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Bobby Valentine with the Big Show

Sep 26, 2012|

We talk to Bobby Valentine on the day of the last home game of the season for the Boston Red Sox. Mercifully, this lost season soon shall pass.

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When this -- news conference. Us. No means -- the game. -- -- Now all my. -- right into. I've got to make showed a lot of -- when Michael holly it's time for our weekly get together with the skipper the Red Sox Bobby bell does -- you -- are built it insurance you feel horrible in this. Here for new englanders -- here for good and by Verizon audio it's a network had hit Bobby -- The good guys. Mike congratulations welcome back. And mom and daughter do well. Thank you Bobby you know as I said when I came back probably the best part about this whole thing. Got a little girl and she looks like her mom and I still. Had this. -- go out and that is pretty awesome but we get into a -- wanted to ask you this question will all this hoopla with replacement officials in the National Football League guys that are doing high school games before they work. Called into these games. And you know coaches go crazy on the sideline. What do you think you'd be like if the same thing happened in baseball trip replacement umpires who would do -- school games the previous week. There are high schooler out but you know the game speeds up the the higher level you go the. They gain the same rules of the same yards is the same you know the distance between home and and the pitcher's mound saying that. It's a faster game and that some guys. Can can adjust and some. I think it looked in the action. You know -- -- as fans I think we've all had our watershed moment those fans who didn't appreciate the officials before. Certainly appreciate him now I'm wondering when you play the game and you've managed -- game for for many years. When did you -- when did you reach the point either as a player or as a manager where you said yourself you know one. Man that job that they do is pretty difficult and I really am really glad that we have the umpires that we have. Or hadn't reached that point yet the. -- thought maybe it hasn't happened -- it yet. You know I grew up in. Household -- dead. In. One of the post men. In our community was also the head of the umpires -- This and circular Reno became my -- league coach. Goalies. Had the young players so. Situations. And heart in -- growing up you know they were always the the one thing control that they are the ones to you looked up to it. Who made he's made the game on the way he ran and the minor league -- -- they're in the minor -- with guys who are still. Umpiring now and in. Enjoying that whole situation you know as a as a player -- never got thrown out of the game. You know and in ten years in the major leagues in. Four years in the minor leagues. Because of their respective that I -- for those guys -- and. But I think it's a thankless. I think it it's a very difficult to and they take the more. Aid that we can give them to be as it is they can possibly be I think. The federal law before. -- mathematically you don't have a an opportunity here at the post season but what do you learn what have you learned. About individual players playing through this string right now. Where there really isn't post season play it's day. Well I'm thinking that you know I -- you look at the individuals that you don't know and try to figure out. What their individual. Capacity is -- You know help it they're ready to play at this level. You know physically. -- mentally and -- to that you -- that you know are hurt the you know Major League caliber -- against what you're doing is. It is. Recognizing. Others. Desire to be professional and two. You know give what they have -- everyday that they can't. You know on a guy when asked about and that's good answer because that reminds me of Iglesias now. I'll tell -- last week last week Glenn. We're going on our on and on about Iglesias a and you're saying I just don't think he's ready with the bat right now then that night you know can't hit a home run. And I just drove me to be full rest up the first time it won't be the last defensively the guy looks ready right now do you think. That that Iglesias should be in the major leagues next year to 2013 is he ready to be a full time major leaguer. You know again I hate people that like in that incident in question about. You know who should be the second place hitters is it all depends -- You know who else is on the team what the team looks like. You know what the stats what the differences you know surrounding -- -- -- is going to be and I I have no idea what that is. Right now I think that. You know it's there in certain situations I think that he kids. You know play at the Major League level the end I think that there's still a lot of I think there's still a lot of work to be done. Looking at some of the positives this year Clay Buchholz is out of Sophie to Rafik here and we all knew that he had great. Stuff you -- some injuries setbacks we understand that the question I think. I certainly had with them is Kenny go deep enough in games can he manage that pitch count you look at the second half of the season -- I think he's one of the leading pitchers right now in innings. Pitched which. You know -- well for the for the future what does change them how was he been able to manage that -- -- you shoot the low pitch count now in that seventh inning. Well I think everything's changed you know he's he's able to throw his pitches anytime in the count. When he could do that you can not only strike guys out early. Without going at a 32 count to 22 count he could also get a lot of balls