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Paul Pierce with the Big Show

Sep 28, 2012|

We talk to The Truth live from Celtics Media Day and find out how his off-season went, what they expect out of the 2012-2013 season, and how things went after Ray Allen bolted for the Miami Heat.

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Get back to football a couple of minutes were broadcasting live to be out here -- Waltham itself Dixon today. Paul Pierce joins us live here in wolf it's great -- welcome back well it's -- -- The year you mean let's let's if you say. Yeah let's just say that every door. February looks good and we're gonna remember that. -- it. -- over here early exit that the threat that -- throughout the year KG was coming back that you might compact. -- -- -- -- Let's say we. All make. Our way from that. Well I'll probably would've been trader here KG ever retire you know they would apply starter revealed -- I mean there are a lot of trade rumors throughout the year. And just. They are going and going that direction you know wasn't just mentally prepare for that. Who's despised -- after the last four years and ultimately if we're championship. I'll turn 35 this year I'll probably could make it to another rebuilding. Did you when when there was some doubt whether KG was coming back. Did you call him did you like I know and always a different kind of guided you feel like. He needs space or he needs me that convinced him to come back from one or however much time on move. McClellan though toward the end of the year decades you come back from a you can just see in this in this in his legs to see an inspiration to -- in the spirit just the way he was planned. You know when a player is playing at that level Harkins in the game and then he's been in the NBA since -- eighteen years old. What else is he gonna do. This is -- he knows me when you come on high school and you -- For so long it's tough to walk away. These plants that's. A common -- and come back. Now we you know when it's time to war torn. We'll be the body breaking down well you -- I think it's. You have to listen to your mind you know when you look at former players this walked away from the game Leo we've talked about this this incident a year earlier. You know the count Leo by responses and half ago after a few seasons. You have is -- the essence of your mind and golf. There and you said what else would do and probably listed at about everything. -- trained to sit back and relax. And well compensated about your career. Aren't there yet and that kind of personality. Games over his tennis is back in probably what you guys that you mean are you are going to be via a Mobile, Alabama out of the loans -- to put WEEI. Sports Radio. -- you right here. Think that he you know what you talked about it hey earlier I think additionally farm that's -- -- that -- -- of it what -- remain a popular well liked guy you don't wanna work for them you mean yeah. Like humiliate you -- -- when I hear -- -- talk about these men is that have taken on the criticism. Why I think. -- this year street there's an awful lot of depth that you could clearly see how dot could. Use this roster for similar to what San Antonio did last year. Having the the stalwarts the veterans employing a lot of bodies that okay with you if your minutes are really cut back OK we deal with certain nights. You know if this sort of good and -- mum on what whatever you know amount I love our team I love our dad. Cannot trust them doc and everything he's doing. You know and whatever is good for this team on whether the sacrifice for this this -- -- we are actually win a championship you know it at this point in my career restless. On toll on about it's not a money individual honors. You know -- a lot of different individual honors mark careers and right now it's about you know -- -- -- -- -- another chapter. Since you are gives some insight what happened after game seven how did you process that loss -- one win away from the NBA finals. What to do it. You know I think when you when you lose a game just some of the emotions some -- -- you know just know what's gonna happen with KG. North system than we do know a lot of things went through my mind I was like come -- stuck in the middle. And after the season just not knowing what's gonna happen. With traded. You know I just a lot of things with the miners in the when a solid Hillary sign up. You know I you know we're trying to win another championship. We had that Jason Terry you know when you -- all guns -- thing you know you're trying to win that. When you start adding more more young rookies and guys who are still trying to prove this so that means -- -- -- so -- -- -- very excited with the thought KGB sign that appeared. Pick the for a few of them men and young guys such as Courtney Lee. That really helped us. Development of Avery Bradley you know I just know right now the balance that we when it. That with age that's when you. And experience. When you look back -- at last year. Do you look back at it with fondness in the way that he got off to a real slow start the veteran players -- great shape. You guys probably didn't they can be played basketball for a long period of time. Yet by the end here you walk you're one game away from going to the to the final. This year. It's a lot different I think frank you guys are a lot better shape you're ready you know the games -- -- -- -- you look back at that and look at going forward here for this year. Many look back and cinnamon we had a tremendous opportunity you know based on what we've started based on what we had -- first half of the season we -- -- You know it's not a championship caliber team but then all of a sudden turned into one. And like scenarios probably come -- to do it not being in shape. I don't -- at all last year did you think. That's the beginning of the year