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Listeners react to the passing of Avalanna Routh

Sep 26, 2012|

The Dennis and Callahan listeners display an outpouring of emotion after learning of Avalanna's passing. We will never forget her. What an incredible kid. And what a life. So much living in so little time.

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A couple of samples from eighteen -- effect machine on a 34 year old man working at a warehouse in Connecticut I'm literally crying right now gravel can imagine going through that with my seven year old -- Rest in piece of a lot of -- -- family and friends. I'm Preston literally had to pull over and catch my breath my thoughts and prayers are with the family and the Jimmy Fund. That -- -- -- a -- as I always love listening to Avalon a during the Jimmy Fund fund raiser I'm fortunate was out of town. This year. My heart goes up to all the -- and her family and about this winter 617. 31 years old who suffer from muscular dystrophy and a stop living life feeling bad for myself. But here in -- a story. And hearing her spirit through the radio inspired me to get up and live my life like her truly an inspiration an amazing young woman. We're not to overstating I think when we have when we say she touched a lot of lives probably more than we would ever know. I would suggest just in the continent that we knew were on time and -- It was amazing like he said -- went to repeat took place. Please scope spinners open and over there and aunts and if they can of this pizza she didn't she said I'll make -- She's six and she's going back to tell the owners step -- cut it here. What's the pipe down what's the solace that she's what do you want on it and -- and then your sex if -- She was I also oldest there -- justice -- just trying. I don't know wasn't colleges she was trying to move that -- life in no one it wasn't in the last long sand. Among wasting time here I'm not waste in my days and she went from the horse place and installed from ride horses right -- pizza place the make pizza and then you know. After a quick -- but it was off to the -- slow on and then you know to a friend's birthday party. There wasn't a lot of heightened at that I ever saw much downtime watching whatever cartoons and just do enough and it was just. And -- on her parents -- the same way we know we got a bad hand here we got a tough break but. That's not gonna stop us from -- night I made the reference to the Redmond Shawshank redemption when -- wrote a moderate who was. Get busy living or get busy dying and then and is no doubt what choice she made she get busy lives and every single day if. You won a world sere trending on Twitter it's hash tag RIP Avalon and it's just one after the other Ryan says my something in my heart just broke. A campaign says I can't believe your life was taken at such a young age your beautiful Angel my love goes out to you when your family. Amy Martin says a -- you were strong for so long baby girl you'll be missed. Everything's going to be all right. Says Tony Roddy. On -- I wish cancer was stopped taking -- precious souls precious souls like a little Angel of alana always dear mrs. Bieber. What's talked to let's talk to -- in the car bombs are against the Merrimack pay down. -- guys -- -- -- -- and goal post merely go to air station. But we're whatever order actor are you guys. And my mom works well Merrimack she felt honor their request in kindergarten. And cheap cheap that you allies I -- second and that -- every teacher ordered it -- -- aren't. It's going to be a rough few weeks and Merrimack now the doctor nurse and I want to thank you guys probably do what did you meet on at all that. There are people happier -- so -- -- It's truly a pleasure known that was I mean everybody. At the Jimmy Fund you know what it was her day we were there are -- day this year Tuesday. And it was some ulcer. In a week we all gathered around her -- and couldn't walk anymore and a mother and the -- hook -- the foam hit and a couple of beaver tunes she got up on her knees. And started Danson and and saying and to all of us and you know that's a tough thing to do and it went when you're getting chemo. Now she's she's getting chemo and she's danced and sang and Justin Bieber and just trying to keep us laughing and keep us entertained. I'm more tweets gonna go off for a -- need to get all the tears out of my eyes can't stop crying dear cancer why do you need what did you need to taker. Jessica says I feel like crying. -- AFC's that is our IP -- heaven just -- another Angel -- -- little baby girl. Finding out about level on -- and helping my heart rate now. A -- beaver believer but I'm said the lost of lost by Avalon Obama. Beaver believer in him just. Here in the stories and -- unfortunately he was wanted to keep -- private. We try to get him to go public turn on the radio on yes tweet about it and talk about a come on but instinctively signal this as my friend. And and I don't wanna make -- a -- -- a PR -- moment it's not about me and I'm just gonna end and we told him you know she's not -- increases will -- caller and you know maybe a visitor center so. And had no interest in coming on and no interest in and and making it. A big public deal with the cameras and talent -- her parents couldn't say enough about the connection there. Because he is one of those deals where -- they walk in and is all kinds of people and he just turned right to her and she's. On this is sir this is gone and I mean this is Justin Bieber. She fake married him and he just said let's go over here let's talk let's play let's play Nazi. -- now and where India and helix school what's your favorite song and he did that for over an hour the first time and did he drop but now he kept in touch center -- invited to show they went back to New York to -- show. I'm telling I don't care what he does he could go on a -- and Tri-State killing -- -- still have great respect for. The thieves who ever hear it for -- there's there's always one in the bunch on the try to take the high road I'm not looking at the under expedition and I was there you know everything and everything is beautiful on the -- machine one guy says are you gonna talk sports or what to take the high road here and say no we're confident are you gonna take you gonna write downs on. They're gonna have one of police friends -- And we had to go pick is that what you say and now at this -- Ira how are you gonna talk sports or what no sports right now. -- in Rhode Island good morning Brian. Are greener. Nor typical talk about the Elton. You're usually tackle you and thank you president -- -- hearing on your show at Cilic. And them that ability -- list are you equally good thank you. Could not -- -- And I actually missed. Yeah issue will be well I don't know who's gonna pay my nails nation know you do it from now. Not my type I I have right here. You know the -- bullish as we know her shoes. Unable to attend this year right the right you aren't you going through tough stance or position Charlie Roberts. Remember came on yes and says here you're gonna help them do yourself. Where's my sparkling short -- Asarco -- bottom she picked as a on the bottom and you know that. It's just a metro sexual -- and everybody knows a major issue like two elder Blu-ray was -- blow some sort of broadly -- thing that doesn't. The pistons say the color ul -- called -- on and on. New colors yeah. And this -- for you level on the jurors do we just making this up as we go along the moment you're only doing formula. A pitcher credit guarantees and do my toes a student post. That that is some we you'd column which used to pick -- mountain and a trend of Monroe from someone else -- meter. And she said no no no no -- You're you're guys here that didn't you use it I think that her funniest line was. When she was telling you about getting married to Justin Bieber right and you said to her and we were the Jimmy Fund classic at a bedside. That occur. But you're gonna bury me and she's what are you kidding you're already Mary -- An entity that you know -- an excellently she looks at me -- literally this -- news makers wagering. And I went. You know -- -- feeling guilty yeah. Because I hadn't had in -- Nedney surgeon and they can take the ring off which is stupid and like -- surgeons really how to get off off and I just left an off. And then -- home. And put on yeah does she says it treasurer and you should have your ring on something this secure rules -- -- a mystery -- telling me you know like. Where's your ring you up the no good here Westerfield guilty and I swear I went home now and put the ring on. It was nice with the polish of the ring dissonant if you try to tell me oh that isn't it funny that. It's. It was -- -- -- -- my colors with another and a lot of a lot of it. -- Our parents were relating to their healthy kids. I don't and I mean that's that's the worst is an is -- your own child and an. In on the the most fun. Part of parenthood you know they made sure they had and obviously they lived through hell yes and -- and the clinic and and be at the hospital on a plate in the Dayton. They went home when the recently and it was just too tough shoes and too much pain and to go back. And and stay all in the world the hospital in August when we were wrote to the radio on but. You know the fun stuff. Like senior can do some for the first time you're. And don't liked anything anything my friend Joseph -- say. When I first that kids when you see him do think for the first time it's the sit on Santa's lap dogs so like that he said that that obviously Bruce's indicating it's a plume of -- I'm gonna go wow that's awesome -- -- hit. Does anything the first time you look and you just in law and it goes fast but they. Saw their little girl who so many things and not just meet Justin Bieber but you know like is to make a pizza run horse thing. An Irish song and paint someone's needles. They they play Nazis to -- and play with the dog