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Ben Cherington: I'd always rather get the (manager) decision right rather than rush it

Sep 27, 2012|

Red Sox GM Ben Cherington joined Dino & Gerry to discuss the end of the regular season and his philosophy going into the offseason to rebuild the Sox. He touches on when management expects to make a decision on Bobby V’s future, what strengths the team will have going into 2013, what Jason Varitek’s future is with the Sox, and give his evaluation of the Sox prospects who might be up with the big club next year.

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Welcome back Dennis and Callahan joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE the general manager of the Boston Red Sox venture -- good morning bill powervu. There were hurt her okay idea I asked Jerry Remy this question yesterday as it is it tougher playing out the string as a player on the field -- broadcaster up in the broadcast Booth he said it's tougher up in the broadcast Booth because when Europe player. At least trying to attain some gold may be reached the numbers play hard -- the very yen. How tough is it to watch this thing play out in these meaningless game so bad for -- he left the broadcast and then -- what the -- last night left. Well I think it's say there are sitting -- a little harder. To be in uniform because. You know the loss to Oregon or we can. Whether there are other things or are wondering uniform player coach. -- leader every day is get credit for their own error or aren't so you know marches. Would like -- in the -- so. -- saying that you know we can do and are. The start looking forward and it is at least. Some candles or -- instance. Would you working. You know it started we'll start. They didn't say offseason and look for opportunities and you know we have. It was pretty effective as a as soon fly out of what it's like to do it and work unfortunately could get to the literacy and has done. We got an earlier start. And researcher who. Your background on different arms Florida's gulf since that would normally would normally we. Our focus our you know dancing and get ready for a playoff and what happens. Where you're you know we haven't been in the playoffs. The last. Couple years we. You know -- a lot closer so herself carrying. You that I was prepared. This year you know are out of it's there are so well it should shift the focus. Both of us sort -- -- -- of justice both citizens concerned look and more chaos is. Give us sell one or two things you've seen on the big club in the big games here band that are encouraging to you it's. There there's not many would you agree. Well you know I think it's. You you have to find them -- -- -- there was we're we're trying to move forward and we know that what we are right now is you know minority. You know a lot of the players there is that your flex its earlier record corner -- -- There are some things they yeah you learn things about players no matter what the situation. He going up against do you have some sort of -- foreign. There are turn away this -- got in there are aware. Haven't turned their -- as. Let -- in the biggest thing you'd think 2000. At temple where -- -- -- without certainly look like it has also click here. Mark or -- that looks a lot better. A lately. Look closer to what we saw last year. We can get treated. -- -- performance our group the last cease. And were certain detail exactly the maximum. -- -- on track so. I think that's an area that. Should be there is or -- here. With some good things in there and then. -- continue -- -- in from off colts. And Lester is. Again you know quote. Getting closer to where. You know it's part of the season certainly didn't go well forum and but -- -- just -- there's. Have been a pretty competitive sister lots. You -- yourself. -- -- -- you're richer than Europe pitcher you know you're. You know more about pitching and we do. You explained it was dumbed down for us how -- how Jon Lester can be so bad at home and and so bad I guess overall he's nine and fourteen is the -- almost five. What exactly happened to journalist. Well they part of it again assists. We're here we're here we're here it is you are served as long season you know warriors do whatever -- -- -- sort of zero Bernard. Our best sister orally and they're -- there. You know it worked really hard for a permanent. There's there can be a cumulative effect. And apparently you're so bad luck here and you know John -- himself but he's got into some. It's delivery. That he. Or do addressed it's either. And it just hasn't come together forum. Completely aware way you want it although he has suggested he looks. If you look -- look a lot better last couple months overall. -- -- -- -- They beat it isn't that he's healthy he's certain he's. You know he he you brought up in Lawrence. Urban group next here that is normally at least numerically and I wouldn't -- letting it. They've been I want attempt to get should answer Bobby Valentine will be back because I