that you play basketball last year. You're not so people who would not play MR Christians -- not -- Olympic going to be a season. And so you know as a veteran he's going into their summer. You -- routine on how to get ratings you know -- if you look at it say about August 01 of the at this point this privacy. September. OK now -- ready for camp where is. Last night you just that no it was just like how are you prepared and onkyo yourself every day trying to get in shape or. You sit back -- -- not knowing when the seasons on the star or or via the base those like you you were coming in consistently get -- As -- you know we'll start when they went time. How many games and the preparation it's a lot easier you know -- He knows how hard that's problem we've got off such a slow start and then once we got our legs under us we starter role yet we know. Pro basketball's a business but we see guys on the court. We just think this ball in his basketball so with that in mind I know in in business. Guys to lead. Other places in free agency. But its basketball Ray Allen was one view. Now he left to enemy. In Miami hop on you how do you deal with that and I still mad that he left. Plus a little disappointed because I thought we really feel some special here we're. Niemi KG starting. Championship mom bringing the Celtics back to life. And and also that aspect is -- this morning. You know he's he's always gonna be remembered. Here you know when you walked through hallways in terms of -- knew him kind of in the rest of the guys you know how low we usually do spiritual leadership. We've brought to the table. And there you know ray had to do was best for him he felt for him and his family. And really can't. You know I can't say anything about it now when he comes here apart from a few extra balls or something. -- couple hard fouls but you know that's all part of sports and you know they are going to be very you always a good friend of mine. Room that's on the -- to discuss apprehend or McCain I don't know. I was gonna say. But to give me you think you'll be taxing them during the season and he mailing during the season. Or they were obviously excellent good -- -- I thought when the three if you were were put together. He seemed to have the most difficulty. Giving up a little bit of his game to do with the three if you needed to do you seem to do it. And adapt to it very easily probably because you'd been some bad team so you were you happy on a winning team. And KG the same way. Did you believe he had trouble adapting later on in the season -- you needed some atlantis' -- Avery -- out here as a starter. That that might have been part of these kids. Conceive of themselves now. Not being a starter on the team. Well. I don't know because. I don't know there's a good chance gonna start in Miami either you know so. Maybe some -- do it maybe to a player. I was younger -- that was still unproven. You know and you know this is the first time you come off the bench. You know when he's in the Miami I think he is going to be easier because -- got established veteran guys and MVP season. All stars and you know when it comes from a guy -- hunger as if Thomas found the system when you know -- this it could be a little more difficult on eagle. You know up on -- what was best for the team. -- -- -- I'm -- -- on the Kamal are being interrogated every confidence. And it made us a better team so -- thoughts on the tough pill to swallow when you've been great. For so long to watch the finals. -- MarketWatch in Boston finals and so model we could there have been replanted are now Austria. Would you think that good matchup for us could have announced that he would showcasing. You know that opened the game is all about matchups up there we definitely -- Oh Miami up. You know we didn't play so well against Oklahoma so who knows what's gonna happen is he's just it's easy for us to say we took Miami sending is we probably would have beat Oklahoma and you know what the case -- the I wish it was just a little bit more competitive. You know for the go five games it just goes so. Knew how -- of how we. He met me today championship you do realize that they got past. You're so right about matchups and veterans seem to perform quite well in the post season. Because they're a little smarter than those young guys out there and they know a little bit more. Are you guys not gonna be helped though during the course of the season. When you're playing the second medical back to back here in Philadelphia. You've got some younger players now they can run up and down the court so that's less for you and obviously it's just -- winning games during the regular season it really is all about. Getting to the postseason where you can match up. -- definitely. But I think this year and I think it's going to be a little easier for Israel's real difficult for us and back to back situations lashes because -- -- about the -- and it this was legal questions the most time. And you know Arnold -- the enemies no charges were one number one seed. -- there's -- fine line between women. And be a strong for the playoffs and being healthy and our company is doing its what. -- So when you work for the guy. -- mornings. Are you gonna do. Drive time here. Well a morning person one person I get a bit like 530 America I get up early -- dark out Morningstar Jacques AJ get to three shows this doesn't give up -- -- -- work out for income. Are you got out of our third you don't have any -- -- -- baseball. All of us lost loved sports and almost and soccer like our producer as it is did you did you imagine replacement officials in the Indian. You're going might be better I would. I'm -- our Rusty Wallace and -- and I'm. -- replacement refs the Wall -- -- had a great season all right. Our boss Paul Pierce of the Celtics were accurate --

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