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Jason Terry with the Big Show

Sep 28, 2012|

We talk to the newest member of the Green Team in Jason Terry, live from Celtics Media Day. You can hear the excitement in Jason's voice, he's happy to be a Celtic.

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-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Great to be saying welcome aboard sir why this place went to command. Mean we get a call from Doc Rivers that stroke of midnight you have to pick up your phone darkest call and at midnight and. Midnight while our first first call I receive a free agency and you know right away I mean there's three teams every year that. Realistically have a chance to win a championship in Boston's one of them and so there was no doubt in my mind what team I want to play for number one. Great organization to the roster that that we have right here is a championship contender so. With best in feel like I'll bring a lot to the table. And some that's needed here you know if they stayed healthy last year they're only one player away from from women's championship. The union Jason Terry mr. Dallas so how how difficult was it for you to make that transition. From. Dallas to Boston. -- very typical. You know being somewhere for eight years I don't care where you're at -- a long time. And then that that was born in the house and what I was able to accomplish in Dallas you maverick uniform was -- was great. Without time to turn things you know the family pride -- that just a little more than I do but they're here to support me right near Boston. And I've been out around and in the city and these fans are incredible. I love. How much of it when you looked at I'm I'm sure you do -- you look at their roster and not only did you say to yourself OK seasoned veterans so it gives them a chance to win but you look at the depth chart. And you see they get nobody behind Rondo I can play the two I can play the one I get the versatile I can get playing time multiple positions. Multiple position means lots of minutes right lap finish out. In a lot of ways to that was a factor that deathly was a factor and again. You know plan under coach understands. What it means to win a championship you know all the new ones you know save in the legs -- guys. Not -- out and practice. And monitoring human I'm simply knew -- positions on the court to be successful. I think Doc Rivers is one of the best -- will go down in history is probably -- top team coach. Lost my -- earlier some guys have a problem. Adjust to coming off the bench Jason Terry wants to come off the bench. How did you get to that point of view it that is so rare to hear in sports and -- of your outlook off the bench. I feel like a more productive there is somebody told you about it -- mentor who said -- this is this is the role for you. What's -- -- -- two -- time and at the University of Arizona coach Lute Olson was my coast there in. Through a situation where -- was miles Simon might be be obviously known him my prediction these -- it's all high caliber players I had a chance to start at that time. Told the -- look these guys need to start let me come off to be -- let me be the spark let me bring the energy. And I translated right into a championship and so from that day for. -- I told myself you know sacrifices you and I takes one -- to do it in the rested team kind of follow also in who has worked out for. They're probably use you as an example there in Arizona -- as you're in college and that yet you still. Not only made two league but you won a championship in the -- into the finals a couple of times. It's not like most college kids thinking all right but -- -- -- -- was I mean for me I -- -- to think about my career. What is tremendous for me because I am a colts now and so I see it from the other side. And what I tell my young kids that I that I coach in the summertime is it's not who starts -- who finishes. And nine times out of ten automobile on -- court in the fourth quarter because that's my time. One of the great things about having a veteran roster specially in the NBA. Those teams seem to do exceptionally well when you get into the post season the best thing about having great veteran teams those guys are slower coming back from injuries. Fact they have so much depth on this team during the course of the year make it a little bit easier maybe for some of the that's. Tremendous advantage. -- win a championship you have to have a DT on the back of my team in 2011. We were deep I mean we were deep at every position. And guys were able to play multiple positions that's a tremendous event it's not every roster. Has that depth and along with -- you have players but to have that experience of guys that know how to play and know how to wing games. With your -- That that's where the events comes in. I'm gonna ask you a couple of stories that came from Dallas and we we we don't know some of the some insight thank you -- one tell us something about Dirk. That we don't know Cedric Maxwell whom you you'd be seen a lot of think she's better and Larry Bird that. Now oh always right I guess that's exactly what I data may continue to talk about but tell us about or maybe he's gained maybe we don't appreciate it you know better than most. -- is is one of the oldest youngest guys whoever me he he's never lose. I've watched him warm up takes him. Probably two hours to warmup in his routine is. Barton and they've created -- university as we don't know what I want to cut him he jumped the length of the court hopman like before all. He stands on -- -- -- does pushups stands on -- head right so how does that currently in the basketball. Who -- I don't I'm still trying to clear out but he makes shots it works for him -- it. One of the greatest teammate I've ever play with the one of the hardest workers. He's two minutes I'm on the -- are a little bit. -- -- That's a big of a document with you -- Cuba Cuba the good guy he's one of those guys that. You'll never see him and assume you know he always mean teens into an issue them in Apolo some. That have security never have the wallet on and then Carrey can't. And I museum. You know just lost a bunch stuff just just -- -- -- And say well you're reached the waste a racist as you get everything for free. Q and is one of those guys I. Be honest with -- that it ever (%expletive) you off when he was down -- -- playing on the road. He's screaming and yelling you're seeing dias at the officials -- -- sentencing yourself and the official sucked tonight but he's gonna cost us a couple calls here late. Again unless every night. I mean there wasn't one game or practice mind you that Cuba wasn't either in the huddle or in a time out. Give none of referees and I it was just on that we had to deal with it and practiced in a reference to practice. It anywhere I mean as he may have something against the was striped -- some. The idea of it again -- a fan at heart and he really wished he could be out there are some reduction jumpers but obviously. -- out there. -- -- -- listen it's great meeting you I've ever had great success here in Boston we look forward to seeing deployed -- so little immunity thanks in my life that's Jason Terry. Right here in the -- picture I'll tell you this you can ask people around the league people here are gonna absolutely love this guy. Because not only is he funny entertaining and people in the media eat that stuff off. But he's a Smart player out there and what you can do a lot of different things he's not gonna be. Great at one single thing if you read have more your larger point guard you're not gonna necessarily be satisfied you you got a much better one right now John run. But the fact that he come off the bench fact that he can hit big three's when the game is on the line fact that he can play either one of those backcourt positions. I think he gives -- tremendous. Flexibility tremendous -- Oh yeah and and as he said. It's not who and you've heard of before I start the game finished it I guess only only issue would be is. In some situations -- -- some situations -- -- this is not the game that I went to the finish right so then he might run into some problems there overall. -- -- -- It's a great great it is great it's just a regular book. Great for the Celtics yes. OK -- anybody complain about it but now. I'm not completely. -- I six point 777. Iron to get out of that you need a break the hotel that's there's there's I think to really get a break. At 2038885250850. That your phone obligated to football now -- you. And -- talk a little bit about Sundays game both Michael and -- like this game an awful lot like a lot more. If there's no CJ Spiller or no for Jackson or nowhere close to 100%. Spiller or Jackson is not. And we pride never -- -- a fairly close games are quick Raikkonen will be right back and we'll get to your phone calls your complexion.

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