in play because. You that your head by throwing strikes and then you're trying something that. Is unpredictable -- -- hitter boo when he puts it in play he he makes me in a weak contact so. Place. It opens and the first time they. They saw -- play in the competitive environment. He was shooting basketballs at a party that it's true in spring training. Again those team -- in Monday's puppet -- that things and. He he was not going to be denied it and you know at the beginning of the season when he had. Less control when he has less chance of going deep in the game because that is an ability to throw. All of his pitches older over the plate any time in the town he was still competing and he's still actually coming up at the end. A lot of those games with a W in. Now he has his competitiveness along with his. His pitching ability. You know kind of match it up and he he goes to the head of the class when he when he does that. You know it's been a it's an interest in season on the field and off the field for the Red Sox. Off the field. We've kind of lost track because of that one loss record -- lost track of some of the events that have happened with that 100 anniversary of Fenway Park and one of them happened. Last night with the anniversary of the 2004 championship. You weren't a part of the team but but I'm wondering if you got anything out of that tribute. Where you impressed by any. Any thoughts that you took away from. Watching these guys celebrate their championship -- years ago. Well first let me say that you know and in all of the entertainment business no one does. That pregame post game that ceremonial event better than. Editor of the Red Sox I mean it's scripted to the second is. Always different it always has so. You know class involved with that and headache I get I get chills let the guys come. Come at a that a deal. You know parading around. The ball park in I get -- to put the pesky event which was so spectacular in the you know bringing everyone back early and I pictures you know it earlier in the season and shoot today with the -- -- -- team made it will be done. In. In his grand fashion and so you know there you're right there's a lot of things there have been done on the field this year. Has met with surrounds him. Displeasure. Up from our fans but all of the things that happened before and after the game. Have been met with I'm sure with that pure delight. I really can't wait to hear you answer this question. Time now for the Mohegan sun's dinner with a picture question they really -- still went. Today's question for Bobby comes from Brian Joyce is a real person of south -- Brian wants to know who do you think. The MVP of the American League is this year should base running and defense come and play. Yeah base base running and defense to come and play -- not as -- plus and a minus playing you know -- You know someone has the speed and they can run the bases give -- a plus but that doesn't mean a guy who doesn't steal bases get the minus. You know and hand. You know there is just couple guys out there -- -- anomaly years and you know you could pick up my day to wanna take the -- -- Trout you. Can do that -- take the. Established guy Cabrera you can do that but they're both totally deserving knows. Of that the year end. Awarded hands Mike. You know what I don't California the -- check out dominated every game in different aspects of it I made the comment that. You know he's he he'd win that award and the more that I watched Miguel Cabrera. Chase -- Triple Crown and -- Triple Crown the the more -- so lean towards him so I'm glad I don't have the vote because. I'd I'd be. In between the -- I was gonna say can you deny a guy who wins eight Triple Crown since we haven't seen it happen since Carl Yastrzemski. Is that a tough one to move to pass on a guy with a Triple Crown. Well I mean it's been done before so I guess that was like. That there exactly there is precedent it's just. You know I I don't know it's just. Particular pleasure and I think that they both have dominated them big game they've they've both take control of it. You. -- you know where they are when you're playing against them at all times. He hand with -- he just does it to them. You know he does have a different a couple giveaways and his speed is so there's definite factor. Now this is that it's. Would normally be a controversial question the controversial question for you because the guy who created the stat I'm about to ask you about works for the Red Sox I'll let. But as you look at throughout he has dominated. In the wins above replacement does that war. And some people are into advanced that some people's they are wedeman just show me a guy I can tell if he can play or not obviously -- -- do you buy into some of the advanced stats. That we see out there. Yeah I I'd buy into a and I don't know that they're there. You know something that has to be used him in every baseball conversation that yeah I think that they're out they're doing. During a purpose and. You know Lane's AB and I don't I don't necessarily agree that you know our wins above replacement players. Give us that what -- guys were injured just because guys were playing well for a couple months I don't get that that. Comparison but I think that there are some. You know true value to. What's being done with that Fitzpatrick. I Bobby we'll talk did actually have a good. Great regular about a Bobby Hilton regularly big show quick break we get right back to your phone -- we'll get back to this NFL stuff. As the two sides looked like the are coming closer and closer to an agreement no agreement yet but they seem like they're coming closer to an agreement.

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