on. Leo wow. They like Ali how are backed body immediately somebody last night -- second -- Excited then Mallard as a reason that we could make the Baltimore Ravens last night. I lit -- like you know how would I would Cleveland Browns I don't. Don't want to Sports Radio talk -- and the history of what went -- but it. Thanks guys. And what was that line last night after it was just this -- and the fourteen and then a fourteen. -- that they are evidence. Of fourteen point favorites at home. Passionately was -- it if I had known that I would put some money and browse through different. Some money divisional game and then I was no longer moves he mostly old. 19019. The browns Americans like Joseph Flacco ravens. The different between Monday Night Football. -- John good. -- that you were. What apple is probably waited waited and everything in my life. And then -- -- -- -- it looked like they are. They had carried them to -- I don't know how you can play in -- probably double what was. Forward particularly bad catch anyway it's what you do and can't can't do that. Well ever played to talking about it was a little he had to play in the bald guy but. The ball in his hands. Two hands on it it would have been a difficult catch against your receivers and make that catch. -- you know the the way this guy Tom Green handles flip -- like that play action. That little girl like little had probably the same thing last but that's let's remember that idea don't you think definitely that's yet. It was right. There's my bowl prediction. That the bat well this came up but it's. We have got to see fear it'll open that I do away with that do not believe that are not I was under that. And right now. He's right. Billion dollars streets there will be blood in the streets there are dozens hundreds if they lose this game to go one -- through remotely you'll hear. Panic on Monday like you have not heard a long -- -- Like always sitting -- terrible terrible flatly. I'm looking at a bit not shocked but what does. This but he had -- always find someone that every other people that could. And I can't look anything like the good old and. It's a delay this particular. I can't hear at this period sorry. Argued that would exceeded our -- more on. Watch the tape again a lot of many that you -- the end of the great big. All that -- would -- -- the -- and I can't let this not the way it looked like house. This is a multi billion dollar business. Oh billion dollar. That the best coach in the league all credit to adapt quick time -- -- -- -- -- was set up now. And needed from the -- I hope tackle. Yeah yeah. Thanks beat. It's me that you -- College. I will look at cocoon and tomorrow. All pat Pat Buchanan and my country that is. What. Even have didn't crowd -- and it's really get involved. Yeah. And telling. I just show us. There's a guy out there who -- it's Luke and his -- I mean how do you hate riots that aren't I yes I don't know I -- Put -- this thing that you want. It's going to be I want -- career is over. -- a -- which you guys that you mean are you going to be via a mobile -- to the voters are to put WEEI. Sports Radio error you right here. But I do odd man out going to be your way in new -- is going to be the truth with Michael Ali. -- -- -- -- This guy is right. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All -- that -- Israel do weekend eaten a minute she can do we comedy and and and apple is -- work for you don't think you'll just. Here's the liars here mr. -- that your life. -- -- through -- alive. Apparently gas money hotel. But a bad start date I have not but why do you can't not I've got. It would never paid back utilized them at the -- -- It's inaction stability and August but the sabres all manner that's what agreement ex wife me. It's just didn't -- -- -- back. However walker stock that no guy. And let's call the replacement breast. -- Nice job walking with that -- did he get Poland's -- and firstly from my boots you don't wanna. On. The board has not got a I kind of I can not let this happened carefully just this. Everybody's just out picket wow if he -- 33% of the vote it's there. They're against him just because it's not move maybe he doesn't get people get a fair shake mab. It's hard but AT&T forgy a lot or need your winner bibles if you thought that at a time there.

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