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It's a night of "R's, Ryder, Refs and Red Sox

Sep 27, 2012|

Ryder is in for Mikey and talks about the NFL referees returning to work and the possible offseason moves the Red Sox could make.

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Mikey said down to Disney World might have an update from what's going on a little bit later on we'll see you -- here until 8 o'clock John Ryder -- in for -- -- planet Mikey show as we lead UN due Thursday night football. Cleveland at Baltimore. I think Baltimore when this -- even if the replacement officials Rhonda field but the real refs are back. And it boy the tipping point most people Pablo psyched to be the tipping point in the Monday night game but it ended up being the tipping point Monday night. As will all -- Talked about the controversy and in Green -- get a job dimension of Green Bay and I I think -- be a playoff team and imaginative so about it miss out on the I get a wildcard by one game something like that happens look back that. Brandon skull in the Seattle game and took and Tate is now say he pushed out there and and dad. The -- reps are back so ever roads excited and happy about that most anyway I'm sure some people and in a weird sense were joined this train wreck in in what was gonna happen next but. Their back if you wanna get into that we get in the patriots buffalo game coming up on Sunday I think most feel that patrons will bounce back in that game. Looking at the the patriots and in talking about that Baltimore game. One thing you showed me and I. Though that the patriots suffered the defeat but how damn good Tom Brady it's a minute that was that was Brady's best performance of the season -- that offensive line and I think there's definitely still question marks about that offensive line which people were saying well you look -- against Tennessee -- -- Tennessee. A great team do you expect them to be a playoff team I don't think so. You know is the better question is moving forward with the patriots be able to beat some of these better teams and they actually have a pass -- and what about. This secondary. On his team so I think still some concerns and question marks with the patriots. And today Kellen Winslow granting users release thirty couple takes about that why Winslow. Asked for his release from may be as another team lined up and I think it's actually good sent the patriots fans that Aaron Hernandez. Might be back sooner. Rather than later. And you have to remember there's other tight ends on this roster as well Daniel fells who's been heard -- record on Sunday. And it's -- dubbed Michael. A woman knew I think. -- we screwed him up just like everybody else but they'd get some tight end depth there L began to see him back because. Gradkowski -- had to do some would blocking would Aaron Hernandez out of the mix in over receive a little more Wes Welker interesting on the Dennis and Callahan Show this morning. -- -- -- As saying you like to spend less time this offseason. On a manager with search. And he clarified his comments. Later on in response to ESPN Boston and he said he minted in in a literal says. We've made it clear that will meet after the season to make a decision a manager Bobby Valentine one way or another my hope is to spend less time of the matter we did last offseason. And that was a beef I had as well. In just a disastrous season and also a disastrous offseason when it took so long he had to wait till December. And and they end up go on with the -- Bobby V and I think he's done even though he's saying the other day. He says that he has a gut feeling that he might be back for next season. I don't. I don't think that's the case but ill will this be dragged out of there at the -- they wanna get as John Farrell. What are your feelings that -- but the job Ferrell is done with a Toronto Blue -- a lot of people so a lot of what the injuries and other factors these familiar with disorganization. And he could do a number of different jobs he could even be an assistant GM on this team. Who would you like to see is the red sex new manager and how many -- candidates. Are out the many act to get fired and a city Alomar junior takes over as the season Oprah would be the new manager of the -- former Indians player. I heard today and last night have the red sex game one I was on speed with some problems with the all Fenway team and qualms there. And I heard -- -- -- Michael talked about today on the big show and made your -- is left out well it if you're going strictly position and they didn't say. -- field specific but he says -- left field Ted williams' first reserve groceries trip ski sectors served Jim writes. But if you're go on it animator Ramirez is a left fielder but. If if you're looking out for use of the first -- Trot Nixon ethic Manny Ramirez -- -- bit better player than Trot Nixon. I was spelled Trot Nixon a bit overrated I know we I know he played a party -- some home runs off Roger Clemens that everyone enjoyed. But. On I'm not even sure about him being you know being a first reserve. Here. -- has -- does have talked about that if if you wanna get into that I understand people some people upset Bobby Bobby door. Instead of is on the first reserve list instead of Dustin Pedroia I could see making Casey even non. Even for Bruce Hurst being on this list may be among the the second reserves potentially. So if you wanna talk about that that's fine as well. We can line up the -- calls it 6177790852. All 38885250850. You can text us as well bunch of those up there 85850. And -- -- by AT&T forgy LT EAT and T rethink possible also you know what I'm excited about that Cuba is that. It's not to be to -- before the celtics' season opens up their rosters pretty much said it's media day. At the bar before they head off to Turkey. That's right an exhibition in Turkey and -- one in Italy. As well before they had bag for the rest of their pre season schedule and I'm looking forward to the Celtics season I think most are better NBA basketball fans. And it always comes down to health and especially age with his team being the factor but I think that looking at things. Have to say it after the Miami going to the celtics' best bent after the heat commodities. Now we can we can get in the NBA I'm always -- -- that season starts up October 30 at Miami. -- peace -- the Celtics -- -- would've naked and Miami has pushed the revenge factor but. The -- getting their rings and and go -- through that entire ceremony and then boy we've got to play game after that let's get to a couple of calls here's David West Springfield -- David. I ate my card at the John but I'm fine and I'm sure Mike can still use -- to acknowledge finally eased down at Disney and I don't know. Well articulate -- speak with both speak English. And better and get. Along well and it it's. And defendant don't torture because he just didn't know. What -- do it at. -- I don't think he deserved. I don't think he deserved a suspension. Now. It written that there are your. Regret it back. -- -- extreme. You know before my -- like. A martyr but you can't just a bigger issue. Well I I think it. Many of these replacement wraps one of the things David it -- and one of the things. I think that affected them on the field not only is the speed of the game ever -- brought that up. And it's been brought up Cuba and intimidation from the players and also the coaches you have one of the most revered maybe about probably I would say the most revered. And respected head coach of the NFL Bill Belichick. And I'm sure these referees were intimidated I'm sure that guy I was intimidated that was run and off the field. And my degree -- all right and it and it. Brought it up quite well how happy they are the regular rest thanks -- called David right now with. Would that game on Monday that it has been many disaster situations seem Sunday died before that that other Monday night debacle between Denver and Atlanta and all the fracas is in skirmishes bad calls setter but. Way you look at. That game and you get this high school division -- three refereed. Of making this crucial pivotal call them messing this up collectively as a group -- free sign that the regular ups there we go. That's -- that we got it I think we got even more leverage now there's no question about it and then all. That Goodell had -- about after that I mean even you forget the president Chiming in about it.

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