loom large color. His sister and shallow little. Little black dog and that was there are only sibling but they were great they in on everything she ditched it. They brought Sissy into the hospital says he was. Stalker and smugglers and in the final days -- -- is and some time with her Sissy. I'm more textures on the AT&T text line I'm I'm off to have her name down on my nails in her name god bless her that's from Medford. Getting married this weekend will have the Avalon and Jimmy Fund donation box readily available heart broken here. She's on the bill collector and cry in my eyes out over this little Angel. I work at the Dana Farber says another one Avalon a touched all of us thank you guys. Thank you travel on a story Jerry and John I'm a father of four year old daughter she gets terrible palsy this just reminds me how lucky I am you'll miss Avalon -- And them I wonder how many. Parents can only get that bad news and they just policy feel starve themselves. But what's the old expression make them comfortable yeah. I don't think that was a -- out -- priority making her comfortable I mean she was obviously comfortable. But. Make -- Orlando they were that was the prime make sure she lives and and again she didn't make it to seven but god she crammed. A lot of -- and I get people on mine I'm sure you tune to our healthy. There in 405060. Years old and don't live normally don't. Get up in the morning and say what it's exciting thing in my gonna do and by the way they're mad about everything manipulative -- -- -- -- and and and their health as -- this is like whom Pete you and on the male and and on the -- meant. There was something weird went and looked should look in the which six year old is don't do and that should look like she knew so much and she knew you when she looked right. Through you and you couldn't Fuller if acre. There was some bond. I don't know it's. But I'd never get to -- person that's wanting -- field. -- regrets but I mean from everything I've seen from you guys and on TV and listening commissioners just as just an amazing amazing young lady. A mom and this is a very good one it wasn't an accident. That level on a -- many people. And where she's thank god but what are your paper for the purpose -- on and a couple we gives us -- text from the 71 what is the website again for Avalon this particular TRT I mean. Cure AT RT dot org I believe I'll double checked that you'll give AT&T in your room. AT&T. And I think. It's it's young team and it's fairly new or parents start of the charity but it is. It's kind of cool. To think about that in on this this awful disease. Kills kids and kills but doesn't kill many of them. So it doesn't get a lot of funding right it doesn't get a lot of attention you don't see a lot of fundraisers for cure AT&T. And it's like those thirty kids a year that kills it's like too bad -- just don't you're your your room. You diseases just not that common so there's not much we can do. Let's all focus on cancer -- a user or whatever or. You know diabetes but it is so damn cruel that they can diagnose this cancer is diagnosed as a baby and they tell you. Nothing we can do I mean obviously slot that can do they fought and fought hard not to get changed the ending but. -- I'm happy ending here you're not going to be cured so they're fighting. Well there were a cure AT RT. And you can log on to cure AT RT dot org and you can see a picture of a -- Nicosia. History of the or in -- subscription and there's a link to donate their sneakers is some of the other kids who. Suffered and there is a link you can click on donations. And you can give in the name of a lot of back to conduct this video of doctors talking about it and other ways you can get involved including you know Jimmy -- we have -- Jimmy Fund team and humble honest team Jimmy Fund walked team. But she was unfortunately unable it was just a couple weeks ago structures unable to make it down -- jobless level. Is tightening and mom mom tells me you've been riding horses for a while. All -- home. Life. I think -- -- -- yeah I bowl here in Istanbul yes. I mean that ring -- at temple look it was something inhuman and you're going to be Irish populist and the Irish music or. There like he has -- -- we'll -- your own bruising. Was it. Let's get to let facts I'll follow a lot of Lisa told me a little while ago you've got Miree. React when -- very good walking me -- did not. -- you got married to Justin Bieber or so your missiles Justin Bieber -- -- and how the winning -- what happened at the wedding. Hello hello -- And Tara wall and he goes to Obama anymore only pulled in the womb and -- What's -- tell 1 PM room one. Was there music. And -- -- -- looked like if I want the absolute control. He can give moral through here comes the bride -- -- on the guitar. Form where their flowers. Bloom do plowing through hours and golden moment really own your own. How are blue -- I didn't bring good heart good.

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