know you won't mention that the just in general terms hobbled out of valuation process take place how does that dynamic work with -- in the walls of Fenway Park when the season's over. I think downtown where they'll get together. Insurgency though work. And talk about a number of several. It's. Offseason. Plans that are I don't know -- about the and you know. We've got I've had a chance to talk -- that link with or -- the last couple weeks about. Where we are -- after about how he got here -- You know what -- wired. -- from some some mistakes were made him armed and how we can. I'll wait until about they're -- ago avoiding those mistakes and making it to sentence those foreigners since. It's as -- as it has sent to watch the chances are good opportunities for us to really have. Certain -- critical review -- myself first look for certain you know the operation in and really be able with -- -- them. And then and then focus -- need to do to get it back where we where we audio or illegal -- It's been it's been -- forests because. Most that's mostly focused on. Or we ever Arafat -- -- And move forward and especially in the wake of the straight that it they -- very. So -- the season's over we'll. Get together and talk more specifically about that. The middle East Asia and about some assassin and an internal -- there. Ben can you break a little news about the future Jason Varitek with the organization. Yeah you know work we're hopeful that you don't order he's. I think -- -- -- that. That I go out there from. Is to have. As someone. Hello Leon it is Susan there who's who's. Part of those -- good arms and there's no more respected in our clubhouse there was still intact and -- talk -- periodically over the course that he's. Chances -- -- Remembering though segmented out -- gathered to talk about. A lot of -- saying anyways yeah involve them and so I think we're close -- to do about it. Michael -- that you can take his seat. A or -- million. And we and we can expose them a lot of Wednesday senate -- but and see what -- What do you enjoy the most worried. We'll go from there he's. You know although he's. -- -- -- -- -- So where is his future in the dugout are in the front office then. Larry I think it started to walk in the dugout -- -- off the field. You know gonna. Allow him they're at it again is. And I get a -- -- a lot different areas hopefully it's no defenders in the operation and you know hopefully. Via. To -- some market cycle caller you know south of such authors there's a real asset and someone who's. Who understands the middle of -- and how -- operates. The council. You -- from. No -- bird that was -- so humble humble -- -- Disease a manager some day -- -- think in that someday. JC Romero and. I think secondary and I think secondary nor do and he -- I think itself. I think our our hope is that we can. Health and learn more about the difference. -- very -- operation off facilities cease. That -- -- -- -- about also Arafat outside. Are open that. We can -- expose them as some things off the field and let it it's you know those various. -- -- -- different perspective it I think you know. Everything you know pocket veto about the world -- Or at best years -- -- also over here or investors see. Over the years -- -- -- labor laws and are sealed and it was different perspectives so. Hopefully. We believe that protect. David Ortiz a free agent at season's end he said yesterday and I quote like I always say I'm planning on finishing my career here in Boston. You think you will bad. Yet -- -- hopeful that we're. You know cisneros would say there is certain artists. Maybe maybe even before -- -- -- to -- right after. Start talking about how to do that. You know -- -- so when your contract negotiations there's all those. It is a negotiation negotiation heroes. Our armed. A way to make that work and what are last year. All I know there'll be let's say hello Lester Google has changed such. Oracle floors and also we'll be back and if you are our field and I think. Unfortunately we haven't -- that from them you know on the field the last couple months I think in some ways. That hurt us in other words -- it will not -- it's harder to us. Part of that the voice. That you're doing our players. And and he's he's earlier forcefully here. -- as the success of Trout and hopper -- number shot -- and change your perspective at all do you more likely now to give. Guys like ball -- in Jackie Bradley -- shot before may be. And they do the organization would have in the past. Any chance we see these two Stockton. In April. You know I I really think it's all. It's all served as an -- where you're -- -- and where the fire there's in the street is that. I think I was in Trout Trout are persistently that was -- Elkhart guarding him -- apparently they got called up -- area where they were. During the -- level that are at RT -- and tomorrow we'll look at the at a high level entirely where it's very pretty clearly the big lead and they were. And there are ordinary organization he is sure