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Who might replace Bobby Valentine

Sep 27, 2012|

So far all the speculation for this Red Sox offseason is who they will tap to replace Bobby Valentine as the manager of the club, Ryder takes some calls on who it might be.

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John -- -- in my he's -- at Disney world with his family although in I -- my keys back on Monday -- believes though. And by all indications he is but I heard that. Got a tech said he got a dust up down there -- a mistress me. Looking for further information there about I think he'll probably backed and on Monday. I'm planning to get into news of Jason Varitek added the front ops we knew -- be added to the front opposite think even more interest thing. It was this morning bench Harrington talking. And got a given -- hand and does anyone really think Bobby Valentine is is going backward deserves to be back after this season and I know ever laced it. Put their blameless together in their blame high. What went awry in May be have Valentine down there on the list of maybe you blame the players more than anything worthy. Front office and ownership more than anything I am pro put them ahead to. The Bobby Valentine was it at everything Valdez fall I don't think so but I think he added to dismiss. And it 69 and 87 right now the Red Sox for crowd the Kansas City Royals right now. Or one game better than the red sex Seattle. Seattle. Has a better record of the red sex. By about four games. Seattle the liver to big bloated -- to the angels beat the angels nine to four. These these you know provincial. Outlook -- things here with a Red Sox durable season but it's it's great baseball season great finish to this season I liked his second wildcard. Com problem with -- whatsoever and it is terrific grace is we have so many teams involved and so many. Different games. Red Sox -- patriots and bills I would think and does anyone that buffalo pulls the upset they're at home. They've got some offensive weapons on his team. And they've get Steve Johnson. Who says -- a solid season looks like speed CJ Spiller might player originally ruled out. For this game but he was back at practice today for buffalo. They've get some studs defensively but still I've some question more -- about your defense they -- the Mario Williams big name signing it more gators and added to the mix but. I still think there's some question marks defense of that event to be a lot of points in this game and -- checked out the over wonders. And this game that has via Adam wins about that but I actually do think the patriots win this game I think most do. Checking out some of the games -- -- -- all doing -- WEI picks. Right now. It's a couple of different upsets and I wouldn't. You know tell you to wager on this stuff but I think that. Agassi Kansas City knocking off San Diego at home. I could see even Saint Louis beating Seattle. And home. This this can we -- the defense is in the NFC west. Surprised there was give back the phones about a way to wanna call up 6177790850. Toll free 8885250. At 51 text this 85850. -- with that. Let's get back because here's Tom in Springfield a -- Could you imagine -- work. In my uninstall that created the wrap up their -- Johnny. Miami as well you know it he would indeed -- opine on -- not perfect but. It you're better than what we feel it you know. Horrific horrendous and I don't know why I still don't know why the NFL -- them a better plan. Going into this. Well I think duke on the road block. I don't a big expect they're that old that way that it did. Now soda a day -- that'd be as much of the disaster they clearly didn't think it was going to be -- -- an -- undervalued their ability a little related. Lobbied to get like that. Go ahead I'm like the odd. I don't think you going to be back at it here. I'd be -- that they might find another revision Kremlin and the organization. Keep him happy keep them under -- keep them quiet. Then in the Arctic and it could claim that it all mine and not to demand that people should be. -- crop in in light according war. -- You know as a consultant. You know that's what they always to some of these guys they always seemed that without order -- -- older baseball guy -- he's a consultant to the team which means you know. The calls in every so often you hardly ever see him -- you know it's really more of a title than anything else. The better question Tom is why would Bobby V wanted wanted to take this why why would he want to do that he's gonna get paid no matter what is still got another arrow left on his country. Will the net and you and I don't know he's not getting another he's not getting another and it all is not particularly. No I don't think so even though he thinks you're on you saying all right things and -- play he'll play the actor role they'll play you know stunned at all that and and then he's a guy that. And I agree with you won't be able to keep his mouth -- load. Really interest in his comments. And might not be right away but down the line at some point probably sooner rather it later what do. You wrote a book. I think he's gonna probably write a book anyways Bobby V I mean this guy. You know ballroom dancing the rapture likely to get. Bigger and more about it -- yeah I think he he I think he would have wrote a book. Tom. Even if he wasn't Red Sox manager I'm surprised he hasn't had at least one book out -- -- the memoirs -- eight. What set -- I think it show recent studies -- thanks. Well thank you. And thanks for the fall -- we -- line item appears there wide open right now 6177790850. Tool free 88852 fives -- right if you can text does. At 85850. Bobby -- day's going to be my gut feeling is that they. Haven't told me yet that's what he said yesterday. His conversation with the media news here on W I would. On the big show. He says they've talked but not about the job which makes me think of coming back I don't know. On dot responses for Bob Beatty is he really the smartest guy in the room that over or as did you know more of his ego he thinks he has. But. More question marks to me is his Talladega fix this team and -- already and get his team straightened out for next season. What's his middle of the order -- look like with the reds. Who's out there and -- what do they do -- Jacoby Ellsbury was now. Heard again is no deal with -- -- injury David Ortiz. That contract situation. And the rules have changed a bit you know he might that take a pay cut that down to twelve and a half million through arbitration. Loses some of the rules change I I don't. If he's upset about not getting a multi year deal right now. And and the money's making it also -- them freeing up and if you notice here today it was a narrow these are -- talking about. You know -- multi year DO. And he Sanford. Held little will over fourteen and a half