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Adam Meyer, Real Money Sports

Sep 27, 2012|

Ryder talks with Adam about the upcoming weekend of college and NFL football games.

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John Ryder and for a Mikey on the planet Mikey show Mikey down in Disney World -- -- your phone calls right now joining uses. Adam Meyer. Adam winds have a real money sports dot com. Has gone out of judge so he told you use in Disney -- do you think he has do you have a news for us Soros. With my game he might be in Las Vegas not he's -- -- just -- it isn't -- aren't what's gone. It's a how the how's the week that people get over the patriots game from from Sunday night. Yeah I take have people -- upset and how that unfolded. You know it's it's been a I have to say even even for a you know -- start out for me it's probably you know the highest win percentage I've had in point for years the first few weeks and last week was a you know is a it was a little slap in the face it was a tough week because some of these. You know things that happen with visas the officials were atrocious and in the Packers to win the game ended a certainly. You know you can come on all the time and -- every game's a winner is certainly. And that's the whole point of all this is that the information we get of course you can't win a 100% but we take people every day and they they learn our system. It's amazing as the 44 year for all the times have been here you know in the air here in Boston. We built up now you know over 250 people on every one of them is you know a minimum of 5060000. Militants at least one years says that's pretty cool. While -- yeah I was gonna ask you how the how the replacement. -- I know we have the research staff there has affected your research step in and getting into games in particular totals for a man. Well where where it's really been and it's very very hard to you know anybody says they they were able to tell the way the officials it's nonsense to me where the biggest impact these officials had -- really understand some of the some of the rules were at the quarterbacks and defense were allowed to. You know what was pass interference when they're allowed to turn their head when they're making a play on the ball and three you saw so many of those illegal contacts more those five yard penalties were. More you know and kept drives alive that normally you know they were punting and some of the times it happened like a third and eighteen and they've bailed out so it was really hard and -- you know that was the one. Question mark how would it really effect. You know some of these games in their outcomes and I'm certainly happy. Because all the years we've put into. These tendencies of some officials how they call games and really -- I got a good jump on her totals -- over under things of that nature with these referees some of them. -- the head rest for Monday night he wasn't even allowed to to rest division one college football. So it's it's it's incredible but now we're back to -- you know. And normalcy at least in the NFL and and this is a very good week and I figured we we would touch you on the patriots Buffalo Bills game give some people preview it and why I think it's a great spot. You know 44 new England and you know you can go on and on about how long it's been since the pages of lost three in a row and and you know that that it doesn't take into effect come into this game you know does this buffalo -- team they've been a pleasant surprise after that first week if you remember I was here. On the show saying the jets would kill buffalo in week one you -- and not that they weren't that good of a team that was just now they're going against very motivated patriots team. You know I think you can see that extra focus this weekend and what I like about. You can see that Lloyd. Do what I talked early in the year now the brand and what you can kind of see that that that little bit of rhythm coming with with. Brady employed in that that's something I think. That is that is a big plus for. Ford doing as as things go over what was very surprised this week you know bill bills released two time Pro Bowl punter you know and -- this weekend and that's though he was the longest roster of bills player on their roster. I just think it's a great spot for New England I like doing and win by fourteen points. A lot of people might have heard what's going on anything they're gonna hear from me on the air. If you remember last year. We talked about David Las Vegas the with a line to set. And every year it's like they're -- -- you when I set the lines every Sunday night I look back at -- what what line. Is way off base last year twice Fresno state -- five point favorite and we have so many people from Boston calling. And and we had them to assure them that they could take the money line it was almost two and a half to one. And and we won the game easily this week same thing there's a game on Saturday. -- have to tell you Las -- -- a major mistake the wrong team is favored and I know what the and you give up the phone number for everyone and I'm sure everyone how they can get it. This is this a great great opportunity. Yeah and we're tiger you do at a Meyer Adam wins over real money sports dot com and a number to call end. Is 1803555883. And a game that year he retired -- well first up what is the spread the patriots bills and pitchers by four. Yeah right now it's peaches minus boring you know is knee jerk reaction of course is -- everybody's gonna take New England but. You know there's a lot of money for that people are starting liked his Buffalo Bills team you know. They lost -- their top two running -- injury of the first three weeks yet after that when he lost the jets you know they they. They have start to play very very well and and you know we saw the game Monday night in and its unions Sunday night and if you look at it you know was Baltimore the better team. It seemed like New England that game like they've played Pittsburgh the year before they came out and they really couldn't be stopped. You know I thought some of the play calling. Was with a little bit questionable down the stretch and you know New England certainly seems like the better team no moving forward. The -- they give your time but this weekend it's Ohio State and Michigan State run. No -- of the game that it that I really wrote wrote in -- one to kind of help people with a with a free one here it's not the Michigan State Ohio State games are very very. Game that doesn't cause a lot of attention it's not a top 25 teams. And again that is who took part about -- mission sale hostage the reason I wanted to come. Here are part about this is because if you if you turn on all the channels all the talking about his urban Meyer's four and -- and I wanted to going to be careful and a lot of people are gonna jump on Ohio State and in this is the spartans team. The dude you know they're well they're -- -- -- -- bell the majority of the time they have a huge edge here. And this Ohio State team don't get -- we talk about line value and where you put your money and mrs. -- can give up eleven points per game. They lead the conference certain the rank of top twelve nationally this in Michigan State team that's gonna beat Ohio states like I wanted to. To come on and warn everybody before they put their money on a hostage I think would be a mistake so. Again if you call now in a note -- give up the phone number I want everybody just for ninety days to come aboard. I'm gonna get on the phone with you after you sign up -- help you with their money management to get started you're gonna get information on this game tomorrow this line may move three or four points. When you know its average its estimate over ten millions wagered. On my advice any given week and this might be 2030 million. By the time this game kicks off so the quicker you get denounced Leo before the line moves it helps you. A Michigan State's favorite and Cameron identity are -- two and a half point favorite a lot of -- -- -- stated it opened at three and gone down. And also another game you keep your round this week instead -- just goes to the jets. You know this this is a game where we're Nam and have a little more information as the time -- on the that is going to be I wanted to confirm a few more things that's going to be a very very big play for me also -- and the jets so when you call in. And start your ninety day program doesn't matter how little or big star with. We will help you and the game that I'm talking about is Saturday so we got less than 48 hours to that -- kicks off and even if you've never done this before. Coming get this one opportunity it's a great opportunity make a lot of money. You know the holidays are coming -- be my pleasure to help everybody with. All right thanks animates Adam Meyer Adam wins a real money sports -- comes number's 180355. 588 theory all right and good luck -- the -- and you've got to take care right.

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