we're competing interests and you know. In and winning games and there is an American either so it made sense and Baltimore's case. Which -- is. I'm guessing that this season news or not plan calling him I'll let you know oddly they get some breaks are quite well there and it's what they -- at third base and so it -- sometimes you change plans. -- summit in -- I think that's. Largely -- happened here or focus -- started what that's her. Those are our players development. And we'll see where go to -- We'll see what other music he. Or determine any change and change that. About Iglesias any chance he starts on opening day. Well he's he's going to be. Yeah he's getting is you get more -- It's. Never before and it's it's the best effort -- others received the center you can be and as we look forward we. We believe we have. You know. A lot of different shortstop options including an illness and religious and others. Coming. And your position -- wolf we'll get in the -- -- -- -- who also that is inherited simply shortstop and you know he's he's. He didn't see that now turner and further back in the next here. Event final question for me -- Major League Baseball found itself in the National Football League shoes and Bud Selig hired replacement umpires would it be the unmitigated disaster in baseball the football is just trying to recover from today. -- -- they. I think our local strikes there's got to be. Or the most difficult. Things you do for social or any sport in America and I'm -- associating ourselves article so fast that. Think calling balls and strikes and edited out -- most difficult thing to do what you don't have any you know have any you know certain technological backup. Knows your view on balls -- strikes I think generally the umpires do. Pretty darn good job you know and this over the forces -- and follow. Their citizen I think there. And I an hour and moving blatant. You talk about changes in -- -- -- every single to right but. That's a hard thing to do so I would think out think yeah I think it's I think it's arguably had its umpires and you'd probably see. A lot more back all the normal way. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's not necessary not just -- question is on the second hey yeah Bill James we've heard a very reports about his involvement. But the club in the future and telling you what to do now the deal what will be -- will go forward to believe here -- is going to be actively involved. Well my favorite people. But. And he insists brought -- the talkers called names and he's. You what what people don't know about so there -- maybe some people do a lot of analyses wrote funny he's world's funniest people is an incredibly sir I would -- -- -- -- that defense of Joseph Paterno cracked me up and that was hilarious yeah. So. That doesn't mean bedroom. It is funny guy and suicidal baseball players. It's also on the stock and it is just the other scripture I would about a -- You'd never gone anywhere means setting an organization -- they're allowed. You know I think it can't part of our rule adopted the last few weeks which are there are utterly. Utterly utilize -- -- about. We have police that are sold up to make the best decisions. -- certainly are all part of a big part of my -- now says. Or make sure that were not. Getting too insular. When you have success over a longer time. Users tend to. You evil and -- that away. And the solicitor assailant the other. You talk about the -- single quote or make sure that. We're getting an appropriate for a fresh take on things and and built. Despite the -- -- an organization. By virtue of the ladies thanks. And by virtue of the fact is that Kansas about awesome I'm envious fresh -- in there maybe. The other -- that you -- a it's certificate. That the concern. Checks and balances. What we're doing in Boston today. Our Ben thanks for the conversation I know it's going to be busy offseason for -- -- -- before that we'll see you down in Fort Myers in February -- next Thursday can you check in next they just think cased as a managerial change or anything like that happen in next Thursday. The other Arturo and assert that. -- -- -- -- -- -- Just. -- philosophically do you believe when you make a managerial changes should do it like ten minutes after the last game and does it take some time. Does it happen immediately if you change -- manager at the end of the season. An Australian citizen Verizon. Russia is such. I think I think it's we will we will know we need to do is -- the ground running. This policies and you know what one one of the census. As I look back the last -- and as you know didn't go purposely was simply be. Inflating our time -- -- are. On the manager search. What that. It's. Reciprocity and -- the I'll I would like to settle last time on the sauces and that's for sure. Our thanks to the conversation attracted on the -- Venture to general manager Boston Red Sox joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTV.

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