million. Through arbitration. Will he accept. An offer for arbitration. From the Red Sox in except that this time. And how many other teams -- interest about the Tampa Bay which needs big -- may go out there acquire it would it would they be willing. David Ortiz cash strapped team that probably have to trade James Shields have been reluctant to trade some of their pitchers. Will will they go out there and make a move like that probably Nazi at yankees using A-Rod Derek -- mothers and a DH. Position. At different times. You know you never rule out the Yankees. I don't know if that's a likely landing spot disease go to Toronto. In the mix there. With the blue jays. And not too many teams. That. Might be some mystery team out the year in the Berkeley but let's get back because -- -- -- and here's Jason and Cory Jason. -- -- Yeah alcohol problem won't -- their direction they -- -- I think like if you look at last year top three Lugar bow legged part score a lot of Green Bay. New England in the -- -- -- -- the -- -- the rest really particular rest anyway really. Called them that the ball bounced our scoring no mean. I I agree Jason some are just -- this that is a good text. I agree I agree -- both you guys pats will benefit from returning reps timing and pace of clos backed where they're comfortable definitely. That's we will know early middle or no huddle. It's slowed him down couldn't. The ball correctly that likes it slow between bill until much in the right out of topped the -- who blacks -- now all why wouldn't we all agree it's like. You get dead you've got that shaky offensive line with the patriots you look at the team like the Packers to -- bad situation. And so much is pacing is so much his rhythm you've got a new receiver that -- depending nine. I think part of it. -- the rest but also part of it. Is this new offensive -- Josh McDaniels we know that they're familiar with them but some some different wrinkles there. Looking to be more balanced with Steven Ridley in the backfield I can't I still can't understand all they announced the and he would have last week but. We are you prepared could be -- called moral ball two are likely is that part without Hernandez he's been part of part of the blog but I agree yeah added they've got to get gronkowski more involved and I think we. We end with this Andelman more. More playing time or more concentration on middlemen and Welker images that they're buried after last week failed so our hope so too but but you know it's not the office. Set -- more it's it's -- go again back to the defense you know the offensive line against against good defense is there's some concerns there. But I thought the -- linebackers. Were atrocious. Against Baltimore. The secondary especially late in the game didn't do a good job so that it. According is that everybody Sarah pick I mean this -- you look at his rookie year I think. They had been get a lot more pressure on the quarterback -- a look at a battle still don't forget a lot more. Yeah I got the last I was targeted. Well laughter you know and on and on Tuesday night about an accordion I cut that up until the finish who wasn't a miserable. Game forum. I I you know it but he dropped an interception and had that late penalty. And that that was killer and he also slipped up there. On the tablet go on into the end zone but some of that was on Gregory as well. A little at a great credit card -- concern but I think the -- -- good. Built up a bit -- if you want to play to score so I mean I've got third grab a hold of -- -- -- at a school. Right today that discourage any other part will see. If players her a bit more disciplined. Now that you have the regular reps back. And that was the other thing and the patriots typically a disciplined team. Yet ten penalties Baltimore it's fourteen and it was just outrageous there was no primaries -- -- knows Hillary and that was. Was the pass interference against male and I was and Alice in divorcee Wallace only a couple of yards but there was a third down extended to drive in Baltimore where -- -- to Russia. I don't think they'll regret the error -- -- -- I was noses those awful call. Well yeah no problem Jason good call here's my making Connecticut a Mike. And what happened what's up Mike. I want action next Wednesday or -- -- play New York, New York hip hop on a fiery debate political comeback but also. I I think dead they'll probably if I was to make a bet right now I would say it's either Thursday or Friday that they announces. You don't announce picked away at her -- Friday yes. If you brilliant pick -- -- territorial. Or -- the captain of the department at. I think there's some gamesmanship there. Yeah I think so. Don't what do you think. Are. You are avid has cried others we go there and ever and has it but. Idea I think that that's part of it and it's kind of a shtick is kind of the way he's been. Most places. -- -- I do have to say though that I I did kind of chuckle at the you know the worst lineup and the players -- -- manage what they feel about that but all eyes kind of I think he knows the writing is on the -- I would say things like data feed -- at the news. Remarkable. Art and basically -- -- what did you argue look. -- I was a killer that was a mistake. He misjudged. You know what I think he thought the pulse of the dugout. And there are some some some players and -- the -- the reward for total was there they weren't the biggest Hugo's -- some of the guys in that clubhouse some of his teammates but. At the same time he still. Respected Major League player and they were thinking well you know what if he's gonna say it is about Youkilis what's he gonna say about me you know and and when you lose the top guys in a clubhouse like Dustin Pedroia. And tell you lose the top guys at eighty maybe you have some of these lesser names but it it it trickles down to them and then add that I could respond once you start and loses some of the top guys in -- -- -- the best players. Then you're on your -- and I was back in April. I want -- process -- Japan. You know that are right there. He just brought the -- -- way. But I ask one quick or -- -- -- and I thought he -- a ball I'd I'd I'd. Need a billion dollar. Difference would help we can get it -- -- could all possibly -- That that receiver perhaps control all people completely completely -- or. Romany and. I think -- is. A ridiculous. Statement there that the -- came out with the after the fact. I know the assembled all over well because then I could go back because then they'd be concerned it'd be our age twelve if he blew the call. Then. Let's you know change the outcome of the game let's say Green Bay won the game be -- Green -- deserved to win the game they're not gonna go back and do that. Now on unfortunately for Green Bay thanks for the call Mike appreciate it.

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